This information was sent to me by a wonderful volunteer, and is presented FREE. If you reached this page via a paid subscription, you have been SCAMMED. ======================================================================= The Diocese of Superior, Lincoln County.

LINCOLN County is encompassed by the Diocese of Superior.

St. John the Baptist Parish (Lincoln County, WI) Corner of Hwy 17 and J - Bloomville, WI 54435 Phone: (715) 453-2561

St. Augustine of Harrison Mission (Lincoln County, WI) Hwy. Band D - Harrison, WI 54435 Phone: (715) 453-2561

St. Francis Xavier Parish (Lincoln County, WI) 1709 E 9th Street - Merrill, WI 54452 Phone: (715) 536-2803

St. Mary Parish (Lincoln County, WI) 7th Street and Washington Avenue - Tomahawk, WI 54487 Phone: (715) 453-2878

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