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This implementation of displaying the Book and CD-ROM Reviews published by BIGWILL uses “frames” technology (which sets up several areas of the screen display with independently created contents). The intent is to speed up the initial loading of the review indexes and to make it easier for you to print a single review. If you are not experienced at controlling the printing of web pages which consist of multiple frames, here are some browser-specific hints (for any browser, the first step is to select the frame you want to print [usually the center one, which contains a single review] by positioning your cursor within that frame and single-clicking):
Netscape 4.80: The browser's print function (using either the “printer” icon or the File menu “Print...” selection) will print only the frame you selected (you must select a frame before you can print anyting).
Netscape 7.1: The browser's print function (using either the “printer” icon or the File menu “Print...” selection) will allow you to specify, before you click on the “OK” button, whether you want to print all frames (separately), all frames–but only the portions visible or only the selected frame.
Internet Explorer 6.0: If you use the “printer” icon, IE will automatically print only the frame you selected. If you use the File menu “Print...” selection, then click on the “Options” tab you will be able to specify how the frames are handled for printing (default is selected frame only).
Opera 7.11: Printing single frames appears to be rather cumbersome with Opera. Right-click (with Windows; hold down the mouse button with a Macintosh) within the frame you want to print, select Frame, then Maximize. Use either the “printer” icon or the File menu “Print...” selection to print the frame, then click on the back arrow to restore the standard multi-frame screen. Requesting a printout while all three frames are visible on the screen is almost guaranteed to give undesired results!
Please notify Rollie Littlewood if you find that any of these hints are incorrect.
This page was last modified on 2 September 2003