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Name of Veteran Unit Date of Death
Ebert, Wm Co. B., 17th Wis Inf.
Eder, George Co., A., 1st Wis. Hvy Arty
Edgerton, Lewis F. Co D., 8th Wis.
Egeler, John (Egler) Co F., 34th New York Vol Inf. (Co. B.) 11/3/1930
Empey, Wm. J. Co H., 3rd Wis. Cav. 5/3/1889
Eldred, Chas F. 1st Lieut.-Co A., 11th N. Y. Cav. 4/27/1897
Engelking, Fred Sgt.- Co H., 26th Wis Inf.
Enos, Solomon G. Co A., 38th Wis Vol Inf.
Enright, John Co A., Wis Vol Inf.
Eschenbach, Andrew F. Co A., 24th Wis Inf. 11/12/1884
Eschenbach, Joseph Co A., 51st Wis 11/12/1884
Faverel, Edward M. Co C., 48th Wis Inf. 4/1913
Feltis, John Co G., 12th Wis Inf. 1/2/1918
Fenhaus, Casper Co F., 1st Regt. Wis Cav. (Scout) ( Co I) 10/27/1927
Ferguson, Anson A. Co K., 1st Minn, Hvy Arty
Ferguson, Joseph Co E., 11th Maine Inf. 3/28/1906
Fernald, George E. Sgt-Major , Co K., 19th Wis Inf. 10/25/1890
Fischer, Wm Co A., 3rd Wis
Fitzgerald, Edward 1924
Fitzpatrick, Edward 8th Wis. Baty 4/21/1891
Fitzpatrick, James Co A., 146th New York
Flannery, Thos. 6th Chicago Baty, ILL
Fleming, Levi Co C., 3rd Wis Inf.
Follett, G. I. Va, Vol I, 3rd Brig., 2nd Corps ( Co C., 7th West Va.)
Folsom, L. B.
Folz, Henry C. Co K., 14th Wis Inf.
Foster, Willis Co K., 23rd Wis Inf.
Frayer, John J. Co B., 1st Col. Cav 1927
Freeman, Daniel R. Corp.- Co K., 60th NY Inf.
French, Henry Co I., 22nd NY, N14 Brooklyn ( Lt) 10/13/1912
Fulkerson, David Co C., 52nd Inf. 2/16/1882
Gafney, Nicholas A. Co E., 6th Wis Inf.

Co I., 112th Wis

Gale, Henry G. New Hampshire ( Co F., 30th IND)
Galloway, Anthony W. 3rd Wis Light Arty
Gardiner, John Co F., 1st Col.
Gardner, Henry B. Sgt - Co E., 38th Inf.
Gardner, John B. Co D., 24th Wis Inf. 7/10/1909
Garnett, James Co A., 2nd Wis Cav.
Gavelle, Gottfried Musician - 9th Wis Inf.
Gearhardt, Charles H. 6th Wis Light Arty 5/29/1914
Gelhar, Fred Co A., 11th NY Inf. 2/13/1908
Gelhar, Gottfried Co E., 26th Regt. Wis Inf. 10/1/1892
Genett, Jefferson Co D., 42nd Wis Inf. 5/3/1930
Genrich, August Co C., 9th Wis Inf. Vol 2/4/1884
Gens, William H. Corp. - Co G., 9th Wis Inf.
Ghoca, George H. 1st NY Ligtht Arty, Baty C
Ghoca, J. G. Co K., 1st Wis Vol Inf.
Gifford, Peter Corp- Co. K., 3rd Wis Inf. 10/26/1902
Gilbert, William 4/19/1872
Gilham, B.
Gilham, Fred Co D., 5th Wis Inf. 2/19/1908
Glebke, August (Gliebkie) 20th Wis Inf. ( This is not mentioned in census)

Co H., 31st Wis Inf.

Godfrey, R. F. Engineer, - 6th Minn Vol Inf
Goeres, Theodore Co K., 4th Wis Cav. 10/6/1913
Gordon, D. K. Co E., 1st Minn Hvy Arty
Gosage, Adam (Gossage) Co G., 26th Ohio Inf. (Co C) 12/5/1907
Gotchy, Francis Co I., 5th Wis
Gotchy, Isaac C. Corp. - Co K., 1st Wis Inf,

Co K, 21st Wis Inf.

