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Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



JOHN A. GALLAGHAN, Circuit Clerk is a son of Michael Gallaghan, who came from Canada about thirty-five years ago, and of Sarah, daughter of James Kelley, who came to Pleasant Prairie with her father in 1837; John was born in Kenosha Nov. 14, 1856, and read law with J. V. Quarles. He was elected Clerk in 1878.

C. W. GEORGE, Contractor and builder; born in Orleans Co., Vt.; came to Kenosha in 1867, and engaged in contracting and building; some of his first work done here was on the old City Bank, conducted by Mr. Campbell; is still engaged in building and is also owner of a planing-mill, 44x80 feet, on Judson avenue, near Maple. Married, in 1860, Miss Rebecca Hubbard, native of Pennsylvania; they have three children - Ellen D., Dora R. and Rosalie. Members of the Baptist Church.

MATHIAS GEORGAN, wagon-maker; born in Germany in 1829; came to America in 1852, and to Kenosha the same year; left in 1853, remaining away five years; returned to Kenosha in 1857, and engaged as carpenter and joiner; in 1858, engaged in cabinet-making; in 1864, in wagon-making, continuing that occupation to the present time; is a member of the German Catholic Church. Married, in 1858, in Kenosha, Miss Emma Brant, a native of Germany; has three children - Mathias B., William B. and Katie.

THOMAS GERITT, farmer; born March 25, 1826, in Coblentz, Prussia, where he learned the business of millwright; was a farmer, and served in the army two and one-half years; he came to America in 1852, and settled at Kenosha, where he followed various trades; in 1855-56, went to the Rocky Mountains, and to Kansas for six months, then returned to Kenosha; in the fall of 1878, went to Nebraska and purchased some land. Married Miss Magrada Ward, of Londonderry, Ireland, June 22, 1856; they have an adopted child, named Elizabeth Kelly, born March 1, 1853. Mr. G. has held the following offices: Assessor of Pleasant Prairie for 1872-73; Street Commissioner of Kenosha City for 1876-77 and School Clerk of Pleasant Prairie, District No. 7, for three years. He and his family are members of St. Mark's Catholic Church.

THOMAS GIBBONS, station agent N. W. R. R.; born in Ireland in 1837; came to Wisconsin in 1852, and located at Kenosha, where he engaged in the hotel business for four years; in 1856, was appointed station agent. Married, in I851, Miss Kate Delaney, a native of Ireland. Members of the Catholic Church. Mr. Gibbons is a Republican.

GUERDON GILLETT, Justice of the Peace; is a native of Madison Co., N. Y.; when he was quite young, his parents moved to Cortland Co.; he lived there and in Cayuga Co.. N. Y., until he came to Wisconsin in 1848; he settled on Sec. 29, Wheatland Township, and engaged in farming, when Randall and Wheatland Townships were included in Wheatland. He taught several terms in country and city schools; was elected Register of Deeds, and served two terms, from 1852 to 1856, and again from 1858 to 1860; he has been Alderman from his Ward several terms, and a member of the Board of Education. He married Susannah Atwater, a native of Cayuga Co.; they have three children - Lucy Augusta, Anna E. and John. Mrs. Gillett is a member of the Congregational Church.

MICHAEL GORMAN, engineer Whitaker Engine and Skein Co.; born in Ireland in 1827; came to Wisconsin in 1856, locating at Paris, where he remained for five years, then moved to Kenosha and worked at farmimg, for ten years; afterward purchased a small farm near the city; in 1872, commenced work for the Whitaker Engine and Skein Co. Married, in 1856, Miss Ann Rooney, a native of Ireland; they have had four children - two boys and two girls -one girl deceased. Members of the Catholic Church; Democrat.

FRED GOTTFREDSEN, of the firm of J. G. Gottfredsen & Son, general store and brewery; born April 13, 1857, at Kenosha; he received his early education at the Lake Forest Academy and the Northwestern University at Watertown; in 1876, returned to Kenosha and clerked for his father for two years; in 1879, was admitted into the firm. He is a member of the Episcopal Church and a Republican in politics.

JACOB G. GOTTFREDSEN, of the firm of J. G. Gottfredsen & Son, general store and brewers; born in Denmark in 1821; came to Wisconsin in the fall of 1846, locating at Milwaukee, where he engaged in the manufacture of cigars; then traveled, selling Yankee notions; he then went to Chicago and purchased a large stock of tobacco leaf, and, locating in Kenosha in 1846, commenced the manufacture of cigars; shortly after, purchased 160 acres of timber in Pike's Wood, owned a brick-yard and general store on the North Side and built a fine vessel, "The Lady Ann," for bringing his wood to the brick-yard and city; sold out the brick-yard and commenced the manufacture of vinegar and the rectifying of spirits ; also rented the large steam flour-mill on the lake shore for a period of four years; about this time, he formed a partnership with Ed Gillis and started a malt-house near the railroad bridge; he then sold out and built a new brewery and malt-house on the Kenosha harbor, commencing on a small scale; in 1878, formed a partnership with his son, Fredrick J., and opened a general store. Married, in 1856, Miss Matilda Vollmar, a native of New York State; they have had three children, two sons and one daughter; one son died. Members of the Episcopal Church.

