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George A. Yule

As published in
"The City of Kenosha and Kenosha County Wisconsin: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement"
by Frank H. Lyman Vol. 2, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1916.

George A. Yule, secretary and treasurer of the Bain Wagon Company and thus active in the management of one of the largest and most important productive industries of Kenosha was, one might say, to the manner born, for the name of Yule has been associated with this business since 1842, and it was under the direction of his father hat he became acquainted with the trade. He was born in Kenosha June 13, 1858, a son of George and Katherine Yule, mentioned at length on another page of this work. His boyhood and youth were marked by no unusual events. He had the ordinary public school training and then entered the employ of the Bain Wagon Company, of which his father was then superintendent. Gradually the Yule family have taken over the stock of the company as others previously active have passed from this life, and today George A. Yule, who through the steps of orderly progression has worked his way upward, is Secretary and Treasurer of the corporation, which is employing four hundred and fifty skilled workmen in the manufacture of eighteen thousand wagons annually. Their output is largely sent to the west although their name and their product are known in trade circles throughout the country. Into other fields George A. Yule has also extended his efforts, being now president of the Badger Brass Company, the first corporation to manufacture acetylene bicycle and automobile lamps. This today is another source of Kenosha's importance as a manufacturing center.

In 1883 George A. Yule was married to Miss Harriet Head, a daughter of Orson and Mary (Treadwell) Head, and they have become parents of a son, William Head Yule. Mr. Yule is preeminently a business man, possessing quick discernment and the faculty of separating the important features of any subject from its incidental or accidental circumstances. He is a man of well balanced capacities and powers, his character inspiring confidence in others, and, possessing sufficient courage to venture where favoring opportunity is presented, his judgment and even-paced energy have carried him forward to the goal of success.

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