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Kenosha Evening News
Wedding, Divorce, Annulment, and Anniversary Announcements

Compiled by Michelle M. Laycock and Walter J. Lissner

With technical assistance from Frank A. Laycock

This list is meant to be used as a guide to finding these announcements in the newspaper and is not to be used as a list of actual event dates. In most cases, the date listed is the date that the announcement appeared in the newspaper. In other cases, the date listed is the actual marriage date and the researcher should go to the microfilm and check that date and the days immediately following that date in order to locate the announcement.


1897 - 1924
1930, 1931

Indexing project is still underway. Check back to this website for additional years to be added later.

This list is sorted alphabetically by the Groom’s last name, and covers people whose last names begin A through Laz.

Abbott, Arthur R. Gardner, Alice Emma 10/02/1920  
Abbott, Charles T. Plumbtree, Hazel 7/24/1907  
Abel, Theodore Reinold, Susie 2/26/1904  
Aber, Edgar Robinson, Mina 3/9/1911  
Abraham, Emil Willems, Elizabeth 09/01/1920  
Abramowski, John Thomas, Lena 6/16/1903  
Achen, F. W. B. ( Dr. ) Kennedy, Florence Anna 05/29/1912 At Antioch, Ill
Achen, Merrill J. Griswold, Ethel Peal 10/20/1915  
Achen, William Fox, Sylvia 09/27/1913  
Adamowicz, Joseph Adamowicz, Hauowk 02/11/1916 wife granted a divorce
Adams, Clarence Roders, Margaret 11/21/1918  
Adams, Hayes Dean McElwain, Grace Read 3/23/1918 at San Francisco
Adams, John W. Biehn, Mary 7/9/1902  
Adams, Vincent Bull, Daisy 12/21/1899  
Adamson, Gordon Keckler, Hazel Lois 06/17/1922  
Adamson, John Monahan, Marie 07/09/1914 married in Chicago
Adler, Sigmund Farrill, Ethel 08/14/1913 in Milwaukee
Ager, Alvin Hartnell, Anna 5/31/1910  
Aiello, Charles Cosentine, Jennie 01/16/1920  
Aikens, Bryant L. Lester, Susie F. 2/1/1909  
Alber, John M. Karnell, Belle 06/04/1913  
Albert, Peter Kramer, Ida 05/01/1920  
Alberts, Howard Mortier, Emily 04/19/1920  
Albertson, Raymond E. Albertson, Bertha E. 02/27/1913 wife granted a divorce
Albrecht, Harry H. Hamley, Alma L. 05/16/1916 Seattle bride
Albright, Arthur J. Halleck, Julia 02/01/1917 at Ann Arbor, Mich.
Alderson, Julian Schwanke, Clara 08/09/1923  
Alderson, Ralph E. Brick, Margaret 10/24/1917  
Algiers, Ernest Marquardt, Marie 01/31/1922  
Alleman, Clifford Pierce, Hazel Lucille 6/6/1931  
Allen, Albert J. Allen, Margaret 8/14/1907 divorce
Allen, Charles Swandale, Sue 4/14/1903  
Allen, Charles W. Stemm, Consuelo 6/4/1931  
Allen, Francis John Burritt, Frances 9/24/21 in Fairfax, VA, bride of Fairfax
Allen, J. Irving Davis, Florence 03/15/1916  
Allen, John S. Gail, Mabel 9/26/1930  
Allen, Myron Fay Gouker, Bertie Evelyn 11/23/1921  
Allen, Nathan R. Brown, Victoria 9/20/1930  
Allen, Roy N. Stokes, Laura 02/14/1917  
Allen, Samuel Brower, Sara 11/18/1902  
Allen, William Drissel, Jane 3/14/1931  
Alrutz, Louis F. (Dr.) Truax, Helen Althea 5/8/1907  
Alshuler, Sidney Gottlieb, Lillian 12/25/1923  
Alt, Fred A. Kiehl, Alice 08/05/1916  
Altenrath, John Anderson, Elizabeth 11/01/1911  
Althoff, Leon Lee, Cynthia 9/10/1931  
Alvord, Leo E. Harff, Harriet 04/11/11  
Alvord, Leo E. Harff, Harriet 04/19/1911  
Alvord, Louis R. Smith, Lisle 6/10/1915  
Amberlang, Charles (Police Officer) Drake, Marie 4/15/1915  
Amende, Charles Kratz, Ruby 7/11/1931  
Amendola, James Monticello, Edith 6/24/1931  
Ames, Arthur B. Butcher, Harriet 6/6/1900 also Jun 5, 1900
Ames, Kenneth Carlson, Ruth 12/20/1930  
Ames, Wilbur Nicholson, Edna 11/25/1899  
Anderson, Adolph Anderson, Helen 06/11/1924 Adolph named as defendent in divorce
Anderson, Albert DeKok, Helen 09/25/1919  
Anderson, Albert T. Theleen, Ruth 06/21/11  
Anderson, Alexander Robert Fuller, Elsie 6/16/1906  
Anderson, Alvin Anderson, Bertha 02/18/1924 wife seeks divorce
Anderson, Alvin Anderson, Bertha 05/08/1924 wife is granted a divorce
Anderson, Alwin Schwartz, Bertha 03/30/1918 at Waukegan
Anderson, Andrew Anderson, Mrs. 1/27/1914 silver anniversary
Anderson, Andrew Richter, Margaret 11/27/1919  
Anderson, C. B. Isles, Andrea 09/19/1922 Groom of Atlantic City, IA
Anderson, C. P. Theobald, Charlotte A. 6/20/1914  
Anderson, C. W. Kleist, Edna 06/19/1919  
Anderson, Carl Pauly, Edna 09/21/1911  
Anderson, Carl Marineau, Cora 08/14/1913  
Anderson, Charles Ferch, Minnie 11/28/1912  
Anderson, Charles Harold Reckinger, Nellie 05/17/1916  
Anderson, Christian Fredson, Sara 5/6/1902  
Anderson, Claus Sanborn, Grace 10/01/1921  
Anderson, David K. Anderson Banaschek, Cleo Sloane 12/10/1915 reopening of the decree
Anderson, Einar Strangberg, Ruth 10/20/1915  
Anderson, Elmer Clark LaCrosse, Ida 02/18/1923  
Anderson, Fred Anderson, Mrs. 8/29/1909 25th anniversary
Anderson, Fred Carl Anderson, Felicia Irene 12/08/1917 husband is granted divorce
Anderson, Garfield Knocklock, Helen 11/04/1922  
Anderson, George Ruster, Clara 2/18/1902  
Anderson, George Anderson, Mrs. George 07/23/1923 celebrate 25th anniversary
Anderson, George Torgerson, Alfhild 06/16/1922  
Anderson, Gordon Whitely, Nina 06/03/1922  
Anderson, Halvor Hegg, Hannah 05/26/1917  
Anderson, Henning Johnson, Anna 05/23/1912  
Anderson, Henry Neinstadt, Margaret 5/15/1915  
Anderson, Henry M. Anderson, Hazel E. 12/21/1923 wife granted divorce
Anderson, Irving Leble, Minnie 06/30/1921 Bride of Russell
Anderson, James Lance, Janet 04/25/1916  
Anderson, James Anderson, Mrs. James 05/22/1924 celebrate 50th anniversary
Anderson, John Anderson, Mrs. 12/26/1913 25th anniversary
Anderson, Leonard Kelly, Catherine ( Mrs. ) 12/27/1917 at Waukegan
Anderson, Leonard Kelly, Catherine 12/27/1917 married last Saturday
Anderson, Martin W. Kitzrow, Ida 06/16/1917  
Anderson, Oscar Anderson, Mrs. 4/8/1907 silver anniversary
Anderson, Oscar Peterson, Jennie 06/27/1916  
Anderson, S. Douglas Bader, Esther L. 08/15/11  
Anderson, Samuel E. Heard, Evelyn Mae 10/25/1915 at Detroit, bride of Petersboro, Ont.
Anderson, Walter Victor Erickson, Hilda Marie 09/01/1917  
Anderson, William Gusky, Bertha 11/3/1915  
Anderson, William Andrews, Frances 7/14/1909  
Anderson, William Molzahn, Metha 06/28/1916  
Anderson, William E. Hawthorne, Rita 8/12/1909  
Andre, F. E. (Dr.) Frantz, Mary Clara 10/23/1901  
Andrea, Bruno Constantino, Olga 07/05/1919  
Andreoli, Frank Germain, Jenni 01/26/1924  
Andrew, Jack Lucchetta, Thersa 02/12/1917 in Chicago, bride of Chicago
Andrews, A. Malzahn, Erma 5/15/1915  
Angelici, Amedio Fanduzzi, Emily 06/21/1924  
Angelo, Antonio Zimmerman, Florence 02/11/1920  
Angenendt, George Angenendt, Margaret 5/7/1910 divorce
Appel, H. M. Mayer, Angeline 04/11/1921  
Apple, David Gordon, Julia 06/23/1912  
Aquiline, Bernard Aquiline, Florence 04/12/1913 wife granted a divorce
Arents, Edward Hermann, Marie 10/15/1919  
Arentz, Benjamin Schlitz, Thecla 09/06/1922  
Armstrong, Robert Hegberg, Gertrude 06/23/1920  
Arneson, Thomas Joseph Schloeder, Gertrude 9/15/1915  
Arnold, Adam Hahn, Mary 02/15/1916  
Arnold, Henry A. Arnold, Sarah 08/11/1916 husband granted a divorce
Augustine, Charles Bell, Lillian 5/7/1907  
Augustine, Edward Griffith, Violet 06/19/1913  
Aulozzi, Louis Camilli, Teresa 01/27/1921  
Austin, Raymond J. Robinson, Eva 11/11/1902  
Axtel, Oliver Marshall, Jennie 2/8/1909  
Axtell, Albert Sorensen, Martha 09/07/1924  
Ayton, Thomas McCain, Olena 6/14/1930  
Babcock, Frank H. Leet, Minnie 06/25/1899  
Bach, Frank Schulz, Mabel 07/04/1919  
Backus, Claude (Dr.) Muir, Mary Elizabeth 10/01/1923 at Frisco
Bacon, Burr B. Larson, Ella 09/13/1900  
Bacon, Hulbert J. Rhode, Hannah 6/21/1899  
Bacon, W. C. Turner, Flora 10/02/1918 of Bristol
Bagdanov, Milan Bagdanov, Raza 09/30/1915 husband granted a divorce
Bailey, Charles Sorensen, Helen 04/02/1919  
Bailey, Edwin Hansen, Emma 06/03/1922 Groom of Somers
Bailey, Robert G. Krah, Hilda 11/26/1931  
Bailey, Roy Bush, Etta 10/21/1897  
Bain, Chester Marineau, Bessie Francis 08/02/1917  
Bain, Harvey J. Tobin, Agnes C. 9/1/1915  
Bain, Henry C. B. Dabbs, Vivian Mae 11/22/1916  
Bain, Howard Spencer, Melita 09/11/1899  
Bain, Thomas Grasser, Lena 6/22/1898  
Bain, Walter Moorehouse, Mabel 11/02/1917 at Waco
Baker, Arthur L. Downey, Theresa Dorothy 07/14/1924  
Baker, Clinton C. Rieve, Evelyn 5/3/1930  
Baker, Robert Verne Bright, Ada M. 9/24/1902  
Baker, Stanley R. MacLaurin, Margaret 5/23/1931  
Balcom, Glen Barron, Celia 10/29/1916 at Crown Point, Ind.
Baldwin, Chas. Milton Spencer, Ethlyn 06/18/1912 bride of Waupaca
Baldwin, George Baldwin, Mrs. 04/11/11 50th anniversary
Baldwin, George S. Baldwin, Mrs. 04/19/11 50th anniversary
Baldwin, Lawrence Merrill McCall, Alice Ruth 10/21/1916  
Balk, John Petersen, Carla 11/25/1919  
Ball, Harry Greening, Hattie 11/20/1918  
Baltzer, Charles Sorrensen, Anna 09/06/1911 elope to Elgin
Balzer, John Pfanmiller, Ruth 05/29/1920  
Banks, Frank Tesch, Martha 10/10/1922  
Banschelt, Lawrence Lambrecht, Rose 04/10/1917  
Barber, A. S. Barber, Mrs. 4/12/1902 50th anniversary
Barber, Frank O. Judd, Grace 1/30/1909  
Barber, Orton N. Barber, Mrs. 10/28/1930 50th anniversary
Barbour, Bentley Krug, Gertrude 04/25/1919  
Barden, Hugh V. Candee, Charlotte Safford 03/08/1916  
Barden, Richard Tenary, Gladys 07/24/1920  
Barlow, W. W. Barlow, Mrs. W. W. 02/17/1924 celebrate china wedding
Barnard, William Kramer, Anna 05/22/1924 at Waukegan
Barnes, Charles McDonald Boyle, Florence Margaret 08/05/1916 Bristol bride married in Chicago
Barnes, Chester D. Grant, Virginia Cooper 10/13/1906  
Barnes, Joseph Barnes, Mrs Joseph 08/30/1924 celebrate 50th anniversary
Barnes, Philip R. Schochow, Wilhelmina K. 6/3/1910  
Barnett, W. Scott Milbrath, Natalie 09/08/1917 in Pensacola, FL.
Barnhardt, Walter Hensel, Edith 6/6/1931  
Barr, Charles S. Rohlfing, Anna 09/06/1899  
Barr, Harry Glickman, Zena (Mrs.) 09/20/1921 in Chicago, groom of Racine
Barrows, Louis Jacob Foster, Laura 6/3/1914  
Bartel, Arthur Babe, Lillian 07/08/1920  
Bartell, Frank Windorf, Alma 05/26/1920  
Barter, Francis A. Rowbottom, Lulu 3/28/1906  
Barth, Charles Rhode, Anna 6/16/1909  
Bartholomew, Ray Williams, Ruth 09/25/1917 groom of Racine
Bartlett, William A. Raiman, Thelma 6/20/1931  
Barton, Harold Graber, Estelle 05/29/1924 at Miami, FL.
Barton, Samuel G. Bassett, Sarah E. 05/31/1900 marriage license
Barton, Thomas Monticello, Ersella 9/26/1931  
Barwillo, Marhew Dziekan, Sophie 10/04/1924  
Barzano, James Principe, Anna 6/6/1931  
Bassett, Herman Bassett, Mrs. 8/3/1903 50th anniversary
Bassett, Raymond Brady, Hazel 11/26/1919  
Bateman, Loyd Aspinwall, Alta 6/11/1900  
Bates, Claude Rhapstock, Mary (Mrs.) 04/15/1919 Claude Bates becomes Rhapstock
Bauer, Charles Bauer, Margaret 03/24/1916 wife granted a divorce
Bauer, Fred L. Ragan, Helen 12/20/1930  
Baugh, Lyle E. Besch, Ann 11/21/1931  
Baum, Gustav Baum, May 08/17/1917 wife is granted divorce
Baume, Edgar Melville, Hazel 8/22/1931  
Bauschelt, John Peters, Bertha 09/18/1917  
Bauschelt, Joseph Shipper, Clara 01/24/1920  
Baxter, Adam Chandler, Hannah 11/11/1922 Bride of Richmond Center
Baxter, John E. Baxter, Ella E. 1/14/1907 divorce
Beachel, Charles F. Cooper, Maude L. 10/27/1897  
Beales, Arthur Beales, Mrs. 12/25/1918 50th anniversary
Beall, George Sherlock, Loretta 09/19/1921 in Chicago, bride of Chicago
Beall, Louis Beall, Mary E. 4/15/1915 divorce
Beall, Louis H. Beall, Mary E. 04/15/1915 wife granted a divorce
Beck, August Stein, Edith 05/12/1920  
Beck, N.P. Welch, Annabelle 10/20/1915  
Beck, Peter Jr. Rice, Helen 05/21/1918  
Becker, Adolph Rasmussen, Helen M. 6/24/1931  
Becker, Bernard Krohn, Lydia 01/14/1922  
Becker, Bernard ( Dr. ) Schelle, Johanna ( Mrs. ) 11/25/1916 groom of Silver Lake
Becker, Charles S. Priddis, Emma 5/26/1898  
Becker, Edward W. Graber, Edith 05/29/1924 at Waukegan
Becker, George M. Kitzrow, Matilda 5/11/1909  
Becker, Lloyd David, Florence 10/11/1924  
Becker, Mathias Brotsky, Gertrude 06/22/1920  
Becker, Mitchell Cox, Madelon 11/27/1919  
Becker, Otto Ohlgart, Mathilda 11/22/1924  
Beckman, Charles F. Beckman, Mrs. 10/3/1915 25th anniversary
Beckman, Fred Pitts, Dorothy 04/18/1917  
Beckman, Fred Pitts, Dorothy 04/03/1917  
Beckman, Milton Earl, Ruth 10/09/1919  
Beeman, William Bauer, Emma 06/24/1922  
Behnke, Herman Wayiand, Katie, Joachim 01/27/1912  
Beimer, George Henry Cook, Mary Elizabeth 09/27/1917  
Belden, John (Lieut) Carey, Ethel 06/01/1918 in Racine
Bell, Jacob E. Mayer, Rose Catherine 10/8/1930  
Belles, Milton L. Dicks, Norma 02/05/1921  
Bellew, O. E. ( Dr. ) Fencil, Frances 01/20/1913 in Milwaukee
Belting, John Grosch, Angeline 07/18/1899 see also July 19th
Bendt, Joseph Bendt, Julia Frances 05/08/1917 wife is granted divorce
Bendt, Joseph Jr. Wenk, May 09/05/1916  
Benedict, Arnold Krats, Alberta 02/09/1920  
Benedict, Elmer Cox, Roxy 2/21/1931  
Benedict, Leegrand, Higgins, Lizzie 1/3/1899  
Benka, Joseph Lobadtka, Josephine Margaret 05/01/1920  
Bennett, David E. Hill, Eunice 09/06/1922  
Bennett, George Mackey, Katherine 12/22/1920  
Bennett, James Schwab, Martha 07/01/1922 Groom of Chicago
Bennett, Wilbur Bushman, Esther 07/08/1920  
Benson, August O. Anderson, Bessie Lucy 9/29/1914  
Bente, Julius Jacobs, Agnes 08/01/1911  
Bentz, Robert J. ( Lt. ) Smerling, Minnie 12/17/1917 at Waukegan
Bentz, William Bentz, Marie 04/03/1924 wife seeks divorce
Bereadt, Julius Berendt-Williams, Mrs. 03/17/1921 Husband charges wife with bigamy
Berens, John Johnson, Julia 08/18/1917 Married July 28th
Berg, Emil H. Gosselin, Dora Irene 6/18/1930  
Berg, Lennart Gestow, Regina 09/03/1921  
Berk, Arthur C. Robsel, Hattie 05/06/1913  
Berlin, Herman Yandt, Martha 05/28/1919  
Bermingham, Eugene P. Bermingham, Irene E. 05/20/1924 wife is granted a divorce
Bermingham, Eugene T. Windsor, Irene 10/04/1911  
Bermingham, W. J. Wallace, Bernice 1/5/1899  
Bernadi, Frank Bridenhagen, Irene 06/18/1924 Frank agrees to marry Irene
Bernardie, Frank Bridenhagen, Irene 07/05/1924  
Berns, John Lippert, Nell 05/25/1920  
Bernstein, M. A. (Dr.) Bernstein, Mrs. 07/16/1918 divorce
Bernstein, Maurice A. (Dr.) Elman, Minna 01/03/1917 in New York
Berquist, Walter Nielsen, Marie 12/22/1917  
Berrong, J. P. Reiser, Minnie 11/26/1919  
Berry, Ary C. (Lieut) Moss, Grace 05/01/1918 war wedding
Berry, Edward Berry, Pearl 03/08/1917 wife is granted divorce in Waukegan
Berry, Edwin Berry, Mrs. 02/17/1914 wife granted a divorce
Berry, Edwin Kreba, Idella 03/14/1918 at Waukegan
Berry, Horace Pooch, Anna 8/10/1908  
Berry, Walter Edenhofer, Rose 04/27/1922  
Berta, Italo Tudorico Bloomme, Palmyra 08/25/1917  
Beth, Lester Gebur, Nellie 08/14/1924  
Beyer, Fred C. Schwan, Margaret 06/15/1916  
Beyer, George Clark, Agnes 06/18/1912  
Bichler, Theodore T. Jr. O'Hare, Catherine 11/14/1912 married in Chicago
Bickel, Henry Carney, Julia 09/22/1920  
Bickel, John H. Bickel, Emma J. 09/26/1912 both of Roann, Ind.
