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Name Unit Date of Death
Sala, Adam Sgt - Co K., 2nd Wis Inf. 1/3/1910
Sanford, Sam Co E., 18th Wis
Sauer, Ed 1912
Sawyer, David Co C., 10 Mich Cav.
Sawyer, Joseph Co H., 44th Inf.
Sawyer, Dwynel Rufus Corp - Co B., 38th Wis Inf.

Co D., 1st Wis Inf. ( not listed in books)

Sayler, Henry G. Co H., 4th Ohio 1919
Scott, Daniel Co G., 30th Inf. 4/18/1879
Schaefer, Fred Co G., 26th Wis Inf. 3/16/1893
Schiller, John Co G., 45th Wis Inf. 9/24/1901
Schilling, Romwald Co C., 6th Wis Inf. 9/2/1905
Schlecht, Lewis Co D., 14th Regt. Wis Vol Inf.
Schluenz, John Co E., 45th Wis Inf. 4/6/1906
Schmidt, Fred Co B., 17th Wis
Schneider, Jacob 6/25/1912
Schneider, John Co C., 24th Ill Inf. 9/3/1910
Schnieder, Levy M. Co A., 183rd Ohio Inf.
Schoenhoefen, Jno
Scholfield, Hiram K. ( Co. K., 12th Wis Inf.) 3/1/1922
Scholfield, F. M. Mich Vol Regt. 9/28/1922
Schoppenhest, Wm Co H.
Schremp, George Co G., 212th PA ( 6th PA)
Schroeder. August Co E., 34th Wis Inf. 4/20/1921
Schultz, Martin Co B., 6th Wis Inf.
Schupp, David Co B., 85th Penn. Inf. 12/5/1891
Searle, Wm W. 9th Battery
Sebert, Jacob Co H., 3rd Wis Vol Inf. 1/26/1891
Seefeld, August Co C., 53rd Inf. ( Co K., 51st Wis. Inf) 1/10/1916
Schaughensesy Co G., 12th Wis. Inf. 1/25/1864
Shafer, Samuel Co E., 52nd Regt. Vol Inf. ( Co A.) 1/22/1896
Shapley, Wm H. Co I., 5th Wis Inf.
Shear, Edgar Co F., 61st N. Y. Inf.
Shelley, Henry F. ( T.) Co E., 21st Wis Inf.
Shamen, Edward L. Co F., 144th NY Inf.
Sigafus, James M. Sgt. - 8th Battery
Silverthorn, Willis G.
Sinclair, James H. Co A., 9th MN Vol Inf.
Single, Benjamin T. Co G., 3rd Reg. Wis Vol Inf. 9/11/1894
Single, Joseph H. 5/8/1891
Single, Charles A. 8th Wis Baty 4/30/1880
Smart, Charles Co E., 5th Maine Inf. 9/25/1896
Smith, Isaiah B. Corp. - Co M., 2nd Col. Cav.
Smith, J. B. Sgt Major - Co M., 2nd Cav. ( Colorado)
Smith John G. Co B., 6th Iowa Vol 3/8/1931
Smith, James Simon Co F., 45th PA Inf. 7/29/1920
Sobatke, F.
Sobatke, Wm
Spears, Edmund Co H., 8th Wis Inf.
Spences, Robert Corp - Co I., 5th NY Cav.
Staege, Carl ( Steger)  (Co H., 3rd Wis Inf.)
Stalen, Nick Co A., 13th ILL
Stannard, Wm. W. Co A., 136th NY Inf. 3/31/1879
Steady, H. J. 1st Sgt - co K., 1st Wis Inf.

Co - 35th Wis Inf.

Steidtman, Wm. F. Co I., 1st wis Regt. Wis Cav. 5/6/1900
Steinbach, Peter Co A., 4th U.S. Cav.
Steilen, Nick John 13th Regt. Ill Vol Cav.

Fireman 1st class- Gunboat, USA

Steitz, George Co D., 48th Inf. 4/3/1903
Stephanus, Sidney Co A., 3rd Wi
Sterling, John A. Co E., 18th Wis Inf.

Co K., 4th Wis Inf.

Stevens, Alonzo Co G., 35th PA ( 25th PA)
Stewart, A. W. Co C., 14th Wis
Stewart, Allen W. Co K., 16th Reg. Vol Wis
Stinson, Merritt Sgt - Co A., 20th ME Vol
Streigel, Andrew Co A., 51st Wis Inf.
Susor, Joseph Co A., 4th MICH Vol Inf. 3/6/1920
Sweet, Geo. W. Co I., 184th NY Vol
Sweet, Nicholas L. 6th Baty Light Arty
Swope, Leander Co G., 5th Wis Inf. ( Co A.) 10/3/1923
Tage, Myron Co K., 15th Vermont Inf.
Tapplin, George B. Co B., 35th Wis Inf.
Taylor, Henry M. 2nd Vermont Baty Hvy Arty 7/9/1892
Teeter, Milton Co I., 16th NY Hvy Arty
Thayer, Napoleon
Thielke, Charles Co I., 3rd Wis Inf. Vol 3/19/1923
Thompson, B. F. Co D., 1st NY
Throm, Valentine Co K., 1st MN Hvy Art. 4/2/1912
Thurston, Mose (Moses) 1st NY Lt Art ( Co D.,)
Tichnor, Henry
Tillman, David Co G., 44th MO  Inf. Vol 6/20/1916
Toothaker, Jas. S. Co B., 8th Wis Inf.
Tracy, Charles
Trantow, F.
Travis, Henry H. Co G., 3rd Wis Inf.
Treutel, Henry Corp - Co G., 26th Wis Inf.
Trexell, Anthony W. Co C., 46th Wis Inf.
Trumbull, Abraham B. Co B., 52nd Wis
Trumbull, Erastus( Elisha) Co B., 10th Wis Inf.
Tubbs, John H. Co C., 1st Wis Cav. 5/18/1922
Turk, John H. Co D., 17th Wis Inf.
Turner, Moses Co G., 5th Wis Inf. 9/11/1871
Tyler, Frederick (W.) Co G., 7th Wis Inf.
Tyrrel, Andrew Co C., 8th Inf.
Upson, Joseph B. Co G., 1st Wis Cav. Co C.)
Vanderbergh, John Co F., 158th NY Inf.
Van Tassel, Hosea W. Sgt - Co E., 1st Wis Vol Inf.
Van Wie, John Corp - Co A., 8th Kansas
Vaubel, Salvator (Vanbel) Co D., 106th Ohio Inf.
Vaughan, Daniel B. 118th NY Vol Inf. ( Co B.) 12/14/1903
Vaughan, Job B.

(also a Vaughn, Joe B - same one?).

Co D., 2nd NY Arty

Sgt - Co D., 123rd NY Vol

( 2nd NY Lty Arty, Co. D., 128th NY)

Vaughn, M.C. ( Co C., 11th Wis. Inf.)
Voight, John F. Co K. 29th Wis Inf.
Voight, Nehemiah Co H., 5th NY
Volhart, Henry ( Volhard) Co B., 5th NY
Vought, James ( G.) Co E., 32nd Wis Inf.
Voltz, Henry

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