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Civil War Veterans - N-O-P-Q-R

Name Unit Date of Death
Nass, August Co H., 20th Regt. Vol. Inf. 1/29/1886
Nass, Edward Co A., 3rd Regt. Wis. Inf. 11/10/1917
Nelson, Henry Co D., 52nd Wis Inf.
Nelson, Henry Co A., 7th Wis Inf. 2/10/1900
Nelson, Knute Co B., 4th Cav.
Nelson, Waldimer Co B., 1st Wis Cav.
Neumann, Carl W. Co B., 17th Wis. Inf. 2/1911
Neuman, Rudolph Co F., 37th Regt. Wis Inf. 11/3/1914
Noble, Frank Co K., 5th Iowa
Noiseaux, Joseph Co G., 5th Wis. Inf. 1/1/1881
Nolden, Frank Co E., 191 Penn. Inf. (Co B., 62nd PA) 11/18/1908
O'Connor, James Co F., 14th Wis Inf. 1/6/1911
Oettinger, Adam 2/19/1907
Oleson, Ole Co G., 14th Regt. Wis Vol. Inf.
O'Neil, Dennis
O'Rourke, Peter Co K., 1st Wis. Hvy Arty 3/18/1889
Osborn, Ambrose Co K., 27th Wis. Inf.
Osborn, Richard Co G., 5th Wis Cav. 9/24/1873
Osborn, William H. Co G., 56th PA Inf. Vol 10/12/1885
Oudinot, Michael Co E., 107th Inf. PA
Paff, Henry G Co C., 3rd Regt. Wis Vol Inf.
Pagel, August F. G.
Parker, Calvin A. Co G., 32nd Wis Inf.
Parker, Elb.
Parker, Zanthy Co K., 5th Vert. Inf.
Parkhill, Eli T. Corp. - Co I., 15th N.Y. Engrs 11/18/1888
Pasha, Adolph Co B., 1st Regt. Cav. Vol
Pasha, Joseph Co B., 1st Wis Cav.
Pass, Charles 1864
Passalt, C. G.
Paup, James O. Sgt. - Co G, 115 PA Inf.

Co G., 155th PA Inf.

Pauquette, Stephen Co B., 1st Wis Cav. 5/26/1914
Peckham, Thomas Co A., 47th Wis Inf.
Perkins, Elra T. Co A., 1st Wis Hvy Arty
Perry, Alfred W. 8th Wis,.Baty 1/12/1862
Perry, Commodore Co G., 4th Cav.
Perry, Jas. J. 8th Wis. Lt. Arty 11/6/1896

Petri, Adam Co H., 47th Wis.,
Pettit, Joseph A. Co B., 8th Wis Inf. Vol

Co F., 2nd Cav.

Philbrick, Benson S. Lieut. - Co B., 27th Mich Inf.
Philbrick, William B. 8th Wis Baty 12/20/1912
Phillips, Marcus J. Co B., 49th NY Inf. Vol 8/12/1895
Pickett, Samuel H. Blacksmith - Co M., 1st Cav. 3/16/1922
Pier, George M. 2Lieut. - Co A., 38th Wis Vol Inf. 2/14/1899
Pierce, John (Jonathan) Co I., 11th Wis Inf. Vol. 4/28/1900
Pigeon, Patrick Co A., 4th Wis Inf. 10/26/1919
Plautz, William (Plantz) Co H., 20th Regt. Wis Inf. 2/15/1918
Plisch, Osswald Corp - Co L., 4th Wis Cav. ( Co. E.) 1/11/1923
Plomer, Septinus Co I., 105th Ill Inf. ( Co D., 11th Ill) 7/6/1907
Plowes, Chas Co  ? - 11th Ill
Pond, W. D. Co M., 4th Mich Cav. 1/10/1898
Poor, Alphonso Co G., 5th Wis Inf. 6/3/1871
Poor, Charles H. Co A, 3rd Inf. 1864
Pope, Joseph Co A., 40th Wis Inf. 5/9/1864
Porter, Ambrose Co G., 12th Wis
Potter, Orrin R. Capt. - Co G., 14th Wis Inf
Potter, Legare Lieut. - Co K., 4th Cav.
Potter, Louis Co F., 21st Inf.
Pradt, Charles R. Co H., 14th Wis Inf. ( Co. G) 5/23/1898
Pradt, Henry W. Co G., 49th Wis Inf. 3/23/1911
Prechel, August Co E., 19th Wis Inf.
Prentice, Andrew Co H., 14th Wis Inf. 5/25/1917
Preston, J. H. Co A., 32nd Wis
Priest, Alonzo O. Sgt - Co H., 6th Regt. Wis Inf. 8/17/1917
Prosser, Frank Corp. - Co H., 14th Wis
Prosser. John F. 1st Lt. - 14th Wis Vol Inf.
Prosser, J. L. Corp - Co H., 14th Wis Inf.
Quaw, David L. Capt. - Co K., 6th Wis Vol Inf. 11/12/1884
Quaw, Samuel M. Co H., 11th Wis Inf. 6/23/1920
Quaw, W. H. Co K., 38th Wis Vol. Inf. 9/19/1904
Quimby, Joel P. Teamster - Co D., 30th Maine Inf. 10/14/1922

