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Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



BERNARD EICKELMAN. merchant tailor; born in Mecklenburg, Germany, in 1843; came to America in I855; located in Kenosha 1871; engaged as cutter in merchant-tailor establishment; is now one of the firm of Grosch & Eickelman, merchant tailors, member of the I.O.O.F., also of the Encampment, Temple of Honor, and member of the Congregational Church. Married, 1858. Miss Julianna Markel, a native of Hesse-Darmstadt; their children are Bernard, Henry, Louis, William, Julia and Bertie.

WILLIAM ENGEL, of the firm of Engel & Co., butchers; born in Germany April 23 1834, came to Wisconsin in 1857, locating Kenosha, where he worked for his brother, Jacob Engel, for one year, when he went to St. Louis and thence to Racine, remaining one year; in 1860, he returned to Kenosha, where he commenced dealing in cattle; in 1862, formed a partnership with his brother, and opened a meat market under the firm name of Engel & Bro.; continued for six years, when Mr. Byerstort bought out Jacob and changed the firm name to Wm Engel & Co. Married in 1862, Miss Margaret Rapps, a native of Germany; they have had one son - Fred. Members Lutheran Church.

JOHN G. ENGELHARDT, born in Bavaria in 1847; his family came to America the same year, locating in Kenosha, where his father engaged in brewing and continued until 1847, when he was obliged to retire on account of old age. John G. first engaged in farming, but, after two years, apprenticed himself to the cooper's trade in 1861; has followed that business to the present time. He married, in November, 1870, Miss Ella K. Richardson, a native of Vermont. Mr. Engelhardt was a member of the Kenosha City Council in 1876; is School Commissioner. Is a member of the I.O.O.F. He had four children - Jobn W., Frederick C., Edward C. and Frank C.; the latter died Feb. 12, 1874.

STEPHEN S. EASTERBROOKS (deceased); born in New York State in 1815; came to Wisconsin in 1837, locating at Kenosha, where he followed the business of mason, he building some of the finest residences in the city. Married, in 1841, Miss Hannah M. Jaquith, a native of Jefferson Co., N. Y.; they have had three children, one boy and two girls. In 1851, he went to California, where he died. Family are members of the Methodist Church.


None with the letter "E"


FRANK EICK, farmer, Sec. 28; P.O. Kenosha; born in Germany in 1843; his family came to America in 1847, locating in Kenosha Co. on a farml his father, John Eick, engaging in tailoring, which he followed for many years, conducting also a farm; he died in 1870, since which time, Frank had conducted the farm, assisted by his brother. Frank Eick married, in February, 1874, Miss Seelana Ozan, a native of the Island of Guernsey; Mr. Eick has three children - Clara, Frank and Silla. Mr. Eick is owner of forty acres of land.


None with the letter "E"


JOHN EDGOOSE, farmer, Sec. 9; P.O. Union Grove; born in Norfolk, England, in 1827; he came to America in 1846, arriving in Racine, Wis., Oct. 20; he located in Yorkville, Racine Co., and engaged in farm-work; he purchased land in Kenosha Co. in 1847, but continued to work out until 1851, when he settled on the farm he had purchased, where he now resides. He married in Dover, Racine Co., Oct. 29, 1851, Miss Sarah L. Stebbins, a native of the State of New York, who died June 29, 1874. Mr. Edgoose married again July 18, 1875, Mrs. Lucinda Anderson, a native of Pleasant Prairie Township, Kenosha Co.; Mr. Edgoose has one child, Aristean, born Aug. 5, 1878. Mr. Edgoose is owner of 110 acres of land in Kenosha Co., and fifteen acres in the village of Union Grove, Racine Co.


JOHN W. EVANS, Postmaster; farmer, Secs. 14 and 15; P.O. Brighton; born Dec. 22, 1818, in Oswego Co., N.Y.; came to Wisconsin in 1842; located in Brighton; engaged in farming. In 1843, he returned to his birthplace and married Miss Ann Wiltsee; she was born in Hannibal, Oswego Co., N.Y.; he, with his wife, returned to his farm in Brighton Township, where he has remained farming, to which occupation he has devoted the best part of his life; they have never had any children. Mr. Evans is an exception to the generality of farmers; he is a man of considerable literary taste; has educated himself, and is a self-made man. He has served in the following offices: In 1844, he was elected Constable; re-elected in 1845, served two consecutive years; in 1852, was elected Town Assessor, and, in 1854, was re-elected and served until 1856; he was also elected, in 1854, Justice of the Peace; held that office till 1858, then resigned; in 1861, was elected Chairman of the township; served in that office till 1864; in 1870-71-72 and up to 1876 he was Township Clerk. At divers times since the organization of the Brighton Township, he has been elected Delegate to the County Convention. He has filled the office of School District Clerk every consecutive year since 1845, and now holds that office. He performed the duties as Surveyor at divers times. He was appointed Postmaster of Brighton, in 1853, under President Pierce's Administration, and still retains that office. His life has been an industrious, active and energetic one. He owns 280 acres of good land situated on Sections 14 and 15, most of it under cultivation. The farm is well improved - good large barn and comfortable house.

MATHIAS EVEN, farmer, Sec. 21; P.O. Brighton; was born in Prussia in December, 1836. He came to Wisconsin in May, 1856, located in the township of Burlington; removed to Brighton township. He married, in 1860, Miss Catherine Boor; she was born in Prussia, in 1842, and died in 1878; they had six children, all living - Barbara, Margaret, Jacob, Peter, Catherine, Peter M. Mr. Even owns eighty acres of land, most of it under cultivation; he is an industrious and energetic man. Members of the Roman Catholic Church at Brighton.


None with the letter "E"


None with the letter "E"


HERMAN EPPING, farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Wheatland; born in Munster Province of Westphalia, Prussia, February, 1826. Came to Wisconsin in 1854; located in Wheatland Township; engaged at farming. Married, in September, 1854, in Burlington, Miss Adelaide Arning, who was born in Holland in February, 1826. The have had ten children, seven are living - Henry, born in July, 1855; Mary, March, 1859; Joseph, February, 1861; Herman, October, 1865; Elizabeth, January 1866; Bernard, March 1867; Anna, June 1870. In 1857, Mr. Epping bought a farm consisting of 120 acres of good land, which he has nicely improved. A few years ago, he bought an addition of forty acres, sold off eight acres. He now owns altogether 152 acres of land in one farm. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

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