Gould, Alonzo Co A., 17th Wis
Graham, James Co. K., 22nd Mich
Grass, Bernhard Co. F., 24th Ill
Green, John 8th Wis.  Baty 1862
Greene, Rev. Thomas Chaplain -  17th Reg. Mich. Inf. Vol 1893
Gritzmacher, William Co A., 5th Inf. 2/5/1874
Grob, Henry Co H., 28th Wis Inf. 11/19/1914
Gulick, Henry S. Sgt. - Co C., 26th Iowa Inf.
Guyette, Antoine Jr. Co G., 14th Wis Inf.
Guyette, Bazil
Guyette, Tunis
Hahn, John 1926
Halder, Carl Co G., Hvy Arty 5 R. Inf.( Co C., 5th PA arty) 4/6/1912
Hall, D. K. ( David) Corp. - Co G., 2nd D. G.( Dist. of Columbia)
Hall, Harmon Co. B., 26th Wis Inf. ( 46th Wis.)
Hall, Square A. Co E., 4th Wis
Hammond, J. Co K., 9th Wis
Hammond, John Navy
Hammond, Marion F. Co E., 16th Wis. Inf. 4/13/1901
Hanley, Jeremiah F. Co B., 1st Wis Inf.
Harger, Charles W. Co B., 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 5/4/1926
Harty, Andrew Navy 12/31/1899
Harris, Charles W. Co F., 111th Ohio Inf. 4/27/1912
Hart, Theodore US Navy ( Vessel "Pillow") 5/4/1896
Hartford, Moses P. Co., B, 1st Wis Cav.
Harvey, James P. Co I., 1st Wis Inf.   10/25/1923
Hassenfuss, Charles Co C., 23rd Wis Inf. 1/26/1903
Hayward, John K. Co A., 46th Wis Inf. (Co C., 21st Wis Cav.) 9/7/1913
Healey, Connor Co A., 2nd Wis Cav. 1909
Heiges, Ben Co I., 14th Wis.
Hein, William M. Co I., 1 Cov. Cl ( CONN)
Heineman. Joseph Co H., 2nd Wis Cav.( Co. K) 7/12/1922
Henderson, Chas Co A., 64th New York
Henke, John Co K., 1st Regt. Mich Inf. 5/16/1895
Henkel, John Co D., 9th Wis Inf. 10/19/1895
Henry, Geo. A. Capt. - Co A., 4th Iowa Vol
Hodge, Naaman A. Co E., 1st Cav
Hodgen, Gifford Co F., 5th Wis
Hoefer, Paul (Heffner) Co H., 2nd MO Inf.
Hoff, August Co B., 17th Wis Inf.
Hogarty, John G. (C) Co D., 5th Wis Inf.
Holland, William Co E., 2nd Wis Inf.
Hollis, Loren (for more

info, email Pat Shanks

First Sgt - 7th Wis Baty, 33rd NY Arty 2 Sept 1916
Hollister, John Co I ,13th Wis.
Holman, M. P. Co A., 40th Wis Vol Inf 7/27/1899
Holmes, Edwin A. Co M, 1st Wis Hvy Arty
Holton, George W. 2nd Lieut. - Co E., 23rd Ohio
Hook, John C. Co E., 3rd Wis Vol. Inf.

Co G., Marine Arty

Hoppe, Andrew Co G., 25th Wis Vol Inf. 3/30/1915
Horak, Joseph Co B., 9th Ill Cav. 2/22/1929
Horn, _
Horton, Wm G. Co I., 1st Cav. Wis
Hubbard, James K. P. Co D., 5th Wis Inf. (Corp) 8/6/1925
Hubbard, J. W. ( W. J.) (Co E., 74th Ill) 10/6/1913
Hubbell, Evander W. Co G., 50th NY Eng.
Hughes, Sylvester Co E., 28th Wis Inf.

Co E., 38th Wis Inf.

Hulihan, Patrick Co G., 5th Wis.
Hull, David B. Corp - Co H., 3rd Wis Cav.
Hungerford, Ben
Hunter, Samuel Co A., 48th Wis Inf.
Hutchinson, Cyrus Co B., 1st Wis Cav. 1920
Hutton, Hyatt Co I., 14th Mich Vol Inf. 3/29/1916

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