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Name Company Date of death
Ackerman, George V. Co D., 3rd Wis. Inf. 4/8/1910
Adams, James Co. B, 13th N. Y. Vol. Inf.
Albee, Ichabodtl (Ichabod H. Co B., 5th Wis. In.f.

Co. B., 5th Kansas

Albright, John Co. E., 8th Minnesota
Allen, Charles Co. A., 2nd N. H. Inf. 2/13/1898
Allen. Dana Co K., 85th NY 9/27/1897
Allen, Frank 12th US Inf. Co C. (Regular Army) 9/17/1905
Allen, Hiram (Co D., 3rd Reg. Wis Inf.) June 1913
Allen, James Sgt., Co F., 2nd Cav.
Altenburg, Geo. H. Co D., 46th Wis Inf. (Co B.)
Anderson, Emery J. Co A., 152 NY Vol. 7/15/1930
Appleton, Theodore E. Co E., 40th Wis. Inf. 4/26/1916
Armstrong, Edwin R. Co F., 50th NY(Artifier, Co I.)
Armstrong, Samuel S. 8th Wis. Bty 5/31/1911
Aschbrenner, Fred Co I., lst Regt. Wis Cav.
Atwater, Merrit tB. Capt. 51st ILL (52nd Ill)
Averill, Chilli 8th Wis. Bty
Averill, William Co C., 37th Wis Inf.
Axen, Peter Co E., 82nd ILL Inf. July 11, 1912
Baerwald, Charles F. Co. B., 4th Wis Cav.

Co E, 35th Wis Inf.

Baerwald, Frank Musician - Co D., 48th Wis. Inf.
Baldwin, Asa J. 12th Bat.
Ballard, James Sgt., Co G., 3rd RI
Barnum, Marcus H. Co G., 5th Wis.

Co I., 5th Wis

Bartz, G. D.(Gus) Co E., 50th Wis Vol. Inf. 9/13/1909
Bear, Daniel Co C., 142nd IND 12/7/1934
Becker, John J. Co E., 16th Wis Inf.

Co E., 32nd Wis. Inf.

Beckins, Peter Co G., 16th Wis. Inf.
Bedynek, Thomas 1/2/1912
Beebe, John D. Co K., 12th PA Cav. (12th IND) 3/1/1895
Behling, Gotleib Co E., 16th Wis Inf. (Co C.) 2/1/1910
Benoit, Odillion Co H., 4th Wis Inf. 12/17/1911
Bentley, David Prior 8th Wis. Bty 2/29/1920
Bentley, Benjamin F 5th Wis. Art
Berg, Peter Co C., 4th US Cav. (Bugler - Regular Army)
Bergeon, Louis 4/23/1903
Bernam, Frank (Bernan) Co A., 7th Wis Inf.
Berry, Robert
Besaw, Martin Co A., 38th Wis. Inf.
Beyers, John Co I., 157th Ohio
Beyreis, Charles Co B., 46th NY
Birdsell, Henry 7th Bty Wis
Blair, Hugh M. Co F., 51st Wis 4/2/1902
Blair, William
Blanchard, H. J. Co H., 2nd PA
Bliss, Peter US Navy (Vessel "Newberry") 12/9/1902
Block, Louis Co B., 22nd Wis. Inf. 1/16/1899
Blunt, Rufus Co M., 1st Maine Hvy Art. 8/24/1882
Bogen, Joseph M. C. Co. I, 4th Ohio Vol Inf.

Co E., 30th Ohio Vol Inf.

Booth, James F. Sgt., Co A 3rd Regt. Mich Inf.
Borden, J. C. Co E., 4th Wis
Box. Thomas H. 9th Wis Lt Art. 1917
Braatz, _
Brabant, B.
Bracht, Richard Corp. Co G., 29th Wis Inf.
Brackett, Fred D. Musician, Co D., 61st NY Inf. 1/22/1923
Bradley, Samuel Co E., 22nd NY Inf.
Brasch, John Co. M, 3rd Wis. Cav. 12/31/1922
Briggs, Joel L. Co G., 21st Wis. Vol. Inf.
Briggs, James P. Co E., 1st Wis Inf.

Co. G., 21st Wis

Brooks, Samuel Co I., 49th Wis Inf.

Co. E., 12th Wis. Inf.

Brotherton, Alvin Co G., 33rd NY Inf.
Brotherton, R. W. Corp., Co D., 14th NY Hvy Art.
Brown, Elmer I Co F., 50th Eng. NY
Brown, John M. Co K., 6th PA Inf. Res.
Brown, Obadiah M. Co M., 1st Mich Cav. 1/17/1899
Brown, Orin Co G., 14th Wis Inf.
Brown, Robert Drummer, 43rd Mass
Bruneau___Actual name is Brunow,


Prvt., 34th Regiment Inf., Company K

This info from a researcher of the Brunow name.

Sept 8, 1863
Bryant, James H. Co G., 16th Vermont Vol 7/9/1904
Buck, George Co F., 38th Inf.
Buechner, John Co I., 48th Wis.
Bump, Edwin Co. C., 4th Cav.
Burgess, Chester H. (Sgt. Co B., 4th Wis Cav.) 1/13/1915
Burke, Charles E. Co I., 50th Wis Inf. 9/3/1919
Bushar, Philip Co A., 14th Wis. Inf. 2/21/1930
Burnside, James Co I., 117th Ohio
Cain, Lorenzo F. 21st Wis. Inf.
Calkins, H.
Callon, John T. 8th Wis. Bat. 4/18/1900
Canfield, Zenus H. Co H., 43rd Wis Inf. 11/1/1910
Capron, C. A. Co. A., 49th Wis.
Carbeno, Alexander C. Sgt., Co B., 5th Inf. Reorg.
Carpenter, J. B. Co B., 16th Wis. Vol
Carroll, Edward Musician, Co. K., 7th Mich Cav.(Bugler)
Carry, William 1st Wis.
Cater, John Co. F., 21st Wis. Inf.
Chandler, C. H. Co. E., 5th Mo Cav,

Co H., 4th Mo Cav.

