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List of Mixed Blood of the Menominee Indian Nation - 1849

Originally published by the Green Bay Advocate - 28 June 1849
transcribed by Rita
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This notice accompanied the list as published in the Green Bay Advocate:
Notice is hereby given, that, at a council held in Green Bay, the 20th inst., by Thomas Wistar, Jr., the Commissioner of the United States for the distribution of the $40,000 appropriated by the Congress for th benefit if the mixed blood of the Menonimee Nation - in conjunction with the Chiefs of said Nation, awards in favor of the following persons were agreed upon and declared, that is to say: Fiftty dollars to every individual, man, woman, or child, enumerated in the roll prepared by the council: and a further award, to fifty individuals - designated below by an asterisk (*) affixed to their names - of the residue of the aforesaid $40,000, in equal shares; after the first mentioned awards shall have been set apart.

The Commissioner will be prepared to make payment on the 9th proximo, at 8 o'clock A.M. He requests that all entitled to shares, who do not claim them in person, will appears by their attornies, furnished with powers duly authenticated by a magistrate: otherwise, they will not be paid.

He hereby notifies all persons having charge of Orphans, imbeciles or individuals incompetent to manage their own affairs, included in the list below, to promptly present their claims, together with the age and sex of the party they may represent; the Commissioner will give them certificates, in evidence of their claim upon the Treasury, for the principal and interest - in the case of orphans - on their attaining their majority; and for interest, in the case of imbecilles, during their natural life; after which, the principal will be held for the benefit of the lawful heir or heirs of the decreased or paid to them, according to their circumstances.