Bickle, Frank Petzke, Ida 6/27/1902  
Bidinger, Louis Frank Jensen, Kate 5/26/1908  
Biehn, Jacob Schenkenburg, Miss 11/9/1907  
Biemmann, William Burns, Lillian 11/29/1922 Bride of Chicago
Bienemann, Leopold M. Bienemann, Alma 3/18/1909 divorce
Bilger, James Wilder, Mabel 03/10/1921  
Billings, Theodore Hartl, Florence 6/27/1931  
Billingsley, Fred Green, Selma 07/28/1920  
Bimble, Peter Giorgi, Mary 10/03/11 gypsy wedding
Bimble, Peter Giorgi, Mary 12/08/11 civil wedding
Binniger, George E. Hansen, Amy K. 7/31/1915  
Binninger, Fred Haneman, Elizabeth A. 08/05/1912  
Binninger, George E. Hansen, Amy K. 08/02/1915  
Binninger, Harry Doerflinger, Elizabeth 09/12/1922  
Biondi, Vincent Juliani, Florence 10/14/1922  
Birch, Christopher Kugler, Otilla 11/30/1916  
Bischoff, Clarence Reese, Myrtle 06/09/1921 Bride of Milwaukee
Bishop, Ben Sorrensen, Anna 11/20/1912  
Bishop, Edwin Sherwood, Spence, Florence 6/27/1906  
Bishop, Isaac T.(former St Senator) Tanis, Harriet (Mrs.) 03/31/1915 bride of Chicago
Bishop, Isaac T. (former State Senator) Tanis, Harriet 4/7/1915  
Bishop, Joseph F. Bishop, Mrs. 3/3/1914 50th anniversary
Bishop, Raymond Tillotson, Gretta 8/11/1910  
Bishop, Thomas T. Kiddle, Susan Isabelle 7/29/1907  
Bisno, Sydney Blumenthal, June 06/15/1924 in Chicago
Bittorf, Frederick Gfroerer, Carolyn 11/25/1915  
Bixby, Dean Zeitler, Marie 05/24/1920  
Bjorn, Yngve Larson, Emma 06/27/1918  
Black, Bernard O. Farley, Harriet 6/25/1930  
Blackman, George Russell, Caroline 2/5/1902  
Blackwood, David Stewart Hooper, Pansy 5/12/1915  
Blahnik, Joseph C. Korzillius, Emma 07/12/1922  
Blair, James W. Thomas, Frances M. 9/21/1910  
Blair, John LeRoy Schultz, Loretta Cronin 5/5/1915  
Blake, George Anderson, Bess 7/15/1914  
Blasi, John Blasi, Michelina 11/09/1923 husband seeks divorce from wife
Bleicher, Mathias Clarke, Elizabeth C. 10/21/1908  
Bleicher, Philip Thomey, Esther 9/21/1915  
Bliss, Chester Haskell Nash, Ruth 06/18/1919  
Block, Harry Driver, Blanch 09/23/1919  
Bloner, John Neith, Regina 11/27/1930  
Blood, Walter H. Utter, Alice B. 9/5/1914  
Bloom, Edward F. Elsen, Catherine M. 06/25/1924  
Bloom, Martin Bloom, Mrs. 11/8/1930 50th anniversary
Bloomster, Alfred Maxwell, Elsie 06/30/1920  
Bloxdorf, Ray Werntz, Ruth 2/19/1930  
Bloxdorf, Raymond Thompson, Edith 02/25/1921 in Chicago
Blush, Edward Haskins, Mrs. 6/17/1898  
Boardman, Clarence Smith, Mary 11/15/1919  
Boardman, Harry Boardman, Louisa 12/22/1900 divorce
Bobb, John Herrmann, Helen 11/19/1924  
Bobb, John W. Herrmann, Helen 10/21/1924 engagement, groom of Zephyr Hills, FL
Bobyk, John Bobyk, Sophie 04/19/1916 husband granted a divorce
Bock, A.W. Berens, Estella 12/18/1915  
Boczvincz, Joe Boczvincz, Annie 03/17/1917 couple work out own divorce
Boddy, Edward Boddy, Mary 07/31/1913 wife granted a divorce
Bode, Mathias Thomey, Mamie 5/20/1902  
Bode, Mathias Bode, Mary 08/04/1921 wife granted absolute divorce
Bode, Michael F. O'Hare, Elizabeth 1/23/1908  
Bodtke, Reinold Greening, Grace 09/02/1920  
Boehm, Paul Lahr, Esther 10/25/1920  
Boehn, Robert Mogensen, Emma 06/28/1919  
Boerner, George Wilder, Rose 06/04/1917  
Boerner, M. G. Philips, Blanche 8/10/1910  
Boerner, Mathias Drissell, Helen 10/8/1902  
Boerner, William Eich, Sophia 10/9/1907  
Bogenschutz, George Goodman, Helen Mrs. 08/19/1922  
Bohanan, Samuel Parks, Jane ( Mrs. ) 02/23/1916  
Bohanan, Samuel Bohanan, Mary E. 7/2/1910 divorce
Bohle, Albert Burrington, Pearl I. 04/28/1913  
Bohn, Arthur W. Powell, Lova Alice 8/22/1931  
Bohn, Emil Holtz, Elizabeth 12/17/1931  
Bollen, Joseph Norbert, Susie 08/20/1921  
Bolotin, Irvin Lundberg, Anna 9/24/1930  
Bolton, Daniel Vetterman, Maida 11/25/1920  
Bolton, J.K. Boyle, Mae 1/5/1915  
Bonadio, John Zocchi, Angeline 11/14/1931  
Boosted, Amel Fuller, Lena 2/19/1907  
Boostedt, Gustav Boostedt, Elizabeth 3/25/1930 divorce
Borden, Horace Greenwald, Marie 05/10/1920  
Borge, E. A. Carlson, Florence 04/21/1923 groom of Chicago, married last August
Borkenhagen, Charles Nelson, Florence 08/26/1918 at Waukegan
Borkenhagen, Harold Slack, Maude 07/03/1924  
Borland, William S. Andrews, Mabel M. 5/21/1908  
Borlick, Andrew Schaefer. Lucille 06/14/1921 Groom of Chicago
Bornemann, Louis Koch, Bertha 07/02/1913 both of Davenport, Iowa
Bornhuetter, Paul Mortier, Irene 07/10/1920  
Bose, Benjamin F. Schwartz, Carrie A. 2/10/1909  
Bosley, Benjamin Heyman, Dora 06/16/1920  
Bosman, Benjamin DeVries, Agnes 06/02/1920  
Bosman, Herman Walraven, Ida 08/28/1920  
Bossman, Richard Borst, Lillian 02/26/1919  
Bostetter, Frank Allie, Lillian 05/15/1920  
Bottje, Anton Weed, Minnie ( Mrs ) 07/03/1912  
Bounsall, Frank Larsen, Louise 7/3/1907  
Bowes, Arthur K. Sinyard, Prudence 10/16/1913  
Bowman, Jesse Graves, Cora 5/18/1910  
Boybk, John Bobyk, Sophie N. 02/15/1916 divorce suit filed
Boyd, Perle Sorensen, Aileen 9/6/1930  
Boyer, Russell ( Dr. ) Stebbins, Elizabeth 04/08/1913 at Los Angeles, Calif.
Boyle, Hugh Meyer, Dorothy 06/22/1920  
Boyle, Martin Haubrick, Laura 11/29/1924  
Boyle, Martin Boyle, Edna 08/07/1917 wife is granted divorce at Elkhorn
Bradley, Fred Jensen, Marie 11/27/1924  
Bradley, J. Frank Holloway, Jeannette 12/30/11  
Bradley, Oliver W. Balzer, Lena 06/28/1911  
Bradley, William Linnington, Hannah 02/29/1912 married in Somers
Bradstrom, Harry C. Holm, Selma 10/16/1913  
Brady, James Toussaint, Florence 09/13/1919  
Brady, Terrence Barter, Edith 12/7/1910  
Brainard, Charles E. Rich, Kate Florence 10/31/1898  
Braizer, Charles Garring, Dorothea 3/18/1908  
Brand, Henry Letzbarske, Madelyn 6/26/1931  
Brandt, Charles W. Schlater, Meta 08/31/1917  
Brandt, Otta Johnson, Viola 06/04/1919  
Brankow, Gotthelf Seitz, Edna 06/18/1919  
Brankow, William Nichlan, Gertrude 09/19/1923  
Branshow, Albert Stein, Alma 05/05/1920  
Brasher, James H. Brasher, May 04/19/1916 wife granted a divorce
Brasher, James H. Brasher, May 02/15/1916 divorce suit filed
Braun, George Pecni, Rose 09/08/1920  
Braun, Jacob Haigh, Irene 11/20/1930  
Braund, Stanley J. Braund, Ethel 08/15/1917 of Bristol
Braund, Stanley J. Knapp, Ethel 08/15/1917 both of Bristol
Bredal, Norman Bredal, Estelle Graber 04/23/1923 wife is granted divorce
Bregstone, Charles Jacobson, Florence 02/19/1920  
Brehm, Hans M. Runals, Cherille 11/04/1913  
Breidt, William Brennan, Ino 05/01/1924  
Breiling, John Jr. Rothbarth, Grace Bertha 09/02/1922  
Brennan, Benjamin C. Langan, Frances 02/08/1921 Bride of Chicago
Brennan, James Brennan, Mary 6/21/1910 divorce
Brenton, Melvin Weber, Adeline 8/30/1930  
Brers, Donald Kollman, Mae 10/27/1920  
Bresnahan, Harold Mayer, Marie 08/11/1920  
Briggs, Clifford Georgen, Paulina 5/2/1903  
Briggs, H. B. Briggs, Mrs. 02/21/1916 50th anniversaary
Briggs, H. E. (Dr.) Schultz, Anna 06/15/1914 at St Joe, Mich, bride of Sheboygan
Brinckmann, Emil Zopf, Elsie Anna 08/25/1923  
Brine, Gordon Callender, Polly 9/6/1930  
Brine, John Carr, Sadie 5/14/1902  
Briner, Luther Olsen, Anne 8/15/1931  
Bristow, Reuben L. Cleary, Agnes 1/7/1903  
Brody, Louis T. Frankel, Marian 06/19/1924 in Chicago
Broesch, George Henell, Charlotte 12/19/1908  
Brogan, John J. Calnan, Marguerite 2/12/1931  
Brong, Palmer D. Ganes, Annabel 08/26/1916  
Brotherson, John Rhode, Wilhelmina 03/19/1900 wife of Racine
Brown, Frederick Pierce, Marion 2/7/1930  
Brown, Harold Purrington Bour, Dorothy 4/18/1914  
Brown, Hugh B. Rice, Della 06/06/1917  
Brown, J. Lester Wilcox, Marian 12/31/1920 married in Chicago
Brown, John English, Calixta 4/17/1906  
Brown, N. J. Miller, Margaret 4/13/1899  
Brown, Russell Brown, Hilda 03/10/1921 Bride granted annulment
Brown, Thomas H. Brown, Julia Morrison 06/08/1917 marriage is annulled
Brown, Thomas Harry Morrison, Julia 01/01/1916  
Brown, William Creedon, Helen 06/14/1919  
Browne, John Payn (Dr.) Dexter, Jennie S. 07/30/1923 Pleasant Prairie bride, groom Plainfield, IL
Broz, Arnold A. Grulke, Alma Erna 06/23/1923  
Bruce, M. H. Henderson, Zeela 2/15/1930  
Brugger, John Hermann, Louise 10/19/1910  
Bruneska, Walter Burr, Ruth Isabelle 01/02/1917 groom Sturgeon Bay, bride Fish Creek elope
Brunicone, Lester Carr, Marie 06/28/1916  
Brunner, Milton C. Saftig, Lorraine 5/17/1930  
Bruns, George McIntosh, Marguerite 06/21/1924  
Bruns, Theodore J. Parks, Viola 06/27/1916  
Brus, Joseph Degen, Bernice Mrs. 07/12/1922  
Brus, Theodore M. Hand, Mary Elizabeth 11/28/1923  
Bruss, Henry J. Levengood, Mable 09/16/11  
Bryant, Ward C. Shotlieff, Genevieve 03/21/1917 in Bristol
Bryant, Ward C. Shotliff, Genevieve 03/27/1917 married Mar. 21st.
Buchholtz, Albert Riley, Hazel 04/29/1922  
Buchholz, August Schultz, Hulda 10/01/1921  
Buchmann, George Cappert, Adeline 10/12/1922  
Buchmann, J. Leo Fink, Lucille 05/29/1924  
Buck, Herman C. Werve, Minnie E. 06/18/1913  
Buckley, Warren ( Lt. ) Towne, Emma 12/13/1917 at Evanston
Buckmaster, Ben S. Taylor, Lila Mary 12/22/1919 in New York, bride of N. Y.
Buckmaster, Dean Albert Bennett, Eleanor Crain 05/24/1923 in Evanston, bride of Evanston
Buechner, Alfred Reiser, Matilda 06/07/1911  
Buenger, Carl (Rev.) Buenger, Mrs. Carl 09/21/1923 celebrate 25th anniversary
Bufton, Melvin R. Schmidt, Hazel Louise 2/14/1931  
Buletta, Warren Casterton, Ruth 06/28/1922  
Bull, Clark Gallagher, Mary 03/10/1919 at Madison
Bull, Frank Bull, Mae Molter 02/18/1916 divorce
Bullene, Lathrop Bullene, Mrs. 10/26/1897 50th anniversary
Bundies, Clyde Cable, Esther 05/08/1919  
Bunk, Christian Bloxdorf, Orlinda 05/27/1921  
Bunker, Perey K. Craney, Marguerite 05/08/1912  
Burand, Edward Schoenamann, Ida 10/12/1899  
Burbridge, John R. Rose, Alice 9/24/1910  
Burdick, Roy Bolton, Leah 11/22/1922 Bride of Bristol, Groom of Salem
Burg, Adolph J. Burg, Mrs. Adolph J. 10/24/1917 celebrate 46th anniversary
Burg, Charles N. Doula, Valentine 5/16/1903  
Burg, Harry A. (Sgt.) Nelson, Judith 02/28/1920  
Burg, John Reid, Jessie Miss 11/14/1899  
Burg, John Reid, Jessie 11/14/1899  
Burg, Mathew J. Kennicott, Bessie 12/16/1914  
Burg, Russell Jones, Dorothy 03/29/1919  
Burgess, A.A. Burgess, Maria Dutton 8/28/1915 50th anniversary
Burgess, Dwight L. Burgess, Harriette Northway 8/28/1915 50th anniversary
Burgess, Dwight L. Burgess, Mrs. 8/28/1930 65th anniversary
Burgess, E.H. Newberry, Clara 11/08/1899  
Burgess, James Nealey Deltaven, Margaret M. 1/21/1915  
Burgess, James Nealey DeHaven, Margaret M. 01/21/1915 at Waukegan, groom of S. C.
Burkhardt, John Euting, Mary 6/15/1899  
Burrett, Earl T. Keenan, Theresa 06/30/1913  
Burrington, Elmer Gettchman, Mildred 05/14/1919  
Bursumais, Sarkis Atyan, Lucille 07/05/1924 at Anderson, Wis.
Burt, Robert Wurz, Annette 07/28/1920  
Burt, Robert W. Burt, Margaret B. 06/14/1917 wife is granted divorce
Burtleson, James C. Richter, Rose 05/14/1917 groom of Clinton, Wis.
Buse, George Williams, Alice 04/29/1922 Groom of Dubuque, IA
Bush, Charles Brockhouse, Katherine 09/26/1900  
Bush, Harold Lichter, Cecilla 06/07/1923  
Bushing, Arthur Brown, Helen 06/29/1921 Groom of Chicago
Bushonville, John Chalmers, Laura Elizabeth 8/30/1930  
Buswell, Oscar C. Maclauren, Irene 12/23/1914  
Butcher, John McNeil, Ada 5/6/1902  
Byer, H.W. Quigley, Louise 11/25/1915  
Cable, James C. Blaim, Helen 6/28/1930  
Cahee, Levi Betters, Myrtle 10/14/1919  
Cahee, Samuel Niles, Norma Gladys 10/14/1919  
Cairo, Louis Chomfort, Rose Chiapetti 12/07/1922  
Caldwell, J. W. Sanborn, Emma 3/28/1898  
Callahan, Paul Henry, Margaret 09/28/1920  
Callender, John Callender, Josephine 12/20/1920 unusual marriage ends in annulment
Cameron, Ben (Jr.) Phelps, May 3/7/1908  
Cameron, Grafton L. Huck, Mamie 5/19/1899  
Camfield, Bradford A. (Dr.) Camfield, Cora 6/3/1909 divorce
Campbell, Archie Nelson, Ruth 7/5/1915  
Cancelbaum, Herman Cancelbaum, Anna 08/13/1914 wife granted a divorce
Canpagna, Michael Lemantia, Anna 9/24/21  
Cantway, William Cantway, Margaret 07/09/1914 wife granted a divorce
Cantway, William W. Manke, Caroline 02/11/1918  
Cantwell, Dick Manley, Jean 09/02/1922 Bride of Atlanta, GA
Cantwell, Richard J. Napra, Helen 12/14/1917  
Capelle, Louis Hulzemer, Emma 07/28/1920  
Cappelen, Arthur Wess, Helen C. 11/15/1909  
Cappelin, Arthur Cappelin, Emma 08/13/1914 wife granted a divorce
Carlson, C. O. Wolf, Margaret 6/24/1914  
Carlson, Carl O. E. Hofflander, Bertha 03/22/1913 eloped from Waukegan
Carlson, F. A. Herwig, Martha 10/27/1923 in Milwaukee
Carlson, Harry Muto, Myrtle 10/27/1920  
Carlson, Marshall J. Hansen, Violet 07/14/1924 at Chicago
Carlson, Merrill Ellis, Irene 09/14/1922  
Carman, Abel Hanelin, Eva 04/22/1912 both of Chicago
Carney, Frank E. Williams, Lucy 10/29/1921  
Carney, Leo Riley, Emily 02/07/1917  
Carney, Raymond J. Althoff, Edna Gertrude 09/11/1916  
Carpenter, Burrill A. Sinclair, Ethel 11/15/1914  
Carpenter, Clarkson McAuley, Harriet Sayrs 01/20/1900 in Chicago
Carpenter, Frederick Carpenter, Gertrude Hassler 11/22/1915 remarried at Crown Point, Ind.
