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     Civil War Companies
Organized in Lafayette County, Wisconsin


Compiled by Janice Ronnerud


Since citizens of Lafayette County were eager to serve in defense of the Union, recruiting began early. Of course there were those who did not support the cause, and, as a result, a secret organization called the "Knights of the Golden Circle", vowing to resist the draft, was organized in June, 1862.

The Union League was organized to fight the doctrines of the "Knights" and uphold the law.

In the fall of 1862, the draft was issued for nine months' service. In 1862, the following Deputy Sheriffs were appointed to enroll able-bodied men in their respective districts:
John B. Schofield, Wayne;
John Adams, Monticello;
M. Crawford, Kendall;
John O'Toole, White Oak Springs;
Dennis Murphy, Benton;
E.W.Jennan, Gratiot;
James Noble, Willow Springs;
T.C.L. Mackay, Elk Grove,
James Harker, New Diggings;
Furness Lambert, Argyle;
John Cline, Fayette;
John Barry, Shullsburg;
James Wood, Wiota;
Walter E. Jones, Belmont;
Luke Ager, Centre.

The drafted men reported to the Ellison House, in Darlington, to be registered by Judge Blackstone, a Draft Commissioner. The contingent, under charge of Lance Sergeant P.F. Dering, arrived in Madison with 80 odd men from Lafayette County. After inspection, a large percentage was rejected, with the remainder procuring substitutes which could be bought for $100 to $200.

Because draft resistors were still causing trouble in the sparsely populated section of the county,in July, 1863, Major Clowney, with Companies A and B, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry, were detailed from Madison to assist the Provost Marshall in enforcing the draft in the district between Benton, Shullsburg, and New Diggings. When the 1863 draft was ordered, the town of New Diggings proposed to give a bonus of $60 to each of the first five men to enlist. R.H. Champion contributed $300 for that purpose , as well as George Leekley who contributed a similar amount to the next five volunteers.

During the draft troubles of 1863, a "home Guard" was organized at New Diggings to maintain law and order. The existence of the company was short because ranks were depleted by enlistments into the Federal Army. The muster-roll filed with the County Clerk gives the official membership of La Fayette Guard, organized in New Diggings in August, 1863, as follows; Captain, Wm. Bird; First Lieutenant, John Harker; Second Lieutenant, Charles B. Champion; Orderly Sergeant, M.J. Williams; Line Sergeants, Thomas Harker, John Corwin, Thomas Eggleston, John Alderson; Corporals, John Siles, Henry Looney, Thomas W. Teasdale, Thomas Fawcett, Matt Robinson, John Eggleston. Julian H. Austin, Thomas Anderson, John W. Ayer, Milton Austin, Wm. Bonner, Arthur Penrick, Joseph R. Bird, Thomas Currah, Wm. Croft, Timothy Cottingham, Anthony Cottingham, John Cottingham, Thomas Calvert, John Dawson, Fred P. Dering, George Dodson, Charles Doan, Elliott Eggleston, John Eastwood, Thomas Fawcett, Robert Graham, James Gunn, John Heath, Hunter Hall, Leonard Harker, John V. Harker, Wm. Harrison, James Heath, Simon Harker, Hugh Jones, Francis Jackson, Edward Longhorn, James Lappin, Anthony Liddle, James Martin, Wm. J. May, John Martin, James H. Peacock, John Peacock, John Pedelty, James Pedelty, Christopher Perkins, Thomas Raw, George Redfearn, George Rain, John Ross, Francis Raw, Isaac Robinson, Benson W. Right, Francis Respin, Wm. Redfearn, Wm. Spensley, Jonas Spensley, Samuel Topliss, Joseph Thompson, Joseph Teasdale, James Thompson, Wm. Teasdale, John Vickers, John White, Wm. White.

In the early part of 1864, the company was reorganized and joined with another group existing in Benton. The muster-roll of the new company, dated Aug 27, 1864, as filed with the County Clerk was as follows: Captain, James Longhorn; First Lieutenant, Thomas Vipond; Second Lieutenant, Jormain Tipping; Orderly Sergeant, P.F. Dering; Line Sergeants, John Harker, John Sides, Wm. B. Wood, Thomas Fawcett, Wm. Spensley, Wm. H. Vickers, Matthew Collison and James Peacock.

Privates: Wm. J. Ayers, Milton Austin, Benjamin Busby, Wm. Brown, Philip Baker, Wm. Croft, Henry Caulthard, Joseph Caulthard, John Corwin, Thomas Currah, John Coltman, Charles B. Champion, Thomas Eggleston, Elliott Eggleston, James Francain, Thomas Fairley, James Gear, Wm. G. Gillette, Henry P, Greenleaf, Hunter Hall, Henry Hall, Leonard Harker, Anthony Hambell, Thomas Herring, Wm. Higginbotham, Hugh Jones, Francis Jackson, Thomas Jackson, John D. Noal, Robert Peasley, George Rain, Joseph Rain, James Robbins, Robert Ross, James Spensley, Charles M. Short, Wm. Stevens, Samuel Stevens, Joseph Teasdale, Samuel Vickers, Isaac Vipond, Wm. White, Wm. Watson, Henry Williams, John Winder and Joseph Wood.

Company H -- Third Regiment: Captain, George H. Whitman; First Lieutenant, George W. Stevenson; Second Lieutenant, James G. Knight. This company was organized in Darlington, as the "LaFayette Rifles," on three years' enlistment, in June 1861. Companies H and I joined the Third Regiment at Camp Hamilton, Fon du Lac, under the supervision of Col. C.S. Hamilton. They were mustered into service on June 29 and left the state on July 12th under orders for Hagerstown, MD.

