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Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olson in the living quarters of their logging camp.
The logging camps generally consisted of 12 men with a strawboss giving the orders of the day. Both men arid women were employed as cooks, and came to be known as "cookies" preparing 3 meals a day plus a mid-morning snack of 'brown cookies'. Most of the women cooks had fathers or brothers working in the camp. The camps worked 6 days a week, taking Sunday off. Some of these camps grew into more than just the traditional bunk-houses (half kitchen area) and became small settlements of their own. Since many of the lumberjacks did not leave the logging camps for weeks at a time, some of their hard earned dollars were spent on a shave for 10¢ and a haircut for 25¢ at T. Rasmussen's Barber Shop. Along with owning the shop, Mr. Rasmussen also sold the lumberjacks life insurance. The lumberjacks also spent quite a sum at the local saloons.
Thomas Rasmussen giving a customer a haircut. This building still remains in Mountain and has been used as a