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The Wisconsin Leader [Merrillan, Jackson Co., WI], Friday January 10, 1913,
Transcript by Joan Benner

Women's Relief Corps Election of Officers, 1913

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The following are the newly elected W. R. C. officers:
BOYINGTON Louisa, S. V. Pres.
DAVISON Ellen, President
FRY Rebecca, Con.
LAUGHLIN Louisa, J. V. Pres.
ROSE Sarah, Guard
DEVLIN Mary, Chap.
RUSCO Bertha, Treasurer
MILLER Ellen, Pat. Ins.
REICHENBACH Lillian, Press Cor.
JOHNSON Sarah, Asst. Con.
SASSE Maria, Asst. Guard
WHITAKER Winnie, C. B. No. 1
CARY Nellie, C. B. No. 2
WARN Euphemia, C. B. No. 3
OLIVER Charlotte, C. B. No. 4
RICKEY Jennie, Musician
LAUGHLIN Louisa, Delegate
JOHNSON Sarah, Alternate
AUSTIN M., Secy.