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Driving Tour

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Map for the North side of the county
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Stops Numbered
1 - 19
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Map for the South side of the county
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Stops Numbered
20 - 31

This Driving Tour is intended to give a brief history of the County. For more details visit the Historic Jail Museum at stop # 3 Courthouse Square in Kewaunee for a visit in a dungeon style jail cell.  Also visit the Kewaunee County Research Center in Algoma for more details about each stop on this driving tour.

1. Father Marquette 2. Car-Ferry Service 3. Courthouse Square
4. The Great Kewaunee Fire 5. Early History of Kewaunee 6. Kewaunee County Lime Kilns
7. Old Mill - Seyk's Mill 8. Dikeman 9. Norman General Store
10. Black Earth Indian Village 11. Tisch Mills 12. Reinke Mill
13. Rogation Shrine 14. Cheese Factories 15. George Halada Farmstead
16. South Luxemburg 17. County Fairs 18. Bank of Luxemburg
19. Decker Home 20. Bottkolville 21. Stage House - Dyckesville
22. The 1858 Rosiere Kermiss 23. Bruemmerville 24. The Lumber industry in Algoma
25. Railroads of Kewaunee County 26. Canning factories 27. The Church of St. Agnes-by-the-Lake
28. Door-Kewaunee College 29. Brickyards 30. Kewaunee County Piers
31. Kewaunee County Farm