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1-24-2005 Added Springbrook Cemetery contributed by Paula Frye. Up-dated some links, Added Kemper Kodak 1927 info, added some military items, a success item and a qanda item.
9-12-2004 Added some church history data for Wilmot Congregational, Changed officers on the Kenosha Genealogy Society page. Added a photo submitted by Jim Brush. Added a to the Military page with a submission from Jim Manning. Added a Naturalization, Added to Births and Deaths pages
6-28-2004 Up-dated Kenosha Genealogy Society list of Officers
5-5-2004 Added lots of biographies from the Lyman book. Added a few births, deaths, and marriages. Added information about access to Kenosha Probate and Inheritance Records. Added some links on the maps page. Fixed a citation on the KHS 1936 page. Fixed the HTML on the County Cemetery page. Added/Deleted links on the Kenosha County Genealogy links page. Added a link to the "American Brass Company Records at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Libraries" on the Business page. Added a link to the cemetery page. Changd a citation on the St. Mark School page. Added some data on the military page. Added 2 postcards. Added a naturalization.
2-22-2004 RE-DESIGNED Kenosha GenWeb web site... new backgrounds, images, and layout. Checked links and html. I didn't add any data... more data will be added in the coming weeks. I am also re-designing the Racine and Walworth web sites.
1-18-2004 Made a few changes in the HTML, changed our E-mail addresses on every page because we got a new email address. Added some births, a marriage, deaths, checked links to external sites and changed some. Also updated the churches page and added 25 Kenosha Co. naturalizations.
9-8-2003 After taking a year off to start a home-based business, I am back on track again with the Kenosha GenWeb Project. I have posted updates to just about every page.
11-8-2002 Posted the Kenosha Street Names lists "Old to New" and "New to Old" Updated a few items on the Military page.
9-8-2002 Added some World War I vets and some World War II vets to the military page. Added a success story, Added some deaths, Added the "Orphan Train" link to the Gen links page, Added a listing of 1911 rural school graduates, Added a message from Debie for St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Paris, Changed the year under the nurses photo to 1907 to correct mistake, Added some church info to the Churches and Temples page, Added some Births, Added some placename info, and Updated the Kenosha County Genealogy Society Web Site
8-10-2002 Added 14 postcards to the postcard gallery. Added info to the placenames page. Added naturalization record for John Cox Hartnell. Added a link to Sandra Hartnell's Genealogy Home Page, Added some national and state genealogy links, added 4 births to the birth page, Added Gary's question to the qanda page, Added a lookup volunteer, Added a redesigned "Success Stories" page, added deaths, added a marriage, updated the genealogy society site.
5-20-2002 Added some births and lots of new links in the Deaths, Genealogy Links, Land and Property, and Biographical Sketches pages. Currently working on posting photos submitted by Roxanne and Anne.
4-16-2002 Added some more grad lists typed by Marcie, Changed the birthdate on a birth listing. Added St. Alphonsus Cemetery research notes. Added Modern Woodmen of America research link and link to the Wisconsin Blue Book project on the WIGenWeb page. Added to the Q and A page. Added a bio from the 1892 bio book submitted by Marie.
4-1-2002 Added some grad lists typed by Marcie, added photos submitted by Ann to the photo page. Updated a link on the migrations page. Added to the military page.
3-17-2002 Added some bios, added a name to the World War I vets list, added a link to Simmons Company history, added a lookup volunteer, added to the marriage page, added a question to the q and a page. Also added links to the Foster Roots and Branches pages.
3-3-2002 Added to the Births, Marriages, and Deaths pages. Added several biographies, added links to the military page. Added an answer to the QandA page. Changed the lookups page to cover both Racine and Kenosha. Added to Placenames, added to census page, added to the business page, added sister site graphics and links. Added to the churches page. And added the Old St. Mark's Cemetery inscriptions to the cemetery page.
2-12-2002 Added the beautiful wedding photo of August Zaremba and Mary Limbarch.
2-2-2002 Added index to "Commemorative Biographical Record...1906. Added bio of John Holland. Added some public school grads. Tuscania survivors. Added Frances Pias' wedding photos. Added placename pages. Added odds & ends.
1-21-2002 Added index to "Portrait and Biographical Album...1892.
1-20-2002 Added some births and deaths. Added Bethany Lutheran Church, Confirmation classes 1931-1936. Added bios from the "Sketches of Wisconsin Pioneer Women".
1-7-2002 Added Lyman book bio index.
1-5-2002 Updated the Kenosha County Genealogy Society page. Added a link to the County links page. Added 2 questions to the Q and A page. Added some births, deaths, and changed a spelling on a last name on the marriage page.
12-24-2001 Added Kenosha theater link and Famous Kenoshans links on county link page
12-22-2001 Added link to "Kenosha Kin-Nections"
12-18-2001 Added Hyde, Sutcliffe, and Sheldon bios. Added census image sent in by Mark S. Rees. Added Kenosha Newspaper History to the business page.
