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RICHARDS // ZIEGENFUSS // STOTT // HARPLE .......Gerald Richards ........ 1999

I am looking for information on my greatgrandfather and his family. I have just learned that when he came to the USA, his brothers Louis and Nicholas, and a sister Elisabeth came with him. My ggfather, August Richards married Catherine Ziegenfuss at Elk Grove, although her family may have lived in Darlington or even Hazel Green. Louis Richards apparently married Jane Stott, while Nicholas married Maria Harple. All were married in the 1860's. Their sister Elisabeth married Catherine's brother, John Ziegenfuss. This last marriage ended in divorce or death, since Elisabeth later married a Aureden of Dubuque, IA. If anyone has any information about these people, I would appreciate hearing from them.


RICHARDS // HARPLE ........Gerald Richards  ........ 1999

When you have time would you check for the following grooms' names in your list of marriages. Nicholas Richards married Maria Harple in 1868, and Louis Richards married Jane Stott in about 1958 or 60. Are they listed anywhere? Thanks for your efforts. Gerald R.  

The only one I found was:  Nicholaus  m  to Hafle or Hasle(Hassle) Mariot  on Nov 29, 1842 v2 p97

There are no Harples listed in the Brides book and the only Stott names are Fanny Louisa 1888, Lori Lynn  1986, Mabel 1903  or Stout  Abba M. 1872, Carol J. 1952, Ellen  1871.

REYNOLDS // GROVER ........ Lesley   ........ 1999

Searching ancestors and descendents of George W. Reynolds born 1821 probably NY. Md. Esther Grover at Mineral Point Wisc. Children, James H, Charles C, George L, Mary Augusta, Ada E. And Wm. B., Lived in Lafayette County in 1854  Thanks.

WRIGHT ........... Steve Wright  ........ 1999

I am looking for a Thomas G. Wright (went by TG Wright). Thomas was born in Leicester, England and moved to Argyle, Wis. with his 2nd wife Ann Wright (a distant cousin) Thomas and Ann had 5 children Samual 1851 (last heard was in Milwaukee, Wis), Horatis 1853 (Last heard in Monroe Wis.) Colin 1856, Loftus 1859, and Jane 1863.  Thomas lived about 1 mile from town. Argyle in 1861 had 2 stores, 2 chapels  (Methodist and Baptist) 2 hotels, Doctor and Drug store.  William Henry Wright (Father was Thomas via 1st wife) was born in Leicester,  England and married Leah Marwood. William and Leah moved to Argyle, Wis in 1862  with their child Samuel Charles. Samuel Charles died in Argyle Oct 15, 1862.  William and Leah had another child in Argyle Alfred Ernest born Jan. 25, 1863.  William and family moved to Chicago Ill. in 1864.  If this ties in with your research I would love to hear from you.


ADDISON...............  Evelyn ........ 1999

I am seeking information on Robert Addison Families that were living in the Benton, Lafayette Co, area early 1900 to the present.  Thank you     Hocking, Burgess, Enstrom, Smith, Simmons

SISSON // RODGERS  Shirley Cotter ........ 1999

 Looking for a probate record on : William Albert Sisson - died- 15 May  1903 in Argyle, WI. - b: 16 Aug 1837 in Chatauqua Cnty, NY; m. 1868 to Mandane Rodgers.  Dau: Myrta Sisson, b: 24 Apr 1874 in Harleyville, Page Co, Iowa.  Researching data to become member of Beloit DAR Chapter. Many thanks for  your assistance.

I only have 2 SISSON surnames in Probate:   Erastus R.  and  Lois

The death record in the book Wisconsin Death Index states that William Albert Sisson was born 1835  vol 4 pg 15.  Birth Place not given.  


RHOADES // SISSON  .. Shirley Cotter ........ 1999

Grooms Book and Brides Book - Marriage of Orin Albert Rhoades and Myrta Sisson, date 1892...Probably Argyle, WI. Sorry I don't have complete date.  Parents of Myrta - William A. Sisson and Mandane Rodgers Sisson lived in Argyle, WI.  Researching for data to become member of Beloit DAR Chapter. Many thanks for your assistance.

The  only Brides I have for Sisson is as follows:

Amy  to McDonald, Eli B.  on June 2, 1867  v4 p3
Anna Marie  to Doering, Charles C.  on Sept 25, 1898  v6 p47
Armida  to Kelley, Horace Oscar  on April 9, 1898  v6 p63
Hattie    to Benston, William G.  on Nov 9, 1895  v5  p433

BECHTEL // SCHLIEM ........ Tracey Converse ........ 1999
Searching for William Bechtel who was born in 1860 in PA but moved to Wisconsin where he married Anna Schliem in Lafayette County, WI in 1890.  Their family was raised in Green County.  Thanks!

Webmaster of the Arkansas Genealogical Society and the Central Arkansas Library System 

WRIGHT......Geo   ........ 1999

I wonder if you could do a lookup for me on Moses S. Wright. He came to the Shullsburg area sometime between 1856 when he married Elizabeth Shephard in MD and when she died in 1858 in Lafayette County. He then shows up in the 1860 Census with Louisa 22 yrs which I assume is his new wife. Thus, I was wondering whether there would be a marriage certificate for Moses S. Wright sometime between 1858 and 1860.  Thanks for your help and the Lafayette County page is very well done.  Geo

Sorry, I did not find a Moses S. Wright Marriage cert.  I did find a death that MAYBE might help you.  
Wright, Louisa M. (Russell)  d. Nov 2,  1912  74y11m27d  b. Nov 5 1837  v5 p1019

KEMPTHORNE // THOMAS ..  Bill Smith ........ 1999

I am researching Jacob KEMPTHORNE, my great great grandfather, and his descendents. Jacob and family migrated to Lafayette Co., WI from Cornwall, England in 1850. I would like to contact other descendents of Jacob and share information.

JACOB KEMPTHORNE was born 17 Apr 1804 in Cornwall, England, and died 19 Mar 1877 in Elizabeth, IL. He married (1) MARY THOMAS 30 Nov 1830 in Constantine, Cornwall, England. She was born Abt. 1803 in England, and died 1873 in Platteville, WI. He married (2) MRS. MARY ? 01 Nov 1874 in Elizabeth, IL.


i. JAMES LEWIS KEMPTHORNE, b. Abt. 1832, Cornwall, England; d. 1911, Unknown.
ii. MARY ANN KEMPTHORNE, b. 1834, Cornwall, England; d. 1840.
iii. CATHARINE KEMPTHORNE, b. 1837, Cornwall, England; d. Unknown, Unknown
iv. JOSIAH KEMPTHORNE, b. 1842, Cornwall, England; d. 1917, Mount Vernon, Iowa.
v. CHARLES KEMPTHORNE, b. 1846, Cornwall, England; d. 1904.

CONE // PARKINSON ......Diane Meyer  ........ 1999

My ancestor Job Cone lived in Lafayette County and married Elvina Jane Parkinson. Any information about either family would be appreciated. Thanks.

