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Directory of Public Officials of Kenosha County

County Officers

Member of the General Assembly R. Simmons
Clerk of Circuit Court L. B. Nicols
Sheriff John Lucas
Treasurer John English
Clerk of Board of Supervisors E. G. Timme
Register of Deeds D. B. Benedict
District Attorney J. V. Quarles
Coroner A. B. Truesdell
Surveyor Jason Lathrop
County Judge Isaac W. Webster (died 1875)
Superintendent of Schools J. P. Briggs

City of Kenosha

Mayor O. G. King
City Clerk P. Olker
Treasurer Andre Schoffen
Assessor Hugh McDermott
Justices of the Peace J. M. Stebbins
Marshall M. Stahl, Jr.


First Ward George S. Baldwin
David Crosit
M. O'Brien
Second Ward C. Schend
N. Huetter
M Hammang
Third Ward John T. Yule
L. B. Nichols
H. Durkee
Fourth Ward Philip Lentz
E. D. Leonard, Jr.
P. H. Sager


First Ward R. Simmons
Second Ward C. Schend
Third Ward Daniel Head
Fourth Ward Walter Cook

School Commissioners

First Ward E. L. Grant
Second Ward John Meyer
Third Ward C. L. Ely
Fourth Ward I. W. Webster


First Ward Thomas Hunt
Second Ward M. Stahl
Third Ward John G. Buddle
Fourth Ward Walter Cook

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