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Dillon    Rachel M Downing .
DOMMERSNAES Jim Johnson Reverend Martin Paulson DOMMERSNAES, born 18 Jan 1864, Sveio, Haugersund, Norway, emigrated to America in 1885. Rev. DOMMERSNAES was buried on 14 January (year unknown) in Yellowstone Cemetery, Argyle Township, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. Seek confirmation of date and place of burial, exchnage of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants.
DUNN//DE  VOE Jon DeYoung I'm trying to do some research for my grandmother. Her parents eloped and changed there name. They lived in Belmont and are buried in Belmont. His name was Arthur J DeVoe her name was Catherine VanderSloot. They changed it to Dunn. He died in Stevenspoint. I'm trying to find info possibly thru birth or death records. Grandma doesn't remember much except that they changed their name possibly because her mothers family didn't approve. Any help, or suggestions pointing me in the right directions would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to learning about geneology.

Hi Dori,    Thank you for helping me out so quickly. I talked to someone in the Lafayette Co records dep. and heres what they told me. Arthur J.(or Jay)Dunn was a miner.He died in New Diggins Twnshp. on 3/21/1928. The certificate lists his parents as William and Celia Dunn. Arthur was born 4/10/1881 in Stevenspoint. His father was from NewYork. Mothers maiden name unknown.

Here are some of the answers to your questions. I believe they lived in Belmont until he died. Then she moved to GrandRapids, MI. Catherines maiden name was VanderSloot. They married in or near Galena, Illinois. There oldest and only son Wilbur Jay was born on January 29, 1912 so I assume they married before that.

Arthur had a brother named Harold DeVoe according to Grams. Grandmas name is Arlene. Her other siblings are Marguerite, Florence, Cecilia, Grace, and Dorothy.

Grams said that Arthurs parents names were Arthur and Jeanette DeVoe. She seems very sure about that but that is not the info I received from the certificate. Possibly he was adopted? This is where I get thrown for a loop. Grams is the last surviving member of her family and her memory is fading but she is still pretty sharp. She never knew anything about her father or his family. There are several stories why they changed their name. One being that Catherines family was well off and didn't approve of Arthur. The other is some kind of scandal. Either way they eloped and I assume this is when they changed their name. He died young and she was left to support herself and family without any help. My grandma said that her mother was very tight lipped about the details and would not talk about their past.  Oh, and yes I do know that they are buried in Belmont together. Which cem. I will have to ask Grams. Hope this helps. I'll keep trying to get as much info as I can and keep you informed of my progress. Thanks again very much. I promised my Grams that I would find out as much as I could for her.    

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