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Directory of Public Officials of Kenosha County

County Officers

Member of the General Assembly C. Latham Sholes
James McKisson
Clerk of Circuit Court Oscar F. Dana
Sheriff Patrick Cosgrave
Treasurer Michael Frank
Clerk of Board of Supervisors Reuben Deming
Register of Deeds Samuel Y. Brande
District Attorney Isaac W. Webster
Coroner Philip Cary
Surveyor Meredith Howland

City of Kenosha

Mayor C. C. Sholes
City Clerk Joseph Murray
Treasurer Daniel M. Clarkson
City Marshal Richard B. Winsor
Justices of the Peace John Mansfield
Otis Colwell
Superintendent of Schools Michael Frank


First Ward J. P. Merrill
Frederick Robinson
John Duffy
Second Ward Alonzo White
Hudson Bacon
Paul Hammang
Third Ward Ezra Simmons
O. S. Head
Leonard Hatch


First Ward David Crosit
Second Ward R. Deming


First Ward J. R. Phelps
Second Ward Reuben Sniffen
Third Ward L.B. Nichols


First Ward Hiram Holbrook
Second Ward A. W. Richmond
Third Ward Rufus Marston

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