Name: JOBE CONE or JOB CONE, born: unk, died: 1870
Marriage date: 05 Jul 1855 at Fayette, Lafayette, Wisconsin

COOK.........Marita Lee ........ 1999

Seeking information on John P. COOK. He was born in Washington Co. PA. in 1798. By 1840 he sold land in Grant Co. WI. to my gr-grandfather, William Shannon COOK. In 1845 he received a 45 A. parcel of land in Lafayette Co. WI. His name was listed on that as John Persons (Pierson?)COOK. In the 1850 census he was listed at New Diggings, WI. Lafayette Co. Who were his parents / siblings / children?


 BATES // COOK ......... Marita Lee.....1999

My great-grandmother, Anna "Fannice" BATES was born in 1831, died in 1900. Her obit. says "born in Ohio, at an early age her family moved to Missouri, then to Wisconsin in early 1840's". She married William Shannon COOK in Hazel Green, WI. 9 November 1847. They first settled on a farm near Benton, Lafayette Co.WI. and were still there in the 1860 census. In 1870 census they were at Clifton in Grant Co. WI. She was said to be of French/Canadian ancestry. I am seeking any information about her parents or siblings.


GOULD ...........  Nancy Youse  ........ 1999

Hi Dori, I just found your website. Very nice! My request is for Index to Probate Records.  Gould, George, 1860-1870, Probate of will. This is my gggrandfather. I do not know when he died. No records in WI Vital Statistics. He is in US Census of 1860 but not 1870. If there is a will, maybe that will tell me. I do not know where he is buried. He and wife, Eliza farmed around Argyle. Their progeny are buried in Graceland in Blanchardville.  Contact with relatives has been non productive.  If you find a record of a will, how do I get a copy of it?  I appreciate your help. Nancy Youse

HENDRICKSON // JOHNSON .......... Tina Dean  ........ 1999

Albert Hendrickson - b. Norway June 9, 1841 - d. Darlington August 29, 1911 - buried Warren, IL with first wife and a child. Children were Henry, Caroline, Emil, Clara, and Nim. Looking for connection back to Norway or possibly Sweden. Wife and mother of children was Maria Johnson. Supposedly married again at time of death, to whom?

Any connection is appreciated.

KIRKPATRICK // STEPHENSON // BENNISON ..................Jean S. Baughman ........ 1999

I am looking for any descendents of George and Sarah (Stephenson) Kirkpatrick who came to Shullsburgh from Alston, Cumberland, England in 1849 under the name "Patrick" as refugees of the Irish Potato Famine.  They lived up near Carlisle right close to the Scottish Border and surely were in difficult straits. They appear in the 1850 Census under the name Patrick but seem to have dropped the abbreviated spelling shortly thereafter. I have just seen the ships manifest on which they appear and have the idea that a Jane BRESNER who was also on the ship with her father Michael BRESNER may be the wife Jane who appears with George (Jr.) as wife Jane 'married within the year'. They came with Ann who I believe married Thomas BENNISON and died not long afterward. I think that another son John came earlier. Also a son Francis KIRKPATRICK . Is anyone out there working on these families?

O'TOOL // STRADLING ......... Jamkand ........ 1999

I am searching for Frank O'Tool. He was born in Darlington, WI on March 2, 1867. I also know that he was married to Cora Jane Stradling O'Tool, but am not sure where the marriage took place. I would like to find Frank's parents names and brothers and sisters if there are any. Any help will be appreciated! -Jamie

BUTLER........Otto Anderson ........ 1999

I am looking for the record of thes two people that may be buried either in one of the Wayne cemetaries or the Argyle cemetaries.  Walter Butler who had to of died after the 1855 state census and before the 1860.  Can some one check the cemetaries records for me on him?  Amanda Butler is the wife of Walter.  Died some time after the 1880 census . Can some one also check the cemetary records for both Wayne and Argyle? Thank you.

EGAN // SWEENEY ........ Mari Parratt  ........ 1999

I am looking for a marriage application (if there is such a thing) for my ggf and ggm. She, ELLEN EGAN, was born in Shullsburg, LaFayette Co., WI about 1848. She is 2 on the 1850 WI Census. I don't find her again until she is married (I hope) & listed on the 1870 Houghton Co., MI as being 22, married to MILES SWEENEY and having 1 son THOMAS, 4. I'm guessing her folks THOMAS EGAN & HANORA AHEARN EGAN would not have let her leave WI and go off unmarried with a man and who was moving to MI. My question to you is: Can you lead me in the correct direction to find a record of marriage for them? All I know about MILES is that he was born in IRELAND; as were her parents. Any thoughts you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

SULIVAN // GALAGAN // VANDEGRIFT ......... Susan Vandegrift Proctor ........ 1999

I am looking for information about my great grandparents John and Mary (Sulivan) GALAGAN. They were living in the area when my grandmother Hazel GALAGAN was born 18 Feb 1892, however, I am not sure how long they had been there prior to that event. Any information that you have regarding their marriage (or other event) would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your time.


I am looking for information about GALAGAN, John of PA, his wife SULIVAN, Mary of New Diggens, WI, and/or their daughter VANDEGRIFT, Hazel (Maiden: GALAGAN) who was born in Darlington, WI on 18 Feb 1892. Please contact me  to share ideas. Thank you.

 ROBINSON // BENNET // UNDERHILL .........Jennifer Szalapski ........ 1999

I saw that you have some information on a Thomas Robinson. I'm looking for a Thomas Kindred Robinson (from who I am descended) who lived in South Wayne, Lafayette County Wisconsin @ 1840's. He married Rebecca Bennet and they had John Nelmon Robinson in 1848. John Nelmon married a Estelle Nora Underhill(who was born in Wiota on Feb. 17,1855) I'm looking for more info on Thomas Robinson, Rebecca Bennet and the identity of Estelle Underhill's parents. Can you point me in the right direction?  Thank you.

INGRAM // PIPER ...........  Carline Clark  ........ 1999

I am looking for marriage records for my g-grandfather WILLIAM HENRY INGRAM and bride ELIZABETH PIPER. He was born in Layfayette Co. 1847(per census and army records) and may have married there. Elizabeth was from PA. They would have married in the period between 1870 and 1873. First child was Thomas Robin B. 8/13/1873 in Hazel Green. I would appreciate any help or clues you could give me

The only Ingram surnames that is listed in the Grooms book are listed below:  
Ingram, David  married Richards, Louisa  on March 30, 1887  v5 p 202

Ingram, William Albert  married Clemens, Harriett Ann  on March 27, 1895  v5 p416

CHASE // FINN ................ Sandra Chase  ........ 1999

I found your name on the Lafayette County page of the GenWeb site for Wisconsin. Would you please be kind enough to look for the marriage record of Sophia Chase to Nathan W. Finn? I have a date, not as yet proven, of 17 Jul 1847, no town known. I would like to have a hard copy of the record and reference source, if possible, and will be happy to reimburse you for any expenses you incur. I look forward to hearing from you. in Buffalo, NY. (  (Sophia S. Chase   married  Finn, Nathan W. on July 17, 1847  vol 1 pg 272)  
Lafayette County Courthouse
626 Main Street
Darlington, Wisconsin  53530

