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Biography of Albert C. Stonebreaker

This biography appears on page 792 in
"History of Kent County (Michigan)"
Chas. C. Chapman & Co., 1881.

Albert C. Stonebreaker was born in Hartwich, Otsego Co., N. Y.; is son of Peter M. and Juliette (Reed) Stonebreaker, the former of German Parentage, born in Huntington, Pa., the latter in Hartwich. N. Y.; of mixed Scotch, English and German lineage. His maternal grandfather was one of General Washington's staff officers, and received a pension. His parents moved to Wisconsin about 20 years ago where his father died about 1871; his mother still survives. They had seven children five of whom are living. Mr. Stonebreaker is the oldest. He received only a common-school education and had his own way to make in the world. In 1848 he came to Michigan and bought 80 acres of land in Grand Rapids, on sec. 36. It was perfectly wild, and he built a shanty for a home and practiced self-denial, economy and perseverance until his possessions reach an aggregate of 320 acres. He has cleared in all, himself, about 150 acres. He was married to Esther Pinock, of Mansfield, Cattaraugus, Co., N. Y. They have two children. Seth is married and lives on an adjoining farm; has four sons. Constant the only daughter is the wife of Franklin Cole, of Shiawassee Co. Mr. Stonebreaker is a Democrat in politics. His portrait appears on another page of this volume.

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