Carpenter, Frederick Carpenter, Gertrude (Hassler) 03/13/1920 wife granted a divorce
Carr, Dominick Edward Rice, Anna Louise 6/18/1902  
Carroll, Elbert Williams, Ethel Catharine 09/12/1922 Bride of Racine
Carroll, Ernest Anderson, Iva 05/27/1919  
Carroll, Eugene Bennett, Nellie 05/18/1920  
Carter, L. H. Boddy, Mary (Mrs.) 05/01/1915 in Muskegon, on April 29
Carter, Levi Carter, Mary 11/06/1915 wife filed a divorce suit
Carter, Oscar Holt, Augusta 09/19/11 annulment
Carter, Oscar T. Carter, Rachel M. 11/01/1916 wife granted a divorce
Cartwright, Raymond W. Peterson, Theresa 08/24/1917 bride of Iron Mountain
Caruso, Pasquale J. Siciliano, Jean 7/18/1931  
Carver, Enoch Jr. Meyer, Hazel Belle 10/31/1912 both from Chicago
Case, Thomas J. Case, Frances M. 07/16/1918 files for divorce
Casey, William P. Ericson, Lillian 09/02/1922  
Cassidy, Fred B. (Sergt.) Ryan, Mae Margaret 01/17/1920  
Castelli, Pasquale Ferrinzi, Angelline 04/02/1921  
Castle, Erastus Sheldon Castle, Betsy Olivia (Holbrook) 01/02/1914 50th anniversary, married 12/21/1863
Castle, Harry H. Pike, Elizabeth M. 09/11/1899 at Milwaukee
Castle, John M. Butrick, Alice 01/24/11  
Cattermole, Lester Stringham, Ethel 11/02/1918 at Columbia, S. C.
Catterton, Wilbert Miller, Dorothy 8/1/1931  
Caudel, Frederick Poenisch, Myrtle 7/10/1930  
Cavanagh, Patrick H. Cavanagh, Bessie H. 12/15/1916 wife granted a divorce
Cavanagh, Richard P. Shepherd, Aileen Marie 09/03/1913  
Cavanagh, Richard P. Cavanagh, Eileen 11/09/1923 wife is granted divorce
Cavanagh, Richard Parkinson Shepherd, Aileen Marie 08/14/1913 wedding invitations sent
Cavanagh, Walter James Brown, Edith Murray 11/1/1906  
Cecil, George Reynolds, Julia R. 11/29/1930  
Cermiari, Anthony Cermiari, Mrs. Anthony 06/20/1924 husband is granted divorce
Chaffee, Horace Chaffee, Lydia 10/21/1908 marriage
Chaney, Eugene, ( Dr. ) Minahan, Susan Ellen 08/24/1912 Dr. of Wauwautosa
Chapman, Andrew Tobin, Jessie 11/3/1915  
Charles, William Porter, Luella 07/10/1903 divorce
Cheappette, Louis Ziccarelli, Minnie 09/01/1920  
Cheever, Homer L. ( Dr. ) Jorgensen, Dagmar 09/16/1911  
Chester, Edward Duff, Florence 09/20/1920  
Chidester, Lee Thien, Caroline 10/8/1902  
Childs, Charles Frederick Newell, Edith Harris 12/31/1900  
Chisholm, William Larrabee, Grace 12/10/1913  
Chitwood, J. D. Dean, Mary 01/08/1918  
Christensen, Albert Kujowa, Josephine 11/12/1919  
Christensen, Andrew Anderson, Laura 08/24/1899  
Christensen, John Korstra, Jennie 07/01/1922  
Christensen, Knut C. Dornfeld, Adela 11/2/1910  
Christensen, Lucas Christensen, Louise 10/22/1910 divorce
Christensen, Nels Christensen, Minnie E. 4/10/1915 divorce
Christensen, Nels Christensen, Minnie E. 04/10/1915 wife granted a divorce
Christensen, Rasmus Balsell, Hattie 12/23/1914  
Christenson, Christ McGivern, Catherine 05/01/11  
Christiansen, Martin C. Kasberg, Minnie 06/08/1917  
Christman, Clarence Choate, Junita 06/09/1920  
Christofferson, Frederick Shaffer, Hazel 6/28/1930  
Christy, Charles Bennett Baker, Ethel Daome 8/7/1907  
Chulew, Charles Simon, Hannah 12/7/1930  
Ciaffarafa, Nazzereno Ciaffarafa, Sarnta Maria 07/28/1916 husband granted a divorce
Cicchani, Herman Cicchani, Frances 05/08/1923 wife is granted a divorce
Cicchini, Adem Copen, Nancy 11/08/1924  
Cimino, Frank Scalzo, Rose 08/10/1920  
Clancy, Joseph Droeren, Anna 11/17/1924  
Clancy, William Dazy, Agnes 10/09/1917 at Chicago, groom of Chicago
Clark, Gerald Taft, Allie 12/1/1911  
Clark, Herbert H. Barbour, Margery 07/08/1918 groom of Chicago
Clark, J. F. Mulligan, May ( Mrs. ) 08/09/1917 bride of Chicago
Clark, John Ambert, Annie 03/16/1900 wed in Salem
Clark, L. O. Ray Koos, Mamie Harriet 01/13/1916 married 1/11, in Westboro, Conn.
Clarke, Bernard Bonffiou, Leta 01/02/1922 Bride of Rhinelander
Clausen, Edward J. Hollenbeck, Nettie 12/10/1913  
Clausen, Emil Nielsen, Kittie 6/19/1909  
Cleary, George R. Jensen, Helen 11/3/1909  
Cleary, Joseph Burnside, Jane 10/02/1916  
Clegg, Christopher G. Hermann, Catherine 07/05/1911  
Clingaman, David Keup, Mildred 04/15/1922  
Coan, Robert Eugene Brister, Harriet Alice 06/23/1923  
Cobb, Henry F. Caviezel, Lois 2/14/1931  
Cobbin, Dick Ryan, Marie Margaret 12/29/1923  
Coffee, J. W. Murray, Mary Louise 08/06/1897  
Coffey, Roy Petersen, Caroline 6/15/1910  
Coffey, Roy E. Smith, Julia G. 03/15/1919  
Cohen, Charles Kurtzon, Etta 8/21/1907  
Cohn, Benjamin Schwartz, Lena 04/13/1913  
Cohn, Louis Button, Eleanor 04/24/1913 groom-Lake Geneva, bride Idaho
Cohn, Louis Cohen, Bertha (Mrs.) 05/24/1924 at Chicago
Colbourn, Walter Colbourn, Mary 06/12/1914 wife granted a divorce
Colby, C.W. Davis, Gladys Fern 11/13/1915  
Colby, Ralph Sniffen, Pearl 3/12/1908  
Cole, Abraham J. Bosman, Christine 06/28/1923 in Wausau, Wis at brides home
Cole, Allen Baker, Louise D. 11/7/1903  
Cole, Edward Homolya, Winifred 04/08/1921  
Cole, James R. Somners, Gertrude 7/31/1907  
Cole, Louis Hayes, Mabel 10/30/1900 elopement
Coleman, Harris Tanck, Olga 9/7/1910  
Coleman, Sydney G. Huntoon, Althea 6/5/1914  
Collins, Clarence (Dr.) Shierk, Phoebe 06/29/1922  
Collins, Isaac James Jones, Elise M. 6/20/1914  
Collins, William C. Koenes, Johanna 11/10/1910  
Compton, Arthur Rose, Adeline 08/09/1919  
Condero, Raphael Muel, Louise 04/02/1921  
Condon, Victor Fenske, Ruth Marie 02/05/1920 at Waukegan
Conners, Patrick Conners, Mrs. 4/27/1931 50th anniversary
Connolly, George H. Pennefeather, Amy 08/05/1916  
Conrad, John A. Fetta, Josephine 6/3/1915  
Conrady, Mathias Thomas, Lizzie 07/29/1903  
Cook, Wilbur Buckley, Sadie 06/14/1919  
Cook, William G. Hintz, Elnora 7/17/1930  
Cooper, Gerald S. Barden, Irene 12/15/1921  
Cooper, Henry S. Hardy, Bertie E. 01/02/1919 in St. Louis
Cooper, Joseph P. Killingsworth, Maude Lee 12/18/1920  
Cooper, Ralph Todt, Mildred 06/28/1923 in Mainstee, Mich at brides home
Cooper, Ralph Y. Frost, Miriam 6/16/1915  
Cooper, Ralph Y. Frost, Miriam 12/09/1914 Engagement announced at a dinner
Coppinger, James Leo, Martha J. 1/30/1899  
Cords, Peter A. Busse, Augusta 5/18/1910  
Core, Harley, R. (Rev.) Ozanne, Eva Almeda 07/13/1917 at and groom of Cocoanut Grove, FL
Corey, Ralph Rasmussen, Fay 09/21/1922  
Cornell, Earl Hess, Alma 10/27/1923 at Waupun
Cornwell, Clarence J. Acker, M. 2/12/1908  
Corr, Francis Virden, Alice 10/05/1921  
Corr, John T Dr. Peterson, Anna 8/24/1914  
Corr, Stephen Lightfoot, Mattie 9/16/1915  
Correz, Leon Lane, Alice 08/09/1924  
Coshun, Harry Leone Campbell, Malissa 3/16/1898  
Coshun, Wirt Wittingham, Priscilla 5/9/1907  
Cosmin, John Horton, Henrietta 06/14/1922 Bride of Wilmot, Groom of Wheeling, IL
Coulman, George J. Johnson, Ida 6/26/1907  
Covelli, Mariano DeBartolla, Anna 10/16/1920  
Covey, Oren B. Perry, Almira E. 6/23/1909  
Cox, Dan Burg, Catherine C. 6/6/1899 groom of Highwood, IL
Cox, Walter Barnes, Lila 07/02/1912  
Craddock, John (Dr.) Backus, Claudia 11/24/1921 Groom of Chicago
Craig, Charles F. Eddy, Florence 09/20/1911  
Crandall, George Laurence, Hazel 12/01/11  
Crandle, Arthur M. Jordan, Anna E. 2/1/1911  
Crane, Lawrence Litzky, Irene 07/08/1922 Bride of Milwaukee
Crane, Sheldon Cyr Rogers, Grace Louise 12/29/1917 at Chicago
Crane, William Crane, Mrs. 2/11/1910 50th anniversary
Craney, A. Early Grimm, Edna Belle 8/31/1909  
Cravodel, Charles Smith, Julia 05/31/1900 marriage license
Crawford, Charles E. Windsor, Laura 9/22/1909  
Crawford, Francis Pabst, Erna 09/10/1920  
Crawford, Ray Farrar, Blanche 02/20/1917 in Chicago
Crawford, Thomas B. Milligan, Goldia Mae 6/16/1910  
Crego, George M. Hilliard, Drusilla 9/9/1909  
Cripps, John C. Burns, Fannie 4/22/1909  
Cronch, Percival W. Huck, Viola 8/21/1907  
Crone, Simeon Powell, Elizabeth 9/5/1907  
Crook, Herbert C. Bailey, Louise ( Mrs. ) 11/02/1912  
Cropley, Samuel B. Cropley, Sarah 03/12/1917 celebrate 50th anniversary
Cropley, Ward R. Callahan, Jessie 8/2/1930  
Crosetto, John Faletto, Virginia 4/26/1930  
Cross, Andrew B. Kellman, Martha 12/16/1919  
Cross, Donald F. Pitts, Ruth 12/15/1919 at Lockport, N. Y.
Crossin, Joseph Brister, Emma Louise 06/25/1924  
Crosson, James A. McHugh, Nellie 10/25/1911  
Crot, Peter J. Jr. ( Dr. ) Murphy, Katherine B. 02/02/1912 both of Chicago
Crot, Peter J. Jr. ( Dr. ) Murphy, Katherine B. 02/01/1912  
Crow, Archie McNeil, Hazel 12/06/1919  
Crow, Frank Findlay, Lucille 08/30/1922 Bride of Salem
Crowe, Thomas, Edward Hayek LuLu 06/06/1917 at Racine, bride of Racine
Crowley, Clarence Taylor, Addie 06/04/1913  
Crowston, Edward J. Paltes, Rose Emma 09/19/1917 groom of Chicago
Crump, J. Raymond Barber, Helen 6/21/1915  
Crusberg, H. ( Capt. ) Axtell, Zella 02/07/1912 from Joliet & Chicago
Crusberg, H. ( Capt ) Axtell, Zella 02/10/1912  
Csaky, Kalman I. (Count) Csaky, Maude (Countess) 03/01/1917 nobleman sued for divorce
Cudlip, William Martin, Elva 07/20/1920  
Cullon, Norman Stemm, Arthur (Ensign) 09/25/1918  
Cully, Millard Cully, Alice 08/17/1916 wife granted a divorce
Cumiskey, Henry Cumiskey, Mrs. 10/20/1900 20th anniversary
Cummings, Fred Baldwin, Laura 09/12/1916  
Cummings, Frederick Richard Rhode, Anna Margaret 1/3/1899  
Cummings, Philip Ives McVicar, Lamira 01/31/1916  
Cunly, Robert L. (Prof.) Van Wie, Fannie 7/30/1910  
Cunningham, Arthur Gleeson, Mary Rudie 2/17/1909  
Curaci, Nick Schero, Guiseppa 10/08/1922  
Cure, Arthur R. Cure, Bertha M. 06/11/1900 divorce
Curtis, C. Lee Flynn, Cora E. 10/05/11  
Curtis, Charles H. Norris, Clara B. 4/16/1902  
Curtis, Claire L. Faber, Harriet 06/05/1916 Yes, Groom’s name is Claire
Curtis, Walter Landane, Anna 10/16/1920  
Curtis, William R. Norris, Hattie E. 4/16/1902  
Cyzak, John Schaeffer, Rose 01/30/1913  
Dailey, Robert Scott Wild, Keitha A. 02/26/1916 married in Crown Point, Ind.
Daisy, Don L. Daisy, Pearl B. 6/12/1915 divorce
Daisy, Don L. Daisy, Pearl B. 06/12/1915 wife granted a divorce
Dakins, E. E. Dakins, Dorothy Diedrick 01/29/1924 wife seeks divorce
Dale, Thomas J. Spaulding, Mattie (Mrs.) 01/18/1924  
Dalke, Max Kluender, Emelie 6/16/1909  
Dallam, Lieutenant McLean, Betty Maulsby 3/3/1908  
Dallmann, Robert Dallmann, Emma (Vielbaum) 10/29/1914 Wedding lawsuit
Dalton, Joseph E. Leiting, Caroline 05/23/1900  
Dana, Victor McKenna, Edith 09/24/1919  
Daniels, Elmer A. (Professor) Goodwin, Mayme 06/25/1917 in Grand Forks, N.D.
Daniels, James E. Daniels, Sarah Coleman 10/29/1914 sought proof of 08/08/1868 marriage
Darby, Earl Johnson, Gretchen 09/25/1919 bride of Whitewater
Darnell, James Morrison Darnell, Dorris Vaughn 1/20/1915 divorce
Darnell, James Morrison Soper, Ruth 1/23/1915 marriage
Darnell, James Morrison (Rev.) Darnell, Ethel Spurgeon 06/14/1916 wife granted a divorce
Darula, Joseph Styka, Anna 11/27/1911  
Daugherty, Charles Doty, Maud 2/17/1900 in Chicago
Daul, Charles Berghauser, Frances 07/26/1919  
Daum, Richard Daum, Mrs. Richard 07/20/1924 celebrate 25th anniversary
Davenport, Donald George Olson, Mary M. 6/7/1930  
Davenport, George LeRoy O'Brien, Alice Louise 2/16/1909  
Daveny, Edward H. Daveny, Sophia 06/26/1924 husband starts action for divorce
Davids, Irving W. Keenan, Mayme 11/23/1910  
Davidson, Clarence Davidson, Gertrude 9/28/1910 divorce
Davidson, Edward Parry, Alice 8/23/1910  
Davidson, Howard Devore, Eva 10/11/1931  
Davies, W. D. Hartung, Maude Esther 2/8/1915  
Davis, Benjamin Buchman, Lillian 08/04/1920  
Davis, Chester Gearon, Ina 6/30/1930  
Davis, F.M. (Prof.) Rogers, Malvina Bessie 7/3/1907  
Davis, Harry Cooper, Lillian 08/03/1899  
Davison, Samuel D. Skidd, Genevieve 09/12/1917  
Davy, William B. Ward, Effie Myrtle 04/09/1913 groom of NY, bride of Chicago
Day, John Novak, Sophia 10/17/1930  
Dayton, Ed. (Capt.) Smith, Irene 07/30/1923 at Rockford, Ill. on June 25th
Dayton, Logan Deffry, Miss. 09/02/1916  
Dazy, David Robinson, Cora 06/10/1922  
De Berge, Roy Thomsen, Esther 10/28/1924 engagement
De Loria, Osborne Meyer, Evelyn 04/16/1917  
De Rango, Achille Covelli, Filomena 11/22/1924  
De Ridder, Christian Burns, Bernice Margaret 12/24/1923  
Dean, Charles Fosdick, L. 6/13/1898  
DeBartela, Francisco Marella, Rose 04/19/1917  
DeBell, Peter DeBell, Mrs. 12/20/1930 25th anniversary
DeBerge, Fred Kile, Katherine 6/25/1931  
DeBerge, Henry Jr. Howell, Eleanore Grant 10/20/1920  
DeBruin, Adrian Kranz, Elizabeth 2/14/1931  
Decker, Russell J. Van Bendegom, Jeanette 11/08/1916  
Dederich, J. S. Mischler, Elizabeth 01/22/1913  
DeDiemar, Ben Murphy, Isabelle 7/11/1902  
DeDiemar, Louis E. Smith, Rhoda 9/4/1902  
DeDiemar, Louis N. DeDiemar, Rhoda 04/06/1917 wife is granted divorce
DeDusch, Edward Osborne, Evelyn 10/21/1916  
DeFazio, Frank DeFazio, Malinia 07/14/1914 husband granted a divorce
DeFranco, Pasquale Stella, Vincenza 05/22/1920  
DeFrang, Louis Jones, Ruth 10/24/1916  
DeFrange, Tony DeFrange, Lena 07/14/1916 wife granted a divorce
Degenback, Julius Thilges, Anna 07/22/1919  
DeGroot, William Anderson, Lillian C. 11/2/1915  
DeKok, Jacob Bylama, Jeanette 03/14/1918  
Del Conte, Louis Del Conte, Mary 07/16/1915 wife granted a divorce
Delaware, Everett H. (Rev.) Benedict, Grace 6/7/1930  
DeLine, Ray Bohanan, Jeanette 2/28/1931  
DeLisle, George McVicar, Amelia 8/19/1931  
Deming, Charles Johnson, Dagmar 08/12/1922  
Demmon, Orson A. Lawler, Annah 10/10/1900  
Demos, Nicholas Catton, Hazel 10/12/1921 Bride of Eagle River, Wis
Demos, Peter V. Birr, Norma M. 07/08/1922  
Dennis, Geo. D. Lloyd, Lelia G. 11/03/1923 in Chicago, October 26
DenOuden, Jacob Jung, Caroline 01/26/1922 Bride of Racine
Densmore, Le Roy Densmore, Mrs. 6/24/1931 17th anniversary
Denton, Leo Bloxdorf, Hilda 05/23/1921 Groom of Milwaukee
Deom, Dominick Bruns, Theresa 04/23/1912  
DePeyster, Clinton N. Allott, Olive Wright 02/17/1913 groom of NY, bride of Chicago
Deprais, William Nayler, A. (Mrs.) 07/18/1921  
DePrat, Danto Haris, Jessie 05/14/1921  
Derganz, Edward Zeyen, Evelyn 05/16/1923  
Devine, David Barron, E. 7/3/1907  
Devine, Henry Carl, Elizabeth 09/11/1919  
DeVries, Peter Ouden, Elizabeth Den 04/14/1924  
Dewees, Robert Dewees, Catherine Spetzman 01/27/1923 Wife gets divorce
Dewey, C. A. Dewey, Mrs. 6/27/1910 50th anniversary
Dewey, C. A. Hale, Delina 06/27/1900 40th anniversary
Dewey, C. Ernest Dexter, Marianna Whyte 2/10/1930  
Dexter, Walter Coffin, Rhoda Howells 06/17/1916 in Ravina, IL
Dey, William F. Jr. ( Dr. ) Perry, Marion E. ( Mrs. ) 05/24/1912 both of LaGrange
DeYoung, John Rosenfeldt, Lydia 3/21/1931  
Dhalke, Otto Poppal, Ida 04/26/1916  
Dibble, Chester Heal, Mary 08/29/1917  
Dibble, Sylvester Turnock, Bessie 9/16/1909  
Dick, Robert I. Dornbush, Geerdine 12/25/1919  
Dickey, Robert Prof. Adams, Anna 2/28/1906  
Dickhaut, Fred Gray, Adelaide 1/4/1898  
Dickinson, Charles Matthewson, Sarah 11/26/1919  
Dicks, Earl Thomas Yeager, Martha 07/03/1916  
Dicks, John P. Burns, Anna C. 9/3/1931  
Dickson, Alfred Rolland Herman, Christine Susan 06/23/1900  
Dickson, Mr. Dickson, Mary J. 03/28/1913 wife divorced in Reno-few days ago
Diederich, Elmer Dittler, Esther 09/04/1924 at Waukegan, groom of Chicago
Diener, John Schaefer, Elizabeth 11/06/1916 both of Somers married in Kentucky
Diesert, John Diesert, Mrs. 07/18/1921 Wife seeks a divorce
Diletti, Angelo Angelena, Madalena 04/24/1912  
Dillon, Matthew Flynn, Kathryn V. 6/24/1902  
Disch, Jacob J. Puetz, Nettie 10/31/1899 in St. Francis
Disch, John Duffy, Catherine 6/18/1903  
Ditmer, Daniel Jr. Shelly, Alma 4/15/1909  
Dittmer, Edward Zimmer, Susie 10/19/1899  
Dixon, D. W. (Dr.) Lubeno, Vera 08/23/1917 at Trevor, bride of Trevor, groom Silver Lake
Dixon, Edward Whitaker, Glendora Price 9/1/1910  
Dixon, William O. Priddis, Beulah 9/15/1911  
Dobins, Wallace Carey, Helen 10/29/1910  
Dodd, H. H. Donley, Julia 10/14/1908  
Dodge, Henry C. Dodge, Mrs. 07/15/1921 Husband dies on 50th anniversary
Dodson, John T. Allen, Esther 2/12/1931  
Doerfier, John H. Thome, Edna Ward (Mrs.) 10/10/1922  
Doerfier, William H. Joerndt, Eleanor 05/19/1921  
Doerfinger, John Hansen, Lillian 11/25/1915  
Doerflinger, Charles Jr. Heide, Inger 04/23/1924  
Doherty, Robert E. Holmes, Florence 9/30/1931  
Domsky, Daniel Grotsky, Rose 11/15/1931  
Donahue, Mark Deignan, Helne E. 06/25/1921  
Donahue, Michael Zievers, Emma M. 6/27/1906  
Donahue, Thomas Bohn, Marian 11/26/1931  
Donley, Lawrence Cutting, Gertrude 07/02/1920  
Donley, Roy Wenzer, Sophia 9/14/1910  
Donsing, Fred Donsing, Julia Gerry 10/25/1911 divorce
Dorey, William Gardinier, Christiana 11/10/1910  
Dorfman, Samuel Cohen, Tessie 08/29/1920  
Dorr, Roy Kimball Thiers, Helen 6/11/1910  
Doula, Albert Doula, Mrs. 5/13/1907 25th anniversary
Doutre, Rene Joseph Boerner, Esther Julianna 2/7/1931  
Dowe, Lewis Orlich, Helen 12/27/1920  
Downes, Arthur Breese, Alice 06/07/1917 at Randolph and groom of Randolph
Downing, Virgil L. Stenson, Charlotte 09/23/1916  
Downs, James Skotski, Mamie 11/03/1899  
Dowse, Carleton A. Connell, Ethel Mary 05/12/1923  
Dowse, James O. Stephen, Marie 2/29/1908  
Dowse, Milton Evans, Signe 9/9/1908  
Draack, Herman A. Krammer, Eleanor 08/29/1923  
Drewey, Montrose K. Betzer, Althea 06/20/1924 at West Allis
Drews, William Hartleten, Ida 09/06/1913  
Drinkwine, Philip Drinkwine, Mrs. 10/22/1914 25th anniversary
Drissal, Nicholas Lambrecht, Edith 7/20/1915  
Drissel, Jacob Fonk, Katie 06/27/1900  
Drissel, P Drissel, Mrs 05/14/1918 50th anniversary
Drissell, George Helms, Esther 08/29/1912  
Drury, Alfred L. Shank, Madeline 2/27/1911  
Drysdale, George W. Williams, Madore 09/12/1923 in Waukegan
Dubin, Lewis Brensky, Anna 02/27/1921 Bride of Chicago
Duffin, Frank H. Peterson, Margaret 11/14/1912  
Duffin, John C. Hall, Ella M. 5/10/1910  
Duffy, Edward Thomas, Harriet 6/26/1907  
Duffy, Joseph Alleman, Rhea 05/14/1919  
Duffy, Patrick Cummings, Anna 11/27/1924  
Dukes, Charles Dukes, Mrs. 06/27/1900 15th anniversary
Dumke, Charles Fisher, Anna 6/13/1902  
Duncan, Mr (wife Agnes) Duncan, Agnes Boldt 01/31/1924 wedding annulled
Duncan, William Edward Jr. Duncan, Agnes 11/26/1923 wife files suit for annulment
Dunlop, Irvin M. Johnson, Helen 11/24/1930  
Dunn, Edward F. Gebhart, Helen Ione 6/1/1915  
Dunnebacke, Anthony Quigley, Mary 6/15/1910  
Dupons, Arthur Schurichow, Emma 10/28/1922  
Durand, William Kaphengst, Ella 12/23/1919  
Durling, Harold Diller Lease, Eva May 06/16/1917  
Dyer, Benjamin Langstead, Ethel 09/17/1924  
Dyer, Charles Dyer, Alice 09/26/1912 both of Libertyville, Ill.
