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Government and Vital Records

Lafayette County Courthouse
626 Main Street
Darlington, Wisconsin  53530

1.  Register of Deeds:  Registration of births, deaths, and marriages, financial statements, bill of sale, deeds, mortgages, land contracts, and Veteran's discharges see or call Joseph Boll, Register of Deeds  (608/ 776-4838)

2.  Lafayette County Clerk:  Marriage licenses, fishing & hunting licenses, County Board proceedings, election results or general accounts of the County, see or call Stephen J. Pickett, Lafayette County Clerk (608/ 776-4850)  P.O. Box 40 , Darlington, Wisconsin  53530

3.  Register in Probate:  Estates, Survivorships, Guardians, Trusts, Chapter 55 Hearings, adoptions, Juvenile Proceedings, and any other matters pertaining to Probate Procedures and Heirships, see or call Lauretta Lade, Register in Probate (608/ 776-4811)

4.  Veteran's Service Officer:  Veteran's Benefits, such as loans, insurance, compensations, pensions, housing, or any other matters pertaining to Veterans of any wars, see or call David Weiskircher, Veteran's Service Officer (608/ 776-4886)

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