ADAMS, Elvin Children only
ALDRICK, Pierre Entered also as Peter HOLDIG
ARQUETTE, Michael -
ASLIN, Amable Sons
BAH ME KE ZHE GO KEW, Domatille -
BAILEY, Jack -
BEACH, Andrew J.  Wife and children only
BEANN, Augustin -
BEAUMIER, Augustin Wife and child only
BEAUPRE, Charles -
BEAUPRE, Louis Wife and Children
BEAUPRE, Paul Baptiste -
BEAUPRE, Simon  And child
BEAUPRE, Victorire -
BENNETT, George Wife and children only
BINGHAM, George -
BOKENARD, Joseph wife
BOURDON, Catherine son Francis only
BOURDON, Elizabeth -
BOYD, James M. wife and children only
BOYD, NAW KEE SHE daughter of James M. Boyd
BRENNINGER, Charles  children only
BRISEBOTE, Michael child
BROS, Leon wife and son
BROWN, Abraham -
BROWN, David -
BROWN, Harry F. wife and child only
BROWN, Peter -
BRUNAIT, Louis -
BRUNETTE, Gabriel wife and children
BRUNETTE, Madelaine children
CALDWELL, Archibald children, including Wm. Caldwell
CARBONNO, Elizabeth -
CARBONNO, Marion one boy
CARBONO, Francis wife and children only
CARBONOT, Pierre children only
CARDISE, Jean Baptiste and son
CARR, Jane -
CARRON, Charles -
CARRON, Elizabeth -
CASWELL, Philip child only
CHAPPUE, Stanislaus children only
CHELLEFOUX, Pierre and children
CHENO, Albert children only
CHAVELIER, Bart. and children
CLAIRMOND, Alexander wife and children only
CLARKE, George a boy and a girl
CORBIELLE, Louis wife only
COURCHENE, Emboise -
COURCHENE, Michael child only
COURREVILLE, Antoine and child
COURVAL, Angelique and children
CRAMER, Joshua children only
CUVIER, Marcedon wife only
DAGUA, William -
DARGINAT, Jean Baptiste wife and child
DASHUA Michael -
DE MATEAU, Morbus wife and her child, including Mary Porlier 
DEQUINDRE, Archange -
DERICIERE, Charles G. -
DES COTEAU, Antoine -
DESJARDIN, Catherine and son
DICKINSON, Libbeus H. children only
DODGE, Charlotte children only
DOMITILLE, Louisa children only
DOUSMAN, Catherine -
DOUSMAN, Elizabeth -
DOUSMAN, George -
DOUSMAN, John wife and children only
DOUSMAN, Rosalie -
DUBAY, Angelique -
DUBAY, Basil and daughter
DUBAY, Jean Baptiste and children
DUBAY, Lizette and children
DUBAY, Louis -
DUCHARME, Joseph wife and children
DUCHARME, Louis of Prarie du Chien
DUCHARME, Louis wife and child
DUCHARME, Toussaint -
DUMONT, Jean Baptiste -
DUROCHER, Amable and children
FISETTE, Louis wife and children only
FONTAINE, Louis wife and son only
FORCIER, Vincent -
FOURNIER, Louis wife and children
FRANKS, Thomas L. -
GAILLETTO, Joseph wife and children only
GARDEPIE, Alexander and Francois
GARDEPIE, Francois with Alexander Gardepie
GARDEPIE, James wife and children
GAUTHIER, Josette with Joseph Gauthier 
GAUTIER, Antoine -
GERADIN, Joseph wife only
GERADIN, Moses wife only
GERARD, Peter wife amd children only
GODFROI,  see Godtrol
GRAVELLE, Margaret or Polly
GRIGNON, Agathe and child
GRIGNON, Alexander wife and children
GRIGNON, Alexander -
GRIGNON, Andrew -
GRIGNON, Angelique daughter of Robert Grignon
GRIGNON, Augustin -
GRIGNON, Augustin David with Charles
GRIGNON, Catherine M. widow of Louis
GRIGNON, Charles A. and children, including Augustin David 
GRIGNON, Charlotte -
GRIGNON, Christian and children, including Alexander and Andrew
GRIGNON, Elizabeth daughter of Catherine
GRIGNON, Emilia with Louis Harteau
GRIGNON, Ersula -
GRIGNON, George and children
GRIGNON, Ignasius -
GRIGNON, Josette with Rayeu, Luke
GRIGNON, Louisa -
GRIGNON, Marguerite daighter of Augustin
GRIGNON, Marguerite of Mud Creek, daughter of Robert Grignon
GRIGNON, Mary widow of Charles Grignon
GRIGNON, P.B. wife and children
GRIGNON, Paul wife and children
GRIGNON, Peter Louis wife and children, including Charles
GRIGNON, Robert and children
GRIGNON,Therese -
HARDWICKE, John with Luke
HARDWICKE, Luke with John
HARDWICKE, Moses wife and children
HARTEAU, Louis wife and children only
HAULE, Joseph wife and children only
HOLDEG, Peter -
HOULE see Haule
HUNTER, Nancy -
I YAW AH NEE QUA daughter of Robert Grignon
IRWIN, Samuel wife and children only
JACOBS, John B. wife and children, including George
JACOBS, Marinette and children
JACOBS MC LEOD, Elizabeth and children
JAMES, Antoine son of WA NO NE ME KO
JARVIS, Louis -
JARVIS, Michel and son
JOHNSTON, Sophie -
JOURDAIN, Joseph wife and children only
JOURDAIN, Thomas -
JOURDAIN, William and children
JUNEAU, Angelique see Vieau Juneau, Angelique
JUNEAU, Anna Josette daughter of Paul Juneau
JUNEAU, Charlotte with Josette
JUNEAU, Eugene with Josette
JUNEAU, Francis with Josette
JUNEAU, Francois F. with Josette
JUNEAU, Harriet with Josette
JUNEAU, Isabella with Josette
JUNEAU, Josette wife of Solomon Juneau, Narcisse, Paul
JUNEAU, Magdalen with Narcisse Juneau and their children
JUNEAU, Margaret with Josette
JUNEAU, Matilda with Josette