Dymczenski, Theodore Voloi, Mary 7/18/1931  
Dynes, Owen W. Crosby, Lucy Mae 09/06/1900  
East, Claude Fuhrer, Louise 09/22/1923  
Eaton, Byron Matthews, Bertha Viola 2/22/1911  
Ebert, Alexander Kingsley, Irene Emma 06/22/1912  
Ebert, Henry Ebert, Martha 5/17/1910 divorce
Ebert, Walter Scheibert, Bertha 08/09/1919 at Waukegan
Ebert, Wendel Bennett, Ethel 06/17/1922 Groom of Dayton, OH
Echtemasht, Estell I. Buehtrup, Johanne K. 10/31/1910  
Eckenrode, Raymond Schackamuth, Louise 11/05/1921 Groom of Indiana Harbor, Ind
Eckert, Alwin M. Barnes, Glendora 9/8/1914  
Ecklor, Fred Kutzke, Elsie 08/09/1922 Groom of Ripon, WI
Edenhauser, Frederick Conradt, Martha 8/8/1931  
Edler, R. T. (Coach) McManus, Elizabeth 06/03/1920  
Edquist, Alfred Halberg, Clara 10/26/1899  
Edquist, Alfred Halberg, Clara 10/26/1899  
Edquist, Reynold Rommelfanger, Hazel 06/17/1922  
Edwards, Edward Brooks, Lucy 11/25/1908  
Edwards, Guy Darrell Wenngren, Marcia Caroll 06/04/1924 in Chicago
Edwards, Harwood C. Cunningham, Juliana 11/24/1921  
Edwards, John J. Ellis, Lulu 5/23/1911  
Ehlen, John Eppers, Clara 10/26/1922 Birde of Brighton
Eichelman, Henry L Eichelman, Helen Fries 12/16/1912 divorce
Eichelman, William Loewen, Mary 10/17/1916  
Eifler, Arthur Davidson, Lillian L. 6/20/1908 marriage lawsuit
Eisenhauer, Chester Kaad, Lillian 07/30/1918  
Eisenhauer, Earl Eisenhauer, Ruth 04/21/1916 wife granted a divorce
Eke, Fred Errickson, Sophia 6/7/1902  
Elbert, William Hatch, Sue 06/05/1922 Bride Lake Geneva, Groom New Munster
Elenewska, Leopold Elenewska, Christina 11/15/1915 action for divorce filed
Elkerton, Edgar E. Milward, Elizabeth 12/12/1908  
Ellis, Marshall Horr, Lucille 8/20/1902  
Ellis, Thomas Houston, Katherine 08/24/1918  
Ellis, Thomas H. Ellis, Amelia A. 6/4/1909 divorce
Ellison, Edwin Krebs, Anna 09/18/1912  
Ellison, Frank Smith, Loretta 9/16/1914  
Ellsworth, Henry Doty, Dorothy 09/27/1919  
Elmergreen, Reuben Lydberg, Sonia 10/15/1919  
Elson, A. R. Maltz, Bertha 10/24/1920  
Elton, Dr. E. J. Kellogg, Maybell 3/30/1904  
Elwell, William R. Crawford, Hope 1/31/1906  
Emerson, Roscoe Larner, Catherine 06/25/1919  
Emert, Erick Lemke, Helen Martha 8/15/1931  
Engel, Frank Freres, Katherine 07/21/1915 in Racine, bride of Racine
Engelhardt, Ralph P. Boerner, Estelle 05/31/1916  
Engelhart, Edward J. Ruster, Mattie 6/7/1900  
Engels, Frank J. Malmgren, Florence 10/04/1921  
Engelson, Torge Engelson, Mrs. 8/25/1931 50th anniversary
Engersoll, Harold Charles Newman, Alice 10/08/1923 groom of Brooklyn
Englehardt, J. C. Sprage, Carrie 07/21/1900  
English, C. J. Quinn, Mary 10/1/1903  
English, Robert Presley, Olive 01/03/1924  
English, William J. English, Clara A. 05/12/1913 wife granted permanent decree
Englund, Charles Carlson, Ellen 07/30/1913  
Engstrom, John Arvid Vingren, Judith Alice 12/27/1917  
Engstrom, Ralph Wickstrom, Edith M. 1/31/1931  
Enloe, Robert Heindel, Ethel 10/06/1920  
Eppers, George Leinenweber, Margaretha 12/02/1916  
Eppers, Valentine Eppers, Carrie 02/28/11 divorce
Eppler, Fred Brown, Rose 06/06/1912 from Racine & Dickinson N. D.
Epstein, Joseph Reinach, Alice 2/25/1931  
Ergish, John Russ, Gertrude 01/05/1921  
Erhardt, Conrad Froeming, Melitta 01/16/1920  
Erickson, Frank Luket, Helen 09/24/1924  
Ernst, Walter Dumke, Clara 6/19/1902  
Ervin, Robert Baird, Ellen 4/9/1930  
Erwin, Thomas J. Rottman, Ruth 1/23/1930  
Eskridge, Frank Singer, Julia 9/28/1910  
Eskridge, John R. Burg, Mathilda 6/16/1908  
Estes, James Gregory, Edna 08/06/1916  
Ettelson, Edward Marmor, Lenora 11/06/1921 in Chicago, bride of Chicago
Evans, Donald Falk, Edna 04/02/1921 Groom of Racine
Evans, Gilbert Kominiak, Eleanor 10/6/1930  
Evans, John Toner, Mary Gertrude 2/26/1908  
Evans, Maurice R. Maddox, Claire 9/29/1930  
Even, Demi N. Pirsch, Celia J. 6/30/1909  
Everett, Fred Everett, Minnie E. 05/04/11 divorce
Evers, John Stonebreaker, Pelle 08/26/1922 Groom of Bristol
Fabian, Louis Zarletti, Angeline 1/24/1931  
Fabricus, Charles Courtman, Martha 03/12/1914 both of Chicago
Facenti, Louis Facenti, Mary 01/14/1916 wife granted a divorce
Faggi, Alfeo Butler, Beatrice 05/05/1914 married 04/05/1914 in Chicago
Falk, Ray Wilsey, Ethel 09/24/1919  
Falok, Adam Rutec, Mary 7/6/1910  
Fandberg, Fred Alexander, Signe 6/24/1907  
Farber, Benedict L. Pfister, Barbara 01/09/1917 bride of Racine
Farnsworth, Lee O. (Atty) Riker, May D. 7/10/1907  
Farnum, Clement Kelley, Alice 10/19/1915  
Farr, George Kelley, Georgia 09/29/1920  
Farr, Malcolm Quayle, Susan 11/23/1909  
Farr, Reginald Dougine, Geraldine 05/02/1911  
Farrell, Frank F. Gleason, Angie 1/29/1908  
Farrell, Frank H. McNamara, Gertrude 2/26/1908  
Farrill, E. T. Farrill, Mrs. 9/5/1907 silver anniversary
Faulhaber, J. H. Leinweber, Wallia 02/25/1922  
Faulkner, Frank Gruendler, Margaret 12/19/1922 Groom of Russell, Il
Fawkes, Charles E. Grover, Beth 02/22/1922 Groom of Dubuque, IA
Fazio, Nunzi Pucci, Olga 5/10/1930  
Feary, David L. Borkenhagen, Kate 6/30/1910  
Fechner, Edward C. Sunquist, Edith 04/04/1921  
Fee, Wallace Mellen, Irene 12/11/1913 both of Chicago
Feenley, Benjamin W. Benedict, Estella 10/11/1910  
Feest, Frank Lippert, Julia 01/20/1917 both of Somers
Feldschau, Fritz Edkins, Louisa 05/24/1900  
Feldschau, Henry Feldschau, Mrs. 7/4/1914 silver anniversary
Feldschau, Louis Jr. Alberts, Mildred 03/01/1923  
Felter, Edward B. (Dr.) Buuck, Marie 06/15/1922 Groom of Plymouth, WI
Fenima, Andrew Cook, Sara 02/24/1916 bride from and married in Salem
Fenney, George A. Dickson, Mary J. 03/28/1913 groom of Providence, R.I.
Fenske, Louis H. Vogel, Winnifred 10/17/1901  
Ferarse, Michael Andovardaki, Afrodete 07/03/1921  
Ferguson, George M. Eaton, Helen 8/4/1911  
Ferguson, Guy I. Wight, Emma Alice 11/22/1916  
Ferguson, Harry T. Rogers, Florence 1/13/1898  
Ferguson, Londus A. Larson, Jessie B. 5/17/1930  
Feringer, Paul Jackson, Edna 9/12/1910  
Ferris, James Swanson, Anna 1/4/1898  
Ferris, Lawrence G. Bach, Doris 5/29/1931  
Fessenden, Otis Dickinson, Carrie 04/20/1924  
Feuker, Frank M. Morgan, Eunice 08/04/1923 in Waukegan
Field, William Alexander Phillips, Bertha 04/25/1900  
Filko, Joe Filko, Helen 09/26/1923 wife granted divorce
Fina, Michael Flug, Helen 04/01/1920  
Fink, Howard Rudd, Mabel 09/22/1916 at Waukegan
Fink, Norris Fink, Margaret 12/27/1915 divorce
Firchow, Benjamin Milbrath, Selma 12/22/1917  
Firchow, Emmet Becker, Minnie 07/21/1920  
Firchow, Hugo Dielmann, Pauline 06/14/1911 groom of Milwaukee
Firchow, Roland W. Haubrich, Lydia 02/17/1921  
Firchow, William Roy Dumke, Mary 6/10/1914  
Fischer, Emil Dumke, Lillian 09/14/1916  
Fischer, George Jr. Blondien, Mary 2/8/1910  
Fish, Edward J. Langer, Clara 07/19/1911  
Fish, Harry J. McGovern, Frances M. 09/10/1912  
Fish, Paul Manson, Ingrid Mrs. 07/04/1920  
Fisher, Adolph Fietz, Ida 06/24/1922  
Fisher, Arthur F. Pirsch, Elizabeth P. 9/18/1907  
Fisher, John Sorensen, Matilda 02/05/1917 in Watertown
Fisher, Leigh Rouse, Gertrude 10/30/1907  
Fisher, Peter Jr. Corey, Amy 9/9/1905  
Fisher, Reynard Wagner, Jennie 10/7/1908  
Fisher, Walter Chapman Donley, Alice 6/4/1907  
Fisher, William F. Fisher, Mrs William F. 10/21/1923 celebrate 50th anniversary
Fishman, Isodore Gordon, Etta 11/09/1919  
Fisk, George Allen, Eleanore 04/07/1921 Groom of Racine
Fixon, Lewis Frederick, Marian 04/02/1921 Groom of Chicago
Flad, George A. Krebs, Mamie 6/16/1909  
Flad, J. H Flad, Mrs 09/28/1920 50th anniversary
Flad, John Flad, Mrs. 9/28/1930 60th anniversary
Flannigan, John Lippert, Elizabeth 01/22/1917  
Flannigan, John George Marx, Theresa Helen 09/08/1923  
Flasch, Leo. F Michels, Catherine 09/04/1912  
Flatley, L. J. (Dr.) D'Arcy, Helen 11/23/1921  
Flatley, Thomas Flatley, Mrs. 1/25/1930 55th anniversary
Flatley, W. T. Dr. Cleary, Agnes 9/22/1914  
Flett, George Bradley, Carrie May 12/01/1899  
Fliess, Frank Davidson, Anna 10/18/1922  
Floeker, Albert Gueinther, Anna 4/26/1911  
Flora, Robert G. Petersdorf, Carrie 05/19/1917 to marry in Cleveland Tuesday
Floss, Matt Belding, Virgie 6/10/1931  
Flower, Frank Woolver, Helen 2/21/1907  
Floyd, E. H. Vandenburg, Vivian 12/19/1931  
Flug, Robert Flug, Mrs 11/16/1918 25th anniversary
Flynn, Patrick Schmitz, Alvina 06/15/1920  
Fogarty, Richard Nolan, Mayme 06/21/11  
Fogwell, David Winegar, Beatrice 9/30/1909  
Fogwell, David Ellis, Mabel 01/21/1920 engagement announced
Fogwell, David Eilis, Mabel 10/12/1920 bride from Chicago
Fohler, Rudolph Erdner, Alma 04/02/1921  
Foley, Francis L. Doran, Mary G. 02/21/1912 eloped from Chicago
Foley, George Terrill, Madge 11/27/1930  
Fonk, George Reiter, Josie 6/12/1907  
Fonk, Michael F. Haney, Emma L. 11/25/1910  
Fonk, Nicholas Davis, Pearl 01/18/1916  
Fonk, Peter M. Terry, Emma M. 11/5/1908  
Fonk, Philip W. Coolidge, Elizabeth 04/23/1913  
Fonk, Theodore P. Zievers, Margaret 07/14/1917  
Fonk, Wendelin Riley, Elizabeth 06/18/1913  
Fonk, William Molitor, Rose 05/15/1917 at bride's home in Louisville
Fontaine, George Peabody, Vera 07/01/1920  
Forbes, Clarence F. Forbes, Marie E. 12/28/1917 husband is granted divorce
Ford, Frank L. Young, Irene Vinette 3/31/1903  
Forrest, Robert L. Forrest, Mrs. 5/3/1904 divorce
Foster, C. H. Gilman, Alice Stearns 03/23/1916 married in Chicago
Foster, Charles A. Hurd, Bessie 6/15/1905  
Foth, Walter Fuhrman, Agnes 07/07/1921  
Foulke, Clarence Stepan, Emma 07/13/1913 at St. Joe, Mich.
