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This picture of Tomahawk High School graduating class of 1913 was sent to me by Mary Saggio.  

Row 1 (bottom)  Georgia O. Connell, Gladys A. Steele

Row 2. Ruth E. Olson, M. H. Powell, Bess D. Stone, Clemana C. Wallis

Row 3.  S. W. May, Alta E. McWithy, Mabel J. Moe, Hilma C. Nystrom

Row 4.  C. E. Kaphaem, Mary M, Kilroe, Mabel E. Roth, Dora L. LeMay, D. H. Lewis

Row 5. Mabel A. Fulcher, J. A. Hamrin, F. E. Hebert, W. Iverson

Row 6.  Mabel A. Berg, Irene J. Burdick, E. V. Ecklund, Gertrude O. Erickson, Myron H. Foss

Row 7.  E. H. Bliefernicht, Ruth C. Fontaine

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