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The following transcription was sent in by Duane R. Marr.  It is a copy of the marriage certificate for his grandparents. It will give you an idea of what you will find on a marriage certificate for Lafayette county.     Thank You Duane! 

Transcription of Marriage record from Lafayette County, WI records
By Duane R. Marr 9 Sep 1997
From Lafayette Co. Records (reviewed at Darlington, WI 9 Sep 1997)
Marriage number: 28, Vol 6, p 116

Spelling as in the original  (note  mispellings/errors at end of page)

1. Full name of husband:    Charles Marr

2. Name of the father of said husband :  James Marr

3. Name of the mother of husband before marriage:  Alice Tegue

4. Occupation of husband:   Farmer

5. Residence of husband:   Adrian,  Noble Co., Minn.

6. Birthplace of husband :  America

7. Full name of the wife previous to marriage:   Annie Stixrood

8. Name of the father of wife:   Jas. Stixrood

9. Name of the mother of wife before marriage:   Carrie Steflerion

10. Birthplace of wife:   Wiota Lafayette Co. Wis.

License No 6. Date Jan-19-1901

11. The time when the marriage was contracted:  Feb-6-1901

12. The place, town, or township, and county where:   Wiota, Lafayette

Co. Wis..... marriage was contracted

13. The color of the parties:    White

14. By what ceremony contracted:  Luth. Church

15. Names of subscribing witnesses :  Miss Lucy Slothower  & Oscar Stixrood

16. Name of the person pronouncing marriage:  O. M. Sarvig

17. Residence of person last named:    Wiota, Wis.

18. Date of certificate or affidavit of marriage:   Feb-25-1901

19. Date of registration:   Feb-26-1901

20. Any additional circumstances:

Mispellings/errors noted by drm:

Line 3 should be Alice Teague
Line 7 she usually went by the name Anna
Line 8 should be Ever Stixrood
Line 9 should be Carrie Stephenson