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Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



HENRY KARPEN, saloon; born in Germany in 1839; came to Wisconsin Aug. 7, 1856, locating, at Brighton, where he engaged in farming for twenty years; then moved to Union Grove, opening a saloon and billiard hall; remained two years, when he came to Kenosha and went into the saloon business, on Market street, his present location. Married, in 1860, Miss Elizabeth Weiller, a native of Germany; they have had seven children, three boys and four girls. In 1869, he was elected Assessor and Justice of the Peace in Brighton for two years. The family are members of the Catholic Church; Democrat.

PATRICK HENRY KELLY, of the firm of Kelly & Son, wholesale and retail liquor dealers; born in Ireland in 1819; came to Wisconsin in 1843, locating at Kenosha, where he was engaged in the teaming business for fifteen years; drove the United States mail for four years. In May, 1866, he formed a partnership with William Baylis and opened a liquor store, continuing for eighteen months, when Mr. Baylis retired from the firm, Mr. Kelly continuing from that time alone. Married, in 1848, Miss Sarah Ann Stanton, a native of Ireland; they have had six children, three boys and three girls; two of the girls are dead. Mr. Kelly was Alderman one term. The family are members of the Catholic Church.

JOHN KOHLMANN, saloon; born in Philadelphia, Penn., in 1853; came to Wisconsin in 1856, locating at Racine, where the early portion of his life was devoted to his father's business - carpetweaving; in 1874, he came to Kenosha, where he engaged in the manufacture of cigars; in 1878, he also opened a saloon in connection with his other business. In 1876, he married Miss Lizzie Williams, a native of Kenosha; they have had one child - John. Members of the Catholic Church; Democrat.

J. B. KUPFER, proprietor of bakery; was born in Bavaria, Germany; came with his parents to vicinity of Hartford, Washington Co., Wis., in 1846. In 1850, he came to Kenosha, and began his present business, first learning his trade, and, in 1859, beginning for himself. Four years previous to that, he was engaged in farming in Pleasant Prairie. In connection with the bakery, he was interested in the shipping business for four years, and for four years united toys and confectionary with his trade, and had for a time a branch bakery at Waukegan. He has been a member of the Board of Supervisors one term, and Alderman two terms, and also member of the Board of Education.


None with the letter "K"


PETER KREUSCHER, farmer, Sec. 6; P.O. Kenosha; born in Prussia in 1830; came to America in 1867; located in Kenosha Co. and engaged in farming, following that up to the present time. He married, in 1855, Miss Elizabeth Shilman, a native of Germany; he has four children - Peter, Jacob, WIlliam and Elizabeth. He is owner of eighty acres, and is a member of the Presbyterian Church.


NICHOLAS KAISER, farmer, Sec. 12; P.O. Pleasant Prairie; born April 3, 1811, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where he was a farmer; brought his family to America in June, 1852, and first settled in Kenosha, where he bought a house and two lots, and, in 1859, bought a farm of firty acres in Bristol Township; he afterward added forty acres, then sixty acres; finally sold all this and bought the forty acres he now owns; built his house in 1870. Married Miss Marie Steir, of Luxembourg, in March, 1842, and has four children - Catherine, Margaret, Frank and Nicholas. He and his family are members of the German Catholic Church.

JOHN A. KEARNS, farmer, Sec. 13; P.O. Pleasant Prairie; born Jan. 9, 1838, in Bridgeport, Conn., where he was educated; came to Wisconsin in 1855 and located in Bristol Township with his father, who bought the farm of ninety acres, and Mr. K. worked for him until his death, which occurred in September, 1864; Mr. Kearns raises all kinds of stock and grain, and some fruit; he is the proprietor of the noted stallion, "Rollin." Married Miss Mary Fox, of Pleasant Prairie, Nov. 11, 1869; she died Nov. 18, 1875, leaving one child - Alice, born May 7, 1872. He serves as Pathmaster in turn. Is a member of the Catholic Church. Thomas Kearns, a brother of the above, served three years with the 33d W.V.I., and participated in all the battles, skirmishes, etc., in which they were engaged during that period.

MICHAEL C. KELLY, Jr., farmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Pleasant Prairie; born Jan. 17, 1847, in Bristol Township, Kenosha Co., and has stayed here all his life; worked for his father till 1870, when he bought a farm in this township; afterward sold it and bought the one he now owns, of 160 acres, and twenty acres in Pleasant Prairie Township; he raises corn, oats, barley, wheat, flax, potatoes, horses, cows, sheep, hogs and poultry; makes butter and cheese for the market, and has fine apple and pear orchards. Married Miss Johanna Gleason, of Bristol, Dec. 28, 1867; she died Feb. 27, 1872, leaving two children - Nellie, born Oct. 1, 1868; William, born Jan. 20, 1871. Married Miss Mary Craney, of Paris Township, Oct. 15, 1874, and has two children by this marriage - John, born July 15, 1875; Johanna, born Oct. 5, 1878. Is Treasurer of the school district for the seventh year; serves as Pathmaster in turn. Mr. Kelly owns a threshing machine for the use of himself and neighbors in the proper season.