(608/ 776-4820)

1.  Register of Deeds:  Registration of births, deaths, and marriages, financial statements, bill of sale, deeds, mortgages, land contracts, and Veteran's discharges see or call Joseph Boll, Register of Deeds  (608/ 776-4838)

EDWARDS // TERRELL  Mary Ann Morago   ........ 1999

My grandfather was ALBERT GARFIELD EDWARDS, (I did not find his birth  record in the book) born in Shullsburg on October, 25, 1876. His obituary stated that he was the son of RICHARD and ELZA EDWARDS. ELZA could possibly be ELIZA. I found reference to a marriage of RICHARD EDWARDS to ELIZA TERRELL (b. May 22,1853  d. Oct 14 1919 66y 4m 25d  in Lafayette Co) in Shullsburg on September 4, 1872. This could be his parents. I can't seem to get beyond 1876; Would your marriage books give any information? Are you the resident Shullsburg expert?  Thanks in advance for your help.  ( it seems that Richard and Eliza Terrell had 3 children that married:  Nettie E., William T., and Joseph Raymond)  (did Albert have any sisters and brothers?  Hopefully yes and they are the above names. )     No, I am not a resident of Lafayette County and most definately not an expert.  Just a person who likes to share what I have with others. Good luck in your search.  If I can help in anyway, just let me know.

 MULVERHILL * MULVIHILL // CARLIN * CARLAN ......Kathy Mulvihill   ........ 1999

Would you please check for the marriage of PATRICK MULVERHILL/MULVIHILL and CATHERINE CARLIN/CARLAN that took place on JAN. 31, 1853??

Hoping to hear from you and hoping I have at last found the right Wisconsin county! :-)    Many thanks.

CARLIN*CARLIN surname was not found in the Brides Book for 1847 - 1990
MULVERHILL * MULVIHILL  surname  was not found in the Grooms Book for 1847 -1990

DOUGHERTY // POWERS.......Peggy  ........ 1999

Looking for Patrick Dougherty....marrying Alice Powers   Would be between 1850-1855.    Thank you very much for your help and time.

Patrick Dougherty and Alice Powers where not found  though other Dougherty and Powers names where found.  

WILCOX // MORRILL ....... Robert Archibald ........ 1999.

When you get a moment would you look for the following names:Wilcox // Morrill 
Wilcox, Erwin P. married  Slothower, Lucy on Jan 1, 1873......vol 4  pg  45
Wilcox, William D. married  Allison, Jennie  on  Oct 28, 1882.....vol 5 pg 196

Morrile, Edward married  McNight, Caltha on  Feb 28, 1852.......vol 1  pg 100
Morrill, Charles K.  married  Martin, Agnetta  on  March 19, 1889.....vol 5  pg 256

CLEMENT ........ Ann  ........ 1999

Would you look up the name David Clement in the probate index? He would have been in Darlington ca 1850-1880. Do you find any Clement listings during that time?  Thanks very much for your help!

Clement, David H........*.........Estate.....#1583......#1025
Clement, Francis..........*..........#180
Clement, Mary E.  ......*........Estate.........#959

MARCH // HARKIN ........ mmarch........ 1999

Do you have John March married to Harkin?  Thanks!

No, The Grooms book does not show the above surnames.  It does have 3 John Marchs married to the following:

Salsbury, Housley, Woodworth

KIVLAHAN ...........Christie McGregor  ........ 1999

Hi   My name is Christie McGregor and I am looking for probate records for the Kivlahan family.  Thomas Kivlahan   Feb 1866 Probate #

Possible  Thomas Kivlahan (Father to Thomas who died in feb 1866 in Mt.)  1861 to 1870......Probate #

Then later on for Thomas's wife Elizabeth Kivlahan who remarried a ? Meloy

Eilzabeth Kivlahan.........Date unknown.............Probate #

It is hard to get information with out more details on my family Thomas was my Great Grandfather who was killed in a mining cave in in Diamond City Mt. He left his wife Elizabeth and 4 boys alone in Benton. The children were all under 7 years old. Thomas may have had a Father in Benton who was 61 at the time of the 1860 census. His name was Thomas also. Elizabeth remarried around 1868 to a Meloy. I have the census records and she owns the property his name begins with a C but the   record is hard to read. The sad news is that Thomas's son John Michael Kivlahan died when my Mother was 5 years old and she remembers very little about her Father. Sorry I am making this so long . If the is enough information or if I need more please. There may be two records for a Thomas Kivlahan this is a possible Great Great Grandfather Thomas Kivlahan. I am interested in anything you find on Kivlahan's.   Thank you

Kivlahan surname NOT Found.   The surname was NOT found in the Grooms or Brides book either.

THOMPSON // BOWLSBY ...... Diana    ........ 1999

Hi:   I would appreciate any information you could give me about the marriage of Samuel Thompson and Adeline Bowlsby in about 1858 .   Thanks so much.    

Samuel Thompson and Adeline Bowlsby was not found but a Emanuel Thompson and Lydia Bowlsby(sounds close) are there plus others.  

NELSON // WELLS // GRADY // TAYLOR // ANDREWS ... Lynne Ramsey  

I am searching for Marriage Records for any of the following people, who were siblings:

Elizabeth NELSON, b. 27 July 1841, PA.; m. Joseph O. Grady (Sorry, not in Brides Book)
John W. NELSON, b. ca. 1843, PA.; m. unknown (Sorry, not in Grooms book)
Elinor NELSON, b. ca. 1845, PA.; m. Frank WELLS (No, I do not show that listed though I do show listed a Nellie E. Nelson  married   William F. Wells on Aug  1, 1884  vol 5 pg 124)
William Henry NELSON, b. 14 July 1849, PA.; m. 7 Dec. 1879, Mary M. TAYLOR (vol 4 pg 98)
James NELSON, b. ca. 1850, WI.; m. unknown (Sorry, not in Grooms book)
Joseph L. NELSON, b. 29 July 1851, WI.; m. Sylvia ANDREWS (Sylvia V. Andrews m. Feb 26, 1881  vol 5 pg 32)

The marriages would probably have taken place from 1860-1881. ANY INFORMATION YOU CAN FIND WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Please take your time, as I realize this is alot to ask!

PEACOCK // JACKSON.......Connie Clark  ........ 1999

Could you look up a marriage of a John Peacock and a Jane Jackson around 1870s . They had a daughter born in New Diggins in 1876. I asked you one time to look up Lydia Peacock and William Scott and you couldn't find them I just got a message I think they were married in Grant County.  Thank you for your time

I only find the following for a John Peacock:  
Peacock, John Henry  married  Bennett, Mabel Marie on  Feb 22, 1950   vol 13  pg 357

FESSENDEN // CHAMBERLAIN ..............Carol Keskey.........1999

I'm seeking information on John (wife Catherine) Fessenden. Know of 2 daughters Miney (Maria,Minia) & Flora . Flora M. was born in Eagle N.Y..She married John W. Chamberlain, moved to Darlington or Shullsburg . They lived there about 1881-1887. My gmother Cinderella Belle Chamberlain was suppose to have been born there, also one other sister.....have autograph book of Flora. Who is Henry Fessenden,L.P. Chamberlain.? They wrote in autograph book . Have other information willing to share. thank you

BALDWIN // PRESHO ............ Monica Storey    .........1999

Seeking information on Robert James PRESHO, born Jan 29, 1843 in Benton, Lafayette Co. Married Juniette BALDWIN and moved to Lincoln, NE, by 1875.

