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MCKELVEY // TALLENTYRE .......... Sue Devine  ...........2000 

I am searching the McKelvey surname in New Diggings, Lafayette Co., WI. John McKelvey, Sr born 15 Nov 1820 in Cranfield, Ireland. Married Isabella Tallentyre, born 1830 in England on 10 Aug. 1847. Unknown place of marriage. To them were born four children while residing in New Diggings, Lafayette Co., WI. James McKelvey born 9 Jan 1850, Mary Ann McKelvey 30 July 1851, William George McKelvey born 27 April 1852 and John McKelvey, Jr born 10 June 1853. Isabella died 15 Aug 1855 in New Diggings. John and his children moved from New Diggings to the Potosi, Grant Co., WI area. Searching for any information that would prove that they were actually in this area during this time period and where Isabella might be buried. Thanks in advance.

GOUDE *GOUDY *GOWDY // DAY......... Susan Cummins ......2000 

Dori:  If you wouldn't mind, could you look in the Lafayette marriage index for an Adolphus Goude (also spelled Goudy or Gowdy) married to a Minerva Day? Their first child was born in Lafayette County in 1854 when Minerva was just 15 years old, so I imagine their marriage couldn't have taken place much before that time.  Thank you so much.

WELSCH // WOODS .......... Velma Hansen  .......2000 

I am looking for DAVID DANIEL WOODS and MARY ELLEN WELSCH who married about 1862 or 1863 in Lafayette County, Wisconson. They had ten children, William H., Amanda D., David H., Hattie M., Silas B., Rebecca Ann, Ellen M., Malinda C., John H. and Eva. Please contact me if we can make a connection. Thank you.

MC KNIGHT // SLADE ....... Cathy Beebe ....... 2000

I am looking for my grandmother, Alcena McKnight, maybe born in 1873. She was 22 when she married my grandfather, James B Slade, in 1895 in Butler Co, NE.  I would appreciate any help you can give me.

VAN METER .......... Michele Colson  ........2000 

Can you look up the surname VANMATRE in "Lafayette County Marriage Index 1847 - 1990 Groom's Book"? Or if that is too extensive, can you look for Morgan VAN MATRE & Jefferson VAN MATRE. Their names could also be spelled

CARTER ........  Janece Carter Streig .........2000 .

I am looking for the birth records of Archie and Leon CARTER. Parents are Samuel Orville and Nancy Lodema CARTER (both parents born in CT). Our records indicate Archie was born 26 May 1861 and Leon was born 01 August 1865. Both were reported as born in Gratiot, Lafayette County. Reported in family history was the birth and death of two daughters born before Archie. I cannot find names or dates. Also looking for an index of the census records for 1860 as I cannot find them in Gratiot in 1860. They were reported to have moved to Lafayette in 1851. The family moved to NE by 1870. Any help is greatly appreciated.

SEFFROOD ... Carol  .......2000 

Looking for information on Nels Seffrood desendents.

MIZNER // HAYES....... Cynthia Gould  ........2000 

Could you please check the marriage index for Henry Mizner married Nancy Elizabeth Hayes, Jan. 1, 1867 in Lafayette Co.  Thank you.

MARINA * MARINE // MELLEM * MELLOM ............ GREG SEMMANN   ........2000 

Can you help me acquire information on my great-grandparents that resided in Blanchardville in the late 1800's?  My great grandfather was born as FRANK MARINA and later changed his name to "MARINE". He was born in 1863, but I do not know where.  My great grandmother was INGEBORG "BELLE" (MELLEM) MELLOM. I believe that they were married in 1888. My grandfather was PAUL L. MARINE. He was boran in Blanchardville in 1903 OR 5.

Can you provide me with any information regarding the "MARINA" OR "MARINE"  name in Blanchardville or Lafayette County????   I am told that FRANK MARINE was a stone cutter and builder that built several stone houses in the county.  Any information or direction would be appreciated!!!  Thanks for your help and cooperation.


MARINE ........Greg  ........2000 

Dori...Just called information for the Chamber of Commerce for Blanchardville....and there is no listing.

Any suggestions???? You peaked my curiousity with the mention of Frank Marine being a proprietor of a Bargain Store. How can I get more information?    Thanks again for being there!!!

RAY .........Claire Ray ...........2000 

I am looking for the ancestors of John W. Ray who died in Lafayette County, Wi  April 4, 1859.

