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George H. Cook

As published in
"The City of Kenosha and Kenosha County Wisconsin: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement"
by Frank H. Lyman Vol. 2, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1916.

George H. Cook, manager at Kenosha for Wisconsin Gas & Electric Company, was born in Waynesville, Ohio, July 22, 1887, a son of Seth and Hannah (Robinson) Cook. The father is identified with retail coal interests. The son obtained a good public school education and afterward spent two years as a student in the Ohio Wesleyan University, after which he entered the employ of John I. Beggs, the president of the Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company. He entered that service in December, 1908, in a very humble capacity, receiving a salary of but twenty dollars per month. He worked his way upward through the electrical engineering department and the meter and testing department, was advanced to the power plant, construction and operating departments and later became connected with the construction and operation of high voltage transmission systems. In July, 1910, he became connected with the firm of Vaughn & Meyer, consulting engineers of Milwaukee, in the capacity of electrical engineer, and remained with them until September, 1912, when he went to Panama, spending six months on the Isthmus in the employ of the government. Following his return he was again associated with the firm of Vaughn & Meyer from April, 1913, until September, 1913, and at the latter date was made manager of the Kenosha division of Wisconsin Gas & Electric Company. Under his direction this business has greatly iincreased, its patronage having grown many-fold, and his work has been highly satisfactory to the corporation which he represents.

On the 15th of May, 1913, Mr. Cook was married to Miss Edna Nickols, of Milwaukee. In politics he maintains an independent course, voting without regard to party affiliation, his ballot being determined largely by his belief in the capability of the candidate. He belongs to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Greek letter society, and fraternally is identified with the Masons and with the Elks, while in the line of his chosen vocation he has connection with the National Electric Light Association and with the Illuminating Engineering Society. He studies along lines leading to the further development of his powers and capability, and his efficiency is widely acknowledge[d] by those in whose service he has been retained.

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