Chapman, Joseph T. Co K., 29th Wis. Inf. 10/31/1884
Charles, M. M. Co G., 7th Wis. Inf.
Chase, C. M. 7th Baty, Lgt. Arty
Chase, S. P. 9th Minn
Chellis, Sumner Co I., 10th N.Y. Hvy Arty 8/16/1888
Chellis, William H. Co K., 40th Reg. 8/6/1894
Chesley, Hyram
Christian, Ernst Co B., 17th Inf.
Chrouser, V. G. Corp. 100th PA
Clark, Calvin L. Sgt, Co I., 1st Wis Vol Inf.
Clark, Samuel P. 9/17/1878
Clark, Stephen W. Co A., 16th Wis Inf. 1888
Clark, Thos. W. Co E., 18th Wis. Inf. 12/27/1900
Clemence, Wm Co H., 169th N.Y. (Corp)
Cleveland, Charles F. Co D., 5th Wis Inf.

Co C., 5th Wis Inf.

Cline, G. D. Co C., 35th Wis. Inf.
Clueck, William 26th Mich. Vol. Inf.
Cobb, Edgar Co B., 111th PA Inf.

Co H., 12th N.Y. Cav.

Cochennet, Frank Co D., 27th Wis Inf.
Colby, William J. Sgt. Major, Co C., 128th ILL. Inf.
Cole, J. K. Co C., 195th Ohio
Cole, Tobias Sgt., Co D., 176th Ohio Inf. 1903
Collier, George Co E., 18th Wis Inf. 4/30/1920
Collins, D. W. Co G., 43rd Wis Vol Inf. 2/15/1907
Conner, Edward Co E., 38th Wis Inf.
Cook, J. H. Co I., 5th Wis Vol Inf.
Cooper, John
Cox, H.
Craig, Luther Co D., 13th Wis Vol
Cramer, L. L. Co D., 60th N. Y. Inf. 7/16/1895
Crampton, Oscar Co I., 12th Inf.
Crocker, N. Co F., 10th New York
Crofoot, E. B. Co B., 32nd Wis Vol
Cronk, Orin B. Co E., 4th Regt. Wis Cav. 3/2/1899
Crowell, Hoel R. Co A., 2nd Wis Cav. 5/21/1921
Dailey, J. Co A., 21st Wis Vol 3/23/1891
Damon, Joseph (L.) Co G., 28th Maine Inf. (Co. C.) 12/20/1899
Daniels, William N. Co I., 3rd Wis Inf

Co K., 3rd Wis Cav.

Darling, Fitz H. Artificer, 8th Wis Baty
Davids, Henry Co A., 3rd Wis Inf.
Davis, Sylvester J. Co C., 32nd Wis Inf. 2/13/1926
Day, Calvin P. Co G., 21st Wis
Dean, Charles (Co F., 7th Inf.)
Dechardin, Michael Co E., 38th Wis. Inf 5/1/1904
DeGarmore, John Co F., 4th N. J.
Degner, Fred Co F., 44th Inf.
DeMoss, James S. Co E., 4th West Va. Cav.

Co M. 3rd West Va. Cav.

Denney, James W. Co G., 71st PA
Deresilie, Joseph
Deutsch, William
DeVoe, Dr. Isaac W. Co B., 96th Ill Vol 3/22/1888
DeVoe, W. W. Sgt, Co G., 8th Wis Baty ( No Co. given in books) 2/12/1919
Dick, Lucius G. Corp. ,Co K., 4th Wis Cav
Dickerson, R. H. Lieut., Co. D., 53rd Ill Inf.
Dickerson, Otis W. Mechanic, Co Q., M. Dept,'T
Dilley, A. H. Co G., 147th Ill
Dilley, Lewis G. Co F., 15th Ill Inf 8/30/1912
Dinwoodie, Douglas C. Co G., 7th Wis. Vol. Inf 1908
Docter, Peter Co G., 9th Ill
Dodge, William(my ggrandfather) Co G., 12th Wis Inf. Vol 6/21/1903
Dopp, Cyrus B. Co G., 19th Regt Mich Inf. 5/9/1907
Doran, John Co H., 39th Wis Inf.
Douglass, T. W. Co F., 3rd Wis Inf.
Dowd, Jack Co F., 38th Wis Inf.
Dowd, Joseph
Doyle, Thomas M. Co I., 95th Ill
Drake, Christopher Co H., 30th Ill ( Wis. Inf. - 1895 census) 4/14/1897
Drake, Harry/Henry E. A. Co B., 7th Regt. Wis Inf. 8/26/1917
Drake, G. T. Co I., 5th Wis
Drost, William Co B., 19th Inf. 2/14/1882
Ducate, Mose H. (Moses H. DuCate) Co D., 9th Minn Inf. April 6, 1914 (info from Susan Fassbender,
Durkee, Stephen Co E., 7th Wis Inf. 1/20/1901
DuChaine, Eugene Co A., 14th Regt. Vol Inf. 10/1911
Dutton, William V. Co G., 30th Wis Inf.
Dye, Dr. Albert A. Sgt, Co A., 38th Wis Inf.
Dygert, James Co G., 35th Wis Inf.

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