Fountain, F. (Capt.) Dionne, Alice V. 6/19/1930  
Fowler, Bert Hogan, Agnes 08/29/1899  
Fowler, Bertram Fowler, Mrs. Bertram 08/31/1924 of Sheboygan, celebrate 25th anniversary
Fowler, DeWitt Woodbury, Hazel 01/22/1918 at Washington
Fowler, Frank Jr. DeArmand, Marie 06/12/1921 Groom from and wedding at Lake Villa
Fox, Albert Klimschmidt, Edna May 07/02/1924  
Fox, Clifton Arey Farr, Edna 5/9/1906  
Fox, Frank Meyer, Agnes 10/6/1915  
Fox, John Fox, Mrs. John 10/27/1923 husband gets divorce
Fox, John H. Fox, Sylvia 02/27/1915 wife granted a divorce
Fox, O.O. Arnold, Elsie D. 11/8/1909  
Fox, R.E. Kliebenstein, Thelma 11/10/1930  
Fox, William Allen Thomas, Josephine 10/2/1915  
Frabe, William H. Brande, Hattie 2/08/1900  
Francke, Walter O. Allie, Beatrice E. 02/07/1923 wed at dawn in Waukegan
Frank, August Winkie, Emma 12/26/1899  
Frank, Donald (Prof.) Hill, Mae 7/26/1906  
Franke, Ernst (alderman) Keman, Eva 6/13/1899  
Frankel, James D. Gotberg, Tillie 10/29/1910  
Frantz, William Albert Blackman, Belle Ione 8/27/1902  
Frasher, Fred Frasher, Daisy 6/11/1906 annulment
Frazell, Clinton D. Lynch, Celia 11/7/1902  
Frazier, William J. Drake, Katherine Elizabeth 08/02/1916 engagement announced
Frazier, William John Drake, Katherine Elizabeth 09/06/1916  
Frederick, Matthias Gustafson, Celia 12/01/1923  
Frederickson, Fred Shields, Lydia 09/09/1919 at Waukegan
Fredrickson, D. E. Fredrickson, Mrs. 5/5/1930 50th anniversary
Fredricus, John Fredricus, Albertini 2/11/1908 divorce
Fredson, Samuel C. Fredson, Ernestine 08/04/11 divorce
French, H. Earl Hewitt, Janet E. 11/2/1911  
Frick, Orlando H. Jackson, Tessie 3/20/1907  
Friedeck, Albert Schmitz, Marie 04/25/1919  
Friedman, Joseph Crystal, Jeanette 1/11/1931  
Fries, A. W. Stahl, Mabel 9/16/1914  
Frisk, Elmer Piehl, Bessie 08/28/1924 marriage took place May 16, 1924
Froelich, Frank R. Wetlaufer, Hazel 06/01/1911 groom of Oshkosh
Froeming, Carl Froeming, Mrs. 12/30/1914 25th anniversary
Frost, Donald Walter Head, Bertha Belle 08/18/1917  
Frost, Edwin Lewis Frost, Laura 05/20/1912 divorce
Frost, Morton Hess, Edith 09/15/1924  
Fry, Samuel Crow, Myrtle 08/02/1921  
Fuhrer, Frederick P. Lohmann, Thelma Eleanore 4/25/1931  
Fuhrer, John Starr, Caroline 10/24/1922 Bride of Two Rivers, WI
Fuller, Harry C. Leiting, Edna 11/27/1919  
Fuller, Stanley Lienau, Iramgard Helen 10/11/1923  
Funck, Geo. Peterson, Helga 05/20/1924  
Funck, Joseph N. Zens, Anna 4/17/1907  
Gaastra, T. DeDiemar, Mary 5/15/1906  
Gabrielson, Herbert Stefgen, Winifred 07/23/1921  
Gabrielson, Ralph Bramblett, Hilda 06/16/1920  
Gadsted, Thomas Gadsted, Jensine 10/15/1915 wife granted a divorce
Gaffney, Joseph M. English, Marie 09/17/1912  
Gaffney, Richard M. Ferry, Ida Mae 10/09/1922  
Gage, Roswell Piehl, Bessie 07/21/1920  
Gage, William West, Jeanette 7/11/1931  
Gail, Arthur N. Page, Mary D. 09/26/1923 bride of LaGrange, Ill.
Gail, John F. Gail, Helen 3/19/1915 divorce
Gaines, C. Williard Whitcher, Myra 6/11/1908  
Gaines, Harvey B. Whitcher, Bessie 6/29/1904  
Gajdos, John F. McCullough, Anna 7/11/1930  
Galatin, John Vils, Katharine 4/5/1910  
Galbraith, Finley A. Chase, Carolyn 01/18/1920  
Gale, Joseph Reetz, Mildred 08/30/1922  
Gall, Clarence E. Roth, Daisy 6/15/1907  
Gallagan, Patrick H. Zehrens, Susie 8/24/1910  
Gallagher, Roderick A. Willems, Agnes E. 10/24/1931  
Galligan, M.J. Carey, Elizabeth 2/15/1909  
Gallo, Joseph Pintatore, Mary 4/11/1931  
Gallup, Harold Friedrich, Dorothy 11/26/1931  
Galsons, Eugene Andro, Rose 04/02/1921  
Gamble, Ralph Kreiser, Susan 12/25/1913  
Gannaway, Benjamin J. Smith, Josephine 09/15/1916 Married Sept. 12
Gantzer, Frank Shields, Helen 09/22/1913  
Ganz, Robert (Private) Fuhrer, Rose 06/08/1918  
Gardiener, Lester Link, Adelaide 04/17/1917  
Gardner, James Oriel, Sophia 07/27/1919  
Gardner, John V. Shields, Leta B. 7/6/1908  
Garosis, Packy Fischer, Claire 02/03/1923 elope to Waukegan
Garst, Clifton Perry Smiley, Mac E. 6/9/1910  
Garvelink, Charles L. Garvelink, Maude L. 04/05/1917 wife is granted divorce
Gascoigne, Fred A. Boyer, Mary K. 3/6/1908  
Gasser, John Perrin, Ethel 07/12/1913  
Gaston, Eugene Densmore, Edith 8/30/1930  
Gates, John Doty, Clarice 09/07/1918 groom of Ft Atkinson, Wis.
Gaul, Robert E. Cummings, Lucille 4/9/1931  
Gaulke, Fred Ferch, Lena 11/24/1921  
Gauss, John Faulhaber, Theresa 07/06/11  
Gay, Geo. E. Norris, Adelaide 04/28/1913  
Gay, Howard Neidl, Charlotte 10/09/1922  
Gebhart, Horace (Rev.) Gebhart, Mrs. 12/25/1931 50th anniversary
Gedved, Rasmus R Major, Eva 06/13/1916 groom from and married in Racine
Gehl, A.M. Lauer, Theresa 6/22/1915  
Gehl, Nicholas Gehl, Mrs. 11/8/1931 50th anniversary
Gehl, Richard Gross, Maude 06/08/1921  
Gehr, Rev. Gehr, Mrs. 6/30/1902 wedding
Gehring, John Azer, Anna 06/03/1922  
Geittman, Fred J. Emery, Fern 9/11/1930  
Gement, Adolph Host, Francis 4/5/1915  
Genack, John Genack, Mrs. 8/22/1930 50th anniversary
Gennaccro, Peter Volpentesta, Jennie 2/14/1931  
Genske, Robert Binder, Bernice 4/21/1931  
Gentes, Leo Smith, Myrtle 11/11/1922  
Gentile, Jasper Magaro, Mary 08/18/1920  
Gentile, John H. Ruffalo, Alma 02/22/1922  
Gentile, Joseph Padula, Ruth 05/05/1917  
Gentile, Leonard Juneo, Sonia 04/07/1920  
Genz, William Schmekel, Selma Pauline 7/22/1914  
George, E. Koehler, Katherine 12/11/1912  
Georno, Anthony Gelsome, Carrie 12/01/1923  
Gephart, Dr. G. H. Holcomb, Bernice 6/27/1906  
Gerber, Charles Gerber, Edith 2/11/1908 divorce
Gerety, George P. Elliot, Effie 9/30/1909  
Gergits, Denis S. Kunke, Pearl Karene 12/25/1920  
Gerhardt, August Klemme, Thekla 3/29/1930  
Gerling, George Gamble, Margaret 9/2/1930  
Gerling, Henry Kingsley, Margaret 06/01/1916  
Germain, Alcid Badtke, Louisa 05/01/1919  
Gesbeck, Harry S. Nickels, Freda 9/23/1915  
Getschman, Arthur Barter, Alice 5/7/1931  
Getschmann, Ernst Widmann, Irene 10/5/1909  
Getschmann, George F. Watts, Blanche 08/21/1913 Spokane bride married in Seattle
Gfissinger, Harry T. Harrison, Viola 07/23/1924 in LaPort, Ind., on July 19
Gfroerer, Albert Drury, Eunice L 03/21/1917  
Giacomin, Luigi Toigo, Lucy 4/5/1930  
Gibbons, Vaughn Fillhouer, Helen 01/20/1920  
Gibbs, George Isermann, Gladys 6/2/1914  
Gibson, Edward P. Goodare, Mary 5/25/1910  
Gibson, Hugh F. Paddock, Dorothy 9/25/1909  
Gibson, John Gibson, Mrs. 12/26/1900 anniversary
Gibson, Thomas McNamara, Kitty 11/29/1920  
Gifford, Merle Ludwig, Cora 09/28/1920  
Gilles, Chris C. Walloch, Celia Elizabeth 6/21/1910  
Gilles, George Karges, Kate 4/6/1910  
Gilles, Joseph A. Meyer, Veronica 06/14/1911 at Brighton
Gillespie, Walton Lindgren, Marion 6/1/1931  
Gillick, Lester Robsel, Julia 9/19/1931  
Gillmore, Robert Hein, Hazel 5/31/1930  
Gilmore, Robert Peterson, Elna 11/10/1914  
Giombetti, Samuel A. Christman, Elizabeth E. 5/3/1930  
Giotz, Hilmar H Bruner, Florence 03/09/1920  
Girard, Kenneth A. Repsel, Mary 11/29/1930  
Girman, John Joseph Annabella 07/05/1921  
Girman, William Holzemer, Angeline 5/12/1930  
Girsh, Robert Frederick, Anna 05/23/1922 Bride of Union Grove
Gitzlaff, Clarence Albert Engberg, Lillian Ruby 05/16/1923  
Gitzlaff, William Fluge, Lena 09/25/1923  
Glass, John Voleska, Marie 11/21/1923  
Glaves, Vergil C. Braamse, Lucile 01/06/1923 in Chicago
Gleason, Albert Gleason, Anna 09/16/1915 wife filed a divorce suit
Gleason, John P. Gleason, Lizzie 03/03/1916 wife granted a divorce
Gleason, Raymond F. Grevenow, Ida 10/19/1921 Groom of Racine
Gleichmann, Christian Gleichmann, Mrs. 7/31/1905 50th anniversary
Gleisner, Louis V. Stadler, Marie 07/21/1913  
Glensky, Stephen A. Glensky, Anna A. 4/23/1915  
Glensky, Stephen A. Glensky, Anna A. 04/23/1915 wife granted a divorce
Glerum, Edward C. Marks, Bertha 06/04/1913  
Glerum, Henry Jacobs, Adelaide M. 8/17/1915  
Glerum, Jay Berman?, Grace 2/17/1910  
Goergen, Edwin Petersen, Ellen 07/25/1922  
Goerndt, F. Gill, Madeline 05/31/1916  
Goetter, Charles P. Bruns, Emma C. 6/23/1915  
Goffe, J. Riddle (Dr.) Atocha, Alice Lansing 01/04/1916 married Dec. 27, in New York city
Goldberg, Samuel Lescht, Rachael 04/02/1922 Groom of Chicago
Golden, Jack Golden, Mrs. Jack 07/15/1924 husband is granted divorce
Golla, Herman Hoffman, Florence Leone 12/30/1931  
Gonnermann, Chas. H. Dorothy, Carrie ( Mrs ) 01/09/1912  
Goodare, Louis R. Hurtgen, Catherine 1/12/1931  
Goode, Franklyn Nielsen, Ellen Marie 8/23/1930  
Goodenow, Howard Fiske, Dora 10/4/1904  
Goodenow, Howard W. Goodenow, Dora B. 2/8/1908 divorce
Goodfellow, Arthur Dickhaut, Louise 8/27/1900  
Goodfriend, Oscar F. Stebbins, Elizabeth Biddlecome 5/1/1907 marriage
Goodland, John J Ergish, Marie 06/14/1911 groom of Racine
Goodman, Clarence Reith, Gertrude 11/06/1924  
Goodwin, Dan V. Baker, Adeline R. 6/29/1904  
Gordon, A. Jacobson, Myrtle 06/27/1920  
Gordon, Charles A. Barnett, Sadeline Blanche 06/27/1916  
Gordon, Emanuel Mednikow, Sarah 06/25/1922 Bride of Green Bay
Gordon, Harry Miller, Sarah 11/09/1919  
Gordon, Thomas Isermann, Florence 09/11/1916 announcement of marriage
Gorman, James E. (Mayor) Moeller, Rosa 2/19/1901  
Gorton, Hugh Stewart, Fay 3/8/1907  
Gosh, Edward B. Parker, Marion Zoe 06/16/1923 in Milwaukee
Goss, Gilbert M. Seaver, Victoria E. 10/21/1914 groom of Shiloh, Miss.
Gosselin, George J. Gordon, Sara Fae 6/24/1931  
Gosselin, Walter Litzbarske, Anne 6/11/1930  
Gott, James A. Lindberg, Alyce 10/3/1930  
Gottfredsen, Jacob Rudolph Heath, Edna 07/21/1912  
Gottfredsen, Robert Allen, Marie Lydia 01/08/1916  
Gottlieb, Jacob Dubinski, Sarah 10/31/1911 in Chicago
Gottschlich, Joseph E. McManus, Margaret 06/19/1923  
Gould, George Rooney, Margaret 6/8/1910  
Graber, Edward H. Berens, Kittie 4/20/1898  
Graber, Otto Bachman, Ella 07/19/1913  
Grace, Harry E. Faber, Margaret 10/18/1899  
Grace, John P. Selonke, Emilie C 05/18/1912 both of Chicago
Graf, Oswald Gersheski, Clara 11/08/1923  
Graham, Harold J. Larson, May Anna 09/05/1923  
Graham, James O'Neil, Mary 06/30/1921 Groom of Racine
Grahan, Robert Larson, Dorothy 04/04/1921 in Chicago
Grames, Edward Kopp, Ethel 06/22/1923 elopement in Waukegan
Grams, Elmer Kirchner, Alma 02/04/1920  
Grams, Harry Bailey, Camille 06/10/1922  
Gran, Albert Berry, Lucy 07/26/1924 at Waukegan, groom of Rochester, Minn.
Grant, Emory Grant, Mrs. 11/29/1920 50th anniversary
Grant, Eugene King, Maggie 4/28/1898  
Grasser, George F. Werner, Lucy 06/06/1917  
Gratz, Clarence Williams, Margaret 10/09/1920  
Gratz, George Fliess, Josephine 11/29/1922  
Gravenow, William Lambrecht, Eleanor 11/03/1923  
Graves, Glen C. Williams, Laura 11/25/1913  
Gray, Albert Gilbert, Eveline 08/21/1913  
Gray, Max Thelen, Marie 9/26/21 Groom of Crown Point, Indiana
Gray, Percival C. Gray, Esther Johnson 11/02/11 divorce
Gray, Richard A. Dursema, Christine 12/26/1917  
Gray, Thomas Gray, Lydia 03/23/1917 husband is granted divorce
Greco, Carlo Romano, Yolanda 10/10/1931  
Greenburg, Le Roy Murphy, Rose 6/9/1931  
Greening, Carl M. Haubrich, Norma S. 6/27/1931  
Greening, Charles Hanson, Hilda 2/25/1909  
Greening, Emil Kaelber, Emily 09/22/1920  
Greening, Norman Quest, Edna Mae 11/28/1931  
Greenwald, Andrew Bauschelt, Elizabeth 07/17/1923  
Greenwald, Joseph Earl, Marie Helen 10/21/1913  
Greenwald, Louis Resop, Agnes Marie 11/24/1921  
Greenwald, William Pretman, Caroline 08/06/1919  
Greer, Walter Miller, Mayme 11/17/1916  
Gregersen, George D. Larsen, Anna L. 07/01/1916  
Gregory, Fred Boerner, Pauline 10/7/1914  
Greshammer, Fred Anderson, Edna 11/27/1924  
Grevenow, Otto Langenbach, Selma 05/14/1919  
Grewenow, W. F. Meyer, Emilie 6/22/1899  
Griebe, Paul Hansen, Esther 11/25/1922  
Griffin, Henry Griffin, Mrs. 11/15/1931 50th anniversary
Griffin, William C. Griffin, Bonnie 03/12/1924 husband starts divorce action
Griffith, John Booth, Bernice 03/03/1923 in Waukegan
Griffith, Red Reiplinger, Hannah 3/12/1909  
Griffith, Richard Zauner, Josephine 12/30/1898  
Griffiths, David Pofahl, Emma Lena 11/09/11  
Grimm, Norman Albert Wheeler, Ethel Merle 04/08/1920  
Groenke, Frank Schwuehow, Ella 04/19/1917 groom of Racine
Grosjean, John Osborne, Hilda 09/02/1916  
Grosjean, John Grosjean, Hilda 11/14/1923 husband secures divorce
Gross, William Hill, Ethel 01/25/1919  
Grosse, Howard Bohrn, Anna 10/14/1915  
Grossman, A. S. Heyman, Esther 05/15/1922 Groom of Chicago
Grosvenor, Louis Robert Krebs, Wallie 6/4/1907  
Grosvenor, William Portwine, Anna 06/15/1920  
Growning, Christ Iverson, Anna 06/02/1920  
Grube, August C. Hofer, Frieda 09/27/1922 Bride of Milwaukee
Grube, Harry Grube, Ella 11/23/1910 divorce
Gunderson, Gustav Gilmore, Minnie 09/06/1923  
Gunter, William H. Bohrn, Margaret 12/30/1908  
Guntz, Harold Rawleigh, Ann 01/01/1922  
Gurgel, Herman Pohl, Flora 08/19/1913  
Gust, Peter Gust, Bernice 11/10/1923 husband seeks divorce
Gustafson, Bror Hackbart, Lillian 02/11/1920  
Guthormsen, William Bell, Lucile 12/08/1924 married in Waukegan on Nov. 15
Guttormsen, Hans G. Hoff, Edna M. 09/06/1916  
Guttormsen, Paul Kosecki, Gertrude 06/09/1916  
Haag, John L. Loef, Margaret 07/25/1917  
Haag, Walter Houston, Edna 06/05/1920  
Haarstick, Raymond Held, Florence 10/24/1924 groom of Fergus Falls, Minn.