CANNON // WILSON ......Kevin Shores  ........2000 

Seeking information on Clement Cannon b.1863 in Yellowstone. Married Margaret Ella Wilson bef.1900 b. 4-21-1867 in Yellowstone. Thank you,      

Graves ......... .....2000 

There is a small uncharted grave yard in Elk Grove Township in lafayette Co. The people who own the land will not let you in to inspect. I know it containes 5 or 6 different surnames. Its on tracts of land that was being sold for lead mining in the 1860's, does anyone have graves information? or know who to contact. I feel these graves would help out other lost graves researchers. Also looking for Wilcox information before1850.

WILCOX ...... .....2000 

Looking for the graves of 3 Wilcox's, Benjamin d. 1868, Benjamin F, d.1873.(son) and Mary Maria d. 1885 (wife of Benjamin d.1868) these are aproxment dates. I belive they would be buried along the Lafayette,  Grant county line, they owned land between Hazel Green and Cuba City.  They also owned land in Elk Grove Township.

 CUNNINGHAM // JONES  .........Jennifer ..........2000  

Dear Dori,     Thank you so much for all of the help you've offered us!  When you have time, would you please check your Index to Probate Records   for the following ancestors of mine?

Thomas CUNNINGHAM    ////    George Wright JONES

Thank you .

I searched the Probate record book and did not find anything for a Thomas Cunningham. I did find the following Cunningham names:

Ernest, 1920 , #5005
Mary, *, #2830
Owen, *, #1634

I am sorry that there was nothing for George Wright Jones and as usually, there are too many other names for "Jones" for me to give you a list.

POWER // ESTES  ........Jennifer Van Proeyen .......2000 

I saw the Lafayette County genealogy site and that you were willing to do  lookups in the "Lafayette County Marriage Index 1847-1990". I am looking for the marriage of Absalom Power and Betheny (sp?) Estes that took place on August 25, 1853.  I'm not sure where they married, but they lived in Apple River, IL and at least 3 of their children were married in Lafayette County. So I thought it was worth asking about.

Thank you very much.

The above names where NOT found in the marriage book.  Sorry!

EARNEST // LECLERC // HUGHES // PORTER // DUNLAP ....Mary Jane Pryor ........2000 

I am interested in any information on James Earnest and Gratton Earnest. I would also be interested in Leclerc/Hughes/Porter and Dunlap. Thanks

PEDERSON // LARSON // DUNN ..............Blake Peterson .........2000 

Looking for information on my great grandfather Karlott Pederson b April 22 1862 d.Oct 4 1938 Came to this country from Norway. He married Caroline Larson daughter of Lars Larson m. Sara Stole. Lars father is Lewis Larsen I believed they called him Lars also. We would like to know who Karlott Pederson's father was I think maybe Peter. they are from around the Darlington, Shullsburg area. Karlott son was Clarence Peterson m Mary Vera Dunn. thank you for any information in our research.

Mc Lornan ......... Rory McLornan .........2000 

I was searching through the internet and found that Bridget McLornan is in the Residents of Lafayette, Wisconsin 1860 City of Benton, Benton Township,Page 10. As my second name is McLornan as well, can anyone tell me any more information about Bridget McLornan as in Ireland my surname isn't very popular.  I look forward to your response.

CADDEN // THOMAS // MURRAY .......... Tim Cadden  ........2000 

My great grandparents Thomas Cadden & Sarah A. (Thomas) Cadden were married and lived in Benton, WI. Looking for any information on them or their parents. Thomas' father was John Cadden and mother was Elizabeth (Murray) Cadden.  Thanks for anybody's help. Tim C.

 SMITH ........... Bob Phillips ..........2000 

I have a question about Lafayette County that perhaps you can answer. I have a land grant certificate of a Platt Smith who bought 80 acres of land in Lafayette County, on October 2, 1854. The only description of where this land is located is as follows: "West half of the South East quarter of Section 36, Township 4 North, Range 5 East". My question is: What is the name of this township?   I will appreciate any help you can give me. Many thanks,

That would be Blanchard Township!  In the new reprinted Plat book it lists M. P. Smith as owning 80 acres in Blanchard Township.

 FITZSIMONS * FITZSIMMONS  // EDMONSTON ............Connie Putnam .........2000 

Hi. I'm new to your site, and looking for members of my William Fitzsimons and Jane Edmonston [various spellings possible] family. Both came from Ireland. Their son George Fitzsimons was born June 1857/8 ... in Wisconsin and his brother has been found in Belmont, Lafayette county. I'm also interested in Irish lore of the area, and migration patterns that others may have found. Thanks for having such a beautiful web site and for sharing so much information for those of us not located near by.

