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Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



PAUL SAUBER, grocer; born in Germany April 10, 1843; came to Wisconsin in 1848, locating at Port Washington, where his father purchased a farm, and he remained till 1858, when he came to Kenosha and went to work at the brick business for four years. In 1862, he enlisted in the 34th Wis. Regt. for nine months' service, afterward joining, the 1st Wis. Heavy Artillery; in 1865, he was mustered out, and returned to Kenosha. In November, 1869, he opened a grocery store on Main street, his present location. In 1868, he married Miss Barbara Bremer, a native of Wisconsin; they have had five children, three girls and two boys. The family are members of the Catholic Church.

WILLIAM H. SAUNDERS, physician and surgeon; was born in Philadelphia, and came to Ann Arbor, Mich., with his parents, when but one year old; he lived there until 1865. He is a graduate of both the Literary and Medical Departments of the Michigan University, and, after his graduation, went to Davenport, Iowa, and engaged in practice; after a residence there of nine months, he went to Lawrence, Kan., where he lived until 1875, when he came to Kenosha. He was City Physician one year, and is now County Physician.

JOHN SCHMITT, grocer; born in 1832 in Prussia; came to Wisconsin in 1852, locating at Kenosha, where he remained a short time and then went to Indiana, remaining two years, when he returned to Kenosha, and worked as carpenter and wagon-maker for four years; in 1858, started in business for himself, opening a grocery and saloon. January, 1860, married Miss Margaret Barnich, a native of Germany. They have had ten children, eight sons and two daughters; five now living. Members of the Catholic Church. Democrat.

AUGUST SCHROEDER, harness-maker; born in 1831, in Germany; came to Wisconsin in 1854, locating at Kenosha, where he worked for Smith & Lines, manufacturing harness for eight years. In 1862, he enlisted in the 26th W. V. I., Co. C, at Kenosha, and joined the regiment at Milwaukee; was present at the battles of Mission Ridge and Gettysburg; was wounded June 22, 1864, near Kenesaw Mountain, in Georgia, when he was sent to Nashville; remained eleven weeks in hospital; thence to the hospital in Milwaukee for eight weeks. In June, 1865, was mustered out; returned to Kenosha and formed partnership with L. Smith, in the harness business. Smith sold out to G. Limpert and the firm changed to Schroeder & Limpert. Spring of 1870, he sold out and went to Iowa; returned in 1872; in 1873, formed partnership with Joseph Dunnebacke, which was continued till spring of 1877, when he bought Dunnebacke out and continued alone. Married, in 1854, Miss Dora Janes, a native of Germany; they have had eight children, five boys and three girls; one boy died in 1873. Was Alderman of the Second Ward. Republican.

Z. G. SIMMONS, President of the Northwestern Telegraph Company; a capitalist prominently identified with material interests, not only in Kenosha, but throughout the Northwest came to Kenosha in 1843. After a brief residence in that settlement, he continued his journey in company with Mr. S., Sr., to Lake Co. Ill., when the latter established himself on a farm, and for a number of years carried on farming. In 1850, the subject of this sketch returned to Kenosha, where he became identified with financial and commercial enterprises, and was uniformly successful in all his ventures. The Northwestern Telegraph Company was at that date in its infancy, and had not been attended with that success which its projectors felt had been deserved. The line extended from Milwaukee to Madison, and liable at any time to fail of realizing the fullest complement of expectations anticipated. At this time, Mr. Simmons became connected with the company, and the high regard in which its stock is held by capitalists today, is an indication of the influence he has exercised in conquering prospective defeat and realizing certain profit out of promised loss.

ALBERT C. SINCLAIR, railroad conductor; born in St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1840; his family came West, and located in Milwaukee in 1844, where he, in 1856, at the age of 16, engaged in railroading, following the occupation of engineer and conductor; holds the latter position at the present time; he came to Kenosha in November, 1868. Married, in 1861, Miss Julia H. Clark, Native of Grafton, N. H., at Chicago, Ill. Have three children - Harry C., Fred P. and Edwin. Mr. Sinclair has been a member of School Board for three years, is now President of same.

