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Lincoln Township Cemetery

This is an index from the works of both, Mrs Robert Hableman Sr and Jr, in 1972. The information that goes with this index can be found in the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society newsletter volume 29 #2 Sept 1982. If someone has this issue and would like to volunteer as a look up please contact [MAK]

Albrecht, Frederick C.
Arity, Charles
Arity, Christina

Barrett, Alzina
Barrett, Michael
Bartlett, Anna
Bass, Charlie H.
Becker, Irene
Beedle, Charles
Beedle, Maggie
Beedle, Martha
Beedle, Willie W.
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, Orlo
Berry, Allie
Berry, John
Bigelow, Johnathan I.
Bigelow, Joseph
Bigelow, Libbie
Bigelow, Ruby J.
Bigelow, Vera C.
Boettcher, August J.
Boettcher, Emilie W.
Brennan, Frank J.
Brennan, Grace
Brennan, Stephan F.

Chaffee, B.
Couling, Ann
Couling, Thomas

Deare, Clarence L.
Deare, Emma P.
Dezotell, Hattie
Dodge, Paulina W.

Edwards, Elias H.

Finnigan, Bertie A.
Finnigan, Ella F.
Finnigan, Hubert
Frink, Baby son
Frink, Fannie
Frink, Frederick

Gillett, Stella J.
Gilson, Lavina
Gilson, Madison
Gilson, Wallace E.
Gilson, Willis G.
Goff, Almons
Goff, Julia S.
Goff, Mary Ann
Goff, Rozelia
Graff, Frederica
Graff, Laurence

Hall, Hiram
Hall, Willie H.
Harp, Eva
Harp, John
Harp, Nancy
Harp, Wm
Haxton, Josephine
Haxton, Roy
Heineman, Stella M.
Howard, Eliza Darias
Howard, Josephine
Hueler, Helena M.
Hueler, Rudolph C.

James, Alice L.
James, Evan H.
James, Lena M.
James, Mary Ann
James, Philip E.
James, Wm L
Jones, Maude E.
Jones, Mervin E.

Kemp, Arenstina M.
Kemp, August
Kemp, Carl
Kemp, Herman
Kemp, Louis c.
Kemp, Maria

Lamb, Abigal
Lamb, Casper
Lamb, Catherine
Lamb, Eva
Lamb, Hannibal A.
Lamb, Infant son
Lamb, Lewis A.
Lamb, Louisa A.
Lamb, Mabel
Lamb, Melinda E.
Lamb, James A.
Lamb, Stephen
Lappe, Nick
Lockwood, Morgan A.
Lockwood, Phidelia

Martin, Azaba
Mathias, Fred K.
McGinnis, Anna
McGinnis, Ella
McGinnis, James A.
McGinnis, Joseph H.
McLain, Margareta
McMFayes?, Leona
Meyer, Louis
Meyer, Minnie
Mielke, Carl G.
Mielke, Herman T.
Mielke, Johanna Louise
Miller, Amelia
Miller, Jennie M.
Miller, John F.
Miller, John F.
Miller, Louis J.
Morse, Johnnie W.
Mott, Esther
Mott, John
Musson, Mary

Noble, Orpha M.

Page, Elvina
Page, Mary
Powers, Lucy A.

Randall, Amanda
Randall, Burtie
Randall, Charles M.
Randall, Henry J.
Randall, Julia B.
Randall, Lucille A.
Randall, Martha A.
Randall, Oscar O.
Randall, S. Melinda
Randall, Wm
Randall, Wm
Rudolph, Bertha
Rudolph, Dennie
Rudolph, Ernest
Rudolph, Ernest
Rudolph, Minnie

Schroeder, Christopher
Schroeder, Dorothea
Schroeder, Fred Uncle
Schroeder, Frederick G.
Schroeder, Henry
Seeley, Martin
Severloh, Henry
Severloh, Lizzie
Severloh, Mary D.
Severloh, Willie
Sweet, Mary B.
Sweet, Rueben N.
Sweet, Wm H.
Smith, Carolina?

Vandervort, Mary Ann

Walrath, Edith
Walrath, John H.
Walrath, Mayoma
Weaver, Geo. E.
Wittler, Dora Graham
Wittler, Dorothea M.
Wittler, Henrich J.
Wittler, Walter
Woombill, Freddie

Zahrte, Clara
Zahrte, Dorothea E.
Zahrte, Dorothy A.
Zahrte, Frederick
Zahrte, Grandfather
Zahrte, Grandmother
Zahrte, Henry
Zahrte, Henry Sr
Zahrte, Henry W.J.
Zahrte, Hurley
Zahrte, Infant son
Zahrte, John
Zahrte, Leona L.N.
Zahrte, Louis A.
Zahrte, Mary
Zahrte, Olga L.
Zahrte, Otto H.
Zahrte, Ruland
Zahrte, Wm

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