PRIEST // BOLIER // BYERS ....... J R Priest ........ 2000 

I am looking for any information regarding Vincent E. Priest. I know he was living in Rutland in 1866. His wife's name was Sarah Jane Bolier or Byers. Presumably he died in the area. We believe he had the following children:  Jackson , William, Emma, Ida, Timothy Ellsworth b.march 19, 1866, Nellie

BLACK // DIMMICK ......... Mary Smith ........2000 

Joseph Penn BLACK married Lucy Jane DIMMICK in January 28, 1854 in White Oak Springs, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. They were married in the Episcopal Ceremony by Robert G. Ward. The marriage certificate stated that Joseph P. BLACK was a farmer in Monticello at that time. They had two children born in Wisconsin as follows: George Albert born 1855 and Lenora born 1858. Joseph P. BLACK and family moved to Jo Daviess County, ILL sometime between 1855 and 1860. The Wisconsin State 1855 census lists Joseph P. Black as Head of Household with 5 males and 2 females in Monticello in June 1855. I would like to find a way to identify the 5 males and 2 females in that home at that time.

CHIPMAN // WILLIAMSON // BROWN // READFIELD // EMERY // KNAPP......  Claude Auger ..........2000

Could you please check if you find any marriage records for Joshua Franklin Chipman and Elvira Williamson (their oldest known child was born in 1855), and for their daughter Alice Georgia Chipman, to Daniel Clifford Brown (aka Daniel Clifford), circa 1873? Alice's brothers married in Wisconsin, I think:

John Franklin Chipman to Lettie Francis Readfield, 14 Sept. 1888;
Albert Wallace Chipman to Flora M. Emery, 25 Nov. 1886;
George Prescott Chipman to Jeannie A. Knapp, 22 Oct. 1886.

If you have time, it would be nice if you could check them too. The four children were born in Argyle, Lafayette, WI. It's all information I found in Gedcoms submitted to Ancestry inc., so that's why the details are sketchy.

Do you know anyone who could lookup Joshua's family in the 1860 and the 1870 census for me? I don't have easy access to the US records, so I would really appreciate if somebody could check it for me.  Many thanks in advance. If you need Canadian lookups, don't hesitate to ask me.  Sincerely, Claude in Ottawa

Sorry, I do not find any of the above marriages.

SHAFFER // FRANCIS // BUTLER ......... Mark ...........2000

George Carroll SHAFFER married Elizabeth Gilbert FRANCIS. He then married Mary BUTLER 1857-1858 in Lafayette Co., WI. Please let me know if you find either marriage. Thank you.


ADAMS .......  Bonita  ..........2000

Does anyone have access to the Lafayette Obituaries for 1890.  I desperately need the obituary for Peter ADAMS who died in December of 1890.  Also probate lookup.

UNION GROVE CEMETERY  ........ Jeff Wonders   ..........2000

Would you know if there would be a way to get a map of the Union Grove Cemetery in Darlington? I would like just a lay-out so I could plot my relatives grave sites, I have many..... Thank you for your time.

You might try calling or writing to the Darlington Public Library, 525 Main Street, Darlington, WI  53530
(608) 776-4171

Subj: Map of Union Grove...

Jeffrey Wonders  ..........2000     Dear Dori,

Thank you for your suggestion! I went to the library last weekend and found a map of the Union Grove Cemetery. This will help me out a lot!  Thanks, again!


WILLIAMS // GREENWOOD ........ Jeffrey Wonders  ..........2000

I am searching for information on my Great Grandmother Harriet Elisabeth Williams Chapman's family. Her father was Thomas Oxman Williams, b. April 3, 1854 in Cornwall, England, d. November 24, 1924 in Darlington, WI. He married March 5, 1879 in Mineral Point, WI to Mary Greenwood, b. July 17, 1856, d. 1912 in Darlington, WI. They are both buried in the Union Grove Cemetery. Thomas had a blind brother named James who lived and died in Iowa. Harriet had a sister named Beatrice Williams Stevenson, b. October 29, 1880ish. She lived and died in Cavour, South Dakota.



I'm looking for information about Thomas Oxman Williams' and Mary Greenwood Williams' ancestors. They are my Great-great Grandparents.  Their daughter, Harriet Elizabeth Williams Chapman, is my Great Grandmother. I know Thomas died on November 24, 1924 and Mary died in 1912, both in Darlington and are both buried in the Union Grove Cemetery. Harriet also had one sister whose married name was Mrs. Milton Stevenson of Cavour, South Dakota in 1924.

BYRNE // DEEVY ........Rachel M Downing   ..........2000

I am looking for marriage information for Edward Byrne and Esther Deevy m 1848 in Benton Wisconsin. Their first child Christopher Byrne was born there the same year. They then moved to nearby Smelser, Grant County also known as Smeltzen Grove, and Cuba City.  Thank you for your time.

