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TD> Welch, Thos. J. <
Name Unit Date of Death
Wall, Frank Co G., 1st Mich
Walker, Hiram C. Co E., 1st Cav.
Walsh, Oliver Co E., 29th Wis Inf.
Walworth, H. G. ( Hartwell) Co D., 4th Wis Cav. ( Co I)
Warren, Frank Co C., 37th Wis Inf.
Warren, Joseph F. 8/5/1898
Wedding, James Co K., 146th Ill
 Sgt -Co I., 112th Ill Inf. He died Dec. 5, 1923, according to his gggranddaughter.
Welsh, Frank Co H, 18th Wis Inf.
Welsh, Joseph Co B., 4th Mich Cav. 1/3/1905
Welsh, J. N. Co I., 112th Ill
Westcott, George Garner Co D., 12th Wis Inf. ( Lt) 5/19/1916
Westcott, John 2nd Baty, Light Arty
Wharton, F. L. Co C., 154th Regt. Ohio Vol Inf.
Wharton, J. W. Co G., 154th Ohio
Wheeler, Henry  L. 2nd Lt - 8th Baty Wis Light Arty ( 1st Lt) 2/24/1906
Wheelock, Charles M. Co A., 15th Iowa Vol Inf.
Whipple, Henry L. Co H., 18th Wis Vet. Inf.
White, Henry Co F., 9th NY Inf. 1907
White, Nathaniel J. Ord. Sgt - Co D., 4th Wis Inf. 10/21/1920
White, Nelson Co I., 7th Wis Inf.

Co F., 7th Wis Inf.

Whiting, Welcome W. Co F., 36th Regt. Wis Vol Inf. 11/15/1903
Whitmore, James ( Jos) Co K., 19th Wis
Whitmore, John H. Co D., 5th Wis Inf. 3/10/1923
Wicker, William H. Corp - Co D., 1st Wis Inf. 10/19/1885
Wicker, J. W. 78th NY Vol
Wiersig, August Co F., 6th Inf.
Wiger, Arcules Co F., 6th New Hamp. Inf. 1885
Wilcox, A. B. Chicago Baty ILL
Willard, David B. Co B., 37th Inf.
Williams, Collins Corp - Co D., 44th Wis Inf.
Williams, M Co G., 126th Ill Inf. 6/24/1904
Williard, Van R. Co G., 3rd Wis Vol Inf. 1898
Wilms, Boye August Co G., 21st Wis Vol Inf. 1901
Winter, M. F. Drum major - Co G., 3rd Wis
Wiskow, Charles Co D., 26th Wis Inf. 10/16/1885
Withey, Fayette Co C., 85th

Co B., 189th NY Inf.

Witter, George W. Lt- Co E., 43rd Wis Inf.

Co G., 30th Wis Inf. ( not mentioned)

Wolf, August Co I., 45th Inf 1919
Wolf, George (Wolfe) Co D., 4th CAL.
Wolhaupt, John Co C., 19th Wis Inf.

Co B., 9th Wis Inf.

Woller, Gottlieb Co A., 3rd Wis Inf.
Womer, Jacob D. ( Worner) Co B., 100th PA
Wood, Charles ls t Lt - Co B., 29th Wis Inf.
Wood, George G. 8/27/1885
Woodward, Wm H. Co C., 85th NY Inf.
Wozniak, Frank Co B., 9th Wis Inf.
Wright, Ely 3rd Sgt - Co F.,23rd NY St. Vol
Wright, William Jefferson Co R., 16th Mich 9/11/1887
Yerkes, Oliver Com Sgt - Co K., 3rd NY Cav.
Youlses, Th.
Young, George Co B., 45th Wis Vol Inf. 6/23/1893
Young, George C. Co E., 38th Wis
Young, James E. 2nd Lt - Co B., 5th Wis 2/24/1931
Young, Jake
Young, King H. Co H., 6th Inf.
Zoller, Joseph Co H., 3rd Wis Cav.
Zweifel, Peter Co G., 3rd Wis Inf.

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