CHARLES H. GONNERMANN, of the firm of Earnst & Gonnermann, groceries and dry goods; born in Kenosha, Wis., April 15, 1854, where he received his early education; at the age of 15, he clerked for William Earnst, continued for eight years; in 1878, he was admitted into the firm. Married, in January, 1877, Miss Lucy Meyer, a native of Wisconsin. Members of the Catholic Church; Republican.

JOHN GONNERMANN, saloon; born in Germany in 1821; came to Wisconsin in 1849, locating at Milwaukee for eighteen months; worked for Phil Best & Co.; brewed the first lager beer that was made in the State; then removed to Racine; in 1851, came to Kenosha, and worked in Muntzenberger's brewery for three years; in the fall of 1854, formed a partnership with Jacob G. Gottfredsen and built a large brewery and malt-house; continued for six years; in 1860, went to California; returned Dec. 2, and opened a small brewery for one vear; he then worked for Muntzenberger two years, when he went to Chicago and acted as foreman for K. C. Schmidt for five years; returned to Kenosha and started another brewery, which run for six months and was burned down; he then opened a saloon on Main street, his present location. In 1850, married Miss Martba Ferye, a native of Germany; they have had four children, three girls and one boy. Mr. Gonnermann is a Republican.

CHARLES GRANT, carpenter and builder; born in Sweden in 1828; came to Kenosha Co. in 1869, and engaged in the business of house-building and carpenter work generally; went to Chicago in 1871, and returned to Kenosha in 1874, resuming his former business. Member of Baptist Church. Married, in 1847, Mrs. Mary Olesen, who had three children - Mary L., Charles F. and Peter.

CASS GRIFFIN, billiard ball and saloon; born in New York Oct. 18, 1832; came to Wisconsin in 1871, locating at Kenosha, where be went into the business of dealing in horses; took charge of the Kenosha Driving Park for two years; in 1876, opened a large and handsome billiard hall on Main street, his present location. Married, in 1853 Miss Maggie Conely, a native of New York; they have bad three children, two sons and one daughter. Mr. Griffin was Captain of the 43d N. Y. Regiment for three years; enlisted from Albany, N. Y., and took part in sixteen active engagements. Is a Democrat.

PETER GROSCH, merchant tailor; born in Prussia in 1830; landed in America Jan. 8, 1853 ; settled in Kenosha the same year, and engaged in merchant-tailor establishment as cutter; remained in one house fifteen years; in 1873, went into business for himself; was member of the City Council two years; also of School Board. Is a member of the German Catholic Church. Married, in 1857, Miss Lena Street, native of Prussia; have three children - Margaret, Lena and Mary.


STEPHEN GALT, fruit gardener, Sec.7; P.O. Kenosha; born May 26, 1819, in Aberdeen Co., Scotland; was a tailor by trade; came to America in 1850, and located in Kenosha; worked at his business for six or seven years; moved to Pleasant Prairie Township in the spring of 1857, where he bought seventeen acres of land, six of which were laid out for fruit and vegetables; built his house, cleared his land, and now has it in a state of excellent cultivation, growing principally strawberries, raspberries and the finer kinds of vegetables, such as asparagus, etc., for the market. He was the first in the county to rais strawberries for that purpose, half an acre being looked upon as marvelous at that time. Married Miss Margaret Trail, of Scotland, Sept. 16, 1847. He was Town Clerk in 1857; is Clerk of school district, and has been for six years, and was Director of school district for six years previously. Mr. and Mrs. Galt are members of the Congregational Church. Mr. G. has been a total abstainer for twenty-nine years, looking upon the use of intoxicating liquors with abhorrence.

EPHRAIM D. GOODMAN, mason, Sec. 7; P.O. Kenosha; born Sept. 1, 1845, in Ware, Hertfordshire, England; came to America in 1856, and settled in Chicago, where he learned his trade, and worked at it. He went to California in 1870; returned and located in Pleasant Prairie in 1871. He built the German Catholic Church, Whitaker Foundry, completed the Masonic Lodge, and erected many other buildings in Kenosha City. He also farms about sixteen acres of land. Married Miss Hannah Jones, of Shropshire, England, May 4, 1865, and has four children - Charles H., born Feb. 8, 1866; Willard F., July 15, 1871; Frank A., Aug. 26, 1873, and Goldie A., June 29, 1877.


