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Kenosha County Biographical Sketches



ERNST G. TIMME, County Clerk; was born in the city of Werden, Rhine Province, Prussia, on the 21st of June, 1843. He came with his parents to America in 1848, and settled in the town of Wheatland, Kenosha Co., where he lived until 1861. In August of that year, he enlisted in Co. C, 1st Wis. V. I., as a private. He took part in all the battles in which his regiment was engaged in Kentucky and Tennessee, and received slight wounds at the battles of Perryville, Ky., and Stone River, Tenn. He was in all the engagements with the Fourteenth Army Corps under Gen. Thomas, until the battle of Chickamauga, where, on the second day of the fighting, he lost his left arm. He was promoted to a captaincy by brevet for gallantry displayed at that time, and, after eight months in hospital, was honorably discharged. The wound did not heal, however, until more than a year after his discharge. Previous to entering the army, he had obtained a common-school education, and he now spent two years in good sahools, to fit himself for a business career. He was elected Town Clerk, Assessor and Justice of the Peace by the people of the town of his adoption, and, in November, 1866, was elected County Clerk of Kenosha Co., which office he has held uninterruptedly ever since. In connection with it, he has held the office of Register of Deeds. In 1877, he was a prominent candidate before the Republican State Convention for the office of Secretary of State. Mr. Timme is an honorable and influential citizen.

REV. F. W. TOMKINS, Minister and present Pastor of the Episcopalian Church, Kenosha; was born and educated in New York City; came to Wisconsin from Colorado, and located in Kenosha in May, 1878. Married Miss Anna M. G. Cutter, June, 1875; Miss Cutter was a native of Cambridge, Mass. They have one child-Sarah Graham.

ROYAL B. TOWSLEE, came to Kenosha Aug. 6, 1839, and in 1840 began the mercantile business, in which he continued, buying and selling grain, lumber, etc., until 1857. He then engaged in shipping grain until 1863, when he built a vessel, and carried on that business until 1874.

STEPHEN W. TRUESDELL, of the firm of Truesdell & Co., photographers, is a native of Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y. He removed to Yates Co. when 17 years of ago., and when 21 came to Kenosha. He was for eight years associated with the wholesale oyster house of Medford, Russell & Co., of Annapolis and Milwaukee, and has been engaged in his present business since 1860.

ROLLIN TUTTLE, commission merchant; born in Connecticut in 1810; came to Wisconsin May 28, 1836; located at Bristol, where he purchased a quarter-section of land, and commenced farming. In July, 1853, he moved to Kenosha and went to teaming - then to buying grain, which business he is now engaged in. Married, in 1833, Miss Emeline Higgins, a native of Connecticut; they have had five children-three sons and two daughters; one son and one daughter died. Mr. Tuttle was the first Town Collector in Bristol; also Town Clerk two years, Assessor two years and Postmaster three years. Member Presbyterian Church; Republican.


JOSEPH S. TODD, farmer, Sec. 7; P.O. Kenosha; born Nov. 13, 1852, in Kenosha, and resided there about seven years; moved to Chicago after his mother's death; then to Greenwood; next to Woodstock, and worked as a farmer, except in 1873, when he was a sailor on the lakes; returned to Pleasant Prairie in the summer of 1878, and has been about a year on George Yule's farm of forty-two acres, to which twenty acres more will soon be added. He raises stock principally. He owns a horse, harness and wagon, besides the usual farm implements; also has a large number of fowls. Married Miss Flora A. Warriner, of Kenosha, Feb. 13, 1878; has one child - Lewis A., born Jan 29, 1879. By the side of his house is Gatchell Water Cure, called Oak Grove Sanitarium, now uninhabited, fast going to ruin.

DERASTUS TORREY, farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Pleasant Prairie; born Jan. 11, 1820, in Centerville, Allegany, N.Y., where he was a farmer; in the spring of 1866, he came to Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha Co., Wis., and took charge of Truesdell's farm of 1,100 acres. He hought his farm in the spring of 1872, and owns 335 acres of land. He repaired the house, built his cheese factory, and manufactures about twenty tons per annum. On the farm, he raises all kinds of grain and stock, keeping about sixty cows for his factory. Married Miss Jane Knowlton, of Centerville, N.Y., June 3, 1845, and has three children - A.E. Torrey, born Nov. 3, 1847; Herbert C., May 1, 1857; Allen J., Jan. 3, 1861. Mr. T. has been Assessor of Taxes in New York, and is Supervisor of Pleasant Prairie for 1879. He held this office once before.

