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British Interest Group of Wisconsin and Illinois

Lists of surnames in the British Isles that are being researching by BIGWILL members (and others):

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  This fourth edition of the BIGWILL Register lists nearly 600 surnames in the British Isles being researched by BIGWILL members and others. All entries are for the British Isles, defined as England (including Northern Ireland), Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Each entry has associated with it a location within the British Isles and a time period of interest. Being able to list surname interests on these web pages is a basic membership benefit of the British Interest Group of Wisconsin and Illinois. Others may have their surname interests included in the BIGWILL Register upon payment of a nominal fee. Anyone is welcome to browse these lists and contact BIGWILL members with whom they share common genealogical interests in the British Isles.

As with any listing of names, there are many ways it can be used for research purposes.

Every effort has been made by BIGWILL to ensure accuracy. However, BIGWILL cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions. We would appreciate being notified of any errors you do find in the Register – please send your comments and suggestions to the BIGWILL Webmaster

      PDF file symbol BIGWILL Register Data Submission Form (with instructions) (144K) Recently updated link 15 June 2006 version
      PDF file symbol Hints on how to get the most from your BIGWILL Register data submissions (32K) Recently added link 28 February 2004

If you are skilled in using Excel, feel free to send your data in an Excel xls file attached to an e-mail message sent to <>. Please follow the layout demonstrated in this sample file. We may be able to read files created by spreadsheet programs other than Excel; if you are using some other program, please identify the program in the text of your e-mail message. If your program will create xls files (e.g.,, StarOffice, or Microsoft Works), please save your data in that format. If your program will not create xls files, inquire before sending data in a file. If you send your data in a file, be sure to also tell us how you want your e-mail address handled.

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