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Wisconsin 1895 Census Enumerations

Soldiers of the late war (US Civil War) as reported as residing in the state as of June 20, 1895
These veterans fought in Wisconsin Units

************************OCONTO COUNTY************************

For information about a Civil War Veteran's military records please write to:

Textual Reference Branch (NWDTI)
National Archives and Records Administration,
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Washington, DC 20408
and request form 80.

Name Rank  Co. Regt. Branch Post-Office
Adams,  Alexander Pvt.  12 Infantry Suamico
Adams, Ira Pvt. 16  Infantry Suamico
Bailey, Joseph Pvt. 29 Infantry Little Suamico
Barker, Benj. Pvt. F 12  Infantry  Abrams
Barker, D. D.  Comm. Sgt.  I Cavalry  Abrams
Bentz, Chas.C.  Pvt.  H & H  4 & 39 Infantry & Cavalry Oconto
Betts, James  Pvt.  H 12 Infantry  Abrams
Beyer, George 2nd Lt.  H  39 Infantry Oconto
Blanchard, Geo W.  Pvt.  E  24  Infantry Abrams
Bowers, J. N. Pvt.  H Cavalry Lena
Brasch, August  Pvt.  K 34  Infantry Oconto
Burkhart, Phelix Pvt.  F 26 Infantry Oconto 
Burmingham, Jesse 1st. Lt.  L Cavalry Abrams
Burrabee, Joseph Pvt.  E 14 Infantry Lena
Bush, D. L. Capt.  D 44 Infantry Abrams
Cardinal, Joseph  Pvt.  G  2 Infantry Oconto
Christian, Peter Pvt.  I  3  Cavalry  Abrams
Clark, Henry Pvt.&Sgt.   B&E  35&10  Infantry  Oconto 
Classon, Alandon Pvt.  K 27  Infantry  Oconto
Classon, W. I. Pvt.  K  27  Infantry Oconto
Dauphenet, Alexander Pvt.   G  17   Infantry Oconto
Delano, Geo. W.  Sgt.  H 39 Infantry  Abrams
Desbry, Henry Pvt.  A  2  Cavalry Little Suamico
Don Levey, Homer  Pvt.  I 1 Battery Oconto
Don Levey, James A. Sgt.   H  39 Infantry  Oconto 
Don Levey, Peter  Pvt.  H  39 Infantry Oconto 
Don Levey, William Pvt  I 1 Battery Oconto
Dowd, S. Pvt.  C  30 Infantry  How 
Dugan, P. Pvt.  I  1 Cavalry  Oconto Falls
Dutton, Alfred L. Cpl.  K  39 Infantry Abrams
Eggleston, M. A.  Pvt.   E 40 Infantry Oconto
 Ellis, Albert W. Pvt.   H   4 & 3  Infantry & Cavalry  Oconto
 Ennise, Andrew Pvt.   H  28 Infantry Little Suamico
Ferguson, Edwin P.  Pvt.  A 2 Cavalry   Suamico
 Fitzpatrick, Eugene Pvt.   H  4 Infantry  Abrams 
Grotendorst, Herman   Sgt.   D 1 Cavalry Oconto
Guimer, Anton Pvt.  I & D 27  Infantry Oconto 
Pvt. Infantry  Oconto
Hale, Louis Pvt.  H 12  Infantry Abrams
Hall, Charles  Pvt.   H  39 Infantry  Oconto
Hall, Joseph H.   Pvt.  H  39 Infantry Oconto
Halliwell, Martin T. Musician  B  47  Infantry   Hayes
Hanes, H. F.  Pvt.  B  16 Infantry  Oconto 
Houie, Gabriel Pvt.  F 50  Infantry Hayes
Jaques, Wm.  Pvt.  K  22 Infantry Hayes 
Jarvey, Michael  Pvt.  H 12 Infantry Little Suamico
Jessie, Peter Pvt.   G  44 Infantry  Oconto
Johnson, Hiram Pvt.  H  39  Infantry Oconto