Rancour, Amery Sgt. - Co G., 14th Wis Inf.
Rasten, Thot
Rathbun, Everett J. Co K., 19th Wis Vol
Raymond, George Co K., 189th NY Vol Inf. 12/26/1931
Reay, George W. (Raey) Co G., 3rd MD Vol

Capt - Co E.., 3rd Md Vol

Redetzke, Samuel Co H., 26th Wis Vol Inf. 8/8/1894
Reed, James ( Co D., 8th NY) 2/9/1908
Reeder, George Co B., 28th Inf.
Reinhard, George Sgt, - Co G., 9th Wis Vol Inf. ( 2nd Lt) 2/23/1898
Renoud, William Co G., 109th NY
Rensimer, Jos Co A., 37th Wis Inf.
Reynolds, N. A. Co H., 59th Ill
Riemer, Charles Co B., 17th Inf.
Riant, Abram K. 154th NY Inf. ( Co C.) 6/21/1878
Rice, Harry Co B., 46th Wis
Rice, R. B. Co H., 8th ILL
Richard, W. H. Co H., 9th Ohio Cav.
Richardson, Chauncey Co E., 12th Regt. Wis Vol 11/15/1901
Rietz, Wilhelm Co K., 29th Regt. Wis 12/4/1903
Rifleman, Charles( Reifleman) Co L., 4th Wis Cav. ( Co E.) 6/1916
Robarge, Louis Co G., 12th Wis Inf.
Roberts, Eugene
Robertson, Henry US Navy
Robbins, Joseph Co H., 6th Wis Inf. 9/29/1904
Robinson, David Co B., 151st NY
Robinson, Henry Co C., 21st Wis.
Robinson, Joseph Co G., 79th PA
Rodesky, Samuel Co H., 26th Wis Vol Inf. 8/8/1894
Roe, Terrous Co A., Erie NY Vol Inf. 6/21/1878
Rogers, Rev. Barton F. Chaplain - 15th Regt. Ill Inf.
Rohloff, Fred Co B., 17th Wis Inf.
Rollenhagen, August( Karl Freidrich August)(Info on the Rollenhagens came from Homer Thiel) Co D., 8th Wis Inf. 1913
Rollenhagen, Fred(Daniel Friedrich ) Co K., 51st Wi Inf. 1924
Roman, Barney
Rosenback, Eugene L. Co K., 31st Wis Vol 10/19/1907
Ross, John J. Co C., 18th Wis Inf. 2/2/1909
Rothenberger, Ulrich Co F., 50th Wis Inf.
Rowley, Edward N. 8th Wis Art.
Rue, Charles W. ( Co B., 45th Ill) 1928
Rugg, David Co F., 152nd IND Inf. 5/3/1910
Ryan, Thomas Curran Co G., 5th Wis Inf. 12/10/1911

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