HERBERT C. TORREY, Pleasant Prairie Station Agent C. & N.W.R.R., Sec. 8; P.O. Box Pleasant Prairie; born May 1, 1857, in Allegany Co., N.Y., where he was educated; came to Wisconsin in 1864, and worked for Mr. Truesdell for two years in his cheese factory; then was appointed station agent. He owns a flour and feed store and dwelling house, and has just added a flour-mill. He also owns ten acres of land, covered with fruit trees. Married Miss Charlotte Derbyshire, of Pleasant Prairie, April 24, 1873, and has one child - Charles H., born Setp 26, 1878. Mr. T. was Treasurer of the School District for two years.


None with the letter "T"


SAMUEL E. TARBELL, farmer, Secs. 3 and 10; P.O. Woodworth; born May 2, 1813, in Brimfield, Hampden Co., Mass., where he worked on his father's farm till the fall of 1834, then went to Seneca Co., N.Y., and was school teacher till the spring of 1837, when he came to Wisconsin; landed at Milwaukee and went in a schooner to Racine; from there to Pleasant Prairie by stage, and then followed the blaze on trees to Bristol, where he claimed 160 acres of land; the east half of the northeast quarter of Sec. 10; he returned to Seneca Co., N.Y., in the fall of 1837, and married Miss Caroline J. Squires, of that county, Jan. 3, 1838; the same year came back and settled on his farm, and built a small frame house; in 1845, he erected his barns, and, in 1847, replaced his frame residence with his present homestead; he raises all kinds of grain and stock. His wife died Nov. 22, 1847, leaving one child - William S. On Dec. 27, 1848, he married Mrs. Aurelia Hamlin, of Pompeii, N.Y. He was a strong Anti-Slavery man, and is still Republican in politics. He has been Supervisor and Assessor of Bristol several years; Town Clerk one year; County Supervisor from 1867 to 1869; member of the Legislature for 1869, and has held school offices and been Pathmaster many times. Mrs. T. is a member of the Congregational Church.

WILLIAM S. TARBELL, farmer, Secs. 3 and 19; P.O. Woodworth; was born Dec. 22, 1842, in Bristol Township, and has lived in this county all his life, working in Kenosha City from 1859 to 1867 in a store; he now assists his father on the farm. Married Miss Parmelia C. Loomis, of Bristol, Oct. 16, 1867; has had two children - Carrie J., born May 4, 1869, died April 4, 1872; Alonzo E., born Sept. 28, 1875. Has held school offices several years, and is now Treasurer of district schools; served as Pathmaster in turn.

HERMON S. THORP, farmer, Sec. 19; P.O. Bristol; born Jan. 20, 1809, in Reading, Fairfield Co., Conn; went to Brookfield, Conn., and remained some years; in 1829, went to Newton, Conn., where he was a merchant tailor; in 1832, went to Spencertown, Columbia Co., N.Y., and worked at the same business; he was Duputy Sheriff there for five years; in 1839, came West by canal to Buffalo, and round the lakes to Chicago; after looking round for a few weeks, decided to come to Wisconsin; located in Bristol with Messrs. Benedict and Judson, his brothers-in-law; all settled on adjoining lands; bought one-half section from Mr. Jennings, and other land from Government. Mr. Judson now resides in Iowa. Mr. Thorp now owns 180 acres of land, forty acres of it woodland, and raises all kinds of grain and stock, paying most attention to sheep. Married Miss Emeline Lacy, of Brookfield, Conn., in 1829, and has five children - Frederick O., Mary A., Ellen, Edward L. and Emmil. Was member of Legislature for 1849; was member of Senate for 1861-62, his son Frederick being there at the same time; is now Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and has been for twelve years; was Assessor one year and Justice of the Peace for two terms; he has held all school offices at different periods, and is Pathmaster in turn.

MARTIN TOURTELLOTTE, farmer, Secs. 13 and 14; P.O. Pleasant Prairie; born July 28, 1828, in Chautauqua Co., N.Y., where he worked for his parents till 1838, when he came to Wisconsin by steamship from Barcelona, N.Y., and, after six days' voyage, landed at Kenosha and moved into a shanty at a place called Hickory Grove, in Pleasant Prairie, and that winter moved into a log house in Bristol; the family at that time consisted of his mother, two brothers, three sisters and himself; they suffered many hardships at first, the people in Illinois having stopped shipping provisions to this point, as they thought the farmers were raising sufficient for their own support; but this was not so, and they were reduced to eating tainted pork, musty flour, with an occaisional prairie -chicken, when they could get it; Mr. T. worked out at this time, and gradually increased his savings, so that about 1843 he bought a farm of forty acreas on the Wilmot road and another forty acres west of it; he now owns that and 105 acres in another part of the township, besides sixteen acres of woodland, in all 321 acreas, and on which he raises all kinds of grain and stock; he established a milk dairy, in 1874, and raises blooded stock, and by close attention to this business is now considered one of the best breeders of blooded stock in the Northwest; his stallion, "Moody," trotted one mile in 2.45, without a break and with no training. Married Miss Julia Clark, of Genesee Co. N.Y., Sept. 22, 1847, and had three children - Henry, Augusta and Bayard. He has served as Constable; has been Clerk, Director and Treasurer of School District at various periods, and serves as Pathmaster in turn. Henry, his son, was born Aug. 25, 1849, in Bristol, and has remained on his father's farm all his life. Married Miss Flora Kingman, of Bristol, Sept. 7, 1874, and has two children, twins, born April 30, 1879. Was treasurer of Bristol for 1874.