THOMAS SMITH, engineer of Simmons & Co.'s box factory; born at Ogdensburg, N. Y., in 1838; moved West with his parents when 6 years old and settled in Kenosha. Ran an engine on Fulton Air Line R. R. two years; worked one year for Mr. Bain; past five years has run Simmons & Co.'s engine at their box factory. Married Miss Johanna Flannigan, of Kenosha, Sept. 25, 1859; she was born Dec. 4, 1841. Have ten children, five boys and five girls - Mary Anne, born Dec. 25, 1860; James April 3, 1862; Thomas, June 6, 1863; Ellen, Oct. 10, 1864; John, Oct. 6, 1866; Margaret, Nov. 6 1868; Caroline, July 31, 1870; Walter, June 3, 1872, died May 15, 1875; Alice, April 3, 1874; Francis, Aug. 13, 1876; William Eugene, Oct. 25, 1878. Religion, Roman Catholic.

NICHOLAS SPARTZ, Sheriff; was born in Prussia; came to America in the spring of 1848, and located in Kenosha Co., in the town of Paris, See. 36. In 1870, he settled upon 140 acres, Secs. 4 and 5, in the same town, which he still owns. Mr. Spartz was chairman of the Board of Supervisors for five years, and Town Treasurer for two years. He was elected Sheriff in November, 1878.

MATHIAS STAHL, Jr., Deputy Sheriff and Policeman born in Germany in 1844; came to Wisconsin in 1857, locating at Kenosha, where the early part of his life was spent with his father. He opened a hotel and saloon, continued for six years, then sold out and went into the ice business; in 1874, was elected City Marshal for two years, and, Jan. 13, 1879, Deputy Sheriff for two years. In 1872, he was appointed Policeman, which position he at present holds. Married, on Jan. 13, 1852, Miss Bridget Terry, a native of Illinois. They have had nine children, seven boys and two girls; one boy and one girl died. Member Catholic Church; Democrat.

JARED B. STARKWEATHER, druggist,, born in the town of Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y., May 21, 1813; came to Wisconsin in October, 1847, locating at Kenosha (then Southport), where he engaged in the drug business; was also engaged in farming for a number of years. He practiced medicine,and surgery in the east, having received his education at Geneva College, New York. Married on Sept. 12, 1838, Miss Mary Bailey, a native of Orleans Co., N. Y. They have had three children, one boy and two girls. He has held the offices of Alderman, School Commissioner and Supervisor. Family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church - Republican.

J. M. STEBBINS, attorney and Justice of the Peace; is a Native of Stillwater, N. Y., and was born in 1829. His fatber, Salmon Stebbins, was a M. E. clergyman and was sent from New York as a missionary to the West, in 1836. He traveled from Chicago to Green Bay, and returned to Schoharie Co., N. Y., upon an Indian pony, making the long journey entirely on horseback. In May, 1837, the family located on a farm in Benton, Lake Co., Ill., where J. M. lived seventeen years. In 1854, he came to Kenosha; was a clerk in a store for three years, then engaged in the mercantile business for two years. In 1860, he was elected Sheriff, and served two years. From 1863 to the fall of 1868, he was engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes, and was again elected Sheriff in 1869 and 1870. In 1871, he was elected Justice of the Peace, which office he has since held, with the exception of the year 1877. He was Alderman five years, and member of the County Board for three or four years. He was admitted to the bar in 1875.

WM. S. STRONG, is a native of East Windsor, Conn.; was reared in Hartford, and came to Kenosha in May, 1843. He entered upon mercantile business at the outset, and, in 1846, began the lumber trade, in which he continued until 1851, when he transferred his business to Chicago. In 1853, he again became a merchant, and, from 1859 until 1869, was engaged in lumbering in the northern part of the State. He has been in his present business (connected with the management of the business of Edward Bain) since 1870. Mr. Strong was at one time President of the village of Southport, and has been Alderman of his ward in Kenosha.