HALE // CAMPBELL // SHOOK .......Gail Gordon..........1999

HALE/Wiota Twp 1828-1832: Marriage of Mahala HALE and Robert CAMPBELL?

My Hale ancesters were some of the first to settle in Wiota, William HALE bringing the first women to the area in 1828. In the History of Lafayette County there is a descrepancy regarding the "first marriage" in Wiota. On pg 610 it says the first marriage was between Sarah HALE and Elisha SHOOK (I have their marriage as 7 Sep 1829); but on pg  775  under the bio of C.J. Hale it says the first marriage was between Mahala HALE and Robert CAMPBELL, the 2nd being that of her sister Sarah. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a marriage record of this early date? Would like to find the date of Mahala Hale and Robert CAMPBELL's marriage. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

TOMLINSON // EDGE...........Wayne Vizniowski .........1999

We are looking for the marriage of John Tomlinson and Charlotte Edge in Lafayette county. Their son Joans was born 22 Oct 1814.   Thanks  

Johnstone & Vizniowski Ahnentafel Chart

SCHEELE .....STEPHEN H HOLT  .........1999

I am researching the Scheele family that lived in Shullsberg in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The family had immigrated from Hanover, Germany.  They were Henry Scheele, his wife Mary Mines Scheele and their children:  Henry, b. 1866, Mary b. 1869, Dorothy Elizabeth, b. 1872, Anna b. 1874, Emma b. 1878 and Minnie (no b.d. for her). Some allied surnames are Trebian, Schenk, Burgess, Kirchoff, Knautz and Yandry. I would appreciate any information on this family and would be happy to share what I have.

JOHNS.........Don Johns .........1999

I would appreciate any information I can get on the Henry Johns family . He emigrated to the Benton area in 1849. I believe the town was called Providence.  His children were named Ester, Richard, John, Johnson, George, and Elizabeth. His wifes was Susan. If anyone has any information on any of  these people I would appreciate hearing from you.  
Thank you, Don Johns


I am looking for any descendents of George and Sarah (Stephenson) Kirkpatrick who came to Shullsburgh from Alston, Cumberland, England in 1849 under the name of  "Patrick" as refugees of the Irish Potato Famine.  They lived up near Carlisle right close to the Scottish Border and surely were in difficult straits.  They appear in the 1850 Census under the name Patrick but seem to have dropped the abbreviated spelling shortly thereafter.  I have just seen the ships manifest on which they appear and have the idea that a Jane Bresner who was also on the ship with her father Michael BRESNER may be the wife Jane who appears with George (Jr. ) as wife Jane 'married within the year'.  They came with Ann who I believe married Thomas BENNISON and died not long afterward.  I think that another son John came earlier.  Also a son Francis KIRKPATRICK. Is anyone out there working on these families?  

HENNING...........Linda Brannan .............1999

Please send to me information about Elsie Henning who died inLa Fayette County Wisconson from an abortion on July 2, 1926. Where would she be buried?? Her family would like to  know.

BEEDY ............Leigh Wyborny  ..........1999

I am looking for information on the family of Jennie Beedy. Jennie Beedy was born in Lafayette County near South Wayne on 27 August 1872.

BLACK // DIMMICK.............Mary Black..........1999

My great grandparents were married in Lafayette Co.; the data is as follows: Joseph Penn Black married Lucy Jane Dimmick, daughter of Lot Dimmick of Apple River, IL., in White Oak Springs on January 28, 1854.  It was an Episcopal Ceremony. The marriage record number is 01589. Is there some way I could get more information in the marriage ceremony, maybe church records? I am specifically looking for anything that would give me names of Joseph Penn Black's parents and siblings. Please respond to Thank you!


BLACK // DIMMICK.............Mary Black..........1999

I have found JOSEPH PENN BLACK in the Wisconsin state census of 1855, LaFayette Co., town Monticello. He is listed as head of family with 5 males and 2 females. I know Joseph and Lucy were married in White Oak Springs, Wis. in 1854 and and had 1 child born in 1855 which would count for 2 males and 1 female. I would like to find out how I can identify the remaining 3 males and 1 female in the census. Also, Joseph P. Black signed as the :Town Clerk" taking the census. Can anyone give me direction as to how I can find out more about Joseph P. Black of Monticello, Wis. in 1855?


BLACK // DIMMICK............Mary Black...........1999.  
I am searching for information on the family of Joseph Penn Black born around 1832 in Logan Co. IL. In 1855 he married Lucy Jane Dimmick of Apple River, IL also born around 1832. I have located them in the 1850 census in Jo Daviess Co., Apple River Post Office but have not been able to find them in 1840 or any birth or death records on them. Any information you may have on these two names would be appreciated. Or if you know of a contact person in Jo Daviess Co. or Logan Co. that may know of them.

I am looking for the birth records of George A. Black born 1855 (George Black moved to Washington )and Leonora Black born 1858 in, I believe White Oak Springs Lafayette, Wis (I don't know what happened to Leonora. ).  Their parents, Joseph Penn Black and Lucy Jane Black (maiden name Dimmick) was married in White Oak Springs on January 28, 1854. Also, I am looking for parents of Lucy Jane Dimmick from Apple River, Il. I don't know if she was born in Il or Wis. I have found Dimmick and Dimick in both states but none connecting to Lucy Jane. Any help you can give will be appreciated.

MCCARTHY // HARRINGTON ........ Mary L. Tucker ...........1999

I am trying to find information on Timothy MCCARTHY born 10/16/1874 in the Town of New Diggings, Lafayette County His parents were Alexander MCCARTHY and Catherine Harrington.


The Lenneville family came to the Benton area from Canada in 1837. They were probably involved in the lead mining effort. The youngest son was Moses Lenneville, who was 5 years old in 1837. The surname may have been spelled "Laneuville", "Lenville", "Leneville" or possibly Lenerville. The family later settled further to the southwest, around Jo Daviess County,IL. Some branches of the family settled in the Manitowoc Rapids area.

STEBBINS // CASHMAN .......Pat Schoettler .........1999

I am looking for my gg-grandparents: John D. Stebbins and Mary A. Cashman.   According to his Civil War pension records, John was born in 1835 in  Shullsburg, WI. Mary was born in 1835 in Ireland. They were married in 1856 in Iowa County, and by 1864 they were living in Illinois. I am particularly interested in their parents and/or siblings.    Thanks for your help.