12-2-2001 Added Gibbon family births, deaths, and info. Added Karpen Photo to the Photo Gallery submitted by Shelley. Added volunteer names to the cemetery page. Added a question to the "Question and Answers" page.
11-18-2001 Added the Kenosha Old Postcard Gallery on the photo page. Added some Real Estate Transfers. Added a question to the Q and A page from Donna. Added names of more veterans to the military page. Added the HORN marriage data. Added a link to the Rootsweb City Directory Database Project. Completed the redo of the cemetery page with Jonathan Davis' fabulous data. Added the correction for the HORN family in the St. John's Catholic Cemetery inscription page from Debie. Added the newly transcribed and javascripted Hosmer Cemetery data!
11-13-2001 Added Sylvania Cemetery photos taken before the truck accident. Updated the Bessey family link.
11-10-2001 Changed from Picosearch to Freefind.
11-4-2001 Repaired a link on the Kenosha links page, added to the Placenames page, added to the Church page.
Worked on Hosmer Cemetery and the Cemetery pages....will be updated soon.
10-28-2001 Added a few births and deaths. Added the bio of Charles Frantz. Added lots of links to the "Other Genealogy Links" and Kenosha County Genealogy Links" pages. Added a link to Frank and Michelle's Web World page. Worked on the Hosmer Cemetery Javascript photos and cemetery main page - updates not posted yet.
10-12-2001 Added links to the Kenosha links page and the other links page including links to McCaffery sites Added to the census page.
Still working on Hosmer Cemetery and the Cemetery pages....will be updated soon. I am doing something new with the Cemetery page. The photos for Hosmer Cemetery will be added to the page with JavaScript.
10-11-2001 Updated the GenSoc page and updated the lookups page.
10-1-2001 Added Lyman's history of the Underground Railroad. Added some Births. Added some Naturalizations. Added some Deaths. Added to the Q and A page. Added some census data contributed by Jerry. Added several names to the Military World War I list. Added photos submitted by Diane Larson. Added the biography of John Faulkner. Added image scans of the 1875 City/County Directory for the County. Added chapters 1-11, 14, 15 of "Memoirs of Mary D. Bradford" Added Lois Stein's cemetery lists for Union and Free Will Baptist Cemeteries.
9-9-2001 Added some placenames. Updated the GenSoc page.
9-3-2001 Added a few births, deaths, and 2 World War I veterans. Added St. Scholastica cemetery information contributed by Constance. Added links to ALHN and WLHN and posted Genealogical Gleanings Award all to the front page!
8-26-2001 Posted the Churches and Temples page after 2 months of research. Also includes links to info about St. Patrick's Catholic Church and St. Alphonsus Catholic Church typed by Jan. Also added a birth submitted by Ivy.
8-14-2001 Added a World War I vet. Added correspondence about Whiteley family in Vale Cemetery.
8-12-2001 Added Kemper Hall graduates for 1913-1937 and 1939-1940. Added some St. Mark School grads and Kenosha Hospital Training School grads. Also added Racine-Kenosha Technical College class roll (grads) contributed by Diane Kaye.
8-5-2001 Added some births, marriages, and deaths. Also 2 new Gen Links. Added Kemper Hall graduates for 1938. Added a message to St. John's Catholic Cemetery. Added 2 naturalizations contributed by Ruth. Added a link to Vietnam Dog Tag project. Added a new Somers Public Schools page including program for graduation submitted by Diane M. Kaye. Added a few placenames.
7-29-2001 Added a photo and some marriages contributed by Kathe. Also added some more cool links. Added some births from Denise and a few more from Larry. Also, posted the bios for the 1879 book for Randall, Salem, and Wheatland typed by Jan. FINISHED!!!! Give Jan a round of applause.
7-23-2001 Added some photos contributed by Patty and Larry. Also added some cool links.
7-20-2001 Finished complete Redesign of KenGenWeb - Welcome to the new look!Added front page background to all pages, added "tophat" header for easier identification of KenGenWeb pages, reformated pages not to exceed 800 pixels to enhance the look for people with smaller monitors. Added some births, deaths, a naturalization, lots of Co links and Gen links. Added an unknown photo, added Paris and Brighton bios, added the letters "a" and "b" to the Lyman bio index.
7-16-2001 Added births to the Birth Index. Posted Q and A response and fabulous railroad links submitted by Larry Devitt. Took a photo off of the Photo Gallery page due to the question of whether or not the photo is of Kenosha. The photo appeared in the 1940 Wisconsin Blue Book as Kenosha, but it may not be.
7-15-2001 Added a marriage, Added to the military page - veterans and 2 World War I photos. Added photos to the family businesses page (Jeffery car and American Brass employees). Added 2 names to the Soldier's and Citizens Album 1 link. Added Larry's photos to the Photo Gallery page and also 4 photos from the 1879 book.
7-7-2001 Added a Ann as the Hosmer cemetery volunteer. Added Bristol biographical sketches typed by Jan. Added to the Family Businesses page. Added some births, marriages, and deaths including a photo sent in by Tracey Earll. Created a Questions and Answers page - we need people to share answers to some of the questions of younger researchers. Hopefully this will help. Added a Social Security link to the Other Links page. Added to Placenames page.