MATTHEW SCOTT, farmer, Sec. 35; P.O. Kenosha; born April 20, 1809, in Perthshire, Scotland, where he engaged in business as a brewer; came to America in 1844, and located in Pleasant Prairie Township on Aug. 1st of that year; bought his farm of 160 acres, about twelve of which have been cultivated, built his homestead, a handsome brick edifice, barns, etc.; he raises all kinds of grain and stock. Married Miss Jane Barclay, of Scotland, Dec. 16, 1851; she died March 9, 1875. Had five children - Devid, Lawrence, Matthew, Anne and Jane. His three sons served in the army. David, in the 116th Ill. Regt., and was confined in Libby prison for eight months; Lawrence served in the 153rd Ill Regt., and Matthew in the Commissary Department. Oct. 17, 1876, Mr. D. married Miss Jane Scott, of Scotland. They belong to the Episcopal Methodist Church, built just across the line in Illinois, and of which Mr. Scott is Treasurer and Trustee.

PETER SHMITT, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Kenosha; born July 22, 1826, in Prussia; came to America in 1840, and stopped near Chicago, occupying himself mostly as a farmer in Cook Co., Ill., for about ten years; worked in a brewery; then came to Kenosha and worked for about five years in the same business; bought his Pleasant Prairie farm in the spring of 1875, and owns ninety acres and a lot of three acres in Illinois. He raises rye, corn, flax and other cereals; also some stock. Married Miss Ceceilia Ribley, of Prussia, Nov. 5, 1845, and has nine children - Mary, Angie, Matt, Susie, Lena, Mike, Katie, Peter and Gertie. He and his family belong to the German Catholic Church. Mr. Shmitt helped to build the Kenosha and Rockford R.R.

WILLIAM STANLEY, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Kenosha; born Sept 1, 1829, in Essex Co., Vt., came to Paris Township, Wis., in 1836. On arrival, Mr. Stanley's father built a log house which was ready for occupation in one month; came to Pleasant Prairie in the spring of 1837, and, in 1839, his father located on his present farm, buying the improvements, which consisted of fencing, a log house and three or four acres of plowed land. The farm now consists of 590 acres of land, with large barns and a handsome homestead, which Mr. William Stanley rebuilt and remodeled throughout in 1874. He raises all kinds of stock, and makes a specialty of sheep; has 300 to 400 head. He also has a dairy, for which he keeps from fifty to sixty head of cattle. Married Miss Mary E. Dabbs, of Pleasant Prairie, Nov. 27, 1872, and has three children - Mary Edith, born March 19, 1874; John William, Jan. 14, 1876; Charles Frank, Aug. 18, 1878. Mr. S. was Supervisor for Pleasant Prairie for 1877.


MATHIAS SCHWAN, farmer, Sec. 9; P.O. Kenosha; born in Germany in 1822; came to America in 1846, stopping at Pittsburgh, Penn.; he remained there for two years; came to Kenosha Co. in 1848, and engaged in farming; in 1856, he located on the farm he now occupies. He is a member of the Catholic Church. He married, in Milwaukee, in 1848, Miss Gertrude Fox, a native of Prussia; they have four children - Christ, Annie, Hubert and Helen. He is owner of ninety acres.

BURR SIMMONS, farmer, P.O. Kenosha; born in New York in 1830, came West in 1844, and landed in Southport (now Kenosha); went thence to Lake Co., Ill., where he remained until 1861, when he returned to Kenosha and engaged in the business of tanning; followed that until the spring of 1879, when he went onto his farm in the town of Somers; he was a member of the Kenosha City Council for three or four years. He is a member of the F. & A.M.; has three children - Ella J., Austin B., and Millie; is owner of 100 acres.