OLMSTEAD ........Nancy Meyers...........1999

Seek marriages of male OLMSTEAD in this county before 1860.  Thank you.    
  Genealogy Lookup Volunteer   (this is for another site.  Please hit your back button to return to Lafayette Co., WI)


I'm looking for the children of Lawrance and Mary Ann (Burton) Schemmerhorn. I've read that a daughter, Lydia Jane, married Thomas Burgess in Walworth, WI in 1857. Other children would be Anna, Ezra (Ezera) and Manning - and maybe others.   I just found out this week where this family went after Manning's birth in 1855 in McHenry Co., IL. Thank you so much!

TROUT // READY // TEST  ......... Richard Moore.......1999

The Peter Trout I'm looking for was married to 1) Leah Ready in Hamilton Co Ohio in 1818 and 2} Susanna Test in LaSalle Co IL in 1842. Peter and a son were in the Lafayette county WI census in 1850, then Peter disappears; a Susanna Trout is found in the Waukesha co 1860 census. I don't know the date or place of death of Leah but think it Ohio. Maybe the History of Lafayette County will have some clues as to what happened to Peter Trout.

I am looking for a maternal relative, Peter TROUT, in the 1850 Lafayette county Federal census as a 66-year old miner, born KY, living with his 23-year old son Hiram in Willow Springs, Lafayette county. He does not reappear in the 1860 census, altho a Hiram appears in Richland county

LOONEY.......Laura Rowley  .........1999

I am searching for info on the Looney familiy in Lafayette Co, WI. My  4great grandfather is supposedly buried there and since I am hoping to follow his trail from Sullivan Co, TN to WI, I would like to find any info that I can on the family in the area. I saw on the website that there is a Looney Cemetery in New Diggins and I am quite sure that this is where he is. This would be on the land that his son, Abraham lived on, and with whom he was living with in the 1840 and 1850 censuses. If anyone can help me with info on where this cemetery is and any info on this family, I would appreciate it. David died 1853/55 and his son Abraham died abt 1884. Associated surames are Bradley, Bean, White, Rhea, Heath, Bird, Evans, etc. If any of you can help me, please contact me.      


LOONEY.......Laura Rowley  .........1999

I am looking for info on all descendants of David Looney, Jr. who died 1853-55 in Lafayette Co, WI. He was living with his son, Abraham who I believe was quite well known in Lafayette Co. histories and was an early settler in the area. I would like info on any descendants of David and Abraham. Abraham died 1884 and his wife, Huldah (Bean) died 1845-47.   There is a Looney cemetery supposedly on the old homeplace that I would  love to find and visit when I pass through the area in August. If anyone can help with this family or with finding the cemetery directions,  please contact me. Thanks!

BENTON......   Claudet Benton......1999

I am doing Benton family research and am interested in finding out how and why various places around the US were named Benton. I would appreciate whatever historical information anyone could provide in this regard for Benton, Wisconsin.      

DERRING * DERING........ Harrell Hoffman .........1999

Seeking information on Derring family. William Small DERRING settled in NewDiggings between 1825 - 30. He was a partner of the DODGE family. His brothers John, Philip Frederic, Charles & others. Ann Dering marries into Dodge family. They were among the first Masons and some are buried in the Masonic cemetery. Several were Civil War veterens. Some descendents settle in Columbia. Charles L. Dering becomes a State Senator. Dering Bed and Breakfast of Columbia exists today and was built by Guy Dering, son of Oscar.

BRUNSKILL // DIAMOND // SCHOENEMAN ........Gregg John Brunskill ..........1999

I am a native son of South Dakota, now working on the north Queensland coast of Australia. I have been trying to trace my ancestry, and I have had good luck with all family branches except Brunskill. My greatgrandfather Simon Brunskill was supposedly born in Darlington, Wisc. on 16 January 1847, had several brothers (George and John) who stayed in Darlington, but Simon moved to Haywarden Iowa in 1886. He married Marion Elizabeth Diamond on 4 July 1878, and they had 4 children, William E. Brunskill (died in April 1960 at age 77, he was President of the 1st National Bank of Haywarden), Florence Mabel (died 1887), Gertrude (married J.H.C. Schoeneman of Haywarden), and George Harrison Brunskill (my grandfather). The rest of my version of the Brunskill family is given in the attachment in rich text format. Most of this information comes from my parents and grandparents, and is not supported by documentation.    

I have several geneologies of Brunskill families in England and Scotland, but I can't make the connection to the USA/Iowa/Wisconsin Brunskills. Can someone help me find the sources to check the birth/death dates for Simon, and who his parents might be? If there are fees or costs for this work, I'd be happy to pay it. A photocopy or scanned email copy of Simon's birth and death certificate would be wonderful. Thank You!    File: Brunskill only rtf.rtf (10319 bytes)

SPENCER .......Gary Wilson ....1999

The town of Darlington, Lafayette Co. WI "The town was first called Center, Which name it received on account of its occupying the geographical center of the county, and which it retained until it was changed to Darlington. The first town meeting was held at the house of Alvy Bowles, April 3, 1849, when the following officers, among others, were elected: H. W. Barnes, Chairman; T. J. Hamilton and Samuel George, Supervisors; G. B. Spencer, clerk; Horace Beebe, Treasurer, and Willard Martin, Assessor.  There were eight-two votes polled at this election."

The G. B. Spencer referred to as being elected clerk could possibly be my great great grandfather. We know he was in Wisconsin during this period and this is the first mention we have had as to where he may have lived.    Any information would be greatly appreciated. Will be happy to exchange info.

GABEL // SCHUCHART // HARTLIEB........Shirley Shinners .......1999

Looking for info about family of Nicholaus Gabel. Nicholaus was born in Germany and came to the US in 1852 with his wife Margaretha and children:Christian, Heinrich, Elizabeth and Catharina. They settled in Seymour corners,Lafayette county, Wisconsin. I am looking for names and birth dates of the children of Christan,Heinrich, Elizabeth(Mrs Joseph Schuchart) and Catharina(Mrs Henry Hartlieb). Also interested in finding out if Nicholaus had any other children in Lafayette county when he arrived. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

GANSHIRT // BOSCH * BUSCH // LOEFFEL........Leslie Ganshirt  .......1999

Looking for any information on the surname GANSHIRT. My gr grandfather Stephen GANSHIRT is reported to have died in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., Wis in 1898 after farming in the Gratiot area. My grandfather Harry GANSHIRT was born in Gratiot, Lafayette Co., Wis Feb 12,1877. Other relations are known to have farmed in the area from about 1870 to present day. I would appreciate any information anyone has regarding this.