Killed in action: Ole Anderson,Dallas, GA; Henry L. Bush, Winchester, VA; Joshua P. Jones, Antietam, MD; James F. McKnight, Antietam, MD; Wm. Mason, Cedar Mountain, VA; Samuel D. Mickey, Dallas, GA; Wm. Wilcox, Antietam, MD

Died of wounds: J. Hanson, Chattanooga, TN; Wm. H. Watts, Lost Mountain, GA

Died of disease: Benjamin Gussette,

Savannah, GA; Freeman G. Groff, Dalton, GA; Wm. S. Hamilton, Chattanooga, TN; Nelson Marsh, Beaufort, NC; Irwin Pierce, Frederick, MD; Joshua M. Shriver,

Tullahoma, TN; Wm. Sales, Savannah, GA; Wm. Stubbs, Beaufort, NC; Peter Schaubs, Dalton, GA; James Thomas, Chattanooga, TN; Sever Thompson, Annapolis, MD; August

Weckersburger, Washington, D.C.

Company I -- Third Regiment, originally known as the "Shullsburg Light Guard", had the honor of being Lafayette County's first company to volunteer for service. They first enlisted for the First Regiment but since that regiment was already full, were mustered in as Company I, of the Third Regiment. The officers during the war were: Capt. Howard Vandergrift, succeeded by Moses O'Brien, who was killed in battle, and replaced by Nahum Daniels. First Lieutenants--John E. Ross, resigned July 13, 1861; Alex N. Reed, died of wounds Sept. 18, 1862; Wm. Freeborn, discharged Nov. 10 1864, and John Agnew. Second Lieutenants--Ralph Van Brunt, promoted to Adjutant; Alexander N. Reed, promoted; Wm. Freeborn, promoted; Charles L. Dering, promoted Company B; Wilson S. Buck, promoted to Company B, and George N. Faucett.

Killed in action: Lieut. Alex N. Reed, Antietam, MD; Corporal John Kirkpatrick, Chancellorsville, VA.; Corporal Michael Sullivan, Chancellorsville, VA; Corporal Wm. White, Averysboro, NC; Daniel Callender, Beverly Ford, VA; Hans Christian, Averysboro, NC; Demas V. Deming, Antietam, MD;, John F. Dudley, Kenesaw, GA; Charles H. Dibble, Averysboro, NC; Giles L. Harrison, Resaca, GA; George Knickerbocker, Dallas, GA; Wm. Thomas, Antietam, MD; Edward Ware, Alexander Wiley and Thomas A White, Antietam, MD

Died of wounds: Capt. Moses O'Brien, Cedar Mountain, VA; George Buxton, Bolivar Heights, MD; Sylvester Fay, Dallas, GA; John Patton, Dallas, GA;August Ruter, Winchester, VA; Nicholas Wallace, Cedar Mountain, VA; Charles Wescott, Antietam, MD.

Died of disease: Peter Anderson, Murfreesboro, TN; Joseph Benton, Fayetteville, TN; Perry Bryant, Dalton, GA; John Dougherty, Winchester, VA; Richard Folts, Frederick,MD; Lewis S. Hoag, Frederick, MD; Dallas A. Hill, Atlanta, GA; Wm. G. Lewis, Fayetteville, TN; John A. Morgan,Frederick, MD; Andrew J. Martin, Atlanta, GA; Andrew J. Martin, Atlanta, GA; Hanson P. Thaen, Atlanta, GA.

Company I--Third Regiment Continued

Appended is the original muster-roll of this company:

Officers and musicians: Captain, Howard Vandergrift; First Lieutenant, John E. Ross; Second Lieutenant, John W. Blackstone, Jr.; Ensign, John H. Gowen; First Sergeant, A.T.E. Blessing; Second Sergeant, Sylvester Brannan; Third Sergeant, Charles M. Wyman; Fourth Sergeant, Clarles L. Dering; First Corporal, James E. Roberts; Second Corporal, George B. Bennett; Third Corporal, William A. Leitch; Fourth Corporal, John Jarvies; fifer, Orsemus Lakin; Drummer, Jacob Purcel.

Privates: Edward Southwick, George Knickerbocker, Christian Kivibner, John R.Amidon, William Moon, Francis Brannan, James Whalen, Hiram Southwick, Martin Washington, James S. Looney, Thomas Harper, Hugh Williams, Henry Baldwin, Alexander Wiley, A.N. Reed, Theodore Brannan, W.H. Thurston, R.M. Johnston, William S.Scisson, William C. Million, Charles A. Hawley, Robert R. Ferguson, Alfred Million, James P. Corbin, Maylon P. Smith, Joseph M. Burton, C.H. Dibble, Elijah Jenks, Henry A.W. Gillett,M.D. Gilson, Rufus Harriman, James Negus, John Dougherty, William J. Bushby, Thomas A. White, Thomas Bushby, George White, Charles Knott, John Madison, David A, Bush, Richard Williams, George A. Rueckerman, Charles H. Wescott, Wilson Warford, James Hill, John H. Cooper, Robert McCormick, Charles Vandergrift, James Peebless, Thomas H. Bright, Michael Belonger, Frederick Willey, John T. Harrison, George N. Wagoner, C.B. Chipman,William Freeburn, Eugene James, Nicholas Wallace, Charles Hall, O.S. Horage, James B. Knapp, John Schofield,William Douglass, Cyrus E. Dering.

Company I, Sixteenth Regiment: Even though there were a few recruits from Grant County, this company was organized mainly in Darlington.

Officers: Captain, S.W. Osborne; First Lieutenant,, Charles H. Vail; Second Lieutenant, D.J. Purman.

