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Wisconsin 1895 Census Enumerations
Soldiers of the late war (US Civil War) as reported as residing in the state as of June 20, 1895
These veterans fought in non-Wisconsin Units
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************************OCONTO COUNTY Resident Veterans************************

For information about a Civil War Veteran's military records please write to:

Textual Reference Branch (NWDTI)
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7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 20408
and requestform 80.
or go to:
Wisconsin State Historical Society


Name Rank  Co. Regt. Branch Post-Office
Adams, Irby  Pvt. A 52  Indiana  Lena
Aldrich, Edwin  Pvt.  142  Indiana Oconto
Bagley, C. 1st. Lt. L 1 Illinois H. A. Oconto Falls
Bailey, L. S. 2nd Lt. 112 New York Oconto
Baldwin, Geo A.  1st. Lt. Maine Oconto
Banta, John C.  Pvt.  12  Illinois Cav. Abrams
Barber, Albert W. Sgt. 93 New York Suamico
Beach, Geo. J.  Pvt. 1 Michigan Suamico
Beander, D. B. Cpl. 22  Illinois  Abrams
Black, James  2nd lt.  2  West Virginia Suamico
Block, O. W. Capt.  24  Illinois Oconto
Bowchie, Joseph  Pvt.  92 New York  Suamico
Brownell, T. W.   Pvt.   A  20 Michigan Hayes
Burns, Emanual Pvt. 13 Maryland Abrams
Chattell, John  Pvt.  New York Art. Abrams
Dougherty, John Pvt. 14 Maine Oconto
Drown, Chas. Pvt. C 3 Cal. Cav. Oconto
Dougherty, John  Pvt. K 14  Maine Oconto
Drown, Chas. Pvt.  3 Cal. Cav.  Oconto
Elliott, Isaac  Cpl. 97 New York  Oconto
Ellman, August Pvt. 11  Ohio Cavalry  Oconto
Follet, John Pvt.   8 Illinois Cavalry Oconto
Forestal, Charles D.  1st. lt.  11 Illinois Oconto
Gallager, Roger   Pvt.  L  1 Illinois  Abrams
Gray, Charles F.  Pvt.  A New Jersey Oconto
Guelker, Fred  Pvt.   K  14  Illinois  Hayes
Hale, Levi   Pvt.  G Michigan Lena
Hallstead, C. E.  Pvt.  K 28  New York   Lena
Hayward, Albert   Pvt.  95 Illinois Oconto
Higgim, W. P.  Pvt.  H  26 Maine Oconto
Hilbert, Lawrence  Pvt.  B 10  Michigan   Chase
Horn, Wm. Pvt. B Vermont  Suamico
Huck, Danl  Pvt.  H 12  Illinois  Chase
Huck, Jacob Sgt.  13  Pennsylvania  Chase
Huntley, O. H.  Pvt.  11  Michigan Cavalry  Hayes
Hurman, J. V.   Pvt.  B Ohio Cavalry   Oconto
Jackson, Andrew  Pvt.   F  91  New York  Oconto
Knisley, Frank   Pvt.  Illinois  Oconto
Ladd, Bryon  Pvt.  14  New York Chase
Lampman, Granville  Pvt.  184  New York  Chase
Ledyard, D. F.  Sgt.  F 42 Illinois  Howe
Lince, James  Pvt.   I  10  New York  Abrams
Livingston, John Pvt.   G  Ohio  Oconto
Matravers, John Pvt.  39 Illinois  Oconto
McClure, Geo. A.  Pvt. Maine  Suamico
McKinley, W. A. Pvt.  193  New York  Abrams
Megrey, John  Pvt.  67  Ohio  Oconto
Moriarty, Moses Pvt.    57 Kentucky Armstrong
Morin, Dennis Pvt.  M New York Light Artillery  Oconto
Murphy, William Pvt.   2   New York  Oconto
Nickerson, Orison  Pvt.  D 106  New York Oconto
Parkison, Winfield  Pvt.  20  New York Cavalry Abrams
Powell, George  Pvt.  Michigan  Abrams
Rappeleye, Harrison  Pvt.  126  New York  Oconto
Rugg, Geo. W.
Note: 85th infantry company F for 1 year and then in Licking County Ohio for four years before moving to WI.
Joanne Grendron
great grandaughter
Cpl.  New York Cavalry  Oconto
Scoffield, Edward  Capt.  11  Pennsylvania Rserves  Oconto
Smith, Sam  2nd Sgt. 6 Maine  Suamico
Stewart, Levi  Pvt.  11   New York Cavalry  Oconto
Styers, Wm. Pvt.  17 Illinois Cavalry Suamico
Sutton, R. L. Capt.   24  New Jersey  Oconto
Sylvester, Albert  Cpl. Illinois   Oconto
Waldron, Horace Pvt.  Massachusetts Abrams
Wheeler, Alex  Pvt.  113  Illinois  Oconto
Williams, George E.  Sgt.  Massachusetts  Oconto
Yeaton, R. B.  Pvt.  16  Massachusetts Battery  Abrams

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