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The 1912 Oconto Plat Map Book

Submitted By
Cathe Ziereis

Cathe dedicates this posting of the 1912 Oconto County Plat Book . "In memory of my Grandfather, Mike Ziereis, who lived and worked in  Oconto County near Anderson Lake. He was a man of many trades; farmer, trapper, merchant, but for the most part a logger, always looking for land to log off, hence the reason he owned this book. 

Mike Ziereis
Cathe has  provided a transcription of the surnames found on each map. These are printed below each map under the proper section number to make finding your family easier.
"So if you see chicken scratching on a piece of land, that would be him, setting his sights for his next camp to set up. Thanks Grandpa, even though you are gone, you're here in spirit to help us out."

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The maps have to be large enough to see the very small, worn writing.

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(pg 8) Oconto County - Wisconsin (pg9) Lena & Mosling
(pg 12) City of Oconto - West Part (pg 16) City of Oconto - East Part
(pg 20) Oconto Falls (pg 22) Mountain, Breed & Pensaukee
(pg 23) Gillett (pg 24) Sobieski 
(pg 24b) Abrams (pg 25) Menominee Reservation & Wallschlaeger - Woog's 1st Sub.
(pg 26) Pulaski (pg 27) Township 26N Range 19E - Chase
(pg 28) Township 26N Range 20E and Fract. Township 26N Range 21E - Little Suamico & Pensaukee (pg 29) Little Suamico, Spruce, Hayes & Stiles
(pg 30) Township 27N Range 19E - Morgan (pg 31) Township 27N Range 20E -  Abrams
(pg 32) Fract. Township 27N Ranges 21 and 22E - Pensaukee (pg 33) Township 28N Range 17E - Underhill
(pg 34)Township 28N Range 18E - Gillett (pg 35) Township 28N Range 19E - Spruce    
(pg 36) Township 28N Range 20E -  Stiles   (pg 37) Townsend, Lakewood & Suring
(pg 38) Township 28N Range 21E Oconto and Fract. Township 28N Range 22E -  Little River (pg 39) Underhill & City of Oconto
(pg 40) Township 29N Range 17E -  How (pg 41) Township 29N Range 18E -  Maple Valley
(pg 42) Township 29N Range 19E -  Spruce (pg 43) Township 29N Range 20E -  Lena
(pg 44) Township 29N Range 21E -  Little River (pg 45) Part of Fract. Township 29N Range 22E  - Little River 
(pg 46) Township 30N Range 17E -  Breed (pg 47) Township 30N Range 18E -  Bagley
(pg 48) Township 30N Range 19E -  Brazeau (pg 49) Part of Township 31N Range 15E -  Doty
(pg 50) Township 31N Range 16E -  Armstrong (pg 51) Township 31N Range 17E -  Armstrong
(pg 52) Township 31N Range 18E -  Brazeau (pg 53)Township 32N Range 15E -  Doty
(pg 54) Township 32N Range 16E -  Riverside (pg 55) Township 32N Range 17E -  Riverside
(pg 56) Township 33N Range 15E Townsend (pg 57) Township 33N Range 16E -  Wheeler
(pg 58) Township 33N Range 17E -  Wheeler
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