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Newspaper Clippings

These clippings are linked from the Wisconsin Historical Society related to Kewaunee County.  Some of these clippings are ideal candidates to be transcribed. The roster for WW 1 and the list of early pioneers would be useful to have in text format.  Contact the Webmaster if you would like to transcribe a clipping.


Historical Sketch 1904-07-01 Exciting Day in Kewaunee 1906-10-26 110th Anniversary 1907-03-01 Kewaunee Enterprise 50th Anniversary
Wolf River 1910-05-20 Erickson was Old Land Mark 1912-02-17 Wisconsin Cities - Kewaunee 1912-12-10 Casco Writeup 1913-05-23
Historic Kewaunee 1913-07-04 History of the Circuit Court 1913-10-10 Life in Wisconsin 1915-03-19 An Old Friend in Port 1916-12-08
J. C. Volk Dead 1916-06-09 Kewaunee A Pioneer Story 1916-10-06 Kewaunee County's roll of Honor WW I  1918-09-06 Coryville Its early settlers and school 1921-06-11
Ellisville took its name from Deacon L. W. Ellis 1921-04-30 Kewaunee County Historical Society 1921-06-10

George W. Wing, Jas. H. McGowan, William A. Cowell, Joseph G. Lazansky, Charles Hoffman, Richard Shinnick, C. W. Andre, Judge Warner Wing, General Louis Cass, Dr. J. C. Salzmann, James R. Slauson, James R. Slauson, William D. Hitchcock, Walter S. Johnson, Homer S. Latimer, Walter Osborne, J. D. Donaldson, Edward Donaldson, Lycurgus H. Ellis, Rev H. Stevens, Nelson H. Boutan

Kewaunee in History Limelight 1921-05-07

Early history and minutes from the first meeting of the Historical society

Pioneers of Ahnapee 60 years ago 1921-02-26

Mentions the names of head of households and occupations of those living in Ahnapee in 1860

The Mascoutins and the Winnebagoes 1922-01-28 Native Indian here to visit Birthplace 1922-05-26 Our Birthday (Kewaunee Enterprise) 1922-06-09 Katoose The Pottawottamie Chief Recounts Legend of Ah-ne-pe, Great Wolf 1922-12-08
Kewaunee Pastor celebrates 50 Years in Pulpit 1923-08-14

Rev William Bergolz German Lutheran Church in Kewaunee

Kewaunee "The Gem of Lake Michigan" 1923-04-28

Early history and numerous names of early pioneers

Picture Buried forty years is revealed at Fellows Cottages1923-07-20 Record is 50 years old (Algoma) 1923-06-08

Story of how the spelling of Ahnepee changed to Ahnapee

Wing scores some accounts of Nicollet's journey here 1923-03-02 Pies eaten by the thousands at "Kermess" 1926-09-12 Kewaunee boasts biggest Mayor 1928-01-27 Address of venerable Indian chief thrills large audience 1929-08-02
Back to other days 1929-07-12

John Milton Read

Local annals of 1863 1931-01-23

History of the participation in the Cival War

County fair 60 years old 1932-08-19

History of the first fair held in Kewaunee County

Methodist church to celebrate its 60th anniversary 1932-12-10
60 years ago 1933-05-05

Memories of W. H. Bach

Kewaunee is 100 years old: was once rival of Chicago, had gold rush 1933-07-24 Historical marker dedicated sunday, 2,000 attend meet 1934-11-13 Thousands witness Marquette stone dedication 1936-10-16