The following was sent to me by a good friend and fellow genealogist, Joan Benner.

This is from the Merrill Star Advocate of Thursday, August 30, 1917.  The headline says: City Schools Open Monday
........Following is a list of teachers:

Principal - E. D. Miner
Science - Milo S. Brown
German - Elizabeth Reiser
Mathematics - Lucile Bushev
English - Gladys Greene
English - C. Frances Loomis
Latin - Laura Shoemaker
History - Violet Hill
Mathematics - Henry Schadewald
Agriculture - Fred Keating
Commercial - Earl E. Trowbridge


Domestic Science - Lillian Mitby
Domes. Scie. Asst. - Esther Peter
Manual Training - Ray Sorenson


Principal 8th grade - E. W. Harrop
Seventh Grade - Cecil Warzinik
Sixth Grade - Leona Angelbeck
Fifth Grade - Belle O'Connor
Fourth Grade - Nora Kaasa
Third and 2nd Grades - Vera Wais
First Grade - Ethel Crain

        THIRD WARD

Prin., 3d-4th grades - Susie Russel
Ungraded Dept. - Mary Hanify
Second Grade - Etta Walter
First Grade - Junie Chilsen
Kgt. Director - Kathryn Smith
Kgt. Assistant - Winnie Kubtasa


Principal - 1st Grade - Lillian Bohag
Second Grade - Eileen Hall
Third & Fourth Grades - Mae Carr
Kgt. Director - Jane Tillisch
Kgt. Assistant - Minnie Wilson

        FIFTH WARD

Principal 8th Grade - Chas. Apter
Seventh Grade - Mary Marshall
Sixth Grade - Elizabeth Newell
Fifth Grade - Jessie Parrot
Fourth Grade - Elsie O'Connor
Third Grade - Vera Belant
Second Grade - Hilda Gunell
First Grade - Verlie Freeman

        SIXTH WARD

Princ. 7th-8th Grades - M. A. Fisher
Sixth Grade - Berenice Maloney
Fifth Grade - Ada Blodgett
Fourth Grade - Anna Borchardt
Third Grade - Irene Edstrom
Second Grade - Mary A. Mahoney
First Grade - Mary Lane
First Grade - Eva Davis
Kgt. Director - Grace Wisner
Kgt. Assistant - Adeline Angelbeck


Music - Grace F. Spring
Drawing - Helen Richards
City Superintendent - H. W. Kircher

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