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Name Unit Date of Death
Ingisall, Charles A.


Co E., 5th Reg. Wis Inf.

Co B., 5th Reg. Wis Inf.

Ireland, Sylvanius P. Co G., 27th Reg. Iowa Vol Inf.
Jahns, S.
James, John N. ( M) Musician Sgt.- Co M., 1st Wis Arty

( Co I., 18th Inf.)

Jarvis, Frank Co B., 2nd Wis Cav. 11/21/1900
Jennett, Jeff
Jennre, Isaas M Corp - Co K., 24th Mich
Jessey, Peter B.( B. Peter) Co A., 3rd Wis Cav. 1/9/1916
Johnson, Jacob 12/11/1899
Johnson, Loren M .Co A., 2nd Wis Cav.
Johnson, N. J. Co I., 59th Mass
Johnson, Robert H. Co A., 58th Ill Vol Inf. 1/20/1930
Johnston, Edgar A. Co G., 203rd PA Inf.
Jones, Royal M Co D., 47th Wis Inf. 6/13/1922
Jones, Julius A. Co A., 8th Regt. Wis Vol Inf.( not mentioned in books)

2nd Lieut. - 47th Reg. Wis Vol Inf. ( Co. D)Sgt.)

Kanouse, Edward M. Sgt-Corp, 3rd Wis Baty Lgt Arty 5/16/1903
Kayhart, Hiram Co D., 16th Wis Inf.
Keefe, Edward Co G., 3rd Mass
Keefe, Jackson
Keefe, John Co G., 14th Wis ( Regular Army)
Keefe, John Jr. Sgt - 10th Wis Bty, Lgt Arty 4/23/1919
Keifer, Raymond Co A., 26th Wis Inf.
Kellogg, John A. Brigadier General - Co K., 6th Wis 2/10/1883
Kellogg, M. W. Co K., 116th NY Inf.
Kellogg, Norris K Navy ( Vessel " Brilliant") 1912
Kerstein, Sabastian Co G., 12th Regt. Wis Vol Inf. 5/17/1890
Kesler, George Co D., 27th Wis Inf. 1/24/1893
Kidell, William Co B., 11th Maine
Kiehl, Jacob 21st NY Baty
Kilty, Wm H.H. ( Co F., 105th PA) 10/12/1912
King, Wm T. Bugler - Co L., 5th Regt. U.S. C.
Kinner, James Co B., 188th PA
Kirkpatrick, John A. Co I. 11th Wis Inf. 3/3/1906
Kitchen, James 8th Bat., Lt Art. 1/26/1895
Klein, Charles Co K., 7th Inf.
Kleiman, Joseph Co D., 1st Reg. Wis Inf 1904
Kloss, Jno. Co C., 37th Wis
Knaack, August J. H. 3rd Field Art. 10/3/1921
Knaus, Jno. Co A., 3rd Wis
Knorr, Edward Co E., 34th Wis Inf. 7/6/1924
Koch, Dr. Albert T. Co C., 2nd MN Cav. 1/1/1916
Krenz, Friedrich M. Co I., 3rd Reg. Wis Vol Inf. 6/18/1905
Kufahl, John F. Co E., 34th Wis Inf. 3/20/1913
Kuhl, Peter Co G., 26th Wis Vol Inf. 3/4/1892
Laggart, P, Co H., 21st Wis
LaCount, Dr. David Asst Surgeon - 14th Wis Vol Inf. 4/12/1908
Lake, Sylvester K. Co M., 1st Iowa Cav. 9/1/1910
Lavalker, Wm Co G., 1st Wis. Inf.
Lawrence, Jonathon W. Sgt. - Co A., 8th Wis Inf.
Lawrence, Wesley 8th Wis Baty 11/17/1889
Leahy, John E. 1st Lieut, Capt - Co C., 35th Wis Inf. 12/23/1915
Leahy, Michael A. Capt. - Co D., 35th Wis Inf. 4/23/1915
Lemdfair, J. A. US Navy 7/15/1888
Lemke, August F. Capt - 2/3/1901
Lesh, James Co K., 12th PA Cav.
Lewis, Smith Co E., 32nd Wis Inf.
Leonard, James 9/6/1898
Lex, Nick 10/7/1930
Ley, John Co H., 21st Wis Inf. 7/16/1907
Limberbeck, Charles Corp - Co 11, 9th Ind.
Little, Lewis H. Co A., 12th Ill Inf. 1/1/1916
Locke, Wm H. 1st Wis Hvy Arty
Lord, Preston
Lovelace, Eli Co C., 154th Regt. NY Vol 2/6/1901

