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Kenosha County Depression Era Photographs
American Memory project - Kenosha Depression Era Photographs

Jim Brush sends us this photo and can be reached at:
This is a photo of Winfield Scott Fox (b. January 15, 1849- d. in Seattle, WA Nov. 22, 1909) - son of Ruby (Wyman) and Levi Fox. Mr. Brush writes: On April 1, 1852, they with their son Winfield (then 3 years of age), in company wth one hundred others, crossed the plains to California using mule teams and wagons. Their route lay along the North Platte River to Salt Lake City, and on to Hangtown, California (now called Grass Valley), where they arrived July 1st. They remained in California for 2 years and returned via boat from San Francisco to Panama, crossing the isthmus on the backs of mules to the Gulf of Mexico, and by boat around to New York City, then to Buffalo by rail and followed the Great Lakes to Chicago and thence to Kenosha. They lived in Kenosha for 49 years. Winfield Scott Fox married Alice M. Carey on May 10, 1871. Alice M. Carey was born on Jun 22, 1842 and died on February 24, 1930. Winfield had a brother by the name of Charles Howe Fox, born Sept. 9, 1856 possibly in Somers, Kenosha County but he could have been born in California. Thanks Jim, for contributing your story!

Janell Keuler sends us these two photos and can be reached at:
This is a picture of the Edward Getschman Family. His daugther, Ethel was married to my dad, Ernest Glenn Shumaker in May, 1928. This was her 2nd marriage. Her first marriage was to James Nelson in Jan 1923.

Here is another picture from an album that belonged to my dad's 1st wife, Ethel Getschman. My dad was Ernest Glenn Shumaker. Ethel died in 1933 leaving 3 children. In the photo are: brothers Frank and Edward Getschman.

Mildred Williams
This is a cute baby photograph of Mildred Williams (at least we think it is, that is the name written on the back of the photo). It was taken by La Marsh Photographers in Kenosha, WI. The photo is undated. Nothing else is known about the photo.

Photo of Mildred Williams
Date unknown

Thomas Family

This photo is of Anna Maria Thomas, who later was sometimes known as Mary A. and Mary K. Thomas Ryan. She was born January 3, 1861, to John Thomas and Catherine Schuster Thomas. They were members of St. George's Church in Kenosha. She moved to Chicago and married Frank Patrick Ryan, on April 15, 1879.
Pat Ryan Nelson sends us 3 photos: John Thomas, Mary K. Thomas Ryan and Catherine Schuster Thomas.
This is the obituary of John Thomas. I believe the source was the Kenosha Times (?). The corrected information in the parentheses is Pat's.
Well Known Resident of the North Side Passed Away Wednesday Evening
John Thomas, one of the well known residents of the North side, died at an early hour this morning (June 5, 1900) at his home at the corner of Grant and Division streets (in Kenosha, Wisconsin). The deceased was 73 years of age and had been ill for many weeks. The funeral will probably be held on Saturday morning from St. George's Church.
John Thomas was born in Lyndac (Leideneck, Bell), Germany in 1827 (December 14, 1826). When he was ten years of age, he came to America and settled in Milwaukee, where he resided until 1845; then he removed to this city, where he has since made his home. For twenty-three years, the deceased was employed at the Allen tannery as an engineer, but during the last few years, failing health forced him to give up the work, and since then his time has been engaged in teaming.
On April 21st, 1850 (in Kastellaun, Rhein-Pfalz), Mr. Thomas was united in marriage to Miss Catherine Schusted (Schuster), the golden wedding of the couple having been celebrated only a short time ago.
An aged widow and six children survive. They are: Mrs. George Wade, Mrs. Charles Grube, and Nicholas Thomas, of Kenosha; Mrs. Frank Ryan, Mrs. Charles Ryan and John Thomas of Chicago.
Pat Ryan Nelson can be reached here: Pat Ryan Nelson

This photo is of Catherine Schuster, wife of John Thomas.

This is a photo of John Thomas.

Catherine Schuster's obituary is below. Again, I believe it was from the Kenosha Times. The corrected information in parenthese is Pat's.
Mrs. John Thomas Died at Her Home on Division Street Thursday Afternoon
Mrs. John Thomas, one of the respected pioneer residents of the North Side, died at her home at 600 Division street (in Kenosha, Wisconsin) shortly after 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon (June 9, 1904).
The funeral will be held from St. George's Church on Sunday afternoon at one o'clock and the remains will be interred at St. George's cemetery.
Mrs. Thomas was one of the best known of the German residents in the city. She was born at Trier, Germany, in 1825 (June 3, 1825, at Buch, Kastellaun, Rheinland-Pfalz). She came to America in 1852 and settled in Milwaukee. A few years later, she came to Kenosha and had made her home here ever since. She is survived by six children, thirty-six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. The children are Mrs. George Wade, Mrs. Charles Grube and Nicholas Thomas, of this city; Mrs. Chas. Ryan, Mrs. Frank Ryan and John Thomas, of Chicago.

Elizabeth Ann Deignan Metzger @ 1946
Submitted by R. Kinkead

Bungalow Tavern, Kenosha, 1930

Musical Kenosha

This photo features the Friedens Ev. Lutheran Church band, and was taken in the late 1920's or early 1930's. The director in the white suit is Frank Haubrich. The tuba player is his nephew, and son of Albert Haubrich, Marvin Haubrich. Marvin died in 2002 in Bismarck, ND.

Rev. John H. Dolan writes:
My mother is a Kenosha native. Her name is Doris Haubrich, and the Haubrich family has lived in Kenosha since the mid 1890's. The Haubrichs lived in and around the area of Friedens Ev. Lutheran Church.

The photo attached is one of my favorites. I don't know where exactly it was taken, but should be easy enough to figure out with the address and the name of the plumbing business clearly visible. I assume it is downtown Kenosha. I am not sure which band this is. The Haubrichs were very musically inclined and were involved in a number of musical groups. It may be a city band, perhaps from Simmons where my grandfather worked, or Friedens church which also had a strong music program. Also, I am not sure of the date. Any help on the place and date would be appreciated.

The man in the front row, far right (looking at the picture), with the drum, is my grandfather, Albert Haubrich. In the back row are two of his brothers, Frank Haubrich (whose hat is covering the "M" of "Plumbing"), and Paul Haubrich (whose hat is just under the word "and". I don't recognize any of the others. Any help in identifying the others would be appreaciated.

Band in old Kenosha, undated

These photos were submitted by Rev. John H. Dolan

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