Killed in action: Sergeant Terence O'Brien, Shiloh, Tenn.,L.E. Brainard, on Mississippi River; Alonzo Clifford, Shiloh.

Died of wounds: Lieut. Charles H. Vail, Shiloh; Sergeant E.F. Winchester, Corinth, Miss.; Corp. William Tipping, Corinth, Miss.; George Burchill, Keokuk,

Iowa; Harrison C. Howard, Hazel Green, Wis.; Ols Iverson, Atlanta, Ga.; John Solomon, St. Louis, Mo.; Morgan F. Wooding, Shiloh, Tenn..

Died of disease; John C. Long, Keokuk, Iowa; William Brewer, Providence, La.;

John W. Munroe, Wauwatoma, Wis.; Edmund A, Bliss, St. Louis, Mo.; Joseph Baker, Vicksburg, Miss.; Myron Cole, St. Louis, Mo.; Hiram Franklin, Fiedler Frost, Savannah, Ga.; James Goodwin, Rome, Ga.; Enoch M. Keithley, Pittsburg Landing, Tenn,; Ira Lincoln, Providence, La.; Carl Penn, Savannah, Tenn.; George Pool, St. Louis, Mo.; Henry Parks, Vicksburg, Miss.; Thomas Pirrie, Redbone, Miss.; Robert W. Saunders, Providence, La.; James williams, Dalton, Ga.; Edson W. Woodworth, Eastpoint, Ga..

Died of accidents: Harry M. Robinson, who was instantly killed by a falling tree, at Providence, La..

Company B--Twenty-third Regiment was formed in July, 1863 at Camp Randall and was organized at Camp Randall on August 25, 1862, under Col. Josua J. Guppey, of Portage City.

Officers: Captain, Charles M. Waring, succeeded at his death February 16, 1863, by John E. Duncan; First Lieutenant, John E. Duncan, on promotion, succeeded by John M. Sumner, promoted to Company D and replaced by Francis G. Marsh; second Lieutenant, Warren Gray, who, resigning March 27, 1863, was succeeded by Charles E. Brunner.

Killed in action: Willis Norton, Sabine Cross Roads, La.; George B. Ray, Arkansas Post, Ark..

Died of wounds: William Berkenshaw, Vicksburg, Miss..

Died of disease: Capt. Charles M. Waring, Memphis, Tenn.; Corp. Orrin Judkins, hospital boat; James Buss, Young's Point, La.; Taylor Beers, Youngs's Point; Richard Buss, hospital boat; LaFayette Case, Vicksburg, Miss.; Simon Cullen, Memphis, Tenn.; John W. Dunlap, Memphis; Watson DeGroff, Memphis; Jesse T. Evans, St. Louis, Mo.; Oscar Hill, Vicksburg, Miss.; John Knouse, Memphis; Orlando M. May, Memphis; Nathan Woodbury, St. Louis, Mo..

Company E, Thirty-first Regiment, was constituted in 1862, from equal contingents from Darlington, Fayette, Argyle and Wiota towns.

Officers: Capt., James B. Mason, deceased Oct 17, 1863, succeeded by Daniel B. Dipple; Lieutenants, First, Daniel B. Dipple, on promotion succeeded by Hiram Stevens; Second, Hiram Stevens, succeeded by Charles Bridgman. On Sept. 23, 1862, the regiment was organized under the command of Col. Isaac E. Messmore.

Killed in action: Sergt. Charles H. Bailey, Atlanta, Ga.; Samuel L. Barrington, Averysboro, N.C.; Thomas J. Taylor, Bentonville, N.C..

Died of Disease: Capt. James B. Mason, Nashville, Tenn.; Sergt. John Harker, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Sergt. Peter Collins, Wiota, Wis.; Edward Anderson, Columbus, Ky.; Lorenzo P.D. Black, Gratiot, Wis.; Daniel M. Burrett, Nashville, Tenn.; Atwood L. Davis, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Lewis Hanson, Columbus, Ky.; Ole C. Rood, Jefferson Barracks, Mo..

Company C, Thirty-third Regiment, was organized September, 1862, in Shullsburg, under the name of the Gaylord Guards. The following was the original roll-call:

Officers: Capt., John E. Gurley; Lieutenants--First, Wm. Warner; Second, James Corbin; Sergeants--First, Nicholas Smith; Second, D.H. Budlong; Third, H.W. Foss; Fourth, C.H. Knickerbocher; Fifth, C. Fitzpatrick. Corporals--First, John R. Denson; Second, Harllow S. Pickard; Third, Jeptha Hopkins, Fourth, C. Vickers; Fifth, W. Sonneman; Sixth, John Nicholas, Seventh, John W. Long; Eighth, John Farmer.