I am also tracing the surname BOSCH/BUSCH. Rose BUSCH married Stephen GANSHIRT 1864 in Baden, Germany and is to have died in Gratiot in1923. Rose's parents immigrated to the Gratiot, Lafayette Co. area around the early 1870's and are both reported dead in same. Their names are Fredolyn BOSCH died 1881 and Maria Eva (LOEFFEL) BOSCH died 1881.  Again thank you for any information, Leslie

ODGERS // OPIE // PRYOR // HARKER // SMART // ROBERTS // DUNSTAN // ROWE ........Wendy Roberts .......1999

Searching for information related to Mary Roberts Odgers and John T.D. Odgers, who lived in Lafayette County, around White Oak Springs, from about 1850 until their deaths in 1893 and 1913. Also Ann Roberts Dunstan Opie and James Opie, who lived in Gratiot in approximately the same era. Mary and Ann were sisters. Related Surnames: Pryor, Harker, Smart, Roberts, Dunstan, Rowe

BUNNELL .......Sharon Dolifka.......1999    

I am searching for info on Gurshom BUNNELL married to Harriet Armilda VERLEY Argyle,Lafayette in Aug 25,1861. Son Benjamin born May 11, 1866 in Wayne,TWP.SPafford,Lafayette Wi. thanks,

JACOBS // SMITH // STEALY * STALEY........Nancy Wood .......1999

I am looking for information on the families of Aaron C., Edward and Edwin (twins) JACOBS, all in Argyle on 1880 census records.

I am also looking for information on the family of Robert and Mary (Redfern) SMITH who were originally from England. They had at least one daughter, Mary Ann, b. 3 Dec, 1944 England, and she married Edward JACOBS in Argyle on 27 Nov, 1863. I suspect she had a sister Ann who married Edward's twin brother Edwin. I have a picture that reads, "Billy's family" that was owned by Mary Ann and think it may have been her brother's family...the picture was taken in Grand Island, NE.

I am also looking for information on the Joseph and Mary (Rickard) STEALY/STALEY family who lived in Argyle circa 1880s. They had six children: Elza Rollin; James Wenton (who changed his name to Vinton James); Nellie Eveline; Alta Irene; Iva El.; and Goldie Geneva.

If you have any information about any of these families or their descendants please e-mail me at the above address.

GILLE // AURIT .......  Betty......1999      

Thanks for sponsoring this county. Being down in SC, Northern records are hard to come by. I am looking for the date of an obit for George Gille who died after 1945. He lived in Gratiot. His funeral services were held at the St Joseph Catholic Church. I just don't have the date. He was born May 12, 1862. He married Mary Aurit in 1888.

I am trying to find his daughter, Josephine, who married my father in 1925. She died in 1925 in Wisconsin. Any help on these two Gilles would be greatly appreciated.--

MILL* MILLS // GOULD ......George Bruggeman ........1999

I am looking for an ancestor with the surname MILL (or possibly MILLS). He was the brother of my Great Grandfather John MILL born 1829, who emigrated from Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany in about 1848 to New York. Their father's name was Michael MILL. The brother established himself in Wisconsin as a saloon owner (perhaps before 1848). The oral history of our family is that when the town he lived in was named, a vote was taken between Millville (after Mr. MILL and Blanchardville (after another popular citizen of the  town), and, as we know, Mr. Blanchard won the vote. Reportedly one of Mr. MILL's daughters married into the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Jay GOULD family. That is all we know of John's brother. Could you check in your book "Lafayette County Marriage Index 1847 - 1990" to see if there is any reference to any groom with the MILL name, and if so, please report those names, bride's names, dates, places, or etc. Thank you,  George    <>

BALDWIN // COOPER // HILTON ..........Kathy.......1999

My Gr.Gr.Gr.Grandfather was William Baldwin lived in the NewDiggins area. He had eleven children from Nancy Cooper: Virginia b.1822; Samuel Cooper b. 1824; Edwin b 1836; William C. b. 1829; Charles P. b. 1831; Nancy C. b. 1835; Junuis B. b. 1837; Elizabeth Ann b. 1838; Imogene b. 1839; Henry David b. 1841; Mary Ellen b. 1847; John L. b. 1849; Second wife Martha Hilton children Minnie b. 1851; Adie b. 1852; and Charles b. 1853. William was a miner, farmer and I don't know what else in the New Diggins on the Fever their was a William Baldwin named several times I believe this is the same William Baldwin he was their that same time period but we don't know what happen to him. Henry David stayed in the Brittish Hollow area and his son Thomas Sammuel grew up in that area the moved to Madison. My father told me a story about them working in a lead mine and they dynamited and the whole mine turned into a lake. Is their any way I can receive information on books or other information in that area. Thank you

SCHULTZ // CLAYTON........ Gary Schultz, Jr..........1999

My name is Gary Schultz, Jr. My grandfather was Alvin Homer  Schultz, born in Gratiot, in 1922. He died in 1974, in Clark County, WI, but I have not been able to find much more information about him. He  doesn't seem to be listed in the Social Security death index, but his parents name are, Gilbert Schultz, and Alta Clayton. Thank You, Gary

EATON // HANEY.......Norma..........1999    

The names I am looking for primarily is:  Elmore Eaton and Letta Haney. I have a lot of info on the Eaton's, but am at a standstill on Letta's family. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks -

LAWYER // GALLAGHER ......... Guy Gordon Lawyer, Jr.........1999

Looking for information on the marriage between Guy Lawyer (b 1890) and Grace Gallagher. Also any other marriages involving Guy Lawyer. It has been said my father has been married 8 times, I only know of 5.

My cousin Theda I were talking about how many times my father Guy Gordon Lawyer had been married. We know his 1st wife was Grace Gallagher from Lafayette County, but Theda thinks he may had at least two more wifes from there. He worked in the mines in the early 1900's along with his dad Edwin P. Lawyer and his uncle Charles Lawyer.    Thank you.Guy Gordon Lawyer, Jr.

GORDON.........Gail Gordon..........1999.........Homepage      

Gordon - Darlington and Argyle

SLOWEY // FARRELL........Sharon........1999  

Looking for any information you might have on my ggrandfather Hugh Slowey. He bought land in Lafayette County, Twp. 3N, Range 2E, Section NR:27, Meridian CD: 46 on 1855/11/10. He took out an unreturned marriage license with Johanna Farrell in Mount Carroll, Ilinois in 1852 and then was found in the 1860 census in Lyons, Clinton County, Iowa. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.


SLOWEY // FARRELL.......  Sharon .........1999

My ggrandfather, Hugh Slowey, bought or sold 40 acres to a Patrick Slowey on 11/10/1855. Section:27, Township: 3N, Merirdian: 46. Hugh had taken out an unreturned marriage license with Johanna Farrell in 1852 in Mount Carroll, Il. Her parents were Andrew and Mary Farrell, from Pleasant Valley Township, JoDaviess County, Il.. Any info on these two families would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.

MURRAY // TOPPINS // RADKE // WALSH ......Celeste Hoffman............1999  

Researching my immigrant grandparents, CHARLES and MARY MURRAY TOPPINS.  CHARLES TOPPINS immigrated from Ireland in 1847, married MARRY MURRAY about 1854. They had four sons. The first three sons were baptized at Benton, WI. They were, CHARLES, born 1855, JOHN, born 1858, and GEORGE, born 1860. Thomas was born in Kendall Township, Lafayette Co. WI., 1864. Both GEORGE, who married EMMA RADKE and THOMAS, who married MARY ANN WALSH, moved to Milwaukee. Who were MARRY MURRYS' parents? I would like to correspond and share information with anyone with any knowledge of this family.    

