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Welcome to Lily Cottage, in the Town of Caledonia, Racine County, Wisconsin.

Frank and I specialize in daylilies, asiatic, and oriental lilies.

We are not professional gardeners and cannot offer gardening advice, but we hope you find our "Web Garden" enjoyable. This is our hobby.

Daylily Page

Lily Page

`Haunting Melody'

Lily Cottage Garden Tour

Iris Page

Hollyhocks Page

Aster Page

Sunflower Page

Pale pinkish yellow sunflower with reddish/brown accents

`Black-eyed Susans'
Coneflower family

Cosmos Page

Gladiolus Page

Cosmos, Butterfly Bush and Joe-Pye Weed

Coming to this website next year!

Close up views of all daylily cultivars in our garden
Hydranga Page
Obedient Plant Page
Zinnia Page
Lilac Page
Ornamental Grasses Page
Rose Page
Daffodil Page
Butterfly Bush Page

Hi, we are Frank and Michelle Laycock, the residents of Lily Cottage along with our cats.
If you have any comments or family news, please feel free to email us.

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