JUNEAU, Narcisse with Josette
JUNEAU, Paul with Josette
JUNEAU, Peter wife and children
JUNEAU, Theresa see Theresea White
JUNEAU WHITE, Solomon son of Theresa
K WAO, Josette -
KEE ME KA KEW children
KELSO, Adelaide all Kelso children listed together
KELSO, Catharine all Kelso children listed together
KELSO, Jane all Kelso children listed together
KELSO, Melvina all Kelso children listed together
KIELSO, William Edwin all Kelso children listed together
KISH EE KOH QU children
KITTSON, John G. wife and children only, including John G. Kittson, Jr.
KITTSON, John G. Jr. with Kittson, Jogn G.
KNAGG, James widow and children
KO ZE AH, Pelagie son, Louis Fortier
LABLANC, Michel and children
LABORDE, Jean Baptiste and son
LABORDE, Like wife and children only, including Frederick
LADD, Moses and Susan
LADD, Susan with Moses
LAFRAMBOISE, Francis wife and son
LAFRAMBOISE, John B. for a girl
LAFRAMBOISE, Joseph wife and son
LAFRAMBOISE, Lisette and sons
LAFRAMBOISE, Louis children and wife, Mary Laframboise
LAFRAMBOISE, Louise ward of A. Rouseau
LAMERANDE, Antoine wife and children only
LAMERANDE, Joseph wife and children only
LARIVIERE, Denis children only
LAROCHE, Alexis see La Rose, Alexis
LAROCHE, Amable -
LAROCHE, Mary with Laroche, Amable
LAROCHE, Pierre with Laroche, Amable
LAROCHE, Sophia with Laroche, Amable
LAROCHE, Ursule with Laroche, Amable
LAROSE, Alexis and children
LAROSE, Euce -
LAVIGNE,  see Levin
LAVINE, Joseph Louis -
LAWE, George W. and children
LA DUE, Amaranthe with Le Due, Margaret
LA DUE, Margaret and Amaranthe
LEBOEUF, Gustin -
LEBRUN, Joseph children only
LEMURE, Joseph wife and children only
LESSEY, Jane daughter of SWASH KE KON
LETENDRE, Jean Baptiste -
LEVIN, Jean Baptiste -
LEVIN, Lizette or Elizabeth
MACABEE, Antoine -
MACABY, John Baptiste -
MACABY, Michel and children
MACABY, Sophie children
MACARTY, John children only
MARTIN, Amable wife and children only
MC LEOD, Elizabeth see Jacobs McLeod, Elizabeth
ME KAY KEE see Windros, Lisette
MEADE, John F. wife and children only
MILOTTE, Francois children only
MITCHELL, William and children
MORGAN, Louis for a girl
NAH MAH TOSH ACH QUA and children
ODILE, Charles wife and children only
PALIDEAU, Daniel wife and children only
PALIDEAU, Francois wife and children only
PARENT, Dennis wife and children only
PAUQUETTE, Joseph wife and children only
PECK, Oscar son only
PELIGORE, Alexander and children
PELIGORE, Charles wife only
PELIGORE, Joseph -
PENOR, Peter Vital wife only
PIERCE, Pauline -
PORLIER, Charles with Porlier, Louis R.
POLIER, Louis and children
POLIER, Louis R. and children, including Charles
POLIER, Mary with Mobus De Marteau
POLIER, Paul and son
POLIER, Sophia daughter of Paul Polier
POWELL, William and children
PRICKET, Joseph -
PRIMATE, Jean Baptiste children only
PRIQUETTE, Richard with Rosalie and William
PRIQUETTE, Rosalie with Richard and William
PRIQUETTE, William with Rosalie and Richard
PRIQUETTE,  see Pricket
ROATE, John Baptiste -
RAYEU, Luke wife, Josette Grignon, and children only
REVOIR, Joseph daughter only
ROI, Francois and sons and grandson, John Roi
ROI, John with Roi, Francois
ROI, Peter wife and children only
ROSIER, Baptiste wife and children only
ROUSEAU, A. see Laframboise, Louise
SEELEY, James children only
SEYMOUR, J.P. son only
SHAJOTTE ? Stephens, a girl
SQUAY OH PUA NOCH, Elizabeth daughter
ST. PIERRE, Rusella -
ST. ROGUE, Angelique -
STEPHENS, Margaret and children
SWASH KE KON see Lessey, Jane
TAW FISH see Twigs, David
TAYLOR, Tehan children only
THIBEAU, Julie children
THIBEAU, Madelaine -
THIBEAU, Patrick -
THIBEAU see Thibo also
THIBO, Jean Baptiste and children
TRUDELLE, Joseph wife and children only
TURTILLOT, Thomas wife and children only
TYLER, Josette -
VIEAU, Amable -
VIEAU, Andrew wife and children
VIEAU, James wife only
VIEAU, Joseph and children
VIEAU, Mary of Rock River
VIEAU, Nicholas wife and son
VIEAU, Paul -
VIEAU, Peter J. wife and sons
VIEAU JUNEAU, Angelique and children
VINCENT, Jean Baptiste stepson only
VREDENBURG, Abram children only
WA NO NE ME KO see James, Antoine
WALSWORTH, Gerard wife and children only
WARRINGTON, Alexander all Warringtons together
WARRINGTON, Antoine all Warringtons together
WARRINGTON, Charles all Warringtons together
WARRINGTON, George all Warringtons together
WARRINGTON, John all Warringtons together
WHITE, Theresa -
WILLIAMS, Eleazer wife and son, John, only
WILSON. Joseph son of Angelique Wilson
WINDROS, Lisette child of ME KAY KEE
WOODRUFF, E.S. son only
YOTTE, Charles and Margaret's children
YOTTE, James -
YOTTE, Joseph -
Augustin see KISH EE KOH QU
Little Wolf see KISH EE KOH QU

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