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Mrs. Catherine Brown

As published in "Portrait and Biographical Album of Racine and Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin containing Biographical Sketches and Representative Citizens, Together with the biographies of all the Governors of the State and of the Presidents of the United States."
Lake City Publishing Co., Chicago, 1892.

Submitted by Marie Hosdil. Thank you Marie!

This work woud be quite incomplete without a sketch of the estimable lady whose name heads this sketch, for she is one of the earliest settlers in the county [Racine Co., WI], and has been an eye witness of almost the entire growth and upbuilding of the community. The rugged experiences of pioneer life broght out her best qualities, and she may well be proud of her share in making the county the grand success which it is to-day.

In December, 1838, she and her husband, the late Jefferson Brown, came to the county and purchased one hundred and sixty acres of the present homestead, on section 6, Waterford Township, to which they added another forty acres in 1866. Mr. Brown came of Mohawk Dutch and Yankee parents and was born September 25, 1807, in Greene County, N.Y. His father went South, and is supposed to have died in New Orleans of yellow fever. His son then became the adopted child of Silas Stanard, who gave him a good common-school education. At the age of twenty-one, Jefferson began life for himself, in the capacity of a farmer. On the 17th of September, 1831, he led Miss Catherine Simmons to the marriage altar.

Mr. Brown was an old line Whig and afterwards a stanch Republican, but although an active member of the party, he never sought office, however, he held the office of Pathmaster for several years, and the present fine roads attest to his energy and ability. A Methodist in belief, he gave all Christian effort a helping hand. A lover of fine horses, he did much to improve that stock. In 1886 he became blind from acute rheumatism, and on the 23d of November, 1890, he died at the ripe age of eighty-three years.

Their only child, William A. Brown, was born February 5, 1833, in Oak Hill, Greene County, N. Y., and was educated in the common schools of Waterford Township, and became a farmer. His marriage with Miss Almeda Slater, of Waterford, was celebrated September 17, 1854. The lady was born in Rutland, Vt., October 13, 1836, and her education was acquired in the Green Mountain State and in the graded schools of Wisconsin. Her father, G. W. Slater, was a native of Essex County., N. Y., born June 5, 1809 [Transcriber's note: this may be an error]. As a travelling minister, he labored from 1854 until 1864, when he located upon a farm in Coloma, Waushara County [WI], where he now resides. He was thrice married, his first union being with Miss Harriet Trumbull, by whom he had two children; his second with Miss Janet Wyman; and his third wife was Miss Arabella C. Temple. Three children grace their marriage -- Harriet J. and Abbott H., being the brother and sister of Mrs. William A. Brown. The former is the wife of Chancy Case, a farmer in Coloma, Wis. Abbott H. followed in his father's footsteps by marrying three times. He first wedded Miss Emma Hutchinson, of Hancock, Wis., afterward married Lina Hollister, of Coloma, and his present wife born the maiden name of Rose Jones. They make their home in Coloma.

By the marriage of W. A. Brown and Almeda Slater, two sons and two daughters were born as follows: Emma A., born September 16, 1855, was educated in the common schools and in music and on the 11th of November, 1875, became the wife of W. H. Vanderpool, a railroad man, who died September 21, 1889, leaving two children, who reside with their mother in St. Paul, Minn. Josephine V., born September 30, 1859, was educated in the common schools and at Rochester Seminary. On Christmas Day of 1880, she gave her hand in marriage to J. H. Heimbach, and with their three children they reside in Duluth. W. Lozelle, the elder son of W. A. Brown, was born March 19, 1862, and after completing his education, married Miss Mattie Talcott, of Waterford, July 2, 1885. A son was born unto them July 24, 1887 [Claude Brown]. Lozelle is the manager of his grandmother's farm of two hundred acres, and is a wide-awake and enterprising young business man, respected by all who know him. Although young, his neighbors have acknowledged his worth by calling him to the duties of Pathmaster. His excellent judgment and tender solicitude with which he cares for a widowed mother and grandmother, promises him a warm place in the hearts of all who admire true manhood. Elbert A., the youngest of the family, born November 25, 1871, is a bright and promising young man who seconds the efforts of his brother in the management of the farm.

W. A. Brown, father of the children just mentioned, took an active interest in the cause of education, and served as a member of the School Board. His children he also provided with good advantages. A Republican in politics, and a Methodist in religious belief, he was broad gauged in all his dealings with his fellow-men. On the 22d of April, 1886 [Transcriber's note: correction per death certificate -- 23rd of April, 1880], he died of consumption, and left a widowed wife and mother to mourn his loss. His widow still remains on the old home, and finds her journey down life's pathway made pleasant by the love and attention of her noble sons.

Grandma Catherine Brown is also an honored member of the family. Her parents were New York State people, noted for longevity, and her father lived to the age of one hundred years. On the 5th of March, 1813 [transcriber's correction per tombstone -- 1814], she was born in Greene Co., NY, but her eighty-seven years of active life have lightly taxed her body. She has lived a noble and useful life that has made of her acquaintances friends and her friends lovers. We join with all those who know her in wishing that she may be spared to this earth for many years to come and that eternal peace shall be her lot hereafter.

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