Privates--Lloyd Underwood, David Pepper, Wm. Dunbar, Michael Dunn, Wm. Shawley, George Hillary, J.J. Lane, George Kirkpatrick, Harry Seaman, C.H. Knowlton, Harry Rennick, F.C. Frebel, Casper Hardy, Edward E. Berry, Thomas H. Oates, James McGinn, Harvey Thomas, L.J. Cavanaugh, Hugh Later, Charles McCoy, Michael Haffey, J.H. Heinmann, Patrick Kelly, John Green, Eber Budlong, John M. Mason, W.H. Hughes, William N. Hoskins, Lorenz Lorenz, Thomas Tague, Peter Morgan, Aaron S. Bailey, Francis Rogers, Silas Hill, Anthony Mesberger, John Purcell, Richard Nofles, Alexander McClechy, Nelson Forman, Wm. Fanning, John Sawlsberry, James Whitaker, Walter Doyle, Chapel J. Carter, Clark T. Ryckman, James H. Bowlsby, Jefferson True, Ranson Ryckman, John Shreckengaust, Martin Anderson, David Kline [Cline], Jacob Jager, George Newsbaum, James Johnson, John M. Newberry, James K. Arnold, Hugh Dearth, Beeley Pendleton, Andrew J. Harris, Thomas Lamb, James Elliott, William Warwick, William Fox. Thomas Anderson, Patrick J. Walsh, Michael Kearney, John W. Rain, George C. Day, J.M.C Eastman, J.H.F. Aufderhiede, Dominic McCauley, William Hodgson, James Maguire, John Rudd, William H. day, Thomas Peacock, John Nagle, George P. Shaffer, Joseph Peacock, Jeremiah Sullivan, Phillip Dowd, John Calvert, Benhart Keller, William Hind, Mortimer Sullivan, Christopher Larson, B.F. Miles, Henry P. Marks, Charles Lee, Thomas Burrel, Uriah Hover, John Morton, Francis McDaniel, Wm. Young, Stephen D. Simpson, Dennis Hegarty, James Kew, Wm. McAvin, Levi Long, Lyman Fairclo, John W. Judd, Henry Hayden, George W. Foval, Preserved Ireland, Lewis Worm, Wm. McIntosh, Josiah Topliss, Wm. Eicher.

Note-- In the company there were 58 farmers, 34 miners, 8 laborers, 3 stonemasons, 2 blacksmiths, 2 tin smiths, 2 harnessmakers, 2 physicians, 2 lawyers, 1 shoemaker, 1 wagonmaker, 1 miller, 1 surveyor and engineer, 1 minister, 1 merchant, 1 currier, 1 butcher, 1 printer, and 1 student.

Fifty-six were natives of the United States, England, 24; Ireland, 22; Scotland, 2; Prussia, 2; Germany, 11; Austria, 1; New Brunswick, 1; Newfoundland, 1; Canada,1; Norway, 2.

Killed in action: Corp. Wm. Soneman, Cane River, La..

Died of wounds: Wm. H. Hughes, New Orleans, La..

Died of Disease: Sergt. John R. Densan, LaGrange, La.[?]; J.H.F. Auderheide, St, Louis, Mo.; James R. Arnold, LaGrange, Tenn.[?]; Chapel J. Carter, Natchez, Miss.; David Cline, Wis.; Hugh Dearth, Holly Springs, Miss.; George C. Day, Evansville, Ind.; George W. Foval, Natchez, Miss.; Julius Geihl, Little Rock, Ark.; George Hillerey, Nashville, Tenn.; Joseph H. Heinman, Tuskegee, Ala.; Andrew J. Harris,Young's Point, La,; Peter Morgan, Shullsburg, Wis.; Ransom Ryckman, St. Louis, Mo.; Robert F. Vivers, Shullsburg, Wis..

Company E, Forty Third Regiment, raised and officered in the immediate vicinity of Darlington, was recruited in the fall of 1864.

Officers: Capt., Isaac Stockwell, Lieutenants, First, Charles J. Wadsworth, succeeded by George W. Witter; Second, Henry A. Beckwith, Vice George W. Witter, promoted.

Died of disease: Wm. Hugaboam, Elk River Ridge, Tenn.; Oli Emerson, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; Henry J. Hearsley, Johnsonville, Tenn.; Samuel O'Ray, Johnsonville; Nelson M. tenney, Nashville, Tenn.; Richard White, Clarksville, Tenn..

Company C, Fiftieth Regiment,was recruited in the southern part of the county by Oscar M. Dering, then Provost Marshall.

Officers: Capt. Oscar M. Dering; Lieutenants, First, Richard H. Williams; Second, Topping S. Winchell.

This company was organized and mustered into the fiftieth Regiment under Col. John G. Clark, at Madison, WI.

The following is a complete roster of soldiers from Lafayette County not already mentioned in this record.


Second Infantry--Co. I--Frederick Belknap

Third Infantry--Co. H--Ole Larson, Amos Harris, LumonLake

Co. I--Alfred Million, Wm. Million, Watson Million, W.H. Thurston, Mahlon Smith, Wm. Leach, Reese Ferguson, Volney Smith

Eighth Infantry--Co. H--Clement Corbin, Jacob Corbin, James Corbin, John Dudley, Phillip Gould, Ben Utrican,

Fifteenth Infantry--Co. E--Rolling Oleson

Co. K--Toston Larson,, Gundy Larson

Eighteenth Infantry--Co. B--W.H. Harding, Michael Death, E.F. Wright, Wm. Newbury, E.R. Blake, John Conkling, John Driscoll

Co. I--John Hill, David Aldridge, G.W. Holms, Albert Marsh

Thirty-first Infantry--Co. E--John Reevely, Joseph Reevely, John Harker, John Dodson, Pweter Baker, Thomas Lancaster, Christopher Jenks, Charles Soul, Albert Hawley, Thomas Nichols, Michael Penneston, Warren Dodge, Albert Albertson, Albert Gilbertson

Thirty-third Infantry--Co. C--Henry Know, David Kline, Hugh Death, Nathan Gould, M.J. Newbury, George Messbaum, John Farmer, James R. Arnold, Bela Penderston, A.J. Harris

Forty-fifth Infantry--Co. D--Sterling Parker,

Co. E--Frank Belknap

Third Battery--Co. I--Wm. Loveland, George Hughes, Wm. Harris, James Smith, Edward Jacobs, Frank Wyman

Fifth Battery--Daniel McDermott, C.M. Wyman, James Mack, Allen Mitchell

Regiment Unknown--Lucal Soul, ----Arnot, Wm. Entriken, Wm. Osborn, John Haviland, Eastman Webster, Amos Hill, Gunder Bennett, Elijah Jenks, James Harding