ADAMS // FREEMAN // WALLACE // CONWAY ........Shirley Cotter  ..........2000

Searching for ancestry info of gggrandfather, Samuel ADAMS, b 1792 in NJ; m. Elizabeth FREEMAN; died 1851 in Kendall, WI, buried in Bethel Grove Cemetery, Belmont Twsp., Lafayette Co. Other Lafayette Co. names for research are: Rev. William WALLACE, m. to Sarah Sally CONWAY; both buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington, WI, he in 1877 and she in 1863. Can share the descendencies of these families. Thanks for any available help.

MILES // MC LYMAN ...........Lindsay Henderson ..........2000

Miles, Samuel James, b. 1854. Parents were John T. Miles (b. Dec 2, 1819, d. ??) and Jemima A. McLyman (b.Aug. 13, 1830, d. ??). If you have any information on this family, please contact me.

THOMPSON // CRAIG......"Suzanne"  ..........2000

I am looking for information on Francis CRAIG who was born in Durham  Eng. and arrived in New Diggings in 1854 along with brothers Cuthbert and William. Also on Joseph C. CRAIG his son who married Sara Jane THOMPSON, daughter of Charles THOMPSON and Mary MORTEN. Sarah Jane Thompson could have been the daughter of either Charles Thompson and Mary Morton or Joseph Thompson and Elizabeth ? Any info on the Thompson family especially would be greatly appreciated.

HASTINGS......Ken Nordtvedt ..........2000

I am looking for any marriages with Hastings as bride or groom. At least one Hastings household was in Lafayette from the 1830s until sometime between 1860 and 1870. Thank you.

Hasting, Rella A.  married Elliott, Isaac  on Oct 24, 1895 vol 5 pg 432
Hastings, Cora M.  married Conley, John W.  on Dec 25, 1888  vol 5  pg 245

Hastings, Duane Orville  who married in 1977
Hastings, G. F.    married   Edwards, Delia W. (Patterson)  on Jan 21, 1872  vol 5 pg 18
Hastings, George F.  married   Parsons, Delia W.  on Jan 21, 1872  vol 4  pg 53

WOOLLVEEVER * WOOLWEAVER * WOLLEWEVER // HOOD // PETERSON........ Sharilyn Whitaker. ..........2000

Seeking information on Benjamin Franklin WOOLWEEVER. He married first Eleanor Hood, and second Ms. Peterson, given name unknown.   Adolph WOOLLWEEVER, child of the second marriage was born in 1917 in Benton, WI, and there were at least to siblings, Julia and Bernice WOOLLWEEVER.

This family removed to Duluth, Minnesota, where Benjamin Franklin WOOLLWEEVER is buried, in Calvary Cemetery. Any help greatly appreciated.


WOOLLVEEVER * WOOLWEAVER * WOLLEWEVER ...... Sharilyn Whitaker.  ..........2000

Probate look-up//Marriage.   ANY WOOLLWEEVER (Woolweaver, Wollewever perhaps also spelled Woolweaver)Thanks so much.

Sorry, I looked in every book I have and could not find the name of Woolweever or anything close to it.

KEMPTHORNE // STEPHENS ....... Susan Bigelow   ..........2000

My great grandparents John Hooper Kempthorne [1850-1907] and Sophia Stephens [1848-1914] were born in Wisconsin. They had eight children, John, Lottie, Letta, Annie, Gerty, Leon, William and Guy. John was a school teacher possibly in Racine, Wis. John and Sophia are buried in Platteville.  Anyone else researching this family? Thank you.

MC COLLUM // CHILTON ........Calista Dunham ..........2000

Would you please check in the Lafayette Co Marriage Index 1847-1990 Bride's Book for:

Sarah Whiteside McCollum probably to a Chilton. Probably around 1850?
M (probably Matthais) Chilton to a McCollum before 1850?

Forget that request about Chilton and McCollum as that marriage has to have taken place before 1847. However, if they were married in that area before then, would there be a record in one of the adjoining counties? I've looked in IRAD as they also had IL connections. I do appreciate the look-up people very much. The census index in  particular has been most helpful. Calista

Sorry, the above surnames where not found in the Marriage Indexes.  You might try searching the surrounding counties and Jo Daviess Co., Illinois

SIMMONS // BENNETT // PERKINS.....  Viola...........2000

I am researching the following families who farmed in Lafayette County WI in the early 1900's.  Syvanus Simmons 1868-1945 (Wife Sarah Grace Bennett 1872-1963) John R. Bennett 1826-1909 (Wife Mary Ann Perkins 1832-1903) Any information would be appreciated.

