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Julius Lindhardt

As published in
"The City of Kenosha and Kenosha County Wisconsin: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement"
by Frank H. Lyman Vol. 2, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1916.

Julius Lindhardt, whose name figures in connection with the mercantile interests of Kenosha, particularly with the business activities of the west side, is a partner in the Paulsen-Lindhardt Company, which was established September 1, 1911. He came to the new world from Denmark, his birth having occurred in that country, November 22, 1875, his parents being H. P. and Juliane (Nelson) Lindhardt. In the year 1902 Julius Lindhardt crossed the Atlantic to the new world. He was then a young man of twenty-seven years. He had been reared and educated in Denmark but the favorable reports which he heard concerning the business opportunities afforded on this side of the Atlantic impelled him to sever the relations which bound him to his native country and try his fortune on this side of the water. He made his way to Racine, Wisconsin, and his limited financial resources rendered it imperative that he seek and obtain immediate employment. He secured a situation in the planing mill of Driver & Sons at a salary of a dollar and a quarter per day, and later he worked for the J. I. Case Company. Subsequently he entered the employ of the Schroeder Dry Goods Company and in these different connections was gaining valuable experience. Three years after reaching here he was made manager for the Nelsen & Mehder Dry Goods Company of Racine, having charge of their branch store at first, while later he was given charge of their main store. He thus gained intimate and comprehensive knowledge of Americašs business methods, thoroughly acquainting himself with every phase of the trade.

On the 1st of September, 1911, Mr. Lindhardt embarked in business on his own account at Kenosha, being joined in this undertaking by Miss Andrea Paulsen. They opened a store at Nos. 519-521 Howland avenue in a building forty by eighty-two feet, carrying a large line of dry goods. They also opened a five and ten cent store at No. 515 Howland avenue, utilizing a building twenty by one hundred and twenty-five feet. The latter store was established August 1, 1915, and they own their own building. They are resolute of purpose, determined in action and are so conducting their affairs that their business is steadily growing. Their activities measure up to high commercial standards, and their watchfulness of their trade and their far-sighted business methods are bringing substantial results.

On the 8th of January, 1901, Mr. Lindhardt was united in marriage to Miss Olga Erickson, of Denmark, their marriage being celebrated in that country. They now have one son, Parker. The parents are members of the Danish Lutheran church, and Mr. Lindhardt is also identified with the Danish Brotherhood of America. His political endorsement is given to the republican party nor does he hesitate to fearlessly support his honest convictions. He is never bitterly aggressive on any public question but he stands loyally for that in which he believes. He has never had occasion to regret his determination to come to the new world, for here he has found the opportunities which he sought and through their improvement has made steady progress along commercial lines.

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