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Many thanks to Ron Prudhomme who sent me the copy of the "yearbook" of the 1939 class of Irma gradeschool.

I have listed the name in the book by category.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions, additions, or corrections.

Sharon Karow

Principal -- Harold R. Edmund

Asst. principal - Peter Smith

Intermediate Grades - Lorraine Dudley

Primary Grades - Mabel Learman

Staff of IGS (year book)

Laverna Dahlberg, Robert Behn, Arthur Hilgendorf, David Detjens, Jane Ann Schulz, Gordon Dotter, Harry Anderson, Jane Leverance, Mildred Maaser, Charlotte Little, June Jackson, Arleen Roszek, Evangeline Bushar, Phyllis Schulz, Della Johnson


10th grade

La Verna Dahlberg, Gordon Dotter, Charlotte Little, Clifford Taylor, Jane Ann Schulz, Walter Nye, Mildred Maaser, Jane Leverance, Harry Anderson, Lenhard Johnson, Robert, Behn, Evangeline Bushar


9th grade

Arthur Hilgendorf, June Jackson, Phyllis Schulz, David Detjens, Della Johnson, Arleen Roszek, Paul Anderson, Verdayne Schrader, Arthur Goff

8th grade

Emily Ann Denetz, Royal Peteron, Oscar Oquist, Richard Dahlberg, Harold Benson

7th grade

Elsie Shuckhart, June Osterlund, Marion Leverance, Eugene Lawson, Arnold Bushar, Louise Schrieber, Margaret Oqist, Lennard Benson, Elsa Schielke, Frederick Oquist


 6th grade

Earl Shuckhart, Dale Guerin, Ruth Karaba, Louis Bushar, Alfred Denetz, Doris Gothberg

5th grade

Donna Jetjens, Verna Edmund, Burdette Moody, Betty Peterson, Lois Shrader

4th grade

Donald Gothberg, Carl Grimes, Kenneth Johnson, Louie Lawson, Warren Little, Donald Lutzke, Jimmy Newell, Ludwig Oquist, Louise Roszek


3rd grade

Betty Jane Bushar, Nellis Benson, Dolores Peterson, Dale Peterson, John Moody, Victor Cottrell, Duane Guerin, Harry Hoffman, James Karaba

2nd grade

Gerald Edmund, Philip Bushar, Virginia Alloric, Shirley Schulz, Lucille Schemelhorn, Alice Hoffman, Russel Cottrell, Alice Johnson, Peggy Lutzke, Phyllis Natzke

1st grade

James Genrich, Donald Edmund, Paul Natzke, Evelyn Dahlberg, Dorothy Cottrell, Romana Schemelhorn

The Irma School offered a girls chorus, a drama club, manual arts training, and a football squad. The cook was Mrs. Sig Johnson, the janitor was Mr. Lavere Shuckart, and the bus drivers were John karaba, Lavere Shuckhart, Otto Peterson, and Ervin Lutzke.

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