GEORGE M. SLOAN, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Kenosha; born in Ohio in 1830; came to Kenosha Co. in 1874, intending to retire from active business. He married, in County Down, Ireland, in 1858, Miss Charlotte E. Atkinson, a native of Ireland. He has had ten children, eight still living. He is now engaged in completing a poem of several thousand lines, which he expects to have ready for publication within a fortnight. He is owner of sixty-three acres of land where he resides.

WILLIAM SMITH, farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Kenosha; born in Scotland in 1802; came to America in 1834; in the fall of that year went to Milwaukee, Wis., and, in the spring of 1835, he purchased 160 acres of land where the city of Milwaukee now stands; in the fall of 1836, Mr. Smith burned a kiln of lime of 300 barrels, in what was probably the first lime kiln built in Wisconsin. He sold his land in Milwaukee in 1836, and repurchased it in 1838. In 1836, he came to Kenosha Co., and, at the land sale the following spring, he purchased 320 acres in what is now Somers Township, and began cultivating it, and has since remained on it. In 1860, he was awarded the second prize for the best improved farm in Wisconsin, by the State Agricultural Society. Mr. Smith married, in Burlington, Wis., in 1842, Miss Arvilla Dyer, a native of Herkimer Co., N.Y., who died some years ago, leaving no children. Mr. Smith is owner at present of 155 acres of land. Mr. Smith, some years ago, while ordering from his premises two young men who were shooting pigeons, on a Sunday morning, was fired upon by one of them, shooting his right arm entirely off, from which Mr. Smith has since suffered very much, being quite old at the time of the occurrence.

MISS EMMA STEINBRIDGE, with her brother, who is a farmer, Sec. 13; P.O. Racine; born in County Sussex, England; she, with her brothers, came to America in 1853, locating near Madison, Wis., remaining there about eight years; came then to Kenosha Co. with three brothers; they settled on the farm in Somers Township, where Miss Steinbridge now resides with her brother William. In 1861, Miss Steinbridge returned (on a visit) to her old home in England; remained about a year, returning in 1863 to the farm where she now resides.

WILLIAM R. STETSON, farmer, Sec. 13; P.O. Kenosha; born in Westfield, N.Y., in 1821; he came West in 1840, locating in Southport (now Kenosha). His father, William A. Stetson, kept a hotel for a number of years. In 1854, Mr. William R. Stetson located on the farm he now lives on, in Somers Township, Kenosha Co.; he has remained ever since on his farm. He married at Kenosha, in 1854, Miss Ellen Omealy, a native of New York. Mr. Stetson has a family of two children, named, respectively, Grosvenor A. and Julia B. He has a farm of 163 acres.

DAVID STRONG, farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Somers; born in Stafford, Conn., March 24, 1803; he came West in 1834, for a short time; again came West in 1839, bringing with him his family, and in May of the later year, located in Somers, Kenosha Co., on the farm he now occupies; he engaged in farming, and continued that up to the present time. Member of the Presbyterian Church. He married, in Worcester Co., in 1848, Miss Harriet Plimpton, a native of Worcester Co., Mass. They have four children - Lyman J., born March 18, 1850; Hattie L., born Jan. 5, 1852; George D., born Aug. 3, 1854; Eugene G., born Aug. 21, 1858. Mr. Strong is owner of 1,285 acres of land.

SAMUEL S. STRONG, farmer, Sec. 25; P.O. Somers; born in Ohio in 1827; he came to Kenosha County in 1851; located on the farm he now cultivates, and engaged in farming; he is a member and Elder of the Presbyterian Church, and he has been a member of the Board of Town Supervisors since 1874. He married in Somers, Kenosha Co., Jan. 11, 1855, Miss Louise Harris, a native of the Island of Guernsey. Mr. Strong has three children - Mary L., Alice E., and Addie A. Mr. Strong is the owner of 160 acres of land.