6-29-2001 Added a Vale cemetery listing. Added Somers biographical sketches typed by Jan. Added Resident County Directory for 1903-1904. Added a bio of Levi Fink submitted by Jan. Added to the Family Businesses page. Added Debbie Barrett's beautiful memorial to Lois Stein to the cemetery page and Kenosha County GenSoc page.
6-24-2001 Added Paris Lutheran cemetery inscription list. Added Pleasant Prairie biographical sketches typed by Jan. Added Salem 1875 County Directory page and Post Office County Directory for 1903-1904. Created the temporary new message board page to replace the GenConnect page because GenConnect was discontinued. Added a birth and added to a Death listing.
6-21-2001 Added a few cemetery inscription lists for Bristol and Wheatland.
6-17-2001 Added KHS 1928 page, Added some 1915 public school grads, added College of Commerce history and some grads, added some county 1875 directories: Town of Wheatland, Town of Randall, Village of Wilmot, Village of Bristol, redesigned Naturalizations page and added a naturalization record, added cemetery lists for St. John's in Wheatland and St. John's in Paris, added some births, added a temporary lookup for Amy (only keep on 'til August).
6-10-2001 Added Kiwanis members to Odds & Ends page. Added a marriage. Added 1915 Durkee School Grads. Added some Kemper, Bain and Frank Grads. Added some family businesses. Created and added pages and data for the 1875 and 1858 Directories. Added maps of H.C. Crook's Western Subdivision (1912), Hannan Park Area (1917) and Kenosha Growth Map (1925). Posted 800 dpi versions of all maps in downloadable .zip format. Fixed the PicoSearch search engine function. Thanks to Beth for pointing this out!
6-2-2001 Added Media Release info for the next Kenosha County Genealogy Society meeting.
5-28-2001 Added to Births Marriages and Deaths pages. Added a member to the Kenosha County Genealogy Society Page. Updated Cemeteries with volunteer names and added old Vale list. Added some public school and private school graduates typed by Gina Gould. Added some Biographies. Created full text link to the Civil War Bios Volume 1 and linked this to the Military Page. Added some Kenosha County Genealogy Links to links page. Added some directories of public officials. Added links to the Other Genealogy Links Page. Added to the Photo Gallery page. Added to the Real Estate Transfers, Odds & Ends, and Migrations pages.
5-13-2001 Added to Births and Deaths pages. Added Kenosha County Genealogy Society Page. Updated Cemeteries with volunteer names. Added some public school graduates typed by Gina Gould. Added some Biographies. Created Family Businesses page and linked MacWhyte employee list to it. Added page to Early History section that was contributed by Diane Larson. Created full text link to the Civil War Bios and linked this to the Military Page. Added some Kenosha County Genealogy Links to links page. Created the Photo Gallery page.
5-5-2001 Added to Births, Deaths, Marriages. Added Odds and Ends Page. Updated Cemeteries, added Hosmer and Presbyterian (Wheatland) Cemetery pages. Added some public school graduates. Added some Real Estate Transfers to the Index. Created Village of Silver Lake resource page linked to Placenames. Added Bio of Joseph Quarles.
4-22-2001 Added several dates to the Births & Deaths pages. Added more Biographies, including some from Wisconsin Blue Books. Added more directories. Added a map to the maps page. Added more Links to other Genealogy sites. Added Social Security Death index coverage information. Added Early History page and histories by Mygatt and Frank. Added more to the schools page: Kemper Center pages, Kenosha High School pages, and links to other school graduation lists. Added historical photos to the births and marriages pages. Added Real Estate Transfers pages to the Land and Property Page. Also added index to the Land Patent records for Kenosha County available at the Bureau of Land Management. In addition, added some land records links.
4-08-2001 Added several dates to the Births & Deaths pages. Added Biographies. Added Directories page. Added Maps page. Added Placenames page. Added Listservs page. Added Census and Migrations records. Added more Links.
4-01-2001 Added several dates to the Births & Deaths pages. Added more links to the Kenosha County Genealogy Links and Other Genealogy Links pages, eliminating the Kenosha Sources page. Added the Census Records page. Added the Biograhical Sketches page. Added new links to the Military Information page, and reformatted Civil War Veterans and Survivors pages. Added Comings and Goings of Kenoshans to the Migrations page.
3-18-2001 Added several dates to the Births & Deaths pages. Reformatted Marriages Page. Redesigned the Index Page. Added info on all the Cemeteries in Kenosha.
Please volunteer to help us walk the cemeteries this summer!
3-12-2001 Fixed the Other Genealogy Links page and added more
3-11-2001 Updates Births page, Deaths page, Created seperate GenConnect Query page, created What's New page, created Land & Property page, created Migrations page, removed out-dated links and added new links to Kenosha County Genealogy Links and Other Genealogy Links pages
2-11-2001 Reformatted most pages, added Kenosha High School History page

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