LUCIUS W. THAYER, farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Kenosha; born in New York City in 1820; his family moved to Erie Co., near Buffalo; Lucius spent most of his time, previous to coming West, in Massachusetts; in 1852, he came with his family to Kenosha Co., locating in town of Bristol, and engaged in farming; previous to coming to Wisconsin, he had been engaged for two years in Buffalo, in manufacturing. From 1866 to 1877, Mr. Thayer held position of Treasurer of Kenosha County Agricultural Society. He is a member of the Congregational Church. He married, in 1848, Miss Sarah G. Ellsworth, a native of Hartford, Conn.; he has two children living - Lucius M., born Aug. 31, 1851, and Ella L., born Sept. 13, 1857; Leverett E., born Dec. 21, 1862, died June 13, 1866. Mr. Thayer is owner of 160 acres.

DANIEL TONER, farmer and machine agent and Deputy Sheriff; born in New York State in 1844; came to Wisconsin in 1847, locating at Paris; his early life was spent with his father on the farm; in 1866, engaged with Smith, West & Co., of Milwaukee, to travel for them for one year; in 1867, returned to Paris and purchased a farm. In 1869, married Miss Maggie Flinn, a native of Bristol, Kenosha Co., Wis., who died at Paris, Oct. 20, 1877; they had two children - Joseph Bennett and Mary Ellen. Mr.Toner was elected Town Clerk in 1876, and re-elected in April 1879; was also District Clerk for five years. His family are members of the Catholic Church; he is a Democrat.


WILLIAM TOBIN, farmer, Sec. 6; P.O. Burlington; born in the city of Kilkenny, Ireland, in September 1827; came to Wisconsin in 1843, bought a farm, located, and engaged at farming. He never married. By his industry and strict economy, he has accumulated a valuable property. He owns 160 acres of fine land, well stocked and well improved, barns, houses, etc.


None with the letter "T"


MARY E. TABER, farmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Bristol; born in Columbia Co., N.Y., in 1829; came West in 1849, and located in Hamilton Co., Ohio, and lived there three years; came to Wisconsin in 1858; setled first in the town of Bristol; moved to Chicago and lived there eight years; finally settled in Salem Township. Mrs. Taber married, in 1849, George S. Taber, of Ohio, formerly of Albany Co., N.Y. Mr. Taber was a merchant, and while in Chicago was engaged as a commission merchant. After years spent in busy, active life, he died at his home in 1872. Mrs. Taber owns a farm of 200 acres, well improved and valued at about $50 per acre. Principal products grain and stock, of which sheep constitutes a large part. There is an orchard of 250 trees of select varieties, all in good bearing condition. One son, William B., a merchant by trade, died in 1875, aged 25 years. Mrs. Taber is a member of the Methodist Church.

CAPT. JOHN E. TUTTLE, retired lake captain and proprietor of the well-known summer resort of Kenosha Co., at Camp Lake, Sec. 21; P.O. Salem; came to this place in 1844, and located his land. In 1846, he moved here with his family. The Captain was for many years engaged in the sailing of vessels on the lakes. In 1833, he was a shipmate on the schooner Edward Sackett, which took the first cargo of grain down Lake Michigan. He also sailed on the steamboat "Cleveland," for eight years and a half; previous to that he was for four years on the "Columbia;" after leaving the "Cleveland," he was with the steamboat "Nile" a year and a half; afterward to Buffalo; helped fit out the "Empire State," and was connected with her one season; then for two seasons he sailed the schooner "Sam Strong" between Racine and Buffalo. The last vessel he commanded was the "Same Hale," running between Kenosha and Buffalo. The Captain was born in Sheldon, Vt., Nov. 7, 1812; lived at Fort Ann, N.Y., two years, and, in 1833, removed to Cleveland, Ohio. His first wife was Jane G. Lyon Johnson, who died Aug. 24, 1842. One daughter survives her - Maria L., now Mrs. Benedict, of Burlington, Vt., The Captain married his present wife July 19, 1843; her maiden name was Eliza Ann Orvis; she was born at Brattleboro, Vt., Sept. 13, 1830.


None with the letter "T"

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