LEMUEL SPENCER, carpenter and joiner, Section 10; P.O. Woodworth; born Nov. 10, 1804, in Oneida Co., N.Y.; his parents moved to Onondaga Co., N.Y., when he was 2 years old; he worked as a cooper there till 1845, when he came to Wisconsin and located in Bristol Township; worked as a farmer and bought the Burrill farm, which he afterward sold; bought four acres of land and erected his homestead. In 1877, he inherited some property, and has since retired from active business. Married Miss Mary Goff, of Onondaga Co., N.Y., Dec. 11, 1825, who died Feb. 13, 1853; they had nine children - Purleyette, born Oct. 3, 1826, married William Bath, of Tennessee; Andrew J., born Aug. 3, 1828; Seth, born Oct. 3, 1830, died at Oconto; Mary, born Feb. 17, 1833, died in Illinois; Mindwell, born April 1, 1835, died March 1877; Edmund, born April 27, 1837; Jerusha J., born May 25, 1840, died at Oconto; DeWitt D., born Nov. 5, 1842, died Nov. 5, 1862; Albert, born Aug. 23, 1844, died in 1864. Mr. Spencer married Mrs. Rachel Simmons, of England, Aug. 5, 1862; they had four children - Louisa M., born Oct. 25, 1863; Lucy, born Nov. 17, 1865, died Jan. 6, 1868; Rachel, born May 4, 1868; Hattie E., born April 21, 1872, died April 28, 1872. Mrs. S. has one child by former marriage, Jessie Simmons, born April 1, 1857. Mr. S. had three sons in the war - Andrew J., served on land and at sea; DeWitt D. was killed at Perryville; Albert was killed in the battle of the Wilderness. Mr. Spencer was Treasurer of Bristol one year and Constable eight years.

ORRIN C. STONEBREAKER, farmer, Secs. 16,17 and 21; P.O. Bristol; born Oct. 14, 1829, in Otsego Co., N.Y.; when about 2 years old, went with his parents to Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., and worked on his father's farm until 1851, when he came to Wisconsin and located in Bristol Township; bought a farm of 125 acres and sold part of it. His father came to Wisconsin in 1857 and bought 212 acres in this township, which was the foundation of Mr. S's present farm; he now owns 475 acres, and raises corn, oats and grass, sheep and hogs, and keeps about sixty-five cows, for the support of his butter and cheese factory. Married Miss Ruby Brayman, of Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., Nov. 16, 1850, and has five children living - Orra J., born May 10, 1854; Effie May, born March 26, 1861; Orrin Peter, born Sept. 6, 1865; Edwin L., born July 28, 1867; Maud C., born May 6, 1873. He was Treasurer of Bristol two years, Director and Clerk of Schools nearly every year and Pathmaster in turn. Mrs. S. is a member of the Baptist Church.


ALBERT SCHMUCHEL, farmer, Sec. 36; P.O. Kenosha; born in Prussia in 1848; came to America in 1869, locating in town of Paris, Kenosha Co., and engaged in farming. He married, in Kenosha, May, 1876, Mrs. Munger, formerly Miss Katie Keene, a native of Prussia; she had one child by her former husband. Mr. Schmuchel has two children - William, born in 1877, and Mary, born in 1878. He is owner of fifty-five acres.


LUDWIG SEIBERT, farmer, Sec. 20; P.O. Brighton; he was born in Germany Aug. 19, 1847; came to Wisconsin in January, 1869; located in Brighton Township, and farmed for a short time; moved to Walworth Co. for a few years; returned to Brighton Township; re-engaged at farming, which occupation he still industriously follows. He married in Bloomfield, January 1869, Miss Caroline Kuhn. They have three children - Ludwig, Andrew and Franz. Mr. Seibert owns 137 and one half acres of fertile and productive land, barn, comfortable house, etc. Members of the Catholic Church.

MICHAEL SERVERT, farmer, Sec. 35; P.O. Brighton; He was born in Germany, Dec. 15, 1847; came direct to Wisconsin in 1850, with his father, who located in Brighton and engaged at farming. Mr. Servert received a fair education. His father taught him how to work. He married, in 1871, Miss Mary Sparoc, a native of Kenosha Co., they have no children. He owns eighty acres of good improved land in the southeastern part of Brighton. He has a spacious barn; also a pretty home. Members of the Brighton Roman Catholic Church.