FARNHAM.......Cynthia Eckert...........1999

I'm searching for information on Gaius Farnham's family. Gaius was born in Lafayette Co.,WI in 1876. I would like to know who his parents were and siblings. I know his parents were from NY. And that he lived in Shelby Co.,Memphis,Tn. from 1900 til his death in 1956. I am willing to share information.    

MC CAULIFF // MAHONEY ...... Cathy Rossing..........1999

I am searching for family of Thomas and Hannah Mc Cauliff Mahoney who lived in Shullsberg, Lafayette County in 1900. They had 7 children. Mary (1877), Laura, (1879), William (1882), Leo (1885),John (1887), Ray (1893) and Perry (1896).

Hannah was youngest sister of my great grandfather. Trying to find some members of this line of family. Hannah's family lived in Green County, Adams Township for a number of years. Her father, Thomas, is listed in 1861 as property owner.

I have not checked yet if they were in Lafayette county in 1880. They might have lived in Green county earlier as that is where Hannah's family was located.   I am looking for any records on this family as they are completely unknown in family anecdotal history so have no idea where they lived other than what the 1900 census has told me. Thanks for any direction in Lafayette County records. Was there a death index and what date did it start?

HOCKING // WALTON.............Pat Moreau........1999

I am looking for any info you have on William John Hocking born in 1872 in Bumcom, Wisc.(Near New Diggins, Wisc) and Nettie Estella Walton Hocking born Aug. 18, 1878 at Vinegar Hill, Il., JoDaviess County. My info says they were married in Grant, Wisc. These are my grandparents on my mother side.  I would appreciate any information you may have on this.   Thank you.

 CROCKETT // FAATZ..........Kay K. Thomas........1999

I am looking for William Crockett and Ella Faatz Crockett. I know that they lived in Darlington, Wi. in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Hopefully they still have family members there. If they exist I would be very interested in talking with them. My name is Kay Thomas and my email address is Thank you for any help you can provide.

REICHHARDT * RICHARDS // ZIEGENFUSS.......Gerald Richards ........1999

My ggrandfather, Augustin Reichhardt, was married in Elk Grove WI on 2 March 1862 to Catherine Ziegenfuss. They later moved to Hutchinson, MN. I am trying to locate information on them and their relatives. I suspect that when August enter the USA in 1857 he went to join other family members in WI. He may have had first cousins Louis or William Richards who later moved to SD. Does anyone have any information on them? I'd appreciate hearing from you.  <>

SCOTT // PEACOCK........Connie Clark..........1999

Looking for information on a William C. Scott and Lydia J. Peacock both born in New Diggins I'm guessing around 1880. They had a son Harold Winfield Scott , May 20,1904 in New Diggins.

 BUTTERFIELD // BEEBE // SPENCER........Cindy .........1999

Looking for any information of the Ebenezer "Eben" Butterfield family that lived in Lafayette County . Ebenezer is listed in the History of Lafayette County, Wisconsin under the heading "Town of Gratiot" on page 593 where it talks about the early settlers in the county. E. Butterfield was listed as arriving after 1839.   Ebenezer and Caroline ? Butterfield had the following children:  Parley (b. 1830 in New York) Octavia (b. 1834 in Pennsylvania) Achiah Ann (b. 1837 in Pennsylvania) Martin (James Martin??) (b. 1839 in Pennsylvania) Henry Eugene (b. 31 Oct. 1844 in Gratiot, Lafayette County, Wisconsin) Phidelia (b. 1855 in Wisconsin) Nancy T. (b. 12 Feb. 1857) Viola E. (b. 26 March 1858).

Ebenezer's oldest son, Parley Butterfield married Nancy Luella Beebe in Lafayette County on 4 April 1853.   Octavia Butterfield married Nathaniel Spencer from Green County on 16 May 1858 in Gratiot, Lafayette County, WI.

The Ebenezer Butterfield family moved to Vernon County, WI sometime prior to 1860 and then to Richland County, WI. I do not know what became of the children in this family, except for Henry. Where are the others?? Where did this family come from??

EVERSON ..........Grace Gudgel   ........ 1999

EVERSON, Gundar and wife Mary (Maline) -Argyle, Lafayette Co. 1857-1873 Info about location of Everson Farm Cemetery -Argyle, Lafayette Co. Their children: Ever, Lena, Gilbert, Andrew, Anna, Nelson, and Gunder


Argyle-Everson Farm Cemetery // EVERSON ..........Grace Gudgel ......1999             

Gunder and Malline(Mary) Everson lived in the area of Argyle from 1857 to 1869 . I do not know exactly when they arrived from Norway but have a reference that they might have come as early as 1852. Their farm may have been close to own owned by a family by the name of Nelson or Halverson. At least seven of their children were born near Argyle. Is their any way to find out more about that Everson Farm that is listed in your Web Site under Cemeteries- Argyle?

Looking for marriage record for Maurice/Morris Lenihan b 1833 married circa 1850-1857 to Mary. He emmigrated from Ireland to Shullsberg, WI.

ARNOLD // KNORR // ROBB // MASON...........J&T Arnold........1999  
Looking for info on Alfred H. ARNOLD, b abt 1875 in Argyle, Lafayette County, WI. Married Elizabeth KNORR (b abt 1880 in WI - assuming Blanchardville, Lafayette Co, since this is where her family is from). Married Feb 14, 1899 in Blanchard, Pine Co, Minnesota. Both died in WA.  Any info is appreciated.

J&T Arnold........1999  Looking for info on Fred KNORR (b 17 November 1847 in Wittenberg, Germany). Married Louise ROBB (b March 3, 1850 in Green Co, Wisconsin) in 1868 (date and location unknown).  Louise died 30 July 1923 in Blanchardville, Lafayette Co, WI. Fred died 30 November 1928 at his daughter's house (Ella Josephine KNORR MASON), location unknown, but assuming Blanchardville.

Fred & Louise had 5 children - Ella, Jo, Cal, Lula, and Elizabeth.

WILCOX // BREWER // MORRILL // TRAYS // SELLERS // JACOBS // PASOCO // AKTINSON .Bob Archibald .........1999  
- looking for Benjamin Wilcox and Family, they owned 2 - 5 acre plots of land in Elk Grove Township Lafayette county, bought in 1867 for mining lead. Other names connected with the family are Brewer, Morrill, Trays, Sellers, Jacobs. Possible connections on Pasoco, Aktinson. I have found a lot of information in Lafayette & Grant county's because they lived right on the county line between Hazel Green and Cuba City from aprox 1840 to 1880 when they moved to Fennimore WI.

