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Biography of Samuel J. Bradford

This biography appears on pages 225-226 in
"Men of Progress. Wisconsin. A selected list of biographical sketches and portraits of the leaders in business, professional and official life. Together with short notes on the history and character of Wisconsin."

BRADFORD, Samuel J., a resident of Hudson, Wis., and a prominent lawyer of that city, is a lineal descendant of William Bradford, one of that heroic little band of "Pilgrims" whose voyage to this country has rendered the name of the "Mayflower" famous forever, and who was the second governor of Plymouth colony. S. J. Bradford is the son of Simeon S. Bradford, who was a native of Massachusetts, but who removed to New York, where he was engaged in editorial work and manufacturing. In 1850 he came to Wisconsin, and settled on a farm in the town of Paris, Kenosha county, where he was engaged in farming and teaching school. He was a member of the legislature in 1861. His wife, Jane Bement, was a native of New York, and also a school teacher. The material ancestors were also of English descent, the first of the family coming to this country at an early day.

Samuel J. Bradford was born at the home in Paris, Kenosha county, on the 25th of November, 1852. When about 5 years of age his parents moved into Racine county, town Yorkville. As in the case of most young Americans, his early education was received at the district school, first in Yorkville, and afterward in that in Hammond, St. Croix county, to which the family removed when the boy was eleven years of age. He grew up on the farm and experienced the rugged life of the early pioneers. After receiving a good primary education he attended an academy and afterward a commercial school. He then prepared for professional life by entering the law department of the state university, from which he graduated in 1876. Returning home after his graduation, he was, in the following fall, elected clerk of the circuit court, a position which he held for seven years, to the very general satisfaction of all those having business in the court. His official experience familiarized him with court procedure, and was of service to him in entering upon the practice of his profession. Not long after the expiration of his term as clerk of the court, he was elected district attorney and reelected for a second term. His next public service was that of president of the school board of Hudson, and in 1894 and 1895 he served as mayor of the city, and he is at present city attorney.

At the presidential election in the fall of 1896, he was chosen elector from the Tenth district, and cast his ballot for McKinley for president.

He is a foremost member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and was elected Grand Patriarch for Wisconsin at the recent grand encampment, at Whitewater; and the members of the order, who are numerous in Hudson and vicinity, felt greatly gratified by his election.

He is a member of the Presbyterian church of Hudson.

Mr. Bradford was married October 8th, 1878, to Barbara E. Ross of Hammond. They have no children.

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