Third Infantry--Co. I--George Buxton, Charles Hemthorne, Frederick Willis, George Pease, John Jenkyns, Wm. Kennedy, Charles Dayton, John Madison

Fourth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Michael Corcoran

Twelfth Infantry--Co. Unknown--David Jones, Illinois

Sixteenth Infantry--Co-I--John Paine, George Fawcett, Jacob Fawcett, Wm. Gillett, Henry Gillett, Thomas Vipond, Wm. Austin, Wm. Hawkins, Wm. Zipping, James Zipping

Seventeenth Infantry--Co. Unknown--John Lowrey

Nineteenth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Alfred Ripin, James Langhorn

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. C--Wm. Fox, Patrick Welsh, John Nicholas, Charles Lee, Wm. Warwick, Thomas Lamb, James Elliott, John Bassett, Francis McDaniel, Hugh Later

Twenty-fifth Infantry--Co. I--Henry Drink, Wm. Fenny, Wm. McIntosh, Thomas Burrell, Germain Zipping

Regiment Unknown--Thomas McKeyne, John Kinsella, Joseph Gavin, John Gavin, David McCormack, Matthew Richardson, John Dryden, Edward O'Neil, Robert Baldnage, John Ricktt, Martin Lafflin, James Swift

Third Calcary--Co. Unknown--Thomas Drinkale

Regiment Unknown--Wm. Oldham, John Oats, Thomas Williams, Charles Oldham, Frederick Masters, Thomas Gum


Second Infantry--Co. I--Michael Welch

Seventh Infantry--Co. C--Freeman Jones, Harvey Fairchild, Fred Otteker, Henry Fulton, David Daggett, George Daggett, Charles Fulton, David Ashmore, Wm. Falen

Co. E--Wm. Lamb, Wm. Earl

Co. Unknown--J. Wells, Bird Fields, Charles Maxwell, Owen Vaughn, David Thompson, Thomas Barber, Wm. Miller, Charles W. Gillham, --- Cooley

Tenth Infantry--Co. C--John Eastman, Moses Heiling

Eleventh Infantry--Co. E--Wm. Evans, Harrison McLenehan, Wm. Jones, Solomon Eastman, Sanford Scoggin, Henry Melvin, George N. Melvin, Frank Melvin, John Stam, Phillip Bennett, John D. Carpenter, Plenip Palmer

Eighteenth Infantry--Co. Unknown--John Purdy, John Singles, Wm. Singles

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. B--J. Mills, Warren Gray

Thirty-first Infantry--Co. B--James Bryan, Samuel Garber, Lemach Elam

Co. E--Thomas R. Davis, Joel Hubbard, John Stout

Third Cavalry--Co. H--John P. Moore, Frank Dougherty, Joseph Henston, Elias Davis

Co. I--Bryan I. Dugdale

First Artillery--Co. I--Samuel E. Jones, Missouri

Sixth Artillery--Co. Unknown--Michael Murphy, James Wall

Regiment Unknown--Conrad Schneider, Patrick Griffen, Robert Madden, John T. Jones, Wm. Bundle


Third Infantry--Co. F--J. Woodford

Co. H--Joseph L. Arnold, A. Anderson, Z.W. Anderson, H.L. Brach, John B. Blair, H.A. Beckworth, E.G. Beers, R.T. Blair, George H. Cutter, Wm. Cherry, L. Carr, A.D. Doty, A.G. Eckerson, T. Fessenden, Wm. Graham, W.T. Haughawant, H.E. Jenkins, J.G. Knight, A.J. Kirkpatrick, J.T. Marvin, W.E. Mickey, C.D. Noble, L.C. Norton, V.D.Nixon, Thomas E. Orton, H.W. Osborn, L.W. Park

Co. H [?]--L. Potter, C.S. Sawtell, J.M. Shriver, H.R. Scofield, Wm. Smith, A.S. Tracy, W.H. Watts, H.N. Watts, J.T.P. Wood, L.W. Williams, F. Walsh, George J. Whitman, A. Zokins

Third Infantry--Co. I--B. Knapp, George Waggoner

Sixteenth Infantry--Co. I--S. Armatage, Thomas Agur, A. Anthony, l. Bamber, A. Clifford, F.A. Cherry, H. Chamberlain, Myron Cole, A.C. Dick, E. Dennison, H. Eckerson, A. Evenson, Thomas Finn, A.B. Wilkins, A. Gammage, Joseph Green, T.S. Haughawant, Thomas Hughes, O. Hall, C. Harris, H. Hall, G. Hall, D.H. Hamstreet, M. Haffely, A. Huntly, A. Harron, G. S.C. Johnson, H. McEwen, S.W. Osborn, M. O'Connor, T. O'Brien, George S. Pool, Lewis Reed, John Smith, John Solomon, George Sherbon, G.W. Turner, Wm. Turk, A. Wilkins, T. Walsh, W.W. Wood, A.B. Wilkins, Charles Vail

Seventeenth Infantry--Co. B --Thomas Brown, A.C. Gaven, Wm. Hefferon J. McKee

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. B--Reuben buck, John Buss, Patrick Burk, Charles Brunner, Wm. Burkenshaw, J.E, Duncan, W.H. Dobson, Watson Degroff, H.C.Hughes, John Hanrahan, Albert Hall, J.E. Mills, Philip McCoy, Philander Lord, J.D. Montgomery, John McClure, H.C. McClure, Orlando May, O.W. Noble, N. Woodbury, Isaac Stockwell, Frank Scott, George Safford, D.H. Williams, E.F. Stanch, Charles Tabor, Wm. Wood, John Waters, Morris Sequin, Patrick Kendrick, F. VanCook, Thomas Roberts, C.M. Waring, James A. Hall, Willis Norton, Isaac Norton, Lewis Fassett, E. Kennedy