CARPENTER // MC GEARY // SCHEMEHORN // BENNETT // HAYES // AYERS // HANSON // BURTON.....John Laird .......1999      

CARPENTER/Jeremiah(Jerry) and Eliza CASE CARPENTER settled in Wiota, Lafayette Co prior to the 1860 census. They had at least four children, William (who m. Anna M. McGEARY, dau of Lawrence SCHEMEHORN and Mary Ann Burton); Eliza (who m James W. BENNETT in 1872); Nancy (who m Nathaniel HAYES, son of Samuel and Jane Hayes, in 1861); and Caroline (who m a SCHEMEHORN). Jeremiah's brother, Joseph Carpenter, married Matilda Hanson, dau of Stephen and Nancy Jane AYERS in 1870 in Wiota. I am researching the Carpenter family, and descend from a sister of Jeremiah and Joseph. Would be interested in exchanging info with anyone working on these families. Please e-mail me directly as well as posting a response here.

MILLER // MC KINLEY //  .......1999  
Seeking descendants of Samuel or Alexander Miller and Lavinna McKinley Miller. They lived in Lafayette Co. from 1842 to 1848. Their eldest daughter, Mary Miller md Wm. Dansmore in Lafayette Co. 14 Nov 1848. Any information on them, Mary, or their other children (Alexander W., Charles Chapman, Elizabeth, or Julia) would be greatly appreciated.

LANE.........Darlene Fish.........1999 .......... Homepage  
I am seeking the wife of Michael Lane of Lafayette County. He had a son born in Dec, 1882 or Jan 1883. Thank you for any help you can give.


PROUTY // STOVER // BLAKESLEY.........Pam Gow .........1999

Looking for information on Lorenzo Dow PROUTY who was living in South Wayne in 1886. His wife was Sarah Cathrine STOVER. Their son Bert Leon PROUTY was born in South Wayne on Feb. 7, 1886. If anyone has any information on this family, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Pam Gow .........1999

I am looking for information on a Jeptha Prouty who is supposed to be buried in Blaisdell Cemetery in Wayne Township. His half brother,  Nathaniel Blakesley, is buried in Crossroads Cemetery in West Point Twp,  in Stephenson Co. Ill. just across the state line. Also would like to know if there are other Proutys buried here and if so, who they are and the dates. This family moved around alot, and they seem to be extemely hard to track down. There may be other cemeteries in the area with Proutys. If anyone out there can help would really appreciate it.

LATTIN..........Mary Lattin......1999  
I am looking for:  Mary (E.?) Lattin Father of Lattin Girls: Horace Birdsey Lattin....b.1814 NY born Dec. 20, 1837 Mother of Lattin Girs: Rebecca Emeline (Farnum) Lattin....b.1819 CN Madison County, Highland Township, Illinois  "I think she married a Banning" maybe from  Grant Co.

Emily (J.?) Lattin born Apr. 28, 1840 Madison County, Highland Township, Illinois "I think she married John Garton"????

Harriett (A.?) Lattin born Sept. 14, 1842 Madison County, Highland Township, Illinois "I think she married Charles Sowle"

Sarah (J.?) Lattin born Mar. 11, 1850 Argyle, Lafayette Co., Wis. "married ?????"

Any info on Lattin girls is appreciated.  We are related to Harold and Grace Lattin of Darlington

Thanks for your help..

THOMPSON // BOWLSBY.........Diana........1999  

I am looking for information on Samuel Thompson b. 3 April 1832 in Warren County, PA. He died on 15 October 1892 in Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin.  He married Adeline Bowlsby. I would appreciate any information. thanks.

HARKERS........Judy Temby ..............1999

Looking for Harkers in New Digging area in early 1848-1860

CLARK // MCDONALD // SULLIVAN.........JOHN SULLIVAN. .........1999

We are searching for the ggp of JACQUE LEE-SULLIVAN. BERNARD CLARK is found on the 1850 census in New Diggings. He married MARY-MARGARET MCDONALD, and their first child ROSA, was born in Wisconsin about 1858. The family moved to Rice CO. MN. about 1860. Does anyone know these people, and are there marriage records for this era. Please E-mail. JSULLI8517@AOL.COM

STRAWBRIDGE, WI............. Ray........1999

I am looking for information on Strawbridge, WI (located west of New Diggings). Any leads or sources would be appreciated.

KEMPFER // WYSS.......Terry Bilke........1999

I am looking for information on the family of Emil and Rose (WYSS) KEMPFER who lived in Darlington.

TAFT // WASHBURN........David W. Taft.........1999

Seeking information on the family of Seth TAFT. Seth was born 31 Dec 1798 in Vermont and died 21 Sep 1889 in South Wayne, Lafayette, WI. His wife was Lucinda ???. I believe Seth was living in Wiota, Lafayette, WI in 1850.  Seth is the son of Benjamin and Thankful (Washburn) Taft. Seth had a brother named Benjamin who I believe to be my GGGG Grandfather, however,  have not found any documentation tying them together. Any information on  Seth would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

ANDERSON // WILSON.........Robert Fletcher ..........1999

Interested in Robert N. Anderson, b 5 June 1804, Botetourt Co., VA and d 7 June 1857, Darlington, Lafayette Co., WI who married Rebecca Wilson, b-- -- -, Sangamon Co., Il and d ---- WI on 15 June 1830. Six children b in Darlington, Lafayette Co., WI.  

1. William Calvin Anderson, b 5 May 1839
2. Albert Anderson, b 22 Nov. 1840
3. Mary Frances Anderson, b 1 July 1842
4. John Wesley Anderson, b 10 April 1844
5. James Anderson, b 1 Feb. 1845
6. Jesse Wilson Anderson, 21 Oct. 1847

POFF // MULLEN // MC DONNELL.........Mary ............1999

I am seeking info on my grandparents. My grandmothers name was Margaret Ann Poff and she was born in Argyle, WI on Feb. 6,1883 to a Dighton(Dwight) Poff and Mary Ellen Poff (Mullen). This is where I hit the brick wall. I Know that my grandmother was married to my grandfather, John Thomas McDonnell in Argyle on June 19,1907. I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can give me that would help get over that "wall"     Thanks, Mary

SMITHWAITE...........Alleen-Marie Coke  .........1999

My Great-grandmother, Mary Grace Smithwaite emigrated with her parents John and Margaret from Durham Co. Eng. in 1851 to New Diggings and stayed there until about 1857 or 1858. I would like to know the most likely location for applying for intentions to become a citizen of the US during this period.

DRISCOLL // WINTERS // HILLERY ............Suzanne Laver .........1999

I have info (and need more) about the DRISCOLL, WINTERS AND HILLERY families from the Leadmine, Benton and New Diggings areas. The main lines are James and Dora LEE DRISCOLL, Ralph and Elizabeth DOBSON HILLERY, and Martin and Mary Ann HILLERY WINTERS. More recently, Dan and Emma DRISCOLL were from Benton. I have traced back to England and Pennsylvania, have some Civil War info and have hit some dead ends. Other surnames related to the above are: POTTER, FIELDS, CALLAHAN, JAHNCKE, LENIUS, SLOWINSKE, SYMONS, STEPHENS OR STEVENS, WHITE, DONALD, MCNEIL AND MCRAE.      Thanks.

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