Haase, Elmer Arndt, Anna Rose 06/27/1923  
Hackett, Stanley Clifford Matthews, Mary 12/27/1916 see also 12/28/1916
Hackmuth, Jacob Tekampe, Rose 08/11/1920  
Haddican, William Dorsey, Katherine 9/9/1931  
Hadlock, George W. Bayer, Gladys 10/11/1930  
Haestrup, William Haestrup, Caroline 06/16/1912 divorce
Haffelder, Philip Krueger, Esther 02/28/1922  
Hagberg, Ned Hagberg, Wanda 02/18/1924 wife is granted a divorce
Hagberg, Ned Hagberg, Wanda 09/19/1923 wife seeks divorce
Hagmann, Henry Charles Eichelman, Bertha 4/27/1907  
Hahn, Malcolm Birkhauser, Genevieve 2/12/1930  
Hahn, Matt Hahn, Mrs. 6/9/1930 25th anniversary
Haikevicz, William Haikevicz, Fortunata 01/21/1916 husband granted a divorce
Hairston, Peter C. Lawrence, Cora C. 3/2/1907  
Halberstadt, Albert Peterson, Helga 11/03/1922  
Halberstadt, George Adams, Laura 06/15/1922 Bride of Chicago
Hale, George D. Nyland, Mary A. 10/08/1917  
Hale, George LeRoy Willis, Grace 4/18/1908  
Hale, George LeRoy Ross, May 5/16/1899  
Hale, George LeRoy Hale, Mae 9/10/1906 divorce
Hale, Myron H. Hale, Mrs. 4/7/1915 22nd anniversary
Hall, E. S. Hall, Mrs. 04/04/11 25th anniversary
Hall, Earl Anderson, Clara 04/05/1922  
Hall, Herbert Becker, Margaret 12/22/1919  
Hall, Thomas Hall, Olga Kristina 08/11/1924 wife is granted a divorce
Hall, Vernon Drake, Emma 6/25/1930  
Haller, Roy Mattern, Clara M. 8/25/1930  
Hallett, George DeBooy, Johanna 04/21/1920  
Halverson, Stanton Robinson, Grace 07/26/1920  
Hamilton, Harry Buol, Jessie 09/16/1920  
Hamilton, William G. Heller, Cora 11/22/1914  
Hammill, Harry Harris, Elsie 09/03/1922 Bride of Orlando, FL
Hammond, George Litobarske, Minnie 11/25/1922  
Hammond, Ray Weber, Lynda 05/19/1920  
Hammond, Sylvester Philps, Maude 8/28/1907  
Hammond, Vernon Cantrell, Mae 7/3/1930  
Hammond, Walter Willard Reid, Mary Iva 10/26/1916 at Rockford, IL
Hampel, John Tekamp, Lenora 09/03/1919  
Hamsing, Herbert Bettin, Clara 05/04/1919  
Hanaman, Wallace Winslow Graves, Cora 7/3/1909  
Hanks, Harry Yungquist, Elizabeth 12/23/1907  
Hanna, Carroll W. Gravelle, Rose 07/30/1924 at Philadelphia
Hannahs, Fred Jr. Thiers, Natalie 06/01/1916  
Hannahs, Lynn Donley, Edna 9/16/1908  
Hannan, Walter McQuestion, Mary Catherine 06/16/1923  
Hanrath, Harold Graver, Selma 8/22/1931  
Hansane, John Grieger, Martha 11/30/1922  
Hansche, Almer Harcus, Dorothy 12/19/1919  
Hansche, Arthur H. Ball, Susie 08/15/1912  
Hansche, E. W. Hansche, Mrs. 12/20/1907 50th anniversary
Hansen, Alfred Picket, Elsie 04/14/1920  
Hansen, Alwin T. Fralick, Gladys E. 11/26/1914  
Hansen, Arthur Bauer, Madeline 03/16/1922  
Hansen, Carl A. Christman, Alpha E. 06/07/1913  
Hansen, Charles Hansen, Martha Bloom 11/28/1924 husband held in N.Y. on bigamy charges
Hansen, Charles Riordan, Kathlyn 12/02/1924 appeals to first wife to drop bigamy charges
Hansen, Charles Albert, Reeva Goldberg 12/10/1924 wife starts suit for divorce on bigamy charge
Hansen, Charles Riordan, Kathlyn 12/23/1924 third wife starts annulment action
Hansen, Christian T. Hartung, Mae Caroline 08/27/1924  
Hansen, Edward W. Lloyd, Unice A. 06/09/1923  
Hansen, Elmer Mitchell, Jean 07/08/1920  
Hansen, Frederick Anderson, Nettie 06/17/1913  
Hansen, Frederick Anderson, Nettie 06/20/1913 in Chicago
Hansen, George Nelson, Agnes 01/22/1918  
Hansen, Hans Anderson, Hilda 7/7/1898  
Hansen, Hans Nelson, Helga 06/01/1920  
Hansen, Hans C. Christensen, Katharine 12/9/1910  
Hansen, Harold K. Peterson, Anna 03/04/1917  
Hansen, Harold K. Petersen, Anna 03/06/1917 married twice, groom of Somers
Hansen, J. Mark Hansen, Amelia Elizabeth 9/21/1910  
Hansen, John Mark Rich, Elloise 12/02/1913 at Waukegan
Hansen, John Mark Hansen, Mrs. John Mark 07/16/1924 husband is given a divorce
Hansen, Leslie Lundbeck, Alice 9/20/1930  
Hansen, Richard Pelligor, Myrtle 05/14/1921  
Hansen, Stanley Mielke, Louisa 12/25/1919 at Atlanta
Hansen, T. P. (Captain) Hansen, Mrs. T. P. 12/08/1923 celebrate 40th anniversary
Hansen, Walter Fisk, Dora 7/15/1908  
Hansis, Conrad Hansis, Mrs. 5/24/1915 25th anniversary
Hansmann, Louis Hansmann, Anna 07/20/1922 wife is granted a divorce
Hansmann, Louis Hansmann, Anna 10/21/1921 wife asks for divorce
Hanson, Andrew C. Dahlstrom, Sadie 6/17/1898  
Hardke, Ernest Baker, Minnie 06/11/1921  
Hardy, Ernest Harding, Cora Grover 06/09/1921 Marriage annulled
Hardy, Ernest M. Grover, Cora (Mrs.) 02/22/1921 Husband asks for annulment
Harff, Henry M. Stanley, Abbie 10/22/1908  
Hargreaves, Harold Hansche, Althea 5/11/1931  
Harman, Frank Lancaster, Mae Luella 4/28/1903  
Harmon, Chester Charles Rousseau, Bertha 9/29/1915  
Harmon, Horace M. Knisely, Mae 01/19/1912 both of Oshkosh
Harmon, Philip Jr. Starr, Marie 11/7/1897  
Harper, Frank J. Jr. Frost, Beatrice Marie 04/26/1912 groom of Chicago
Harrington, Edward Gorman, Mamie 6/23/1903  
Harrington, George W. (city clerk) Gleeson, Frances 9/3/1906  
Harrington, Morris Roemer, Clinita 11/22/1930  
Harris, Arthur Giles, Margaret 4/1/1930  
Harris, Irving L. Goodman, Anna 01/02/1921 Groom of Racine
Harris, Leland Harris, Virginia 05/28/1921 Wife No "1" granted divorce
Harris, Owen Glassman, Mildred 06/10/1920  
Harris, Russell Zuidweg, Minnie 09/04/1920  
Harris, Webster H. Matthews, Mabel 07/02/1917 groom of Oshkosh
Harrison, Ernest H. Kautzer, Adeline 04/23/1919 at Waukegan
Harrison, William Rouse Biennemann, Josephine 6/13/1902  
Harrod, LeRoy H. Head, Ruth Hurd 11/14/1914  
Harrop, C. Wesley Rev. Pollard, Ethel 4/25/1906  
Harrop, Earl W. Tidmarsh, Florence M. 12/05/11  
Hart, Clayton O. Austin, Mattie Mae 10/21/1913 at Madison
Hart, Harold C. Berg, Marie 9/17/1915  
Hart, Raymond Torbensen, Valborg 06/07/1921 Groom of Bevier, O
Hart, Simeon Riggins, Ella 07/28/1920  
Hartboth, Joseph Albright, Nan 06/02/1923  
Hartford, Jack Kaufman, Elenor 06/25/1921 Groom of Cleveland
Hartl, Clarence A. Schultz, Ella A 09/18/1915 bride of Twin Lakes
Hartl, Vernon Sewell, Lorayne 1/28/1931  
Hartley, William Robinson, Clara Elizabeth 9/28/1910  
Hartnell, Arthur Wicks, Verna 10/21/1897  
Hartnell, Frank Miller, Ruth 09/06/1924  
Hartnell, Irwin A. Hartnell, Alice 09/14/1899 divorce
Hartnell, Thomas Schwartz, Anna 12/23/1912 Wed in Waukegan
Hartnett, Joseph C. Rice, Ethel 06/04/1913  
Hartung, George Vandenberg, Sarah 02/26/1920  
Hartung, Harry Hopf, Louise May 06/11/1917 in Milwaukee
Hartwig, William Becker, Margaret 10/19/1920  
Harty, Charles McWilliams, Lenora 09/22/1920  
Harvey, Harold Picker, Mary 11/17/1920 groom of Appleton
Harvey, Robert H. Harvey, Delia (Mrs.) 05/04/1921 Wife files for annulment
Hasenberg, Hubert Zens, Frances 6/24/1930  
Haskett, Thomas D. Kilkulski, Mary Anne 6/13/1931  
Hasler, Henry Lubenan, Lena 05/29/1916 groom of Fall River, Wis.
Hasselgrave, John Hasselgrave, Mary 11/15/1917 wife is granted divorce
Hastings, Clifford M. Hastings, Julia 02/19/1915 wife granted a divorce
Hastings, J. F. (Dr.) Stretch, Bernice 2/17/1910  
Hastings, J. Lawrence Rahel, Priscilla 12/27/1923  
Hastings, Thomas Kotz, Verna 11/25/1920 married at Los Angeles
Hastings, William Hoey, Lillian 1/24/1898  
Haubrich, Arthur Wade, Helen 08/08/1921 in Chicago
Haubrich, Paul Mogenson, Etta 07/30/1921  
Haubrich, Reinold (Prof.) Rahr, Ida B. 6/23/1910  
Haubrich, Rudolph Mohr, Ida 09/08/1920  
Hauser, W. C. Hauser, Lucy Duchemin 10/10/1923 husband sues for divorce
Hausmann, Louis Hausmann, Mrs. Louis 05/18/1922 Judge hears divorce suit brought by wife
Hauswald, O. J. Cross, Ruth Pitts 6/19/1931  
Hautzinger, John Knutson, Mildred 12/11/1930  
Haven, Louie Clayton Rogers, Elizabeth Irene 6/20/1908  
Hawes, Norman C. Josephson, Esther May 06/14/1924  
Hay, Walter (Lt.) Lakenan, Ruth 1/15/19 at Shelby, N. C.
Hayek, Ernest J. Houg, Ruth 10/8/1914  
Hayes, George Edward Hall, Lella Mae 9/1/1910  
Haynes, Berlin T. Haynes, Helen 1/22/1915 annulment
Haynes, Berlin T. Haynes, Helen 01/22/1915 marriage annulled
Head, Clarence E. Matthews, Gertrude Newell 9/23/1915  
Head, Dan O. Chalfant, Lottie 2/2/1898  
Head, Fred S. Hurd, Ruth 3/19/1898  
Head, Fred S. Head, Ruth Hurd 6/24/1903 divorce
Head, Robert Ledru Wells, Cora Sophia 12/29/1921 Groom of New York City.
Healey, Burton H. Moeller, Edith 9/7/1909  
Healy, Jerome Cantwell, Alice 11/29/1916  
Heaton, Peter Jacoby, Josephine 1/19/1907  
Hebert, F. Harry Hebert, Emma Coder 09/25/1913 wife granted a divorce
Hedstrom, Gustave Becker, Gladys 8/29/1931  
Heffelinger, William Getschman, Edna 08/14/1918  
Hegeman, Frank M. Borch, Johanna K. 7/18/1915  
Hegemann, Charles Haebig, Jean 9/5/1931  
Hegforce, Edwin Price, Evelyn 11/15/1930  
Heide, Christ Rasmussen, Anna 06/02/1920  
Heidemann, Herbert Link, Romaine 5/16/1931  
Heiden, Henry Sprung, Dora 1/14/1907  
Heigl, Frank A. Rockwell, Ida May 06/25/1912 from Chicago & Pleasant Prairie
Heins, Fred McGivern, Grace E. 11/30/1916  
Heinz, Louis? Obertin, Kathryne 10/27/1908  
Heiring, William Scholey, Frances 06/21/1921  
Hellberg, John Strom, Hedrig 7/30/1900  
Heller, Fred E Slocum, Edna 06/05/1912  
Heller, Louis C Quigley, Florence 11/08/1911  
Hellwig, Edward Snider, Elma 06/11/1919  
Hemmi, Arnold J. Breiling, Barbara 10/03/1923  
Hemmingway, Harry J. Zeitler, Frances 02/07/1917  
Henderson, Clarence Nelson Lance, Alice 11/14/1906  
Henderson, Wells Gunderson, Bessie 05/02/1912 from Pleasant Prairie & Russell, IL
Hendrickson, Herman O'Malley, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 09/14/1918  
Hendrickson, W. J. Frederich, Elizabeth 5/26/1914  
Heneyager, Frank Heneyager, Minnie 11/1/1910 divorce
Henley, John Duursema, Lucy 8/19/1908  
Henn, Phillip Henn, Mrs. 11/11/1930 50th anniversary
Henrickson, Louis Randall, Lida 08/11/1920  
Henry, Peter John Simmons, Emma 10/30/1920 groom of Seattle
Henry, Robert I. Gage, Laura 06/19/1917  
Henry, William Jackmann, Maybelle 9/12/1931  
Henschen, Walter Davenport, Lilas 04/14/1923 married in October
Hensel, Edward R. Phillips, Mame 12/21/1918  
Hensen, Will Dorfmeister, Mabel 10/28/1922 Groom of Chicago
Hensgen, John M. Schwan, Julia 09/15/1921  
Herbst, Joseph C. Jr. Schlitz, Josephine 9/27/1930  
Herman, Edwin Eberhardt, Catherine G. 05/02/1916  
Hermann, Bernard Krause, Alvina 06/16/1920  
Hermann, David Rasch, Pauline 8/29/1931  
Hermann, George Marx, Madeline 11/10/1920  
Hermann, Joseph T. Ladewig, Amelia 08/30/1917  
Hermann, Matt Greenwald, Adelaid 05/20/1919  
Herrmann, Bernard Arents, Lucile 9/14/1915  
Herrmann, Clemence Meissner, Rose 08/30/1922  
Herrmann, Jacob M. Gardiner, Bessie 10/18/1916  
Herrmann, Philip Meissner, Stephia 09/03/1913  
Herscovitz, Irving Elfman, Lillian 6/28/1931  
Hertlein, Fred Ryan, Catharine 09/27/1922 Bride of Racine
Herzog, George Hertlein, Freda 06/16/1917  
Herzog, Henry Herzog, Mrs. 9/4/1931 25th anniversary
Herzog, John J. Bounsall, Lucille 3/3/1930  
Hess, Kenneth Miner Hempsted, Adelaide 01/07/1914 at Evanston
Hesselink, Henry Dayton, Emma 04/26/1920  
Hettrick, Theodore Morris, Grace 12/31/1913  
Heutter, Joseph Berens, Mabel 09/08/1920  
Hevern, F. B. Costello, Irene 02/08/1921 in Denver
Heyden, Louis Savage, Dorothy 05/30/1918  
Heyden, William Stewart, Della 06/02/1920  
Heyman, Arthur Segil, Gladys 09/17/1924 in Chicago
Heymes, Joseph Jr. Reindl, Elsa 12/01/1917 both of Somers
Hielsberg, Albert Hielsberg, Mrs. 10/31/1931 silver anniversary
Higgins, Allen Higgins, Mrs. 10/07/1915 50th anniversary
Higgins, David P. Filben, Elizabeth 09/13/1911  
Higgins, Edward Achtenhagen, Sylvia 9/19/1914  
Higgins, Frank F. Motley, Mabel 2/19/1902  
Higgins, Freeman Pofahl, Lena 06/12/1912 at Salem
Higgins, Lyle Allen, Irma Mary 9/3/1930  
Higley, A. S. Bacon, Sadie 9/24/1902  
Hildebrand, Gustave Miller, Ida 06/14/1913  
Hill, Afton Gough, Marie 05/02/1916  
Hill, Easton Hayes, Lella Hall 07/08/1924 at Winnipeg, Canada on June 28
Hill, F. M. Monosso, Gertrude M. 04/03/1912  
Hill, Floyd Harwood, Lillian 10/29/1919  
Hill, Floyd Hill, Annette 03/23/1917 wife is granted divorce
Hill, Franklin C. Hill, Beatrice V. 05/20/1924 husband is granted a divorce
Hill, Harry Mayer, Louise 5/6/1902  
Hill, Harry E. Mayer, Anna E. 6/1/1910  
Hill, Harry H. Armstrong, Jennie 11/19/1910  
Hill, Jack Robinson, Jennie 3/29/1903  
Hill, Robert J. Schnuckel, Carrie 01/05/11  
Hill, W. E. Hill, Mrs. 4/20/1898 anniversary
Hilla, Lou Hilla, Tillie 11/07/1914 wife granted a divorce
Hillyer, Leo F. Krome, Frances 11/25/11  
Hilmes, George Tegtmeyer, Edna 6/16/1910  
Hinderholtz, Matt Lindstrom, Florence 09/26/1916  
Hinds, Frederick Cannon, Mary 09/27/1920  
Hines, Fred Hines, Mrs. 5/27/1931 50th anniversary
Hinman, Ralph S. Ellsworth, Maria 10/16/1922 at Hutchinson, KS
Hjertstedt, David Hjertstedt, Hilma 10/31/1913 groom of Marengo, bride White Hall
Hjort, Thorwald Irwin, Edsell 06/17/1922  
Hoch, Harry Scholey, Lillian 11/14/1924 in Chicago on June 17, 1924
Hocking, William E. Berns, Lizzie 2/11/1902  
Hocking, William J. Bassindale, Jacquett Dathling 6/28/1906  
Hockney, Harry F. Haile, Josephine 10/27/1898  
Hoertsch, Leslie Newrocki, Lucille 6/20/1931  
Hofensperger, Roland Mehrens, Lillian 07/22/1924 marriage on July 9 at Chicago
Hoff, Harold (Corporal) Larsen, Agnes 09/17/1918  
Hoffman, Carl Wesner, Ida 03/12/1917  
Hoffman, John Brandt, Hilda 09/29/1919  
Hoffmann, Rheingardt Barth, Emma Katherine 12/15/1915  
Hofner, H. T. Hofner, Mrs. 6/29/1930 50th anniversary
Hogger, Harry Engler, Anna 08/16/1919  
Hogle, John R. Rasmussen, Jeanette 8/29/1930  
Holbrook, Leslie H. Powell, Anna 10/26/1899  
Holbrook, Leslie H. Powell, Anna 10/26/1899  
Holden, Hulton Cummingham, Mae 11/22/1919  
Holderness, Burt Borkenhagen, Emma 5/30/1910  
Holderness, Charles L. Blake, Katherine 5/14/1907  
Holderness, Emery Johnson, Margaret 09/05/1911  
Holderness, Frank Holderness 12/28/1918 50th anniversary
Holderness, Frank J. Holderness, Mrs. 12/28/1931 63rd anniversary
Holderness, Frank M. Nielsen, Edel R. 01/31/1912  
Holderness, George Swift, Jane 6/30/1900  
Holderness, George Swift, Jane 05/28/1900 engagement
Holderness, J. C. Holderness, Mrs. 10/26/1897 25th anniversary
Holicka, John Triebichoerski, Anna 12/11/1911  
Hollenbeck, Hollis Darwin Jensen, Marie 06/30/1917  
Holliday, Alexander R. Slosson, Agnes 10/22/1907  
Holliday, Frederick Miller, Leta 12/15/1919  
Hollingshead, R. C. Hollingshead, Mrs. R. C. 10/26/1924 celebrate 25th anniversary
Hollister, Menzo Rooney, Mabel Irene 11/04/1920  
Hollister, Theron Schuelke, Pearl 12/08/1923 at Waukegan, Wilmot bride, Bristol groom
Holloway, Morros Holloway, Mrs. 11/9/1930 50th anniversary
Holm, Edwin Evers, Bertha 7/11/1931  
Holm, Luther E. Earl, Edna 10/30/1923  
Holmes, Charles E. Walton, Frances M. T. ( Mrs. ) 10/01/1912 from Chicago
Holstein, C. G. Leiting, Edith 12/6/1909  
Holt, Burdette Waldo, Eva 12/25/1920  
Holt, Charles A. Holt, Gusta 11/15/1909 divorce
Holt, Edward L. Damp, Mabel A. 12/08/1916  
Holt, Frank Benedict, Edith 6/20/1906  
Holton, Thomas Bode, Marie 09/04/1922  
Homrig, Frederick Knackstadt, Della 9/25/1907  
Honecker, Roy Tounschendeaux, Dorothea 10/15/1924  
Honeymann, Joseph Lindstrom, Ebba 02/26/1921  
Honore, Thomas Lipp, Ann 2/14/1931  
Hontros, Arest Boccius, Margaret 06/12/1922  
Hopf, George Becker, Emma C 02/15/1922  
Hopf, Otto Ellis, Amelia Strye 07/28/11  
Hopkins, Raymond Fairfield, Maude 1/4/1908  
Hopkins, Raymond H. Hopkins, Maude H. 10/12/11 divorce
Horeswill, Cecil Weir, Leda 08/09/1922  
Horlander, William Grosvenor, Wallie Krebs (Mrs. ) 08/30/1921  
Horne, Percy De Young, Madelyn 08/30/1924  
Horst, Stephen Ter Williams, Blanche 05/27/1913 announced a June18 wedding
Hotz, Mathias, Ludwig, Catherine 4/21/1914  
Hourahan, Charles Griffith, Charlotte 03/07/1916  
Houston, Edwin Swanson, Minnie 11/18/1919  
Houston, John D. Quigley, Alice G. 6/30/1898  
Howard, George Hecker, Mary 02/15/1917 groom of Racine
Howard, George Hecker, Mary 03/23/1917 groom of Racine
Howard, Marshall Bristow, Mary 2/7/1931  
Howard, W.T. Taub, Bulha 11/27/1897  
Howatinovic, John Howatinovie, Mary 12/31/1915 wife granted a divorce
Howland, Donald Vollmer, Emily 08/30/1924  
Hoye, Edward Gallagher, Laura 1/13/1898  
Hoye, James Griffin, Ida 6/16/1914  
Hoye, John Edward Werve, Camilla Margaret 08/01/1917 groom of Antioch, Ill.