Second Cavalry--Co. I--T. Brown, E.M. McCormack, W.O. Spinney, I. Tinkham

Co. Unknown--S. Beers, J.O. Hara


Second Infantry--Co. Unknown--Spencer Meed

Third Infantry--Co. F--Judson Hinman, John Kays

Co. H--Joshua Johns,

Co. I--John Leslie, John Jarvis, Joseph Burton, Dennis Deming

Seventh Infantry--Co.C--Lawrence Dowling

Tenth Infantry--Co. F--Alfred Catermole

Eleventh Infantry--Co. E--M.H. Gilson, Dexter Gray, Michael Barnes

Sixteenth Infantry--Co. I--Thomas H. Leslie, Wm. Brewer, Wm. Parker

Twentieth Infantry--Co K--John Griffin, Dennis Sullivan

Co. Unknown--George Isreal, Solomon Peck

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. B--Franklin Neff, Thomas Bray, George E. Hanford, Wm. Jarvis, LaFayette Case, Charles Peffer, John M. Garrison, George Waitte

Twenty-fifth Infantry--Co. E--Eli McKee, Wm. Phillips

Co. I--John T. Richards, Albert Demmings

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. C--Wm. Hind, Henry Marx, Wm. Maccasin

Third Cavalry--Co. G--Wm. I. Madden, John Pendleton, Josiah Thomas, George Parkerm Rufus Herrinan, Edward Bride, N.F. Hatch

Regiment Unknown--John Rawn, O. Rourke, John Moore, James Meehan


Third Infantry--Co. H--Henry Andrewson, Riley Cook, John L. Etheridge, Lewis Etheridge, Wm. P. Gould, John A. George, Lee McMuntry, James Laudry

Eleventh Infantry--Co. E--John Hunter, Benjamin Moulton, Isaac Newton, Edward Newton

Twelfth Infantry--Co. Unknown--C.W. Dipple

Fifteenth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Andrew Peterson

Sixteenth Infantry--Co. I--Sylvester Armitage, Jonathan Cole, Alonzo Cliffer, John Cooper, C. Gray, James Thompson, G.B. Wheelen, George White, Samuel Worrel

Twenty-ninth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Christopher Albertson, Gilbert Andrewson, Edward Andrewson, Orrin Button, Francis Bartlett, Zachariah T. Beers, Daniel Dipple, Albert Dipple, Atwood Davis, Thomas Davis, John A. Duff, Wiland Davis, A.M. Davis, Matthew Helms, John Holland, Thomas Kinsman,Jr., John Kirkpatrick, George T. Matingly, Gilbert Paulson, A.W. Poulard, A.C. Parkinson, John Richards, George H, Reynolds, J.S. Roberts, Thomas B. Rule, A.P. Smith, Isaac Vandeventen, Morris Worrell, Horace Lattin, George Merrriman, Orvin West

Thirty-Third Infantry--Co. C--James R. Arnold, George Kirkpatrick

First Cavalry--Gilbery D. Coyle, Daniel D. Coyle

Third Cavalry--Co. Unknown--T.B. Parkinson, Frederick Burgess

Regiment Unknown--Waston Webster, Edward Holland, James Campton, James Campton, Jr.


Third Infantry--Co. I--George Thompson,Wilson Warford

Twelfth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Henry Jones

Sixteenth Infantry--Co. I--Charles French, Theodore French, Henry Dorsey

Seventeenth Infantry--Co. B--Wm. Heffernan

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. B--Simon Cullen

Thirty-first Infantry--Co. E--Thomas Nicholson, L.P.D. Black, W.M.C. Hays, John W. Thompson, Franklin Tucker, Edward Norris

Thirty-third Infantry--Co. C--Wm. Fanning, Lewis J. Rupard, John Judd, Lyman Fariclo, Alexander McClachy, John Saulsbury, Ezra Bennett, Clark Nickman, Chapel Carter, Preserved Ireland, Benjamin Miles, J.H. Rawlsby, Ransan Nickman, Richard Nables, Walter Doyle, Levy Lang, Nelson Fairman, H.S. Pickard, James Whitaker, J. Hopkins, Jefferson True, Hiram Foss, J.W. Lang

Third Cavalry--Co. G--A.P. Tuttle, Joseph Conrey, Harrison Bragg, Edgar Hodges, Charles M. Amaden, W.H. Way, George Tyler

Co. I--W.H. Thompson, N.E. Thompson, Charles McCoy

Fifth Battery--Wesley Thompson, Michael Sherman, Andy McDonald, S.D. Hayes

Fifteenth Infantry--Co. A--Elias Harne, John McCauley, John M. Carley

Nineteenth Infantry--Co. A--Henry Harnes

Forty-fifth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Francis Merion, John Haggerty, Martin Haggerty, H. Jennings, J. Vandervort, Isaac C. Way, Samuel Finley, Noble Sanford, Wm. Whaland, R. Powers, R. Ames, Samuel Hays, Willard Ames

Regiment Unknown--John Curby, Henry Simmons, Edward McGinnis, H.S.Vandervort, Samuel Wilcox, John Barden, Thomas Morris, Richard Cullen, Henry Buser, Elias Buser, Charles Jennins, Cornelius Hagerty, Thomas Brown, George Darlymple, Matthew Dunbar, C.H. Prinner, R.S. Marlan, Wm. N. Richardson, Michael Fox, Andrew Johnson, Ausher kelly, E.A. Charter, Albert Denner, James Forsythe, Edwin Sprague, R.W. Swetland, Joseph Tomlinson, John Center, W.B. Scace, J.H. Martin, Ervin Pierce