F. WILHELM SCHMIDT, farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Burlington. He was born in Germany, Feb. 26, 1826; came to Wisconsin in 1855; located in Brighton and engaged at farming till 1862; then moved to Wheatland Township; remained there a short time; returned and re-located in Brighton, where he re-engaged at farming in 1866. Married, in 1854, Miss Catherine Bock. They have five children - Anna, born Oct. 16, 1855; Hermann, May 4, 1857; Emma, Aug. 21, 1859; Robert, Jan. 30, 1863; Louis, May 28, 1865. Mr. Schmidt owns eighty acres of good land, good barns, pleasant home, etc.

WILLIAM W. SMITH, farmer, Sec. 12; P.O. Paris; born in Yorkshire, England, April 10, 1816; he came to Wisconsin in 1848; located in Brighton Township, and engaged at farming, and has accumulated a valuable property; he now owns 153 acres of land, with a large substantial barn, and a pleasant home. He married, in England, in 1836, Miss Hannah Morse; have had seven children - Benjamin, James, John, William, Joseph, Emma and Thomas. Mr. Smith was a member of the School Board for two years; he has never aspired to any political offices.

PETER STAHL, Sec. 21; P.O. Brighton; born in Lower Rhenish Province, Germany, Aug. 4, 1838; he came direct to Brighton Township, Kenosha Co., Wis., and engaged at farming. Mr. Stahl married, in February, 1858, Miss Margaret Gill, a native of Germany; have had seven children - Matt J., Elizabeth, Susan, Jacob, Peter, Mary and John. During the late war, Mr. Stahle served three months in the State militia; then was mustered out and returned to his home. Mr. Stahl has been assistant Supervisor of Brighton Township; was also a Clerk of the School Board for six years. He owns 120 acres of land, handsomely improved, a valuable farm, on which he has lately built a comfortable house. Members of the Brighton Catholic Church.

BRADLEY H. STOCKER, farmer, Sec. 33; P.O. Salem, was born in New Haven, Conn., Oct. 16, 1830; located in Brighton Township, engaged at farming; was first employed by Irena Burgess. Mr. Stocker was a young man of ambition and energy; by his efforts and good management, he has accumulated a valuable property. He married, in Kenosha, March 27, 1855, Miss Lucia M. Davenport, a native of Madison Co., N.Y.; they have two daughters - Lelia and Mary. Miss Lelia Stocker is a successful school-teacher; has taught in different parts of Kenosha Co. Mr. Stocker was elected, in 1877, Supervisor of Brighton Township; re-elected in 1878; he has also been a member of the School Board at divers times. He owns 330 acres of fertile land, most of it under cultivation, finely improved, substantial barns and good house.

PETER SWARTZ, farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Brighton; he was born Germany in April, 1845, came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1847, and located in Kenosha; lived there two years; then moved to Brighton Township and engaged in farming. His father was born in Germany in October, 1792. Married in Germany, in 1816, Miss Susan Nellis; is a native of the same place; they had six children, three now living. Their father died Sept. 11, 1876. Their children are - John, Susan and Peter. He married May 28, 1873, Miss Lizzie Johannes, a native of Paris Township. They have three children - Maggie, born February 1874; Johnny, January 1876; Susan, March 1877. Mr. Swartz owns eighty-one acres of fertile land, most of it under cultivation, with well improved barns and good house. Members of the Brighton Roman Catholic Church.