Luce, Benjamin H. F. Princ. Musician - NCS 5th Inf
Luce, Werley
Luedtke, August Co E., 26th Wis Inf.
Luedtke, Ferdinand
Lund, W. H. Co B., 6th NY
Lunt, M. F. 7/15/1888
Mahoney, William A. Co K., 4th Wis Cav 7/19/1897
Maloney, T. A. Corp. - Co A., 21st Wis
March, T. H. Co K., 110th NY Vol
Marlo, Carl Co D., 9th Regt. Vol Inf. 12/7/1917
Marquardt, Charles
Marquis, John D. Corp - Co I., 45th Ill Inf.
Marsh, Henry Co F., 86th NY Inf.
Marsh, Joseph 1889
Mason, Henry Co B., 14th Wis Inf. 1907
Martin, Rev.George L.(or George S.) Corp - Co E., 50th Wis Inf.

Co E., 18th Wis Inf.

Maxson, Daniel M. (Maxim) Co B., 4th Wis Vol
Mayville, Ephraim R. Co I., 37th wis Inf. Vol 8/1907
McConkey, Johnson Co G., 4th KY Cav.

Co C., 4th Mich

McCormick, Thomas Co H., 3rd Wis Inf.  ( Corp., Co A.) 12/3/1898
McCormick, Patrick Co A., 3rd Wis Inf. 1898
McCrossen, Thomas Co B., 14th Wis Inf.
McDonough, James 2nd B. I. Inf. (Co E., 2nd Rhode Island)
McElroy, Geo. Co F., 16th Wis Inf., 6th Reg. Vol
McEven, Joseph 8th Wis. Baty, Lgt Arty 5/1/1904
McLean, Henry 8th Wis Baty 4/23/1900
McVean, John Co G., 20th Wis Inf.
Meacham, Horace Co A., 46th Wis Vol Inf. 3/8/1905
Meservey, James
Meservey, Samuel S. Sgt - Co I., 11th Wis Inf. 6/1914
Metz, Michael Sr. Co E., 51st Inf. 10/18/1897
Miles, Clark G. Co K., 3rd Wis Cav. 1/26/1903
Millard, Benton Co G., 5th Inf.
Miller, Benjamin S. 1st Lieut. - 41st Regt. Wis Vol Inf.

(Quartermaster Sgt.)

Miller, B. F. Co D., 19th Wis
Miller, John D. Sgt - Co C., 1st NY Lt Arty
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Peter Jr. Sgt - Co E., 38th Inf.
Mitchell, Peter Sr. Co E., 32nd Inf.
Mitchell, William W. Co I., 7th Inf.
Mohr, John 2nd Lieut. - Co B., 107th Ohio
Mollendorf, Joseph Co H., 18th Wis Inf. 2/65/1906
Moody, Thomas L. Co C., 14th MO
Morgan, William Co G., 14th Wis Vol. Inf. 12/6/1899
Morrison, John H. Co D., 5th Wis Inf. 1912
Morse, George H. Co G., 1st Mich ( Co I)
Mosher, Charles H. Sgt - Co K., 38th Inf.
Mueller, Carl H. 1st Lieut - 1st Mich Inf.( Co F., )

( Co I., 31st Mich - Capt.)

Mulhollen, William S. Co D., 45th Inf. 2/2/1906
Murr, Isadore Corp. - Co. G., 62nd PA Regt.   10/7/1908
Mytton, Edward Co L., 1st Cav. 12/31/1916

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