Hoyt, William M. ( II ) Cunningham, Elizabeth 05/04/1912 of Highland Park elope to Kenosha
Hubbard, Chester Blaesing, Selma 06/18/1919  
Hubbard, Edward C. Hubbard, Elizabeth 04/24/1913 wife filed a suit for divorce
Hubbard, Franklin S. Buchmann, Anna 8/10/1910  
Huber, Michael S Flesch, Isabella 06/14/1911 Also see June 21, 1911
Huber, Michael S. Flesh, Isabelle 06/21/1911 See also June 14, 1911
Huck, Carl Bridges, Mildred 10/13/1916  
Huck, Clarence Martell, Louise 08/18/1924 nuptials took place February 16, 1924
Huck, Claude A. John, Margaret C. 04/16/1913 in Chicago
Huck, Eugene M. Mehrens, Margaret 4/19/1915  
Huck, William Baker, Marie C. 10/11/1916  
Hudson, Herbert Newton Jeffery, Florence Inez 6/1/1904  
Huff, Frank L. Linsday, Ruth 7/7/1909  
Huff, Harry Flint Hinderman, Edna Pauline 09/15/1915  
Huff, I. W. Huff, Mrs 04/05/1912 30th anniversary
Huff, Roy Huff, Olive 07/13/1911 divorce
Huff, Roy Locke, Ethel 3/23/1915  
Huff, Roy Delos Garrett, Esther 11/7/1908  
Hughes, Richard Barrett, Alice 6/6/1899 groom of Freeport, IL
Hughes, Robert James Peterson, Ella Marie 06/02/1923  
Hughes, Thomas Miller, Alice Marie 7/12/1930  
Hughes, Walter Sweeney, Edith 11/23/1918 bride of Zion City
Huhn, Eck Stein, Edna 01/18/1923  
Hulegard, Hans Peter Hulegard, Martha 06/26/1914 wife granted a divorce
Hull, John Evans, Martha 12/21/1899  
Hunter, Harry Klingbell, Lydia 10/16/1920  
Hunter, Walter E. Shirley, Emma 6/23/1903  
Huntington, Kellogg Crowford, Wynne 01/18/1916  
Huntoon, William Vern Hallett, Maybelle E. 04/14/1917  
Hurd, Raymond C. Wilkinson, Eugenia 11/5/1910  
Hurtgen, Cecil Knetzger, Isabelle 11/27/1923 in Milwaukee
Hurtgen, Peter J. Brogan, Maud 11/28/1922  
Huster, John W. Irving, Viola 6/18/1902  
Hutchinson, Frank Toner, Loretta 12/4/1907  
Hutenius, Carl Lakin, Kersten 06/02/1920  
Huxhold, Edwin H. Haybarker, Maude 06/19/1912  
Huxhold, Oscar Villow, Anna 9/21/1910  
Hyde, Herber Cole, Louis (Mrs.) 08/06/1919 in Chicago
Ide, Edward Kennefick, Margaret 10/04/1922  
Iken, George Kraning, Viola 6/1/1930  
Iles, O.B. Jordan, Esther 10/25/1899 at Indianapolis
Illingworth, Walter Boyle, Veronica 6/26/1907  
Infusino, Frank Rende, Rose 4/4/1931  
Ingham, Henry E. (Jr.) Rover, Jennie Mary 11/25/1910  
Ingley, Fred (Rev.) Hansen, Edith 6/9/1909  
Ingram, John Fanning, Noami 06/28/1917  
Ingrouille, Peter Ingrouille, Bertha 09/16/1915 court refused alimony for wife
Ingrouille, Peter Ingrouville, Bertha 08/28/1915 husband granted a divorce
Inman, Newell Lundberg, Esther 5/31/1930  
Inman, Will H. Fetta, Anna Myra 09/30/1911  
Irving, George Smith, Alma 10/24/1923  
Irving, J. H. Ruff, Mary J. 11/6/1909  
Isermann, Chester Ratigan, Marie 06/14/1923  
Isermann, Frank L. O'Connor, Jane L. 8/19/1908  
Isermann, Henry O'Connor, Tessie 5/19/1909  
Isetts, Fred Lambrecht, Elsie 10/14/1916  
Isetts, James Isetts, Barbara 11/6/1908 divorce
Iverson, Clarence Nelson, Alice 10/16/1919  
Iverson, Frederick Skow, Anna Marie 8/27/1931  
Iverson, Ingvar Ward, Florence 05/20/1920  
Ivins, Maurice G. Daze, Anna 6/5/1931  
Jackson, Charles Butler, Florence 09/27/1921 Bride of Houston, groom of Chicago
Jackson, Clarence H. Madsen, Eleanore 08/29/1918 in Waukegan
Jackson, Clyde E. Parsons, Madeline 06/28/1917 groom of Bristol
Jackson, Edward H. Pukrabec, Milady 3/4/1931  
Jackson, Frank Jackson, Mrs 04/16/1913 Mrs. asks for divorce
Jackson, Frank Eyster, Bertha Marguarite 10/6/1908  
Jackson, Frank L. Jackson, Mrs. 05/21/1913 wife granted a divorce
Jackson, Ravie Troy Bryant, Edna May 01/24/11  
Jackson, Roger Krueger, Clara 10/20/1920 Bristol
Jackson, Winfield Scott Bose, Lydia Mary 6/17/1899 groom of Racine
Jacob, Augustus Jr. Kalk, Ethel Claire 01/31/1924  
Jacobs, Charles S. Prof. Cooper, Mary Lucile 6/29/1904  
Jacobs, Elbert Kreuzer, Alma 09/10/1919  
Jacobs, Michael E. Harkins, A. V. (Mrs.) 10/14/1922  
Jacobs, Sydney P. Merar, Fay 10/02/1920  
Jacobs, Theodore Webb, Bertha 11/15/1911  
Jacobs, Theodore A. Webb, Bertha R. 11/18/11  
Jacobs, William Becker, Dorothea 12/22/1917  
Jacobsen, Andrew Gardner, Mildred 01/30/1918 at Wheaton, Ill.
Jacobsen, Jacob Gottfredsen, Irene 10/15/1909  
Jacobsen, Nels Willems, Anna 12/30/1908  
Jacobson, Ferdinand Jacobson, Mrs 01/09/1920 50th anniversary
Jaeger, Henry Anderson, Minnie 08/04/1899 in So. Milwaukee
Jambrek, George Schantek, Anna 6/13/1931  
James, Harvey M. Schorn, Adelaide C. 05/21/1917  
James, Karl D. Kohlman, Alice 10/01/1921  
James, William F. Jorgensen, Edel 6/17/1931  
Jamieson, Floyd McDowell (Lt.) Rowell, Margaret 02/24/1919 at New York City
Janes, Charles J. Angsten, Anna G. 12/1/1910  
Jankowske, John Czajkowski, Mary 10/10/1922  
Jansen, Martin Jansen, Mrs. 7/30/1931 45th anniversary
Janssen, August C. Goodwin, Clara 9/16/1914  
Janssen, Joseph S. Johnson, Marie Huidah 01/09/1924  
Jaques, Elmer Sands, Josephine 9/8/1909  
Jardine, William Thoma, Ella 12/24/1920  
Jasperse, Martin Ryan, Alice 05/07/1921  
Jay, H. C. Sershon, Julia May 10/30/1901  
Jedele, S. (Rev.) Jedele, Mrs. 10/5/1930 25th anniversary
Jeffers, Joseph Bianeck, Freda 8/17/1910  
Jeffery, Harold W. Hazelton, Blanche E. 6/30/1904  
Jenack, Chester Geary, Alice 10/04/1924  
Jenkins, John B. Hansche, Elsie 09/18/1919  
Jennings, James Jennings, Sadie 09/17/1915 wife granted a divorce
Jensen, Adolph Resop, Madeline 4/29/1930  
Jensen, Albert Nelson, Elizabeth 07/15/1912 bride from Racine
Jensen, C. W. Mason, Mildred 8/2/1906  
Jensen, Charles C. Drinkwine, Florence 06/26/1923  
Jensen, Chris Jensen, Mrs. Chris 12/23/1923 celebrate 50th anniversary
Jensen, Christ Christensen, Ella 06/18/1919  
Jensen, Claire Soulen, Ruth 09/20/1922  
Jensen, Edward L. Ball, Bulah E. 10/11/1916  
Jensen, Fred Jensen, Clara 02/05/1924 wife granted a divorce
Jensen, George C. Hansen, Patra 07/28/1915 in Bristol, bride of Bristol
Jensen, Holger Jensen, Anna 01/16/1920  
Jensen, James A. Jensen, Mrs. 11/20/1930 50th anniversary
Jensen, John Jensen, Olga Mary 12/17/1915 husband granted a divorce
Jensen, John Jensen, Olga Marie 10/08/1915 husband filed a divorce suit
Jensen, John George Miller, Ruth Mary 4/19/1930  
Jensen, Knud Jensen, Carrie 4/3/1908  
Jensen, Lawrence Weiss, Esther M. 09/27/1924  
Jensen, Leo Linstedt, Naomi 10/20/1919  
Jensen, Leonard Rasmussen, Anna 06/01/1922  
Jensen, LeRoy Dauber, Rose 05/23/1917  
Jensen, M. P. Jensen, Mrs. 1/13/1910 50th anniversary
Jensen, M. P. Jensen, Mrs. 01/13/1900 40th anniversary
Jensen, Mark Behrens, Clara 04/29/1922 Groom of Niagara Falls
Jensen, Martin Johnson, Milly 12/22/1920  
Jensen, Milton A. Parris, Hazel M. 10/18/1916  
Jensen, Norman Brigham, Jean 1/31/1930  
Jensen, O. J. Williams, Cleo (Mrs.) 11/25/1922  
Jensen, Peter Lindgren, Ruth 06/29/1923  
Jensen, William Munroe, Eunice 11/27/1924  
Jensen, William A. Gregory, Maude 07/18/1900  
Jessen, Paul Weidner, Maude 6/13/1931  
Jester, Anthony J. Bacheit, Viola 10/18/1910  
Jester, Tom Grevenow, Emily 09/28/1922  
Joachim, Charles Truesdell, Eva 05/12/1920  
Jobin, Joseph Scharding, Margaret 6/11/1902  
Johan, Edward Wedelstedt, Dorothy 07/09/1923  
Johannes, George De Diemar, Grace 12/31/1924  
Johnson, Alfred Rannew, Martha 12/25/1922  
Johnson, Alfred B. Wood, Ethel 6/8/1931  
Johnson, Andrew Peter Coshan, Jane Esther 9/24/21 Groom of Milwaukee
Johnson, Carl Hubenthal, Mildred 12/31/1923  
Johnson, Carl M. Stahl, Gertrude 02/16/1918 annulment
Johnson, Charles A Hartnell, Marion H. 12/06/1913 groom of Chicago
Johnson, David Staudemeyer, Rose 06/04/1924 at Wilmot
Johnson, Edwin Johnson, Mrs. Edwin 08/09/1917 celebrate 1st anniversary
Johnson, Elmer Elsen, Matilda M. 06/27/1911  
Johnson, Elmer Eyre, Dora 06/30/1920  
Johnson, Frank A. Whitbeck, Florence 7/8/1914  
Johnson, Guy Harold Orvis, Lucille Dorothy 05/08/1917 groom of Antioch, Ill.
Johnson, Hans Regh, Marie 12/28/1915  
Johnson, Henry Kober, Anna 11/25/1915  
Johnson, Henry G. Colbourn, Myrtle A. 06/08/1916 groom formerly of Milwaukee
Johnson, Howard Humes, Ruth B. 12/25/1922  
Johnson, J. E. Johnson, Mrs. J. E. 12/03/1917 celebrate 20th anniversary
Johnson, John C. Mueller, Lizette 11/04/1916  
Johnson, John T. Mueller, Edith 11/04/1913  
Johnson, Leslie N. Timme, Flora M. 11/29/1919 in Chicago
Johnson, Louis Jepson, Ethel 10/18/1924 at Salem
Johnson, Oscar Gergstrom, Olga 08/19/1922  
Johnson, Otto Fischer, Lydia 05/01/1917  
Johnson, Peter Johnson, Mrs. 4/25/1910 25th anniversary
Johnson, Robert L. Krahn, Edna 07/12/1924  
Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Norine 12/12/1923  
Johnson, Walter Huck, Laura 8/4/1904  
Johnson, Willard Larsen, Christina 2/5/1899  
Johnson, William Ebeling, Minnie 07/01/1916  
Johnston, T.J. Lover, Marjorie 9/8/1930  
Jonas, Schley McLauren, Anna 10/16/1917  
Jones, Arthur H. Jones, Katherine L. 11/02/1917 wife is granted divorce
Jones, Ashton F. Grochowski, Bernice 11/8/1930  
Jones, C. N. ( Dr. ) Muir, Catherine C. ( Mrs. ) 05/28/1912 from Racine & Camberlain S. D.
Jones, Daniel Leiting, Eleanore 9/19/1931  
Jones, John E. Lavey, Cora M. ( Mrs. ) 11/06/1912 Married in Waukesha
Jones, John I. Bosma, Nellie 03/16/1900 in Union Grove
Jones, John James Selby, Florence 5/10/1930  
Jones, Luke Jones, Emma 10/05/1920 wife asks for divorce
Jones, Percival Martin, Edith 06/28/1919  
Jones, Russell L. Schopp, Kathryn 4/18/1931  
Jones, Sidney Jackson, Anna 07/08/1912  
Jones, Sidney Buckley, Marie 04/16/1919 at Columbus, Ohio
Jones, Sydney M. Harman, Rose 10/4/1905  
Jones, Wesley Bacon, Florence 07/01/1922  
Jordan, Edwin S. Hannahs, Lotta 2/1/1906  
Jordan, Harry Hansche, Lulu 04/03/1916  
Jorgensen, Carl Edward Grabe Gertrude A 04/28/1920  
Jorgensen, Matt Iversen, Agnes 6/9/1910  
Jornt, Frank Doerfler, Elizabeth 6/23/1915  
Josefowicz, Francis Josefowicz, Mrs. (Francis) 11/22/1922 wife files suit for divorce
Josephs, Hugh (Lt.) Lewis, Metha 09/06/1919 at Lansing
Judeika, William (Jr) Petkus, Dorothy 2/14/1931  
Kaleck, Emil Klein, Erna 11/26/1931  
Kalis, William Kalis, Mrs. 03/04/11 divorce
Kamm, William Peterson, Olivia 09/30/1919  
Kammerer, William H. Kammerer, Abby L. 10/14/1914 wife granted a divorce
Kane, Michael J. Gaffney, Belle Mary 5/19/1915  
Kanis, Harold Iverson, Hilda 4/5/1930  
Kannehl, Edward Gage, Ella 06/22/1920  
Kappus, Albert J. Fay, Mary Elizabeth 08/11/1913  
Kappus, Ray Pertersen, Clara 09/05/1911 at Waukesha
Karcher, A. G. Burritt, Della 9/24/1914  
Karges, Frederick J. Gilles, Madeline 4/16/1907  
Karnes, Harold J. Wolfe, Florence 5/3/1930  
Karnes, J. H. Karnes, Mrs 03/17/1920 50th anniversary
Karnes, James H. Lindas, Jennie 9/18/1907  
Karnes, Ralph Hegg, Augusta 11/20/1907  
Karrow, Earl Litzenberger, Gertrude 10/14/1924 parents of girl 16 fear she has eloped
Karrow, Earl Litzenberger, Gertrude 10/26/1924 word from Ind. tell of marriage at Valparaiso
Kassel, Joseph Grotsky, Rebecca 08/31/1924  
Kasten, Charles Christiansen, Kate 6/12/1902  
Kasteretz, John Kasteretz, Francisca 1/14/1907 divorce
Kastler, Ed Blake, Stella 12/16/1918 at Racine
Katz, Morris Plous, Pearl 11/26/1914  
Kauffmann (alderman) Drissell, Annie 5/4/1904  
Kaufman, Albert M. Kaufman, Sadie 8/31/1915 remarriage
Kaufman, Albert M. Kaufman, Sadie 08/31/1915 remarries wife he divorced
Kaufman, Louis Graveraet Young, Marie Julia 01/09/1900 in Chicago
Kaufman, Ralph Burdick, Charlotte 9/1/1931  
Kaufman, Raymond Meyers, Lillian 07/03/1919 at Manitowoc
Kaufman, Walter Krab, Hilda 08/18/1923  
Kauper, N. P. Hutton, Ruth 08/04/1917 at Milwaukee, bride of Ludington, Mich.