O'DONNELL // FINLEY // DOODY // SIMONSON ......... Mary Simonson Karr  ..........2000

I am researching the following names from Lafayette Co Wisconsin. My great-great-great grandfather and grandmother, James Patrick O'Donnell and Annie Lee O'Donnell. He was born in 1803 Dublin Ireland, She was born around 1807 also in Ireland. Their daughter (my great-great grandmother- Mary Elizabeth O'Donnell (born in St Edward Nebraska in 1839 )married James Finley in 1855 in Lafayette Co Wisconsin. he died in Darlington around 1861 buried Willow Springs Catholic Cemetery. I don't know where James Patrick O'Donnell died but Annie Lee O'Donnell died in 1857 in Darlington and is also buried in Willow Springs Cemetery. My great grandmother the daughter of James and Mary Finley was born in Lafayette co Wisconsin in 1857 and married Michael Doody possibly in Ohio. My great-grandmothers name was Catherine Honora Finley. She died in 1931 in San Francisco, Ca.   

Mary Elizabeth O'Donnell Finley passed away in 1917 in Ettersburg, Humboldt Co Ca.    My grandfather Frank James Doody was born in 1879 to Michael Doody and Catherine Finley Doody in Platte Center Nebraska. My mother Mary Dee Doody was born in 1922 in Ettersburg Ca and married my father Irvin Joseph Simonson in 1946 in S.F. California. My mom passed away in Visalia, Ca in 1984 and my dad died in Phoenix Arizona in 1988. Frank James Doody ,my grandfather , passed away in San Francisco in 1926. I hope I didn't give you to much information for this list. I do have some census information from Lafayette Co Wisconsin and I think some other information too. I look forward to hearing from you. I will share what I have with you and anyone else if they would like to have it or compare notes. Thanks Mary Simonson Karr from rainy Visalia, Ca

STEELE // MATTHEW // DAY .........  Irma Korbitz ...........2000

Matthew Wilson Steele patented Land in Lafayette Co in 1848 and 1849. He was in the are by 1836 as he is in the census. His wife was Harriet Rowland Steele.   Her sister Maria married Erasmus Day in 1836 in Iowa co, before there was a Lafayette. Anyone know these people?  


STEEL * STEELE ............. Irma Korbitz .......2000 

Mathew W Steel (Steele). Patented land in 1849-1850 in Lafayette Co. I have not found him in the 1850 census for Lafayette or Iowa counties although I have gone through the census line by line. He came from Pike Co Mo in the 1830s and appears in some of the pre 150 territorial censuses. Anyone looking for this family?

In the 1874 Plat Map book I find M.A.Steele in Section 24 of Gratiot Township.  Also there is a S.A. Steele there also.

NAVEN .......  Kim Naven Lyman  ..........2000

Looking for any information on George Naven, b.April 1851 or 1850 near Galena, Il. He was orphaned at a young age. Had twin siblings (older) as well. I am pulling my hair out as to where to search! It's like he never existed! But I have his funeral notice with limited information.  Thanks!



Thanks so much for writing back so quickly! I am now so excited that I can further my search with the joy(s) of the Internet! my family comes from various parts of Illinios. I don't want to overload you! But what i have documented, so far:

William Cranston Naven b. Sept. 24, 1881 Terra Haute Township, Henderson Co.
Geaorge Naven April 1851 (or 1850) near Galena, Il
Penninah jane Bainter (wife of George) b. August 31, 1857, LaHarpe, Il.
Daughter to:
Peter(P.C.) Bainter b.September 25,1830 (Muskingum County Ohio)
Emily Snoots b. October 25, 1832 (married in Adamsville, Ohio Sept. 9 1852)

But they settled in the LaHarpe/Stronghurst area. I am at work right now, but at home I have a great book on the history of Henderson County that has a bio of PC.

Plus, on my grandmother's side there is a Sara Darrah Hagerty b. Sept 9, 1861somewhere in Il d.June 25, 1937 in Corning, Iowa .I have the funeral memorial in my hand and all it says born in Illinois! Aargh!  I will do more research from family documents (obits, phot's etc.) to get a better handle.   thanks a million!!


JOLLY ........ Janice Danielson ...........2000

Dori, I was checking out the Lafayette page, and noticed the name JOLLY in the page. Is this one of your lines, or is from someone else? My daughter-in-law's family has JOLLY/JELLIE/JELLY in it. Can you tell me anything about this name? Thanks.

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