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.The depot became the center of all activities with supplies, settlers and mail arriving on the train. The railroad brought much business to the community. When the railroad men moved into town, Fred Bartz, a settler in 1886, roomed and boarded them in his home. Each man paid $4 a month and kept as many as 40 men at one time.
Harry Baldwin moved his store location next to the depot, building a fine structure of brick in 1898. His new general store would also serve as the post office. When Baldwin built the store, he arranged for enough extra bricks so that Thomas Rasmussen could build a barber shop next door.
In line with these two buildings, was another store operated by Bill Carlson who sold shoes and ran an ice cream parlor. Herbert Baldwin, Harry's brother, started another general store on the opposite side of the depot. His business was located in the building formerly occupied by the Pendleton and Gilkey Office, Baldwin ran the store until 1922 when it was taken over by Thomas Rasmussen, who added an addition on the south side.
Harry Baldwin's store and Thomas Rasmussen's barber shop. Built between 1900-1903, both of these buildings still are in use today.
Mountain continued to grow with the many loggers moving into the area. Young men came to work in the logging camps for a living and many choose to marry and settle here, or returned with their families in later years.
Main Street in Mountain during the 1920's.
A laeeine camn in the Mountain area in the late 1800's.