JAMES G. GARDINIER, farmer, Sec 14; P.O. Kenosha; born in Montgomery Co., N.Y., in 1834; in the spring of 1856, he came to Kenosha Co., locating in the town of Somers, and engaged in farming. Aug. 14, 1862, he enlisted in the 33d Wis. V.I.; participated in all battles fought by the regiment, among them the battle of Jackson, Miss., and the siege of Vicksburg; was mustered out of service with the regiment in 1865. He married, in 1860, Miss Maria L. Cobb, a native of New York; Mr. Gardinier has three children - Ellsworth J., born July 3, 1861; Edwin C., May 5, 1866; and James J., May 7, 1868.

JOHN GEARING, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Kenosha; born in Germany in 1838; came to America in 1854, locating in Washington Co., Wis., remaining there until 1860, when he came to Kenosha, and engaged in farming up to 1867, when he settled on the farm he now occupies. He is a member of the German Catholic Church. He married, in Kenosha, in 1867, Miss Annie Oberst, a native of Barron Co.; he has one child - John. He owns 138 acres of land.


None with the letter "G"


JOHN D. GOLDSWORTHY, farmer, Sec. 8; P.O. Union Grove; born in Cornwall, England; he came to Wisconsin in Jun 1842, and located in Paris Township; engaged in farming, and has accumulated a valuable property. He married, in 1847, Miss Mary Ann Gilbert, a native of Cheshire, England; they had had eleven children, seven living - Stephen G., William G., John D., Joseph T., Mary E., Samuel and Jennie. Mr. Goldworthy owns 160 acres of fine land, well improved, with good buildings. Members of the Bible Christian Church.


NICHOLAS GILL, Sec. 21; P.O. Brighton; he was born in Germany March 25, 1843; he came to Wisconsin, with his parents, in 1852; they located in Brighton township; engaged at farming. His father was born in Germany in 1801; married there Miss Margaret Patten, a native of the same place; they had seven children, six living - Susan, Margaret, Eva, Mary, John and Nicholas; Jacob died March 1, 1875. His father died Feb. 25, 1875; mother died May 11, 1874. Nicholas Gill married in Brighton, April 28, 1867, Miss Mary A. Prasch, a native of Burlington Township; they have two children - Mary M., born Oct. 27, 1869; Frances K., born Aug. 20, 1872. At an early age, Mr. Gill commenced farming, which he has followed since. He was elected Clerk of the School Board in District No. 4; he was elected in 1877, re-elected in 1878 and 1879, to the office of Township Assessor. He is the agent for reapers, mowers and agricultural implements of the best make; also Domestic and other kinds of sewing machines, with which he has an extensive trade among the farmers. Owns eighty acres. Members Catholic Church.


EDWARD GANON, farmer, Sec. 36; P.O. Wilmot; born in 1819, in Ireland, emigrated to America in 1849, locating in Wisconsin at Randall; he purchased a farm of 120 acres, his present homestead. In March, 1852, he married Miss Mary McDonald, of Ireland; had seven children, four girls, three boys. Members of the Roman Catholic Church; Democrat.


GEORGE GARDNER, farmer; Sec. 30; P.O. Wilmot; born in Holworth, Doresetshire, England, in 1836; came directly to Wisconsin in 1856, and settled in Wilmot; owns a farm adjoining the town of Wilmot, containing 148 acres; present value about $5,000; has an orchard of 150 apple-trees in good bearing, of the best varieties for this latitude; the principal farm product is that of the dairy; Mr. Gardner is also a wool-grower; has good improvements, the fruit of long and steady industry. A part of his farm was formerly full of sloughs, wet and worthless, and, by proper and careful drainage, has been made a fine productive meadow. Mr. Gardner is now holding the office of School Director, and is a member of the Board of Supervisors. Married, December, 1859, Miss Sarah A. Phillips, of the town of Salem; have two children - Kate and Nellie, aged 18 and 16 respectively.

OLIVER GIBBS, farmer, Sec. 30; P.O. Wilmot; born in Bethel, Windsor Co., Vt., in 1805; came to Randall, Wis., in the autumn of 1845. Moved to WIlmot in 1861. Owns 320 acres of land in the county, worth about $10,000. Three sons went into the army during the war; the youngest was killed in the battle of Murphreesboro; one served during the war, and the third was mustered out in July, 1864. Mr. Gibbs was twice married; had five children by first wife; second wife's name was Miss Helena Maxham, born in Bridgewater, Vt., in 1808; four children are now living - George T., Oliver, Jr.; R.L. Gibbs and Hannah T. Members of Congregational Church, and all married.


JOHN H. GEIGER, farmer, Sec. 33; P.O. Burlington; was born in Germany in 1826; came to Wisconsin in 1848. Married Miss Mary Baate June 8, 1878; she is a native of Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Geiger are members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Geiger owns 120 acres of land.

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