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Timeline of Mining In Wisconsin

1658 - Native Americans begin to mine lead ore within the southwestern region of Wisconsin.

1700's - French explorers and Native Americans mine lead on a small scale in southwest Wisconsin.

1776 - Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.

1812-1814 - War of 1812.

1816 - First lead smelter in Wisconsin in LaFayette County.

1825 - First major lead strike in Wisconsin near New Diggings, Hazel Green and Shullsburg.

1827 - William S. Hamilton, son of  Federalist and first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, discovers large lead deposit near Wiota.

1828 - Extensive mining begins around Platteville.

1830-1871 - Upper Mississippi Lead District, which includes the southwestern lead region of Wisconsin, is the most important lead producing area of the United States.

1836-1838 - Mexican War.

1848- Lead mining in Wisconsin begins to decline.

1849 - The Iron Ridge open pit and underground mine begins operation in Dodge County.

1861-1865 - Civil War.

1898 - Spanish-American War.

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