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This information came from Tim Stowell, the Wisconsin co-cordinator.


The abbreviation (ch) stands for courthouse. The 1939 reference is a

United States Official Postal Guide - Part 1 - July 1939 - 5th Series - Vol

2, No. 1. I  (Tim)  picked it up at the World's Longest Yard Sale a few years ago

for 25 cents.

The 1886 reference is missing its cover and first 13 pages so it's a bit of

a mystery. It appears to have been published by an independent

organization as it has advertisements in the back of the book.

In 1886 there were 1,478 postoffices in Wisconsin.


Lincoln County Postoffices in 1886








Eagle River

Grandmother Falls

Merrill (ch)


Merrill and Rhinelander were identified as Money Order offices. Merrill

was further identified as an International Money Order office.

Lincoln County Post Offices in 1939

Doering - P7

Gleason - R476 P31

Heafford Junction - P37

Irma - R254 P23

Merrill (ch) - R1343

Spirit Falls - P10

Tomahawk - R370 S305

R - boxes on rural routes emanating therefrom

P - post-office boxes at offices not having city letter-carrier service

S - boxes on star routes emanating therefrom

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