Second Infantry--Co. I--Michael Welch, George W. Dilly

Third Infantry--Co. H--Lyman Carr

Seventh Infantry--Co. G--Enoch Sperry

Ninth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Andrew Jackson

Eleventh Infantry--Co. E----Mark D. Lilly, N.T. Olmstead, Dennis Murphy, Andrew Mars, J.M. Pery, James Kilpatrick, Robert Sherril, Plimp Palmer, George Beaumont, Philip Bennet, Stephen Hoskins, Charles Maon, James M. Dane, Andrew Carr, Patrick, Maelhaney

Sixteenth Infantry--Co. I--John Weigle, Liberty McKay, Patrick Doyle, Lemuel Philips, John Smith

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. Unknown--A. Barthowline, John Kanouse, Benjamim Kanouse,Jr., John Doyle,Jr., James Roberts, Wm. H. Roberts, John Fredericks, Tabor Gray, Wm. Rogers, Jesse J. Evans, Philip Nugent, Richard Buss, Prince Buss, Albion DeWitt, Orrin Judkins, Edmund Scott, H. DeWitt, Marshall Casey, samuel Garber, w. Garber


Third Infantry--Co. I--Jacob Piersol, Robert McCormick, Hugh Williams, W.H. Clyma, John Smith, James Crossin, Walton Eddy, N.B. Thompson, Anthony Henry

Twentieth Infantry--Co. K--H.A. Langworthy, G.T. Payson, G. McCarty, Edward Williams, I.C. Corre, Wm. Langworthy, Jesse Blackburn, John Welch, John Hamilton, Lyman Shepard

Forty-fifth Infantry--Co. B--Eli Jellie, Charles Dresser, Silas Wiley, Aureley Cover, Henry Swetland, Frank Swetland, J.A. Adams

Ninty-sixth Infantry--Co. Unknown--John A. Bush, John M. Woodward, Levi Wardle, Absalom Power, Herrick Millet, Terhan Shaffer, Alfred Elderkin, James W. Wollan, Stephen Blackstone, J.B. Stevenson, Wm. Stevenson, James Cole, Henry Tummond, W.T. Adams, John Harden, Samuel Oldham, Owen Burk

Regiment Unknown--Wm. Welch, George Redbean


Third Infantry--Co. I--John Blenthorn, Ole Miley, Charles Dibble, Cyrus E. Derring, John Madison, John Thos. Harrison, Michael Sullivan, James Tracy

Tenth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Fred L. Shaffer

Twentieth Infantry--Co. K--Edward Field, James Shaffer

Twenty-fifth Infantry--Co. H--Henry R. Campbell

Twenty third Infantry--Co. C--Thomas Burnell, Dennis Hagarty, John Rudd, Henry Schenck, George Day, Wm. Day, John Eastman, Joseph Peacock, George Shaffer, James McGuise, Thomas Peacock, Josiah Topliss, Christopher Vickers, Wm. Hodgson, Dominic McCauley, Henry Seeman, J.H.F. Auphderheid, Philip Doud, John Nagle, John Morton, Michael Kearney, Thomas Anderson, Wm. Young, Cornelius Fitzpatrick, Benhart Keller, John Calvert, John Raine, Jerry Sullivan, James Kew, Merty Sullivan, Wm. McIntosh

Regiment Unknown--John Towner, Thomas McElroy, Daniel Harrington, Abraham Looney


Third Infantry--Co. I--Ralph Van Brunt, W,. Ross, Edward Glines, Edward Ware, Addison A. Townsend, John Morgan, M.V. Beeman, George Hawk, Edward P. Hwelett, Thomas Brown, Michael Sullivan

Twelfth Infantry--Co. F--Robert McClaren, Illinois

Thirteenth Infantry--Co. Unknown--James Van Dyke, Illinois

Sixteenth Infantry--Co. I.--Nathan Underwood, Enoch Keithley, Morgan Woodlin, Thomas Ducey

Twentieth Infantry--Co. K--John Sullivan, Wm. Hilton, John Baldwin, Wm. Negus, Peter Dielman, Wm. Moon, Dennis Sullivan

Twenty-second Infantry--Co. G--Isaac T. Carr

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. C--George W. Douglas, John Griffin, Wm. Eichler, Edwin V. Bawden, John Stonbraker

Forty-fifth Infantry--Co. D--Wm. Bryson

Cavalry--Co. Unknown--David Jones

Missouri Cavalry--Hibbard Tucker, Solomon Baldwin

Regiment Unknown--Henry James, L. Stitt Rivenberg, Henry Cashman


Third Infantry--Co. B--Carpenter Johnson, Franklin Bracket, Cassius M. Eastman, Richard Murfit, Andrew Huntley, Eli Sheard, John T. McKnight, John Case, Darius Eastman, John L. Wood, Franklin McCrilliess, Edmund Akins, John C. Blaisdell, Wm. E. Blaisdell, Charles E. Blaisdell, Josiah Hover, Allen J. Canfield, John M. Runyan, James E. Babson, Wm. P. Snider, Jonathan W, Parks, George A. Groken, Ira A. Winston, Nathan H. Verley, Francis M. Verley, George F. Verley, benjamin F. Abel, Anthony E. McKnight, John Pinney

Co. G--Frederick A. Snider, Ambrose A. Snider

Co. H--James H. Lawdey, James F. McKnight

Twelfth Infantry--Co. D--Jeremiah Lawdey, Hamilton C. Miller, Henry D. Brown, Arad E. Sawdey

Fifteenth Infantry--Co. E--Edward Watson, James H. Wright

Twentieth Infantry--Co. A--Nathaniel More, Elijah Lawday, Benjamin R. Case, George W. McKnight

