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.The land on which Suring stands was homsteaded by George Vert (part of Section 12) on July 1, 1875, and by William Guns on October 24,1881. Mr. Guns abandoned his claim to the land and on December n, 1890 August Krueger claimed it. The southern half of Suring was not begun until the year of 1896 when the railroad was finally constructed.
The State of Wisconsin had granted the section of land of the North ><fe of the NW'4 of Section 13 to the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad prior to 1876. Joe Suring bought the land from William Walker Pheips for the sum of $215.00 on November 14,1882.
Much of the land around Suring and Haves was granted .to early settlers for the purpose of farming or creating settlements of people. Many times we find a settlement of German immigrants, as in the case of Haves or Town of How. On the other side of Suring or in the Town of Mapie Valley, Danish and Norwegian people settled. "To the north around Mountain the Swedish immigrants settled. The Breed area was settled by immigrants from Denmark, Ireland and Germany.
It was not until December 1914 that the residents of Suring applied to the Circuit Court of Oconto County for an order of incorporation as a village. Up until this time, it had been a Dart of the Town of How. On December 22.1914
the court granted the order under the direction of W.B. 3 Quinlan, Circuit Judge. The electors accepted and approved the-incorporation order on January 19. 1915 and on February 16; 1915 the first village election was held and the following officers were elected to direct the affairs and conduct the business of the new village: W.J. Thielke, President; Harry Serier, Supervisor: L.J. LaCourt! Clerk; W.F.P. Wagner. Treasurer; A.E. Suring, Justice of the Peace: John F. Schuster, Constable; John Dieck, Trustee; George W. Gisch. Trustee: Wm. Zingler, Trustee; Herman Oestreich, Trustee; C.L. Von Haden. Trustee; O.H. Zahn. Trustee; Robert Yakel. Trustee.
In 1896 the Chicago and North Western Railroad was built through Suring. At that time very few buildings stood on the present village site. They were the August Krueger shanty which stood on the location of the present Chester Schuettpelz home, a partially underground barn constructed of cedar logs on the same site, a lumber shed just north of the Allan DePuydt residence, a vacant store building on the Joe Lonzo dwelling site, the present Bernard Anker dwelling, the Joe Suring home and sawmill and the Mathias Wagner mill.