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Townships    Bergen, Berlin, Bern, Bevent,.Brighton, Cassel, Cleveland, Day, Easton, Eau Pleine, Elderon, Emmet, Frankfort, Franzen,Green Valley, Guenther, Halsey, Hamburg, Harrison, Hewitt, Holton, Hull, Johnson, Knowlton, Kronenwetter, McMillan, Maine, Marathon, Mosinee, Norrie, Plover, Reid, Rib Falls, Rib Mountain, Rietbrock, Ringle, Spencer, Stettin, Texas, Wausau, Wien

 Cities  Abbotsford, Marshfield (part of),  Mosinee, Schofield, Wausau (County Seat)

Villages   Athens, Birnamwood, Brokaw, Colby, Dancy, Edgar, Elderon, Fenwood, Hamburg, Halder, Hatley, Knowlton,Kronenwetter (formed November 2002 from township) Little Chicago, Marathon City, Ringle, Rothschild, Rozelville. Spencer, Stratford, Unity, Weston

Very Small Places   Bevent, Bradley, Cherokee, Colton, Dancy, Flanner, Galloway, Glandon, Granite Heights, Hogarty, Kelly, Little Rose, Milan, Moon, Norrie, Nutterville, Peplin, Pike Lake, Poniatowski, Rib Falls, Shantytown, Sunset

Listing of place names from an 1895 atlas:

Athens, Bevent, Bradley, Callon, Cherokee, Corinth, Dancy, Denney, Denny, Elderon, Emmerich, Emmonsville, Flanner, Halder, Hamburg, Hatley, Heights, Hogarty, Kelley, Knowlton, McMillan, Mannville, Marathon, Milan, Mosinee, Naugart, Nickel, Norrie, Nutterville, Pike Lake, Poniatowski, Rib Falls, Ringle, Romeo, Rozellville, Sager, Schofield, Shantytown, Spenser, Stettin, Taegesville, Trap City, Trapp, Unity, Wausau, Wausau Junction, Weber, Wein, Wilder, Wuertsburg, Ziegler

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