None with the letter "S"


FRED. J. SCHENNING, farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Fox River; born in Dane Co., Wis, in 1856; lived in that locality about ten years; resided in Milwaukee one year, and then settled in Salem Township, where he is now engaged in farming. The farm embraced 260 acres of good land, well improved and valued at about $10,000. The principal products are grain, wool and live-stock. The residence, a neat frame building, is pleasantly situated near the borders of Silver Lake. An orchard of 150 trees, in good bearing, is near the house. The wife of Mr. Schenning, whose maiden name was Miss Eliza Prosser, was a native of Kenosha County. She and her husband are both members of the Lutheran Church of Wilmot. His father, Mr. Fred Schenning, Sr., was born in Germany in 1821; came to America in 1850; settled first in Cleveland, Ohio. Moved West twenty-three years ago, and is now residing in Wilmot. Is 58 years of age.

ANDREW H. SMITH, farmer, Sec. 26; P.O. Salem; born in New Hampshire in 1820; came to WIsconsin in 1858, locating at Salem; purchased a farm of 114 acres from his brother, T.A. Smith. Married, in 1843, Miss Caroline Colby, a native of Vermont; had two children - Henry, born in 1856; Elizabeth M., who died at the age of one year. Was Pathmaster a number of terms; School Director ten years. Republican.


PAUL E. SAUER, Postmaster and merchant, Slade's Corner; was born in Calumet, Fond du Lac Co., Wis., in 1851; came to Kenosha Co. in 1869; started in business at his present location in 1874; was appointed Postmaster Dec. 16, 1878. Married, in 1875, Miss Maggie Kessler; she was born in Massachusetts; they have one son - Paul, born Oct. 28, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Sauer are members of the Lutheran Church.

BEN M. SCHILZ, merchant, Wheatland; born in Prussia, Oct. 27, 1853; came to Wisconsin in April, 1872, located and worked at farming near Kenosha; he was for a few years employed in Kenosha; remained there until April, 1876, then came to Wheatland, where he was employed for Zannen Bros., merchants; was in their employ till May, 1878, then bought them out, and is now sole proprietor of the store; Mr. Schilz carried a general line of staple and fancy goods, boots, shoes, dry goods, groceries, hardware, etc. He married in Wheatland, May 7, 1878, Miss Mary Toelle, who was born in Wheatland in June, 1856.

THEODORE SCHUERMAN, farmer, Secs. 26 and 35; P.O. Wheatland, born in Westphalia, Prussia, in April, 1809. In 1828, he enlisted in the Prussian army; served till 1830; was honorably discharged. Returned to his home in Westphalia, and followed his occupation of farming. He married in Westphalia, in July, 1840, Miss Savilla Dellman, a native of the same place; had nine children, six now living - Angela, married Ben Thiegs, a farmer in Wisconsin; Mena, married H. Hollenkamp, a farmer; Mary, married Benjamin Hollenkamp, a farmer; Dora, married A. Richter, a farmer living in Wheatland; Henry is a blacksmith, working in Burlington; Franz is assisting his father in working the farm. Mr. Schuerman came to Wisconsin in 1847; located and bought the farm where he is now living; he is leading a very industrious life, and, by his good management, has accumulated a good property; he is owner of 164 acres of good land, part of which extends to the Fox River; his farm is well improved. Members of the Wheatland Catholic Church.

FREDERICK SCHULTZ, farmer, Sec. 36; P.O. Wheatland; born in Prussia in January, 1818. Married, in July 1851, Wilhelmina Meitzner; had five children - Mena, Mary, Sophia, Wilhelm and Louisa; their mother died in Wisconsin; Mr. Schultz married again, in Wisconsin, Miss Elizabeth Lempkin, a native of Prussia; they have two children - Bernard and Anna. Mr. Schultz came to Wisconsin in 1866; located and bought a farm of forty acres, where he is now living and working industriously; a few years ago, he purchased forty acres adjoining; he is now the owner of eighty acres of good land, fairly improved.

HERMAN SPITZMANN, farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Wheatland; born in Munster, Province of Westphalia, Prussia, October, 1833. He is the son of CHristopher and Mary Spitzmann; came to Wisconsin with his parents in May, 1844; They located and bought a farm of eighty acres in Wheatland Township, where they lived happily and worked successfully up to the time of their deaths.

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