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1870 Federal Census
Oconto County
Original Page Images

Here you will find the original pages of the 1870 Oconto County Federal Census  Enumeration, scanned and posted from photocopies. This posting is not meant to represent official documents. Rather, it is a guide, a learning tool and an aid for family researchers in finding ancestors.

To obtain photocopies of the original records, one source can be found at the following site
(please click on the name to go there):
Area Resource Center - Cofrin Library, Green Bay

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NOTE - Spellings of the following surnames were dependent on my tired, old eyes and mostly on the census taker's discretion. Surnames were often written as they sounded rather than as they were actually spelled. Look at ALL possibilities, regardless of how remote they may at first seem.
1Bagley, Gettes, Larson, Jensen, Tourtilott, Slattery, Vaulk, Fox, Vanhook.
2Vaulk, Cool, Slattery, Carley, Henry, Bruce, Crandal, Colwell.
3Mars, McDugal, Honagon, Davis, Caligan, Hanley, Woolcot, Sulivan, Johnson, Conery, Haggins, Hogers, Hagers.
4Kelly, Trerarfen, Smith, McMann, Martnau, Raby, Boules, Gillett.
5Rovanek, Materson, Bryne, Puskerk, Shaal, Gale, St. Ore, Duell, Casleto, Helumkey, Finegan, McKenzey, Canedy, Linsey, Umprey, Kingston, Pickens.
6McKinsey, Shappy, Cooper, Johns, Howell, Park, Higes, Newton, Drisdell, Harley, Welch.
7Sulivan, Hawking, Wever, Temple, Andeuez, Peregon, Smith

1Foster, Seller, Bract, Rothlop, Sponhalter, Eng, Foster, Tower, Popenfree.
2Plazer, Rodman, Constant, Kelly, Hostater, Hizer, Konson, Ross, Barman, Soan.
3Tracy, Ingrin, McDonald, Cronville, Peneross, Paller, Sowncheck, Girne.
4Delise, Gross, Hazen, Clutcke, Delano, Harmen, Dicher, Jelischer, Betcher, Loatt.
5Wagner, Greger, Gross, Dessel, Wilkins, Knowles, McCort, Erwin, Beurl, Vandorn, Copper, Boles, Yeultey, Yerlte, Sanice, Honeleck, Shaper, Estmer, Royoral, Herman.
6Flock, Levitt, Underly, Cresal, Restte, Babloe, Shumaker, Mahoney, Sondhers, Smith, Cobly, Burns, Conop, Leonet, Pussia, Hamlin, Cully, Lizers, Conn, Susha, Allen, Perbeek, Wilkman, Bosweck, Crope, Lusha, McCort, Cohig .
7Wedgewood, Hizer, Selezore, Eavanof, Retscher, Ploof, Burel, Rinla, Fearler, Mire, Dritchel.
8Rohlsack, Folett, Sherwood, Burgamon, Limberger, Smith, Hess, Patton, Burns, Serar, Person, Poshu, Lucia, Kenner, Sherwood, Pippeyer.
9 Race, O'Neal, Sye, McCort, Bragan, Halson, Poles, Olson, Peters, Williams, Agnes, Volks, Miller, Tragat, Rasmisen, Johnson.
10   Shultz, Shalsers, Hoysac, Delano, Davis, Hamerson, Boyd, Secop, Plutts, Krober, Jameson, Cheseck, Terreys, Trepney, Bloneon, Mickopekey, Hongery, Carelevell, Brooks, Pronce, Seralina, Smith, Harlo, Nichelson, Larelo, Huck, McClure.
11Gunther, Hiss, McClure, Boston, Dickerman, Hedland, Berslaft, Hedland, Shea, Ketchum.
12Blood, Bailey, Snow, Ferbleker, Dickey, Cole, Bogedurne, Marlett, Page, Barber, Volen, Seiling.
13Krouse, Hofnure, Leqeure, Wilson, Ploof, Regal, Regal, Krouse, Blaser, Wilson, Chapman.
14 Wilson, Tallman, Tallman, Wilson.

(more coming soon!)

What the boxes at the top of the page say:
  1. Dwelling - House   numbered in the order of visit.
  2. Families - numbered in order of visitation.
  3. The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.
  4. Age at last birthday, if less than a year write in fractions, thus "7/12".
  5. Sex - Male (M), Female (F).
  6. Color - White (W), Black (B), Mulatto (M), Chinese (C), Indian (I).
  7. Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male or female.
  8. Value of Real Estate.
  9. Value of Personal Estate.
10. Place of birth, using State or Territory of US, or the Country if of foreign birth.
11. Father of foreign birth.
12. Mother of foreign birth.
13. If here within the year, state month (Jan., Feb., etc.)
14. If Married within the year, state the month  (Jan., Feb., etc.)
15. Attended school within the year.
16. Cannot read.
17. Cannot write.
18. Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane or idiotic.
19. Male Citizen of the United States of 21 years of age and upward.
20. Male children of 21 years of age or upward, where right to vote is denied or abridged on other grounds than rebellion or other arms.