Kause, Henry Sonnenberg, Dora 09/17/1924  
Kavalouskas, Joseph Lacika, Mary Helen 6/7/1930  
Keating, John E. Ray, Mildred 4/30/1907  
Keating, John E. Henderson, Vivian 2/15/1930  
Keating, John E. Keating, Mildred 06/10/1916 husband granted a divorce
Keck, Louis J. Knox, Etta M. 6/3/1903  
Keckler, Frank Hansis, Nellie 6/10/1902  
Keenan, Patrick Keenan, Mrs. 11/25/1920 50th anniversary
Keenan, W. A. Keenan, Mrs. 7/1/1930 25th anniversary
Kefes, William Harbaugh, Katherine 05/15/1918 at Waukegan
Kehlor, James M. Rogers, Augusta 6/24/1914  
Kehlor, Kenneth King, Isabel 06/20/1922 Groom of Los Angeles
Kelkenney, Arthur Allen Weeks, May 12/21/1908  
Keller, James Peter, Dorothy 7/18/1931  
Kelley, George B. Murphy, Rose 8/7/1907  
Kelley, John Bloxdorf, Catherine 10/10/1910  
Kelley, William (Jr) Monroe, Violet 6/17/1931  
Kellman, Otto Voight, Mary 9/19/1910  
Kellogg, Wilfred C. Kellogg, Anna B. 08/29/1912 second wedding in LaGrange
Kellogg, Wilfred C. Kellogg, Anna B. 08/28/1912 from Battle Creek, MI & LaGrange, IL
Kelly, John J. Williams, Tracy 12/23/1912  
Kelps, Waslow Rauktis, Sophia 06/05/1917  
Kelsey, Harold Ray Langer, Margaret 07/31/1924 engagement
Kemee, Franciscum Kemee, Marianni 06/26/1914 wife granted a divorce
Kemen, Michael McGonegle, Hazel Cecelia 06/03/1924  
Kennedy, Bernard Burns, Kittie 4/26/1898  
Kennedy, Charles F. Barden, Constance 04/17/1917  
Kennedy, Charles F. Barden, Constance 04/04/1917  
Kennedy, D. V. Winegar, Jane Mae 9/26/1908  
Kennedy, George Kennedy, Mrs. 10/26/1915 50th anniversary Nov. 1
Kennedy, Thomas J. Kennedy, Florence 08/17/1917 wife is granted divorce
Kennedy, Thomas J. Kennedy, Florence 07/14/1917 wife files divorce suit
Kent, Arthur Augustine, Carla 03/21/1922 Groom of Seattle, WA
Kent, Charles Brad Madison, May Nelson 12/03/1917  
Kent, Dexter P. Hoye, Mary 11/11/1913  
Kent, Milton A. Shepherd, Grace Eleanor 11/01/1911  
Kepp, Charles P Kripps, Emma Mrs. 07/22/1922  
Kerhwal, Frederick Schoen, Mildred 4/14/1930  
Kerkman, John Kerkman, Mrs. 2/22/1930 60th anniversary
Kerome, John Maurice, Margaret 06/21/1924  
Kerst, Theodore Jensen, Anna 07/31/1903  
Kerstein, Morris Goldberg, Yvette 09/23/1923  
Kerstin, Joseph Kerstin, Celia 3/25/1930 divorce
Kersting, Henry Kersting, Mrs. 7/14/1903 50th anniversary
Kersting,Henry Richter, Mary 07/14/1903 50th anniversary
Keskey, George (Dr.) Blackmore, Stella 07/31/1923  
Kessler, Stefan Kessler, Mrs. Stefan 09/08/1924 celebrate 25th anniversary
Kettleband, George Franks, May 10/10/1910  
Kettlehut, Albert J. Hartnell, Ella 6/15/1910  
Keuck, Louis H. Koepke, Helen F. 09/09/1915 in Chicago
Keuffer, August Kreuser, Martha 01/23/1919  
Keul, Pater Boerner, Katherine 6/9/1903  
Kidder, James H. Avery, May Clark 4/29/1909  
Kiehl, Louis E. Kiehl, Mrs. 11/28/1931 50th anniversary
Kiessling, John Mehrens, Eleanor 09/27/1916  
Killian, Carl Baler, Agnes 6/18/1931  
Kimball, Richie Pearce, Marie 06/25/1923 married in New York City
Kimball, Ritchie Barker, Ellen Gould 05/10/1916 married in Chicago
Kimball, Roger N. Bain, Lewis Miss. 9/8/1904  
Kimball, Roger N. Jr. Hedges, Mary Elizabeth 4/22/1930  
Kimmen, Joseph Kimmen, Nillie 02/18/1916 wife granted a divorce
Kinball, Charles J. Manther, Edna 04/13/1914 at Des Moines, IA, bride of Des Moines
King, Charles Engel Walter, Eva 9/23/1909  
King, Emmett Tillotson, Ada 02/07/1916  
King, Louis Smith, Lillian 05/20/1922 Groom of Rockford
Kingsley, Ralph S. Wells, Eva 02/12/1913  
Kinyon, Harold Gauss, Gertrude 6/27/1931  
Kinzinger, George Iserman, Margaret 10/09/1919  
Kirkland, H. B. Stevens, Anne 11/7/1908  
Kirsch, Albert Bornhuetter, Pauline 09/24/1913  
Kirsch, Mathew Cable, Anna 02/13/1918  
Kisten, Charles Zeldon, Laura (Mrs.) 01/21/1918  
Kisten, Charles H. Kisten, Minnie 01/13/1917 husband is granted divorce
Kitzrow, Charles Edwards, Effie 02/08/1921 in Waukegan
Kitzrow, John F. Kingsley, Grace Ina 10/3/1906  
Kitzrow, John F. Kitzrow, Mrs. 10/3/1931 25th anniversary
Kjerrumgaard, John Jacobsen, Christine 04/17/1920  
Klaman, Frank Hayman, Anna 07/17/1922 Bride of Danville, IL
Klaubunde, Gustave Klaubunde, Augusta 12/8/1908 divorce
Kleeb, Bruno Madsen, Ann Marie 5/27/1931  
Kleist, Edward Dauenhauer, Matilda 06/16/1920  
Kleist, Oliver Green, Marion 6/16/1930  
Kleist, Raymond Urbick, Christine 9/5/1931  
Klem, Fred Wittchow, Delia 6/14/1930  
Klema, J. W. Mortenson, Lilie M. 07/28/1917 at her home in Franksville
Kletecka, Emil Van Duzer, Laura 06/08/1921 Groom of Lake Geneva
Kletecka, George L. Martin, Rose 08/06/1924  
Klevickis, Constantine Klevickis, Mrs. 9/1/1931 silver anniversary
Klingler, Charles Mueller, Laura 10/10/1923  
Kloep, John Harmon, Margaret 05/27/1920  
Kloet, Cornelius DeHamer, Jennie 08/17/1921  
Klofenstin, Elmer Floss, Elizabeth 07/24/1916  
Klopstein, Arnold Dahlke, Chrystal 2/11/1931  
Kloss, Joseph F. Haas, Amy H. 06/23/1917 in and bride of Racine
Klostuhuber, Henry Kosteretz, Elizabeth 5/5/1914  
Klotz, William G. Netrour, Marie F. 6/20/1907  
Kluender, Charles Kruemling, Mary 12/27/1911  
Kluender, Herman Kluender, Mrs. Herman 07/02/1917 celebrate 9th anniversary
Knapp, Elmer E. Conklin, Madeline Clara 07/14/1923  
Knapp, Enerst DeKaiser, Mathilda 06/08/1921 Bride of Neenah
Knapp, Henry W. Davis, Margaretta 9/2/1914  
Knaup, Frank E. Knaup, Cora E. 08/16/1913 wife granted a divorce
Knecht, Albert S. Knecht, Cecil 10/14/1914 husband granted a divorce
Knepper, George B. Hart, Frances 10/14/1911  
Knight, James Gibson, Elrena 07/15/1917 in Zion City
Kniskern, Robert Massy, Natalie 6/6/1931  
Knoedler, Ernest Zeitler, Celia 11/11/1915  
Knudsen, Harold Steffen, Esther 6/14/1930  
Knudson, Stanley Mielke, Helen Marie 07/31/1924  
Knuth, Frederick Knuth, Martha 03/17/1914 wife granted a divorce
Kober, William Kober, Lillian 12/08/1916 evidence needed for decree
Koc, George Rabbech, Eva 03/25/1912  
Koch, Mr. Koch, Alma 10/26/1911 granted divorce
Koehler, Louis Williams, May 10/24/1899  
Koehler, Louis Williams, May 10/24/1899  
Koehler, Raymond Kutzke, Esther 10/27/1924  
Koehn, Edward Koehn, Mrs. 10/28/1930 25th anniversary
Koehn, Frank Mink, Allen 05/15/1920  
Koelzow, George Fowich, Loretta 01/28/1922 Groom of Chicgo
Koenes, Joseph Koenes, Mrs. Joseph 02/08/1923 celebrate 50th anniversary
Koenes, Ora Corris, Myrtle 6/24/1914  
Koenig, Theodore O'Neil, Mary 10/4/1909  
Kohlman, Ferdinand Meyer, Lillian 10/02/1912  
Kohlman, John J. McGinnis, Inez 06/17/1919 at Beloit
Kohlman, Ralph Buechner, Caroline 04/23/1920  
Kohlmann, Arthur J. Johnson, Pauline A. 05/16/1923  
Kokoman, Peter Johnson, Sophia 02/17/11  
Koldenberg, Hans Dahlstrom, Julia Anna 04/23/1921 Bride of Racine
Kollmann, Richard W. Johannes, Mayme 06/28/1911  
Kollmann, Thomas DeFrang, Lena 08/12/1915  
Koltz, John Kreisch, Threasa 06/18/1923  
Kolweit, George Mayer, Madeline 07/20/1922 Groom of Milwaukee
Komarec, Stephen Zuzime, Emma 11/26/1921  
Konz, Charles Janisky, Florence 06/15/1920  
Koos, Nicholas Buchmann, Frances 6/16/1909  
Korecz, Emerick Follen, Erma Agnes 4/10/1930  
Korf, David M. Frankel, Rose 09/10/1916  
Korf, Earl Bell, Freda 09/18/1921 in Chicago, bride of Chicago
Kort, August Gloss, Lulu 11/25/1910  
Korzilius, Carl Korzilius, Georgiana 01/10/1914 husband granted a divorce
Kosecki, Leonard Haase, Elizabeth 09/06/1916  
Kottler, Carl F. Crosby, Leita Mae 06/27/1923 at Hinsdale, Ill on 6/26, Milwaukee groom
Kotz, Cyril Tacke, Ida 11/27/1919  
Kotz, Mark H. Kotz, Madeline 9/28/1914 divorce
Kowalski, Rudolph Siewert, Marie 2/14/1907  
Kraai, Jay F. Meilke, Marie 09/24/1912  
Kraak, Cornelius Printz, Blanche 4/25/1908  
Kraak, Cornelius Hackbarth, Rose 08/18/1920  
Kraak, John Sorensen, Marie 7/21/1930  
Kraak, Peter J. Werner, Gladys 04/17/1918  
Kraft, August Kraft, Amalia 12/16/11 divorce
Kraft, Herman Smith, Anna 6/30/1898  
Kraft, Vincent Henry, Alice 06/25/1918  
Kraft, William (Jr) Hornyak, Marie 4/11/1931  
Krah, Fred R. Krah, Loretta A 07/18/1924 husband starts action for divorce
Krahn, August Greenwald, Ida 11/12/1919  
Krahn, Louis Schwartz, Agnes 7/2/1931  
Kramer, Charles Tyler, Barbara 10/07/1919  
Kramer, John Wallig, Mamie 5/6/1902  
Kramer, Max Hoff, Bertha 04/18/1900  
Kratz, Albert A. Bode, Catherine 09/20/1916  
Kraus, Herman Thome, Helen 11/29/1923  
Krause, Fred Krause, Ida Koehn 08/15/1913 wife granted a divorce
Krautkramer, George Thome, Mary 6/4/1907  
Krautkramer, Joseph Krautkramer, Mrs. 7/9/1914 50th anniversary
Krebs, Anthony Platzbecker, Merrie 02/07/1917  
Krebs, George Kohlman, Dorothy 02/17/1923 at Waukegan
Krebs, Simon Remich, Mary 06/30/1913 at Menasha
Kreger, Emil Stablou, Anna 08/15/1924  
Kreider, Maurice Meyer, Isabella 5/13/1910  
Kremsreiter, Louis, Backes, Anna 5/31/1898  
Kresal, Carl Christensen, Anna 11/23/1921  
Kresal, George Greenwald, Rose 10/14/1919  
Kreuger, C. F. Kreuger, Mrs. 05/13/1918 of Berryville, 50th anniversary
Kreuger, Frank F. Gerling, Clara 06/07/1911  
Kreuger, Herman Limper, Lydia 01/05/1900 wedding
Kreuser, Andrew Quilici, Mercedie 10/15/1930  
Kreuser, William Tekip, Matilda 01/21/1920  
Kreutz, Oliver Boehm, Marie 06/15/1920  
Kriofsky, Rudolph Georgen, Regina 10/25/1899  
Kriofsky, Rudolph Georgen, Regina 10/25/1899  
Kriofsky, Walter E. Perse, Alice Mary 6/15/1931  
Kristiansen, Samuel Jensen, Anna 08/27/1916  
Kroepel, Edward Stolp, Lena 6/27/1907  
Krog, John Wachs, Evelyn 9/19/1931  
Krogh, William G. Krogh, Selma 11/04/1916  
Krohn, Herbert Toynton, Gladys 06/06/1922 both of Genoa Junction
Krome, Henry Lewis Schlader, Anna M. 05/12/1923  
Kromvszcynski, Stanislaus Kromvszcynski, Johanna 11/10/1916 wife granted a divorce
Kroncke, George H. Kroncke, Mrs 01/24/1912 50th anniversary
Kroncke, Jacob C. Jorgensen, Marie 8/21/1908  
Krone, John Maurice, Margaret 06/26/1924  
Kronke, George Sauthof, Harriet 12/28/1899  
Kropp, Gustav Kropp, Carrie 12/03/1913 wife granted a divorce
Kropp, Gustave Kropp, Carrie 08/29/1913 wife granted a divorce
Krueger, Elmer Hauch, Anna 02/10/1920  
Krug, August E. Klingbell, Gussie 09/10/1915 groom of Racine
Krumpos, Earl J. Booth, Dorothy Fern 10/9/1931  
Kuehn, Paul Dickinson, Margaret 01/14/1920  
Kuhn, John Kuhn, Mrs. 2/4/1906 50th anniversary
Kuiowa, Myron Semzik, Anna 10/17/1920  
Kulick, Walter Kulick, Mrs. Walter 06/23/1923 celebrate 25th anniversary
Kult, Wimend Sackrider, Marel 09/04/1922  
Kumlein, Wendell Theleen, Eva 10/18/1913 at Balguam, India
Kumlein, Wendell Theleen, Eva 11/17/1913 at Balguam, India, on Oct. 18
Kummers, Everett Celia, Elaine Elizabeth 6/24/1931  
Kunde, Chester Wrersbicka, Alice 09/06/1924  
Kunke, Edward N. Zeich, Eleanor Glenola 2/21/1931  
Kunkle, E. C. Rev. Campbell, Blanche F. 12/22/1903  
Kupfer, Harry Kupfer, Mrs. 10/09/1900 crystal anniversary
Kyle, Charles Potter, Eva 12/23/1916  
Kyle, Walter Houston, Alice 08/14/1924 engagement is announced
Kyle, Walter Houston, Alice 09/27/1924  
Kyle, William D. Adams, Margaret 11/01/1913 in Milwaukee
L'Hommedeiu, Mulford L'Hommedeiu, Wanda 1/13/1915 divorce
L’Hommedieu, Morford L’Hommedieu, Wanda 12/11/1913 will contest divorce
L’Hommedieu, Morford L’Hommedieu, Wanda 12/02/1913 actress seeks divorce
La Jeunesse, Joseph Trottier, Gradyce Caroline 09/09/1924  
La Rosa, Tony La Rosa, Josephine 10/21/1924 wife is granted a divorce
LaBagh, Charles G. Wall, Helen Josephine 01/08/1900 married in Iowa
LaCross, Arthur Kautz, Helen 06/19/1920  
Ladewig, Max Ladewig, Mrs 10/28/1911 25th anniversary
Ladveinka, Michael Ladveinka, Therese 10/01/1914 wife granted a divorce
LaFayette, Lewis A. Jacobsen, Carry M. 7/26/1900  
LaFond, Samuel LaFond, Elizabeth 02/03/1917 wife is granted divorce
Lagenbach, Harry Mogden, Harriet 1/31/1931  
Lakin, Percy Crisler, Glenna 1/23/1899  
Lamacchia, Raphael Bernadi, Rose 06/28/1924  
Lamachia, Tony Hagedorn, Virginia 9/27/1930  
Lamb, James R. Hallett, Ada 06/01/1920  
Lamb, Rea Winter, Margorie 11/19/1919  
Lambrecht, Benjamin H. Larsen, Mary 11/22/1916  
LaMeer, Walter Gandt, Amanda 02/10/1920  
LaMere, Joseph Hendron, Eileen 06/11/1924  
Lance, Gilbert Cooper, Carlotta 09/17/1919  
Lance, Lucien Palmer, Van Spaulding (Mrs.) 05/06/1924 in Atlanta
Lance, Lucien Charles Farmer, Eva Florence 10/17/1900  
Landane, George F. Fisher, Ida E. 9/4/1915  
Landes, Benjamin Rand, Anna 06/01/1917  
Landgraf, Ralph Larsen, Dora 05/14/1921 Groom of Austin, Minn.
Landgren, Axel Landgren, Mrs. Axel 08/28/1923 surprise 25th anniversary by friends
Landini, Ralph Monticelli, Eva 09/23/1922  
Landis, Oakley Mallmgren, Mildred 12/25/1922 both of Waukegan
Landock, Gustav English, Madeline 4/30/1909  
Lane, H. H. Cooper, Jesse 9/4/1907  
Lane, Joseph Lane, Clara 07/15/1924 wife is granted divorce
Lang, Anton Dorey, Kate 06/24/1924  
Lang, Sigfrid Walters, Pearl 9/19/1910  
Langabach, William Fisher, Ida 02/14/1920  
Langenbach, Charles Langenbach, Mrs. 03/13/1900 will seek divorce
Langenbach, Charles Langenbach, Mrs. 03/12/1900 domestic abuse
Langer, Frank Arents, Teresa 05/14/1919  
Langer, Henry F. Morroway, Dorothy 08/02/1924  
Langer, Peter Kasiski, Pearl 04/12/1920  
Langer, Richard C. Micheln, Frances R. 5/3/1930  
Langraf, Julius Howard, Ellen 11/05/1921 Groom of Haywood, Wis
LaPine, Joseph LaPine, Clara L. 03/13/1923 wife seeks divorce
LaPine, Joseph Pitsch, Margaret 01/17/1921  
Lapp, S. M. (Dr.) Supovitz, Eva 07/15/1924 bride from Lewiston, Maine
Lark, Frank Holtenhoff, Marguerite 06/14/1922  
LaRoux, Charles M. Williams, Mabel 06/01/1911  
Larrabee, Bert H. Kingsland, Della 7/3/1909  
Larrabee, William Pecknik, Marie 06/27/1918  
Larsen, Albert Junker, Olga 08/08/1917  
Larsen, Alfred Zimmerman, Ella 4/10/1911  
Larsen, Carl Alfred Holman, Edith May 06/20/1917 at Stevens Point
Larsen, Fred Jorgensen, Elise (Dr.) 4/30/1908  
Larsen, Harry Englund, Hildur 08/17/1921  
Larsen, Harry P. Willsey, Beatrice 12/28/1917 in Chicago
Larsen, Julius Petersen, Clara 7/25/1907  
Larsen, Louis Larsen, Mrs. 1/17/1915 25th anniversary
Larsen, Louis A. Skow, Esther 08/16/1916  
Larsen, Michael Mielke, Hazel Ann 4/11/1931  
Larsen, Nels Schlitz, Margaret Lucy 06/28/1924  
Larsen, Peter Nordstrom, Bertha 04/20/1914  
Larsen, William Krebs, Cora 10/27/1902  
Larson, Arthur Haebig, Isabel 6/16/1931  
Larson, Fred B. Frandsen, Hazel 09/12/1917  
Larson, Louis F. Ferguson, Margaret 12/25/1914  
Larson, Mr Larson, May 06/11/1920 seeks release 2 missing husbands
Lasch, Herman Boyle, Edna 03/25/1919  
Lasco, Charles F Elfers, Florence 11/27/1919  
Lasky, Edward Majestki, Victoria 9/5/1931  
Laszkiewicz, Joseph Laszkiewicz, Victoria 03/02/1917 wife is granted divorce
Lathrop, Charles (Dean) Chapelle, Helen 01/07/1919 groom of Milwaukee
Latrecki, Mike Romich, Anastasia 01/22/1916 bride arrives from Russia
Lattin, William Jundt, Bertha 11/28/1912  
Lattin, William Jr. Lattin, Bertha 07/14/1916 husband granted a divorce
Laubach, Guy Wood, Nina 05/20/1920  
Lauderdale, Henry Friel, Hattie 05/07/1924 in Chicago
Lauer, Albert J. Reicherts, Margaret 8/10/1910  
Lauer, Bernard Dagenbach, Sophia 07/10/1912  
Lauer, George Moeller, Maude 6/5/1906  
Lavey, Harry Kanitz, Helen 11/30/1922 Bride of Milwaukee, Groom of Bristol
Laviolette, Milton Quinn, Kathryn 04/04/1918  
LaViolette, Wesley Lewis, Harriet 09/01/1921  
Lawler, L. Matthew Boyle, Helen 9/24/1910  
Lawrence, John Nelson, Elizabeth 09/11/1918  
Lawrence, Will C. Marbaugh, Cora 06/26/1924 groom of Washington, D. C.
Layne, Forest Rush, Lavaughn 12/28/1920  
Layton, Harry Modory, Margaret 9/20/1930  
Lazarewiez, Adam Lazarewiez, Antonina 02/07/1916 husband granted a divorce

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