Twenty-second Infantry--Co. F--Wm. Henman

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. Unknown--Ransom M. Ryckman

Forty-fifth Infantry--Co. G--John D. Piersol

Forty-sixth Infantry--Co. C--Samuel H. Groken, John Wilson

Seventy-seventh Infantry--Co. Unknown--George C. Bennett, Wm. Klaproth, Sherman Perham

Fifth Battery--Wm. R. Lewis, Franklin W. Wilson, Samuel C. Webster, Seymore S. Webster, Cyrus Beady, John Nelson, Wm. A. Verley, Joseph McKnight

Regiment Unknown--Abner Johnson, Nelson Fouman, Edward Nelson, Uriah Hover, Robert McKnight, Spencer W. Brown, Lewis P. Meltz, Patrick Ferril, O.H. Pruner, Charles L. Meltz, Levi Thorp, James B. Jenkins


Third Infantry-- Co. I--George Knigkerbocker, Hiram Southwick, Edward Southwick, Thomas White, Wm. White, Wm. Bushby, Allen Burk

Twentieth Infantry--Co. K--Joseph Blackstone, Francis Washburne, Thomas Dunbar, John Sullivan, Denis Sullivan

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. C--Henry Rennick, Charles Knickerbocker, Henry Sieman

Fifty-sixth Infantry--Co. I--John Dickson, John Goodspeed

Ninety-sixth Illinois Infantry--Co. A--James McCann

Illinois Battery--Co. A--Wm. Walker

Regiment Unknown--Thomas Scott, Wm. Edge, Francis Poole, Josiah Parkhurst, Wm. Jellison, John Doherty


Second Infantry--Co. I--Wm. Noble, Richard Chesterfield

Third Infantry--Co. H--Thomas Benson, Henry Moyers, Wm. B. Smith, Joseph Morris

Eleventh Infantry--Co. E--John Logue, James Bracken, Bernard Callahan, Michael Burns, Martin Latch, Jeremiah Evans

Sixteenth Infantry--Co. I--Henry C. Hall, Joshua Shrive, George c. Hall, Wm. Dumphy, Philip Dunphy, Joseph Green, George Wheeler, Gabriel Gray, Thomas Pendergrass

Seventeenth Infantry--Co. H--Wm. Harding, Patrick Doyle

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. B--George Ray, Andrew J. Palmer, Christian Louts, Henry McCoy, Andrew McConnel, Patrick Hickey, Robert Monahan, Jacob Mumford, Isaac Murray, Wm. Griffin, Peter King, John Kober, Benjamin King, Thomas Dumphey, Arthur W. Chamberlain, John W. Dunlap, Fisher Dull, Elijah Doane, Morris Seguine


Third Infantry--Co. H--John Russell, Allen Pierce, Irwin Pierce, Russell Tulp, James Agnew, David Agnew, John Agnew, Wm. Wilcox, Amos Harris, Evan Rood, Andrew Rood, Looman Lake, Henry Mason, Wm. M. Mason, Martin Jacobs, John Kives, Michael Paulsen, James Early, Andrew J. Smith, Chauncey Field, Joseph Fergeson, George. W. Stephenson, James McKnight, H. Clay Kelly, Waskington Bennett, John Everson,

Co. I--Richard Johnson, Albert Lisson

Fifth Infantry--Co. K--Christian Rossin

Thirteenth Infantry--Co. Unknown--Thomas G. Taylor

Fifteenth Infantry--Co. E--Torkal Rossin

Eighteenth Infantry--Co. B--E. Sisson,

Twenty-third Infantry--Co. B--John Houghawout, George Palmer,Robert Scott, James Scott

Twenty-first Infantry--Co. E--Charles B. Helm, Robert Murry, John Harker, Thomas W. Harker, Wm. J. Miller, Patrick Curns, Charles Porter, Charles Bridgman, Sharon Call, Anthony Miller, John Van Matre, Daniel Bennett, Peter Colllins, Augustus McDiermice, James B. Mason, Joseph T. Mason, David Coble, Sheldon Griswold, Thomas Burgess, Samuel Barrington, Charles Granger, Wm. Smith, Abner Knotts, Charles Lattin, Philo Ford

Twelfth Illinois Cavalry--Robert Kirkendall, Andrew Lovelace, Harvey Schoolmaker

Fifth Battery--Jonas Gierhart, John Dixon, Francis Sisson, Morgan H. Miller, Andrew Van Matre, James Van Matre, Wm. Welty, David Welty, George Foote, James Campton

Regiment Unknown--Stephen Simpson, John Purcell, Edwin Kearns, Golac Anderson,John Johnson, Christopher Tree, Lars Michelson, John E. Johnson, Lars Erickson, John Martin, Johnson, Halver Halverson, Hovel Johnson, John Rood, Ole C. Rood, John Pinney, George Savage, Shcuyler Schulty, Martin Sisson

EDITOR'S NOTE: This concludes the roster for Lafayette Co. in the HISTORY OF LAFAYETTE COUNTY WI 1881. I have stated in each issue  ['ANCESTRAL DIGGIN'S '  quarterly newsletter] that this has been my source. As with most things, there are mistakes in this history but I cannot correct the source. Some of you have written about ancestors who were left off the list or misspelled names. The only thing I can do is first check the source to see if I made a mistake and then print your letter in the newsletter to inform our readers that there have been mistakes and omissions in the source. Thanks for the comments I have received. Many of you seemed to have enjoyed this series. If anyone else has corrections or want to share the information about your ancestor from Lafayette Co. who participated in the Civil War, write and I'll be glad to include it in a future newsletter.

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