None with the letter "K"


MICHAEL KUMAN, farmer, Sec. 26; P.O. Brighton; he was born in Prussia in December, 1834; came to Wisconsin in 1857; afterward located in Brighton township, and engaged at farming. Married in Chicago, Ill., Miss Catharine Faber; she was born in Prussia in 1834; they have seven children - Valentine, born July, 1860; John, born April, 1862; Michael, born November, 1864; Elizabeth, born December, 1866; Mary, born December, 1870; Martha, born February, 1872; Susie, born January, 1875. Mr. Kuman was elected Town Treasurer in 1877, served two years; also, was Clerk of School Board District No. 7. He owns eighty acres of productive land, well improved, commodious barns and comfortable house. Members of the Brighton Roman Catholic Church.


CLEMENT KRONCKE, farmer, Sec. 36; P.O. Wilmot; born in Germany in 1852; came to Wisconsin in 1871, locating near Kenosha, where he purchased twenty-one acres; three years afterward he sold out and purchased his present farm of 120 acres on Sec. 36. Married July 7, 1869, Miss Alwine Gronthman, a native of Germany; had four children - Bertha, born in Germany, April 8, 1870; George, Oct. 14, 1871, died August, 1872; Netta, born June 6, 1873; Clement, Jan. 22, 1879. Members of Lutheran Church; Independent.

GEORGE KRONCKE, farmer, Sec. 26; P.O. Wilmot; born in Germany in 1837; came to Wisconsin in 1873, locating at Wilmot, and purchased a farm of 215 acres. Married, in 1862, Miss Augusta Gronthman, a native of Germany. They have had four children - George, born 1869; Jacob, 1874; Annie, 1877; and Mattie, who died in Germany, in 1863. Mr. Kroncke has held the positions of Justice of the Peace, School Treasurer and Treasurer of Cemetery. Member of German Lutheran Church.


None with the letter "K"


GERHARD KAISER, farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Wheatland; born in Westphalia, Prussia Oct. 15, 1824; came to Wisconsin in 1854; located at first in Burlington Township; worked at farming til 1858, then moved to Wheatland Township, where he married, in May, 1861, Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffner; born in Westphalia in May, 1814; the widow of Henry Hoffner, by whom she had six children; three are living - Henry, Anna and Elizabeth; Mr. Kaiser has no children; he is the owner of forty acres of good land, fairly improved. Member of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

WILLIAM KASKALN, farmer, Sec. 28; P.O. Burlington; was born in Germany in 1823; came to Wisconsin in 1854. Married in 1866. His wife was born in Germany; they have three children living, and have lost two. Mr. and Mrs. K. are members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. K. owns 100 acres of land.

JOHN KERKMAN, farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Wheatland; born in Westphalia, Prussia, September, 1813. Came to Wisconsin, October, 1844, located and bought the farm on which he is now living and working successfully. Married in Wheatland, May, 1846, Miss Anna Maria Sender, who was born in Westphalia, Prussia, in 1815. Had seven children, five are living - John A., Mary, Caroline and Josephine (NOTE: these four are the only names shown). Their mother died in December 1858. Mr. Kerkman married again, in Wheatland, June, 1859, Miss Elizabeth Althoff, who was also born in 1837. They have had eight children, five are living - Henry, William, Joseph, Anna and Katy. Mr. Kerkman has filled the following offices at various times. In 1849, he was elected Constable, and served one term. He has been Supervisor for nine years at various times. He is the owner of eighty acres of fine land, well-improved. They are members of the Catholic Church.

HENRY KERSTING, farmer, Secs. 2, 11 and 12; P.O. Wheatland; born July 25, 1827, in Prussia; he is the son of Henry and Elisabeth Kersting; his father died in Germany; they had four children - Henry, born July 25, 1827; Bernhard, in 1830; Anthony, in 1833; August, in 1838; their father died in Germany; they came to Wisconsin in July 1847; located and bought a farm of eighty acres in Wheatland, which the children worked industriously; their mother died in September, 1847, and bequeathed the farm to the four children; in course of time, Henry bought the entire property from the other heirs; he is now the sole owner of the farm, consisting of eighty acres of good land, fairly improved, with a good stone house, to which he is building an addition. Mr. Kersting married, July 12, 1853, Miss Mary Richter, who was born in 1833; they have had eleven children; nine are living - Mary, born in June, 1854; Anna, September, 1859; Bernard, October, 1861; William, November, 1863; Clara, June, 1866; Frank, September, 1868; Catharine, January, 1871; Matilda, June 1873; John M., March, 1876. Mr. Kersting has held the following offices: during the war, was elected Town Supervisor for three years; in 1866, Town Treasurer; served two terms; in 1868, Town Assessor for one term; in 1873, was re-elected Township Treasurer; re-elected in 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877 and 1878; served six consecutive terms. In 1864, he was drafted in the army, and bought a substitute. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

PHILLIP KESSLER, farmer, Sec. 33; P.O. Slade's Corner; was born in Germany in 1815; came to America in 1837, and first located in Massachusetts; while there, he was employed in cloth manufacture; in 1859, he removed to Wisconsin and located on his present homestead. He married in 1847; his wife was born in Germany; they have six children living, and have lost one. Mr. and Mrs. Kessler are members of the Lutheran Church. Mr. Kessler owns 130 acres of land in a good state of cultivation.

CHARLES W. KOHLS, farmer, Sec. 29; P.O. Burlington; was born in Germany in 1816; came to Wisconsin in 1853. Married in 1861; his wife was born in Germany; they have had two children - Clara and Ida. Mr. and Mrs. Kohls are members of the Methodist Church. Mr. K. owns seventy-nine acres of land.

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