Julien, John Pvt.    I  34 & 45  Infantry  Oconto
Kastna, Jas.  Pvt.  G 11 Infantry  Lena
Kipp, B. S. Pvt.  A 19 Infantry How 
Koehne, Henry  Pvt.   H 1 Infantry Little Suamico
 Kriescher, George Pvt.  F 50  Infantry  Lena
Krouse, Carl Pvt.  B 13 Infantry Suamico
Laconte, Antoine Pvt.  G 17 Infantry  Oconto
 Lawe, Joseph R. Sgt.  F 12 Infantry Breed
Lenerville,(?) Pvt.  K  3  Infantry Oconto
Lenneville, David Pvt.  G  2   Cavalry Oconto
Luck, William  Pvt.  F 12   Infantry  Oconto
Magrey, Narcisse Pvt.  G 17 Infantry  Oconto
Marr, C. Cpl.   H  4 Cavalry  Oconto Falls
McAfee, John  1st Lt.   I 1 Battery Oconto 
McFadden, And.  Pvt.   F 5  Infantry  Oconto
McGlachlin, Alex Pvt.  D    8   Infantry  Oconto
Morris, Joseph  Pvt.  F  12  Infantry  Oconto 
Morris, William Pvt.  F  12  Infantry Suamico
O'Keef, Daniel Pvt.  H 39  Infantry Oconto
Page, Foster  Sgt.  H  39   Infantry Oconto
Papenfuss, Ferdinand  Pvt.   E  17  Infantry Little Suamico
Paramour, E. F.  Q. M. Sgt.   H Cavalry Oconto
Parks, Edwin R.  1st. Lt.  F  13  Infantry  Oconto
Parks, John   Pvt.  I  13   Infantry Oconto
Porter, G. T.  Pvt.  H 39  Infantry Oconto
Pranto, William  Pvt.   E 14  Infantry  Lena
 Prickett, Paul  Pvt.   F  12  Infantry  Oconto
Pulford, Ezekial  Pvt.   F  12   Infantry  Oconto
 Rabe, Henry   Pvt.  G 38 Infantry  Oconto
 Richner, Reuben T.  Pvt.  A & C   3 & 14 Infantry  Abrams
Riendeau, Louis 2nd Lt  G 17 Infantry  Lena
Rifenbergh, James   Cpl.  G  36  Infantry  Abrams
Roaries, Clement  Pvt.   D   27 Infantry  Lena
Rogers, Charles  Pvt.   K 27 Infantry Abrams
Rost, Moritz Pvt  C   11   Infantry  Little Suamico
Schelten, Henry Cpl.   F  12  Infantry Oconto 
Shurtliff, Wm. R.   Cpl.   H 4  Cavalry Oconto 
Skilling, Edward  Pvt.  G 2 Cavalry  Suamico
 Smith, J. D.   Pvt.   F 12  Infantry Abrams
Snover, T. F.   Pvt.  C 10  Infantry Oconto
Solway, Eli  Pvt.  Un.   17   Infantry  Oconto
Spice, Robert  Pvt.  H  4 Cavalry  Oconto
Sprague, Oscar  Pvt.  G  1  Cavalry Abrams 
Teigs, Fred  Pvt.  H  28  Infantry Oconto
Tellor, Tussan Pvt.  E 44  Infantry Suamico
Temple, Dan Pvt.   H  4 Cavalry  Oconto   Falls 
Thomas, Timothy Cpl.  H  4   Cavalry  Oconto
Tibbitts, Hannibal Pvt.   I 1 Battery  Oconto
Trudell, Oliver F.  Pvt.  I 21 Infantry Oconto
Van Patten, P. B.  Pvt.   B  8   Infantry Abrams
Waggoner, James H. 2nd Lt.  F   2 Cavalry Oconto
Washburn, A. D. Pvt.  F 12 Infantry Oconto
Weidner, Chas.  Pvt.  A & C  5 Infantry Oconto
Whitcomb, Joel  Cpl.   E  14 Infantry  Little Suamico 
Whitcomb, W. W.   Pvt.  F   G12 Infantry  Abrams
Whitney, F. L. Sgt.   G  38  Infantry  Abrams 
Wilkins, Charles Pvt.  H  12  Infantry   Little Suamico
Young, W. H.  1st. Lt.   H   4 Cavalry Oconto
Zoller, Alvis B.   Cpl.   F 14 Infantry Little Suamico


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